14 Gift Sets of Jewellery for Women, Men and Children That are Also Easy on the Wallet. Plus All the Occasions They are Perfect for Giving On (2022)

14 Gift Sets of Jewellery for Women, Men and Children That are Also Easy on the Wallet. Plus All the Occasions They are Perfect for Giving On (2022)

Jewelry helps in enhancing one's beauty. It also symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, jewelry is a form of art for self and creative expression. Then, there are some people who use jewelry as part of their tradition and culture. The ornaments are worn to adorn the body, meaning, to augment one’s beauty.

When To Give Jewelry As A Gift: We List Top Occasions

Gifts are an important part of any relationship but giving jewelry as a gift means a lot more. Gifting jewelry wins hearts and creates memory. It signifies a bond that is everlasting just like jewelry stays for life. Although, you can gift jewelry whenever you wish to show your love or to pamper a person but there are some occasions which are best to give jewelry as a gift. If you are not sure when to give jewelry as a gift then read on.

  • 1. A bride's maid is an important part of the bridal party. She is usually the closest friend or a relative of the bride that has been with her for most of her life. Your wedding can be a great time to give your bridesmaid jewelry as a gift to show how much she means to you. You can buy her something simple and classic that enhances her personality. She will always have your gift as a fond memory of the times you spent together.

  • 2. When you like someone and have just started talking or have been on one or two not so official dates then you can buy a jewelry gift for her. It is a good way to make things official. You can present a woman with an elegant ring or a simple necklace to show that she is important to you. Girls can also buy a simple bracelet to a man to show him that you appreciate him.

  • 3. Jewelry gifts are perfect for married couples, couples in a serious relationship or planning to rent an apartment together. Jewelry speaks commitment therefore, a beautiful necklace set or a bracelet says it all. If you are engaged to you get your wedding date engraved on the inside of a jewelry peace and turn it into a memory.

  • 4. Best friends can buy jewelry as a gift for each other. They usually stick together through the highs and lows and a find piece of jewelry can be a great gift to celebrate an everlasting friendship.

  • 5. You can get jewelry gift items for your family members especially the women in the house. Your mother would love a pretty ring or your sister will adore your for a funky bracelet.

Jewelry Gift Sets For Women: Our Curated List Has Amazing Options You Will Love Gifting

Here are a few excellent jewelry gift sets you can get for a woman and show her what she means to you.

Personalised Gold Plated Pendant Set With Pearl

Source www.fnp.com

Can't think of what to give you mother for her birthday then you can check out this beautiful Gold Plated Pendant Set with Pearls. Pearls never go out of fashion and a woman of any age can wear it on different occasions. It looks very elegant and goes with all Indian or western attires. This pendent set is beautifully crafted in Alloy and can be personalized for her. It comes packed in an elegant gift box. Your mom will love this thoughtful gift from you on her birthday. You can buy it for Rs.1,049 from www.fnp.com.

PeoraTraditional Gold Plated Kundan Choker Necklace Tikka & Earring Jewellery

Want to give something special to your friend who is getting married? You can get household items, clothes and what not but getting her nice jewelry set will make her happy. She will be getting a lot of gold and silver jewelry as gifts for her wedding but she will love this kundan set. This is Gold Plated Kundan Choker Set with a Necklace, Tikka and Earrings. It is a very traditional looking set which she can flaunt it with her lehenga or sari after the wedding. The set is made of brass and is gold plated. It is made with perfection and looks very traditional and elegant. You can buy it for Rs.1,849 from www.nykaafashion.com.

Mahi Rhodium Plated Golden Shadow Pendant Set

This Mahi Rhodium Plated Pendant Set can be a wonderful set you can get as a gift for your younger sister who has joined college. She would want to look chic every day and wearing this set with her jeans or even with salwar kurta will make her look very stylish. This is Swarovski crystal golden pendant set in round shape. It will make her look different yet elegant among her friends. You can buy this set for her for Rs.1,099 from www.giftalove.com.

Curio Cottage Pastel Pink Kundan and Pearls Bridal Necklace

Jewelry cannot buy love but it sure can win your wife's heart on your anniversary. This is an exquisite 22k Gold Plated Kundan and Pearls Bridal Necklace Set. It's pastel pink color makes it quite unique. The set is handcrafted with high quality alloy and has semi precious stones studded in it. The drops of the necklace have meenakari enamel and are covered with gold plating. She can wear this set on low key parties as well as to weddings with her saree and show it of to her friends. The set is available for Rs.5,800 on www.nykaafashion.com.

Soulmates Necklace Set

Source blingvine.com

The Soulmate Necklace Set is a perfect gift for the modern girls of today. If you want to give a gift your fiancé will love and cherish for many years then, you can buy her this set. The design of the necklace depicts the link two souls may have together. It is a magical necklace set with beautiful earrings. It is simple yet very appealing. She can wear it with her traditional or western wear with confident and look different in a room. It is 18 k gold plated set made with copper. This gift will surely bring a smile to her face. You can order this set for her for Rs.3,500 from blingvine.com.

Jewelry Gift Sets For Men

Men love to wear jewelry as much as women it is not a modern trend. Indian men have been wearing jewelry since the ancient days. If you plan to buy a gift for a special man in your life you can choose from the once listed below.

