Gorgeous and Endearing Gold Gifts for Girlfriend to Let Her Know How Precious She is, and When You Want to Impress (2019)

Gorgeous and Endearing Gold Gifts for Girlfriend to Let Her Know How Precious She is, and When You Want to Impress (2019)

A gift made of a precious metal like gold is the perfect gift to give someone you deeply care about, and not only because it has a higher value than most common gifts. They speak volumes on your behalf to the recipient concerning how much you value them. In this article, we discuss a splendid collection of gold gifts for your beloved girlfriend. Read on!

Why Women Love Gold?

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Indian women have always loved gold. Their affair with gold dates back to ancient times, in fact this precious metal finds mention in the holy scriptures too. Gold looks fantastic on the honey-tinted or wheatish skin of Indian women, which is another reason that explains their love for this rare metal. If you have decided to gift your beloved some sparkling gold jewellery, then you have made a very good decision. By gifting her gold, you can convey to her in the most beautiful way how much she means to you. Read on further to know why your girlfriend would love a gold gift.

It is Sacred

Gold is sacred and holds a high value in ancient and religious texts of India. Lord Vishnu– the creator of the universe is also known as Hiranyagarbha – the one born of gold. Goddess Lakshmi is always depicted adorned in gold ornaments. Gold is considered pure and holy. People often gift gold coins and gold ornaments as gifts to their relatives in important functions like weddings and birth ceremonies.

It Lasts Forever

A gold gift is one that lasts forever. It can be remolded into various trendy forms, but it never loses its value or brilliance. Often, women have been seen getting their old-fashioned gold jewellery remolded and redesigned into something trendy by paying only the remaking charges. Gold jewellery never goes out of style. In Indian weddings, gold is gifted to the bride and groom as a precious gift for someone very close to you. It is an item that can last with you forever. Often the gold that Indian women possess has been handed down to her by her ancestors. Gold’s value has only increased over the years. Gold ornaments and articles play an important role in calculating a family’s wealth. It is considered a status symbol.

Is a Valuable Asset

Gold is a valuable asset. It is often seen as a safe and secure investment because its value has never gone down. Gold investment has always been fruitful to people. It can be used in times of emergency and need. You can always sell your gold jewellery in times of need and get paid at the current market value of gold. It is considered a ‘Stridhan’ in Indian scriptures. In ancient times, gold was the only valuable possession a woman had, while the men had money and land.

Reminds Her How Precious She is To You

A gold gift from you would mean the world to her. She will realize how important and precious she is to you. It means you don’t mind spending thousands on her just to see her happy. If you want to make your girlfriend happy and loved, then a gold ornament would definitely be the best investment for her.

Valuable Tips To Note When Buying Gold Gifts For Your Girlfriend

While buying gold ornaments, it is easy to get duped. There are many fraudsters lurking around trying to sell duplicate gold jewellery for the price of real gold. Most men do not have any idea about buying gold jewellery unless they are in the profession. While buying gold jewellery for your girlfriend, you need to take note of a few things as these will save you from any hassles later on.

Check the Purity of the Metal

The purity quotient is one of the main things you have to focus on when buying precious gold jewellery. It is best to buy gold from known and reputed shops selling gold jewellery which bear an ISI mark or their company logo. Always check and double-check the carat of the gold. The purest form of gold is 24k, which is very rare to find. Most jewelers deal in 22k gold jewellery. As the carat increases, so does the value of gold. But pure gold will never lose its brilliance and sparkle. It can always be resold at the current market price of gold per gram with the only deduction being on the making charges.

Check the Store's Exchange Policy

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It is best to buy gold jewellery from shops or retailers who agree to give an exchange in case your girlfriend does not like the ornament because it is better to get her something that she would like instead of making her compromise on a design she might never wear. After all, it is a matter of thousands of rupees and you want to make her happy in the end, don’t you?

You can Also Consider Investing in Gold Gift Vouchers

Gold gift vouchers are also a convenient gift idea as you can let your girlfriend go and select something of her choice from her favorite gold showroom. Girls often love to wear something of their own choice and gifting her a voucher will save her from the embarrassment of asking you to exchange the gift and will also save you from the hassle of exchanging the item.

10 Gold Jewellery Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

Gold jewellery can also be purchased online. We have shortlisted some of the best online websites which sell genuine and pure gold ornaments. Buying jewellery from here will save you from the trouble of going to a physical showroom. You can browse the items selected below and choose your pick according to your budget preference.

Gold Heart Pendant for Your Love

This lovely Aimee Pendant is priced at Rs. 8555. Featuring a stunning heart design, this pendant looks very delicate and charming. It does not come with the neck chain shown in the image. You can get this one from Bluestone.com. The website also offers a customizing option in which you can select the colour of the pendant in yellow or white. You can also select the gold purity from 14kt and 18kt. There are various diamond quality options given too. The higher the quality of the diamond you select, the higher price you need to pay. The pretty pendant can also be tried at home. Bluediamond.com offers a free home trial visit, in which you have to schedule your preferred time and give your mobile number on the website.
This one would look pretty with Indian as well as western wear.

