Make a Statement with a Gift of Silver: 10 Classic Accessories and Other Silver Gifts for Men for Birthdays and Anniversaries (2020)

Make a Statement with a Gift of Silver: 10 Classic Accessories and Other Silver Gifts for Men for Birthdays and Anniversaries (2020)

Certain occasions demand an expensive gift, such as a landmark birthday or anniversary, and while many other kinds of presents may fall out of use after a while, silver remains timeless. Pick gifts of silver for an important man in your life, be it a father, spouse or even boss. There are a whole lot of smart accessories available in silver for men but if he doesn't wear jewellery, we have plenty of other options that are bound to impress.

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Silver Can Make an Excellent Gift for Men

Silver compliments men really well. This white and lustrous metal adds charm to their persona and makes them look smart and handsome. After all, it is one of the commonly used metals in ornaments and jewellery. So, if you are wondering about what gifts to give to your man, look no further than the following silver gifts that we have listed below. But, before that, let’s have a look at the benefits of wearing silver.

There are Several Benefits of Wearing Silver

Health Benefits to Be Reaped from Silver

Over the ages, people haven’t been wearing silver only as adornment and because they make you look handsome or beautiful. As studies have shown in recent times, silver has a lot of health benefits associated with it. Silver is a very powerful antimicrobial agent, which means that it helps you to fight infections, cold and flu. Internal heat and blood circulation are also aided by silver due to its electrical and thermal conductivity. Furthermore, it can also protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation that we are exposed to, through electronic appliances and cellphones.

Its reaction and change of colour to harmful chemicals can help us avoid potentially toxic substances. You need to wear it against your skin to reap the benefits of silver. However, make sure that you are not allergic to wearing silver.

Astrological Benefits of Silver

It is not just the scientific health benefits that make silver appealing to wear. We have relied on its astrological benefits for centuries. Vedic astrology associates silver with Jupiter and Moon. Along with balancing the water in our body, silver is supposed to bring prosperity to our lives. It is also believed that silver was created out of Lord Shiva’s eyes.

One of the ways of wearing silver in a ritualistic way is by dipping your silver ring in the water on a Thursday night. Take it out of the water next Friday morning and place it in front of Lord Vishnu. Worship Lord Vishnu and at the end, put a small amount of Chandan to the ring. Now, you can wear the ring on your pinky finger of the right hand.

Also, drinking water that is kept in a silver glass for around six hours is considered beneficial. Milk is recommended to be drunk within 2-3 minutes of pouring into the silver glass. Women with stomach ache can wear a silver ring in their leg thumb and the adjacent toe to relieve themselves of the pain. Likewise, wearing a silver ring in the thumb is supposed to relieve constipation too. It is also believed that silver helps in calming down people’s aggressiveness and short-tempered nature, as well as curing stammering problems.

5 Great Silver Gifts to Give Men for Their Birthday

A Silver Coin

Laxmi is the symbol of prosperity, good fortune and well being in Hindu culture. Ganesh symbolizes wisdom, conscience and order as such that at the start of every rites and ritual, Ganesh is honoured first. Engraving of these two gods and goddess on a coin will be a very good gift to give on birthdays.

Along with the engravings are the words ‘Shubh Labha’. ‘Subha’ means auspiciousness and ‘Labha’ means prosperity. Things that anyone would wish for their man. And if your man is a coin enthusiast, this silver coin is a perfect gift to give to him, whether as an addition to his collection or as a good sign to carry in his purse. This 100 grams 999 pure silver coin can be bought for Rs.6,942 at Senco.

Silver Bracelet for Men

A bracelet is such a cool accessory to wear even for a man. Wearing a bracelet with a good design can give you a lot of appeal and attention. With silver, this appeal and attention increases due to their colour. And with the right design, this bracelet of your man will be the centre of talk every time someone sees it the first time. Such one bracelet is the 925 Sterling silver antique elephant bangle available at Taraash for Rs.2,838.

Plain at most of the parts, two elephant heads on one side provide an elegant design to the bracelet and a masculine look to your man. The diameter of the bracelet is 7 centimetres.

Coffee Mug Made of Silver

Something that can be used on an everyday basis is never a bad gift, specially for a man who doesn't like to accessorise with jewellery. One such daily commodity would be a coffee mug, as your man would be needing it to drink coffee every day and remember you every time he does so.

This 999 silver coffee mug weighs 100 grams and is 5 inches in length and 3 inches wide. You can buy the mug for Rs.7,589 at Gold Gift Ideas. There are numerous health benefits to be reaped from eating food and drink from silver utensils, and he can reap this benefits daily through his daily cuppa.

A Classic Ring

Surprise him with a more emotive present by gifting him a ring. This simple 925 Sterling Silver ring can be a very good sign of expression of your love for him at his birthday. Prepare some sentences to accompany the ring, orally or in writing. Be there when he opens it, so as to see his expression yourself. It can be a moment to cherish for years. As simple as it may be, a ring has the potential to take your relationship to the next level. But, make sure that he is someone who enjoys wearing accessories like a ring.

The ring weighs 2.7 grams. You can buy this simple and elegant ring for Rs.1,416 at Tata CLIQ.

Silver Brooch for Men


Be it a party, wedding, office or meetings, a brooch attached to your dress makes you look really smart and professional and will upgrade your look instantly. This ornament may be small but fastened to the coat, for example, will make the coat more elegant to wear. Giving your man a brooch means that he will be using it more often than not. This 925 Sterling silver Dwishakti brooch will look really nice on his coat or sherwani. You can buy this at Amazon for Rs.1,975.


