Benefits of Using Gold Products for Men Plus Some Nice, Traditional and Modern Gifts for Husband in Gold (2019)

Benefits of Using Gold Products for Men Plus Some Nice, Traditional and Modern Gifts for Husband in Gold (2019)

Nothing catches the eye like a wonderful gold present for the man you love, treat him like a king with this list of the most elegant and beautiful gifts money can buy. However, buying gold jewellery for men is nothing like buying gold for women, so read on to understand how to pick tasteful accessories for him, and browse through our list of some elegant gifts of gold options for him.

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Gold is Beneficial for Him: 3 Reasons to Buy Him Gifts of Gold

Gold is the ultimate metal that one wishes to wear and flaunt and a lot has been heard about it already. Did you know that wearing gold has amazing health benefits too? It is known to alleviate symptoms related to diseases such as arthritis. It also accelerates healing by improving blood circulation and induces a relaxing effect. When worn on a daily basis, it regulates the body temperature. This contributes to better overall health and improved immunity. Moreover, it also gives a boost to one’s confidence which makes them feel good about themselves. It also reduces stress significantly. Thus, with so many benefits of gold, it is a great idea to gift it to any husband.

Gold Is Spritual

Gold has been known for ages for its amazing properties. In a spiritual sense, gold is often known for its purity and depicts complete understanding. It is known to be a gateway to the source and universe. This is why people often adorn themselves with gold jewellery. According to ancient virtues, gold is known to cleanse and balance your ability to intensify the thoughts. It is also believed that gold activates the third eye chakra. Gifting someone gold means that you wish them wealth, recognition and success. Wearing Gold in day to day life also helps in stabilizing emotions and keeping calm in testing situations.

Gold Defines Status

It is no news that Gold is often connected to power and status. This is why you might have seen people flaunting their gold possessions be it a gold iPhone or a gold chain. Even famous celebrities are spotted wearing gold and it truly is a symbol of wealth. From Bollywood to Hollywood stars, everyone loves to include a little bit of bling in their appearance. In India, people are usually fond of gold and consider it to be the ultimate reflection of one’s status quo. Giving a gold gift to loved ones shows that you value them and wish them all the luck and prosperity in life.

Sacred Power Of Gold

Apart from the status symbol, gold is known to prevent negative energy from entering the body and is associated with divine consciousness in the body. Wearing gold jewelry initiates spiritual healing. It is a harbinger of peace and removes evil from the body. According to traditional Indian values, gold has the potential to bring abundance and happiness in one’s life when worn correctly. Giving a gold gift to the spouse strengthens the relationship and shows them how much you cherish them. You could choose from a variety of gold gifts that are available out there.

Rules of Buying Gold For Your Hubby

Keep It Simple

After you have decided to buy Gold for the husband, you can be quite confused because of all the options that are available. If you feel perplexed about what to buy then start off by choosing something simple. You might go for a Gold watch for your hubby which can be gifted on any special occasion. While choosing the gift you should always be mindful of your budget. It is quite obvious that gold gifts can be expensive and so you should start off by defining a budget. if you wish to choose a less costly option then consider cufflinks as well as accessories.

Match Metals

While buying gold gifts, you should always keep the color tone in mind. There are several shades of gold that are available and it is imperative to choose the right kind. When you are shopping for gifts that go with the gold gift always look for things that match with it. Unlike the old days, when you could only wear gold, you can actually try and experiment with various shades. Otherwise, you can also pair up gold with platinum and silver as it creates a good contrast with the metal. Ensure that the gold is highlighted amongst all your other gifts as it has a special meaning to it.

Dress Codes

Even though you might wish to give the most expensive gold jewelry to your man, do check whether it can actually be worn in the contemporary culture of today. Not to mention how important it is for men to always maintain a professional appearance. Some corporates have strict dress codes that are to be adhered. If your husband works for such a company wherein he cannot wear flashy jewelry then opt for alternatives. If you must give him gold gifts, then go for cufflinks or gold rings which are not that obvious to be spotted, unlike a gold chain. At the end of the day, your gift needs to have utility as well.

5 Gold Ornaments and Accessories for Your Golden Man

Customised Gold Band

Gift your man with this gorgeous Malabar gold ring. It is a unique way of expressing your love. All that you have to do is to take the fingerprint of your spouse and send across the same while placing the order. The inside of this ring reads “For My Love”. The outside has a part which is carved with the fingerprint that you provide. It is made with 22 karat gold and also has hallmark certification. The color is bright yellow and you may gift it to your hubby on any given special occasion. Shop for the same from for Rs. 35,174.

Personalised Name Pendant

Surprise the hubby with this personalized pendant made with 18 karat gold. Gifting a pendant that has his name on it will take him on cloud nine. Make the husband feel special by gifting this amazing pendant on his birthday or anniversary. Since gold signifies prosperity and love, it makes for an amazing gift to be given on any special occasion. He would always cherish this amazing gift that makes him feel important and loved. His reaction after receiving this gift will surely be priceless. Shop for the same from for Rs.14,999.