Gold Tone Handcrafted Brooch Cufflinks And Lapel Pin Set

This is an exquisite Brooch Cufflinks and Lapel Pin Set that can be bought as a gift for your best man friend. It is a gold toned handcrafted set that comes packed in an elegant gift box. The design on it is very traditional but very trendy. He would adore this gift and would love to flaunt it when he gets a chance. You can buy it for Rs.3,439 from www.jaypore.com.

Prushti Fashion Gold Plated 18 Inch Chain and Bracelet Set

Source wskart.in

If you have a teenaged brother who is into trying different styles then you can get him this cool and stylish Gold Plated Chain and Bracelet Set. It is made with high quality alloy with excellent finish. He will love this gift especially when he goes out with his friends and feels like a stud. The set in very affordable therefore he can chose to wear it or discard it once he has had enough of it. You can buy this set for him for Rs.199 from wskart.in

Peter England: Red Tie Pocket Square And Cufflink

This Red tie, Pocket Square and Cufflinks Set from Peter England can be a great gift for your stylish husband on his birthday. This set can be worn in office or for corporate parties. The red tie will make him stand out in the crowd and hopefully will help him get some good business deals. He will love this very stylish gift from you. You can buy it for Rs.900 from nykaafashion.com

Peora Black Silver Two Tone Combo of Tie Pin and Cufflinks Set for Men

Source www.amazon.in

If you want to get something special for your dad on his birthday, you can buy this very stylish Peora Black and Silver Tie Pins and Cufflinks Set for him. There are not many jewelry options for men unlike women but a tie pin and cufflinks is what men love to wear on formal gathering. He will love this gift from you and would love to show it off to his friends and other family members. The set comes packed in an elegant gift box and you can buy it for Rs.835 from amazon.in.

Black Metal Bracelets

This cool Black Metal Bracelet Set can be a wonderful gift for your college going brother. Young men like to show off their personality through the way they dress and if your brother likes to flaunt a cool dude look then he will love this gift. The intricately weaved silver chain makes it look very stylish. The bracelet is hand made with PU braids and elasticized wooden beads. He can wear it with jeans or a traditional kurta pajama set and thank you for it. You can buy it for Rs.599 from shop.mensxp.com.

Jewelry Gift Sets For Little Girls

Let us not forget about the little ladies in our lives. These little princesses will soon turn into young girls but, they still like to try out jewelry and look elegant and cute at the same time. If you wish to get a jewelry gift set for a special young girl in your life you can check out the ones below.

Disney Princess Elena Silver Metal Necklace & Rings Set

Source shopdisney.in

Girls of any and all ages have a special thing for jewelry. You can see the love of jewelry in them from a very young age; they would take out their mom's ornaments and play with them. If you have a little diva at home and want to make her feel special then, you can get her this very cute and luxurious Princess Elena Necklace and Ring Set in silver metal. This is a heart shaped pendant with the picture printed on high quality archival photo paper. You little diva will give you tons of kisses when she receives this set from you. It is available for Rs.299 on shopdisney.in.

Ribbon Candy Unicorn Necklace With Earrings Set

Every little girl falls in love with unicorns at some point of her age and if you little one is going crazy over them then get her this Ribbon Candy Unicorn Necklace and Earrings Set. This is an adorable set with a little unicorn with wings and all. The pink and blue beads on the chain make it look very classy. Your little girl will smile all day after wearing this to her next party. You buy this for her for Rs.608 from www.firstcry.com.

ArendelleGirls Set Of 12 Pink Adjustable Finger Ring

If you are a parent of a little girl you'd know how much they love to play dress up. It is one of their favorite games and no amount of jewelry is enough for them. Getting her this very cute Arendelle Set of 12 Pink Adjustable Rings will make her one happy girl. This set can be bought for Rs.299 from myntra.com.

Solitaire Stones Pendant and Earrings Set

Source www.igp.com

This is an elegant Solitaire Stones Pendant and Earrings Set that a girl can wear and share it with her mom if she likes. It is a perfect gift for a young lady who likes to look sophisticated when she goes out. The set is crafted in Brass with Rose Gold finish and looks extremely trendy. It will make a perfect gift for her on her 10th birthday. You can buy it for her for Rs.745 from igp.com.

Creative Ways of Presenting a Jewelry Gift to Loved Ones

Source btiff.com

If you have selected what jewelry you want to buy for a special someone then, here are a few creative ways of presenting it to them.

  • 1. You can place the gift on their favorite stuffed animal or even tie it around its neck and hand it to her. You can also tie it around her pet's neck and surprise her with your gift, make sure the gift is tied securely around a pet's neck to avoid him swallowing it.

  • 2. You can pack it in a jewelry box and present it to her but everyone does that. If you want to do something creative pack it in a misleading packet. You can put it inside a box where she would never imagine finding a piece of jewelry in. Try putting it in a cereal box or near a toaster so she can see it as soon as she reaches out for it.

  • 3. If you want to make her laugh then try wrapping the gift in toilet paper or hide it in a crunched ball of newspaper. She would laugh her heart out when she finds it lying around in crap.

  • 4. You can create a scavenger hunt for her by leaving clues around the house for her to find. She would love the game and the suspense of what she will get when she solves the hunt. This will turn into a fond memory and she will share it to the generations to come.

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While everyone accessorises, no two people will have the same style. When buying jewellery as gifts, keep the person's personal tastes in mind otherwise your gift may not wind up being used at all. Quality is also important as the material will be in contact with skin. You may not have the budget for a precious metal but check the materials used in the jewellery and ensure its not something that will give the wearer a nasty rash!