Floral Design Ring for Your Girl

A ring is the perfect gift from a boyfriend to his girlfriend. It makes your bond stronger and conveys your love to each other. If you are seeking the perfect gold gift for your girlfriend, then you can consider gifting this floral design pretty ring available at malabargoldanddiamonds.com. Priced at Rs. 7833, this ring is crafted from 22 kt gold. The yellow metal ring has a gross weight of 2.16 gm. It is perfect for regular and daily wear. The ring comes with a pretty flower in the center along with a leaf. The ring is delicate, minimal and yet quite captivating.

Stunning Gold Bracelet for Your Darling

If you want to give something pricey and alluring to your beloved, then this gold bracelet would be the perfect choice. Grab it online from tanishq.co.in at Rs. 54,933. It is very delicate and features 6 pretty diamonds in its design. The bracelet comes with a lock that is easy to close around the wrist. Made from 18 kt gold, the gross weight of this bracelet is 10.13 gm. The clarity of the diamonds are rated to be S12. Tanishq has managed to carve a niche for itself in the gold and diamond industry and buying this bracelet from their store online would guarantee quality and purity at all costs.

Beautiful Diamond Studs for Your Precious

These diamond studs from caratlane.com are delicate, yet substantial. Priced at Rs. 14,730, the pretty studs feature a square design with a gold silhouette on the outside and small diamonds studded on the inside. Set in 18 kt yellow gold, the 16 diamonds inside each stud are of IJ- S1 type. The studs weigh 2.17 gm approximately. Buying this pair online gives you a 15 days money back guarantee, cash on delivery and a lifetime exchange option. Tanishq also offers a buy back guarantee on these studs.

Stylish Gold Bangle for Your Lady

Does your girlfriend love bangles? Gift her this charming and unique bangle which can be worn as a bracelet too. The pretty gold ornament features checked pattern inside and costs Rs. 25, 989. It is available online at pngadgil.com. The website offers the option of selecting the gold purity from 14 kt, 18 kt and 22 kt. There are various bangle sizes and you can select your size from the multiple options. Taken from the Nitya collection of P N Gadgil, this bangle resonates with strength and versatility in a woman. The bangle is 4 mm wide and 59.5 mm in height.

Pretty Gold Anklets for Your Doll

Gold anklets are traditional accessories, yet rare. If you want to gift your girl something rare and different, then these gold anklets will be a prized possession forever. Priced at Rs. 1,12,006, this pair is available at josalukkasonline.com. Featuring a gold purity of 22 kt and a gross weight of 32 gm, these anklets in yellow gold have a BIS Hallmarked 916 sign on them. The length of each chain is 10.5 inches. The chain has a pretty gridlocked design and a secure lock to close it tightly around your ankle.

Opulent Gold Armlet for Your Baby

If you feel everyone has the basic jewellery items like a ring, earrings and necklaces and you are seeking something different, then you can consider gifting this gold armlet to your darling. This Divine Gold Armlet from Malabar Gold and Diamonds company is priced at Rs. 110,156. This item has a BIS Hallmark 916 gold certification. Based on a temple theme design, this adjustable gold armlet is crafted from 22 kt gold. It is quite heavy at 29.46 gm. The studded temple design has a pretty setting of semi-precious red stones to give the armlet a beautiful look. The adjustable design makes it very convenient on any arm size.

Lovely Gold Nose Pin for Your Honey

Why not gift something cute and stylish to your honey-bunny? A nose pin is quite trendy these days and we see many young women sport a nose pin with western as well as Indian attire. This gold nose pin has a pretty and tiny heart design with a small diamond stone in the center. It is engineered from 22 kt yellow gold. It has a gross weight of 0.33 gm and a BIS Hallmark metal certification. You get a lifetime exchange and buy back guarantee from P C Jeweler Company. The design is dainty and delicate and sure to impress your beloved.

Gold Jhumkas for your Sweetheart

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Gold Jhumkas never go out of fashion. They will always prevail until Indian women continue to wear churidaars, anarkalis, sarees and other Indian garments. The best companions for Indian sarees, these gold Zhumkas will definitely impress your sweetheart. Grab these for Rs. 2,46,565 for a pair. Invest in this pair as it will forever be an asset to your girl. Manufactured in 22 kt yellow gold, the approximate metal weight is 65.81 gm. It has a BIS Hallmark metal certification to prove its authenticity. These jhumkaas are available at pcjeweller.com which is a prestigious company selling gold and diamond ornaments.

Alluring Gold Chain for Your Beloved

If you want to gift something simple and yet solid, then this alluring gold chain would be the perfect pick. Priced at Rs. 36,362, this gold chain can be purchased online from orra.co.in. The approximate metal weight is 10.94 gm and the size of the chain is 14. It is made from 22 kt gold.

Spending on gold jewellery is a wise decision as it will always be there with you. As a valuable gift from someone special, a gold ornament will always help you cherish your bond and your love for each other.

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Gold is forever

As mentioned earlier, a gold gift is one that lasts forever. It can be remolded into various trendy forms, but it never loses its value or brilliance. So, definately, it's worth gifting to your loved one so that she can get the message that you hold her in high esteem and the way you feel about her is forever, just like gold is forever.