Or you can go for a Dhanush brooch also available at Amazon for Rs.1,300. Every time somebody asks him about the brooch, you know who he will remember.

Silver Gifts for Men on Anniversary

Charm Gifts

Charm gifts can be very symbolic gifts to offer. Very small in size, they reflect different things. And can serve different purposes. They can be paired with a bracelet, fastened to a chain or kept on their own. You can decide the purpose and the combination of gifts you would like to offer to your husband on your anniversary.

You can buy different kinds of charm at Fourseven, made of 925 Sterling silver. Speaking about some of them, you can offer him this cute guitar charm. If your husband loves music or loves playing the guitar, it will have a special meaning for him. It is priced at Rs.1,200.

Or, you can go for the gold plated Om charm, priced at Rs.900. Going for the Rise Again Phoenix charm in your anniversary is also a very good idea for the glory of your love at the day of your anniversary. It is priced at Rs.700

Fashionable Silver Bracelets

Some men really love to wear bracelets and even show it off. If your husband is one such guy, giving him a bracelet is a very good idea. This handmade Sterling silver bracelet comes with two blue topaz at the two open ends. It can be bought at Overstock for Rs.3,329.

You might also want to check out another handmade Sterling silver bracelet but with leather covering the bracelet at two places. The leather brings a unique touch to the elaborate silver bracelet. You can buy it for fo Rs.5,933 at Overstock.

Silver Cufflinks


Another item to upgrade your husband looks is cufflinks. Cufflinks can be used as an alternative to buttons. These beautiful cufflinks will be hard to be missed on your husband’s shirt cuffs. Buy him a pair or a couple of pairs so that he can wear them while wearing a shirt. This particular Sterling silver cufflinks with a black star by Rajasthan Gems will enhance your husband’s persona. You can buy it at Amazon for Rs.2,450.


Another Rajasthan Gems cufflink that won’t go unnoticed is this Sterling silver cufflink with green enamel. You can also buy it at for Rs.2,800

A Silver Pendant

Wearing a pendant on your chain explains a lot about your character. Whether you are flashing your pendant out or let it hang inside your clothes, these small pieces of symbols are a reflection of your choices and nature. A Hanumanji pendant would be a very good gift to reflect your husband’s nature. And, it works both ways - for people to see the pendant your husband is wearing or as a reflection of his beliefs. In the pendant, hanuman is flying with Dronagiri in his left hand and gada in the right. You can buy this 925 Sterling silver pendant for Rs.793 at Taraash.

Silver Chain

Everyone will notice the chain that your husband will be wearing unless he is making efforts to hide it. So, make the right choice in buying him a chain that will make him look better. This pure 925 Sterling silver chain available at Overstock can serve this function very well. This 3 mm wide chain is quite comfortable to wear too and will make him look classy. Gift the chain or pair it with a pendant or a charm in your anniversary. You can buy it for Rs.4,980 here.

Pure Silver Pen

How about gifting your husband a pure silver pen. A pen that he will carry with him everywhere and sign all the important paperwork with it. You can buy a pen with silver covering at Indiamart, made from seamless pipes and are completely solder-free. This pen weighs approximately 20 grams and is 5.25 inches long. The price of the pen is Rs.5,500.

Tips to Preserve Your Silver and Keep it Sparkling

Exposure to air can tarnish your silver. Many people make the mistake of leaving their silver out in the air or leave it in their drawer or purse.

  • For the safety of your silver, it is important that you store it in an airtight container. Furthermore, make sure that the box has anti-tarnishing properties. Or you can wrap you silver with anti-tarnish paper or a soft cloth such as muslin before storing. Make sure not to keep it in an uncoated wooden box. Otherwise, your silver will lose its colour and shine.

  • Another tip to follow while storing your silver is that you keep it away from heat and humidity, as they can increase the speed of tarnishing. Also, it is better to keep it away from direct sunlight.

  • Silica gel, activated charcoal or chalk can be stored along with silver as these materials absorb moisture and prevent tarnishing.
  • Store separately
    Silver is a soft metal, hence store it separately. That’s why it is combined with other metals to stiffen it. Still, you would not want to store your silver jewellery together as there will always be a chance that these pieces of jewellery get rubbed against each other, create scratches on their surface or even get broken. This means that you will need different air-tight boxes for their storage.

  • Keep them when you are not wearing
    Taking your silver off is necessary for the health of the silver. Because the more they are on you, the higher is the chance that the silver is damaged due to excessive sunlight, sweat, precipitation, chlorine or other chemicals. Also, be mindful about removing your silver jewellery when you are going to swim, make exercises, shower or bathe, clean your dishes or laundry or while cooking. Putting your jewellery after you finish wearing make-up is another tip to keep it safe. Make sure that you follow the instructions to prevent your silver from tarnishing than regret later.

  • Always clean silver before storing
    As explained earlier, your body sweat is not a good thing for silver as it can bring moisture and subsequently cause tarnishing. So, it is necessary that you clean them before storing them. You can use microfiber or special jewellery cloth to clean them. Make sure that you only use anti-tarnish cloth while doing so as such clothes absorb sulfur and oxygen in the air.
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Buy good quality silver

If value of the metal is as important as the design, take some extra effort to ensure you are buying good quality silver. If it is just a matter of design then it doesn't matter as many metals can be given the look of silver, but if it is pure silver, the gift will last forever. Even if it tarnishes it can be restored to its former glory, something that cannot be said of other metals.