Get the Best Gift for Your Men from Our assorted List of Gold Gifts. Let BP Guide Help You Win His Heart on His Special Day!

Get the Best Gift for Your Men from Our assorted List of Gold Gifts. Let BP Guide Help You Win His Heart on His Special Day!


Shopping for the important men in your life is something you shouldn't wait until the last minute to do. Whether you're picking out gifts for your father, son, brother, or significant other, you want to get something that they're sure to like. To help guide your gifting, we put together a list of awesome gold gifts for the men in your life.

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Gold and Men

Gold is considered to be a metal mostly loved and worn by women and this is true to some extent. But, it doesn’t mean that men have a dislike for gold or it’s an ‘only for female’ metal. Instead, in ancient India; men wore almost equal, if not more gold ornaments and accessories than women as it was an indicator of personal wealth and position. Even the thrones and some parts of their armor and weapons were polished with pure gold. With changing times, now golden ornaments is mostly carried by women and that too mainly on weddings or parties. The rising gold prices and cases of thefts and snatching has also significant role in diminishing the sheen of this precious metal and people refrain from wearing it as a daily wear. However, the fact that many men like wearing gold or using accessories made of gold can’t be denied. Though gold items for men have a niche market and options are limited, yet we have tried to select a few popular picks out of them.

Traditional Gold Gift for Men's - Birthday

It’s the birthday of your spouse, son, father, boyfriend, friend or close relative and you have thought of gifting him a present made of gold. But, you are not able to decide about the particular item! The articles which we have selected in this category would fit into the wish list of one or the other man; the only thing you need to be sure of is their likes and preferences.

The Hanuman Mace Pendant

Gold and diamond are considered a royal combination and this Hanuman Mace Pendant is one of those exquisite and rare items which combine the sheen of gold with the sparkle of diamonds added with a feeling of spirituality passed on to the wearer. This Mace Pendant comes without a chain and so you may have to purchase a chain separately. The mace is made of 18 kt gold weighing 4.549 gms and the 19 diamonds decorated over the body of mace weigh 0.187 Ct. The total product weight is 4.59 gms. and it comes with lifetime exchange, buyback policy and comes with purity certification. This precious pendant can be purchased for Rs. 28,377 from

The Manvik Kada for Him

This Kada looks sturdy and elegant at the same time and will make for a premium gift item for your favourite man. The Kada is quite heavy at 28 gms and is made of 22kt gold with two parallel silver colour lines running across a beautifully designed gold circumference. The Kada is designed for men and can be used on a regular basis with minimal care. The Manvik Kada is available in 18kt gold as well and this 22kt gold kada can be purchased from for Rs. 1,23,758.

Hredhaan Gold Leather Bracelet for Men

A bracelet is an accessory that increases the style quotient and appeal of a man and makes him look trendy and cool. The gold leather bracelet is a vibrant combination of leather and gold and the beaded leather along with the chained gold in between gives it a very masculine look. This sophisticated gold and leather bracelet can be worn as an everyday accessory to the office and would even look great with traditional attire on special occasions. The gold weight is 8.98 gms and the leather weighs only 0.5 gms, thus it’s a lightweight bracelet. Also available in 14kt gold, this 18kt gold and leather bracelet by Kalyan Jewelers is available on for Rs. 45,285.

The Adalina Gold Ring

A simple and elegant; perfectly round ring with no edges and no designs on the surface of the ring is what makes this Gold Ring unique. The curved ring looks perfect and would sit on the finger without causing any discomfort to the person wearing it. The Adalina Gold Ring makes for a perfect gifting option for your dear ones. The 22kt gold ring weighs 5gm, costs Rs. 21,625 can be purchased from

The Etinceler Earring for Him

The single earring for men is a meticulously created piece of jewelry crafted especially for young men. The earring made of 18kt gold has a 0.11 kt diamond studded in it whose sparkle will surely turn heads. The metal weighs 2.724 gm and the Diamond is 0.11 Ct taking the approx. product weight to 2.75 gms. The overall look of the gold earring is quite enigmatic and adds a certain aura to the personality of the person carrying it. “The Etinceler Earring for Him” single stone earring can be brought from for Rs. 18,070.

Gold Gift for Men's - Anniversary

Most the men forget their anniversary; although later they regret this mistake and they are often busy pacifying their wives with some gifts. But, when it comes to gift something made of gold to your spouse, boyfriend, brother or even friends for their anniversary, do you end up scratching your head searching for options! Well, some help from our side is here to ease your problem with these beautiful gold gifts for men, which are amazing options to be gifted on their anniversary.

Best Dad Gold Cuff Links

These ‘Best Dad” Gold cufflinks are surely an amazing gift for your father, particularly on their Golden Anniversary. The round cufflinks have ‘Dad’ embossed on both the cuffs and the linear designs above and below the words highlight them even more. The product is made of 14 kt gold and weighs nearly 7 gms. Show your love for your father with this special gift and he will be pleasantly surprised to receive this gift. The ‘Best Dad Gold Cufflinks” can be purchased from for Rs. 25,523.