Nawabi Diamond Kurta Buttons

These gorgeous Nawabi Diamond Kurta buttons add a regal touch to any sherwani or kurta. Gift it to the spouse and make him feel special. The diamond buttons are studded on yellow gold and are of bezel setting. The 18k pure gold coupled with the glitter of diamonds gives an ultimate classy look when worn with any Sherwani. It could be an awesome gift for any upcoming wedding or special event that you might want to attend. The round shaped four buttons look absolutely stunning and will instantly enhance the look of any outfit. Shop for this from for Rs.47,470.

Gold and Diamond Cufflinks

In the modern day culture, gifting cufflinks is definitely relevant. Many a time, one cannot wear extravagant jewelry at work due to several policies. If you still wish to give a classy gift to the spouse then these amazing gold and diamond cufflinks are a good option. The two diamonds are infused in yellow gold cufflinks which are of 18k purity. The round shape along with gorgeous bezel setting looks gorgeous. These beautiful cufflinks add a sophisticated look to any attire and increase its charm. You may shop for this from for Rs.41,030.

Gold Chain

Gift the love of your life with this minimalistic yet captivating Malabar gold chain. This 22 karat gold chain has certification of BIS Hallmark 916. It is a classic gold chain that can be worn for daily wear and even for special occasions. Gold is symbolic of abundance and prosperity and you can give this amazing gift to your husband to show him how much you love and admire him. Give this to him as a reflection of your sweet bond of love and affection. You can shop for the same from for Rs.13,792.

Uncommon Gold Plated Gifts for Your Man

Shredded Money Pen

This gorgeous pen is made with recycled US currency and has an amazing gold plated detailing. It is a handmade product which has shredded money inlay filled in it. The ballpoint pen can be used anytime for doing those important signatures and penning out significant details. You can gift this royal pen to the husband as a memento. The product is made in Indiana and is indeed an amazing gift for any husband. The awesome blend of colors along with a classy finish makes the pen look captivating. You can shop for this from for Rs.4,647.

Gold Coins

If you are looking for a memento instead of typical gold jewelry for the man you love, then opt for gold coins. This 5 grams Lakshmi Gold Coin is of 22 karat gold and could make an amazing gift for the husband. The gold coin comes with a beautiful carving of Goddess Lakshmi. Both gold, as well as Goddess Lakshmi, are symbolic of prosperity and abundance. When you give this gold coin to your spouse, it is a sure way of telling them that all that you wish for them is success and progress in life. The breathtaking detailing will certainly make him go Wow! You can shop for this from for Rs.16,093.

Personalized Gold LP Record

Your search for an offbeat gold gift for the hubby ends here. This LP record is made from an upcycled vinyl LP. It has a dazzling gold finish and comes with a floating frame suspended between two pieces of glass. It makes for an amazing wall art that accentuates the home décor. It has been hand assembled in Philadelphia and the frame is made in the US. The gorgeous blend of ash wood, glass, and aluminized gold end up giving a classy as well as attractive look. surprise your guy by framing this in the living room and see his precious reaction. You can shop for this from for Rs.12,512.

Gold Plated Watch


Gift your dearest husband with this gorgeous gold plated watch. It is made of stainless steel and has a shiny and attractive design. This Quartz watch by Titan has an Analog display and comes with a champagne colored dial. It is water resistant and can be perfectly worn for any formal as well as ethnic occasion. Gift this to your husband on his birthday or your wedding anniversary. He would certainly love the glittering beautiful design which comes with the quality assurance of Titan. The watch has a warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. Shop for the same from Amazon for Rs. 2205.

Gold Plated Vintage Cart

Looking for a unique gift for your husband? Gift him with this gorgeous gold-plated vintage cart. The car is gold plated with 24 karat gold and has Swarovski crystal studded on it. It makes for a perfect home décor item that can be kept at home. It also serves as a collectible. Make this gift which is full of joy and fantasy, a part of your life by gifting it to your lovely husband. The vintage car indeed has an amazing look. It comes with an amazing design as well as impeccable craftsmanship. Shop for this from for Rs.1,625.

You Need a Generous Budget for a Good Gift of Gold


Gold is expensive, there's no two ways about it. It is indeed a true fact that gifting gold to loved ones is not easy on the budget. As much as you would want to shower the husband with all the gorgeous gold gifts out there, you should be prepared to spend accordingly. Since gold is a highly valuable metal used for making traditional and contemporary jewelry, it has a high pricing.

Moreover, when you opt for 24k gold, it can be even more expensive. A good idea here would be to go for 18k or 22k gold as it is slightly less costly. If you feel like heavy gold jewelry is out of your budget then choose other alternatives. For instance, buy gold plated items which have that shimmer and shine that you are looking for. This will give you the look which you desire in the gift. You may also opt for small gold gifts like accessories and gold studded pieces which will cost you less.

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Go all the way out and buy the most incredible and beautiful gold gifts for the man you love. On this list we have something for just about anybody, so make a choice from the list of elegant gold gifts out there.