Yaksh Diamond Ring

Yet another ring, which oozes shine, style and has elegance written all over it. The beautifully crafted gold ring has 9 diamonds studded to form a square shape and give a dazzling appearance to the ring. The ring is made of 6.5 gms 18 kt gold and the diamond weight is approx. 0.31 Ct. This Diamond Ring is also available in 14 kt gold variant, but this 18kt gold variant costs Rs. 48,049 and can be purchased from

Invicta Analog Green Dial Men's Watch


Exploring Gold Gifts for men and not including a Watch would be not fair to them. And thus, we have picked this Green Dial Men’s Watch by Invicta which has an 18kt gold plated stainless steel case and band. The main dial is green coloured chronograph design and has a date magnifier window in between the dial near the 4:00. White numerals are etched on the circumference of the shining green dial in multiples of five. A second’s subdial near 3:00, a minute subdial near 9:00 and an hour subdial above 6:00 complete the dial's chronograph design. The band is a fold-over clasp with safety and can fit up to a 9-1/4" wrist. This 200 meters water resistant golden masterpiece can be owned for Rs. 13,999.00 from

Karat Gold Triple Layer Plated Translucent Coating Phantom Individually Numbered Fountain Pen with Screw-on Cap


In today’s smartphone and digital era, popularity of pen and particularly fountain pens has decreased and only few handfuls of people are using it nowadays. But, this gold plated fountain pen can be a classy gift for the elite users of fountain pens. The 14kt gold plating on the band and the clip makes it look like old school and the gold plated nib with engravings completes the look of this fountain pen. The translucent coating brings the required shine on the pen and with the screw-on cap; it exhibits the right amount of maturity for an intellectual look. This classic pen from Montblanc can be purchased for Rs. 11,822 from

18k Gold Eyeglass Frames

It will be an easy to choose gift option, if the recipient wears eyeglasses; because Eyewear Labs is giving you the option to choose from an array of 12kt, 14kt gold plated and gold filled and also 18kt solid gold frames from their premium collection of eyeglass frames. They have eyeglasses in classic styles, be it square, round, oval, rimless and with or without nose pads; they have most of the varieties available with them. You can check the different options at

Gold Gift for Men's - Marriage

The starting of a new era of life and stepping into married life with many dreams definitely makes for an opportune time to gift him something special. Choosing a gold gift smartly would let you pick something which he is going to cherish everyday and feel proud of flaunting it. Let’s have a look at few options which we have selected specially for this category and they are definitely nice options to consider for gifting on marriage.

22KT Gold Bracelet

The beauty of this bracelet lies in the simplicity of its make and design. The 22kt gold bracelet would shine on your hands from a distance and undoubtedly the person carrying it can flaunt this accessory with grace and pride. The bracelet is 20 cms in length and weighs 7.985 gms. It also comes with a guaranteed purity certificate and 100% exchange promise by Tanishq and can be purchased for Rs. 40,024 from

10 Gram 24K Laxmi Ganesh Gold Coin

Laxmi and Ganesha are considered to be the gods who bring well being and prosperity and to gift a symbol with Laxmi Ganesha art or engravings are considered auspicious in Hindus. The 24kt gold coin which has beautiful pictures of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi sitting on lotus and shubh and labha written above them makes for a perfect gold gift on the occasion of marriage. This 10 gm. coin has the name of the manufacturer and the percentage of gold (24kt) and the weight of coin written on the other side of the coin. This beautiful Laxmi Ganesh gold coin can be purchased from for Rs. 42,822.

Daniel Gold Ring

Now, this is a ring that is certainly worth gifting on the occasion of marriage and would grab the attention of everyone in attendance in the marriage. This exotic and marvellous masterpiece by Kalyan Jewellers has a beautiful six petal flower design in between and then is surrounded by two circles with intricate work on them. The body of the ring has motifs design till half part of the ring on both sides and the perfection in the work done by artisans is clearly visible on the ring. The ring can be customized as it is available in 18kt and 22kt, also name and special characters like heart and infinity signs can be engraved on the inner side of the ring and you can choose from four different types of Font styles. The 22kt Daniel gold ring weighing 11 gms can be purchased from for Rs. 55,574..

The Elijah Gold Chain

The Elijah Gold chain is 22kt gold chain that weighs 13 gms and is available in different sizes ranging from 16 to 30 inches. Talking about the design, the chain is wisely designed for men and has shades of silver colour in between the gold chain body. Also, the chain has a S loop hook closure for safety and this BIS hallmarked jewelry can be purchased from for Rs. 54,095, which is the price for a 16 inches long chain weighing 13 gms.

Initial Gold Pendant with Chain

This list would be incomplete without a name initial pendant for the man. This ‘Initial Gold Pendant with chain is available with almost all the initials and would make a great wedding gift. The person wearing it would adore this gift and flaunt it proudly. Crafted in 18kt gold, the chain weighs 3 gms and is available on for Rs. 11,464. The product is certified by third-party international labs like IGI and SGL and comes with a gift box, free engraving and free domestic shipping.

Bonus Suggestion

Damas Diamond Kurta Buttons - The set of four diamonds studded Kurta Buttons with the gold chain is a nice gift for men who love to wear Kurta on traditional occasions. The product is made of 18kt gold and weighs 7.99 gms of which the yellow gold metal is 7.90 gms and the remaining is 0.45 Ct of 96 diamonds in the kurta buttons. The product is available on for Rs. 62,325..

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Unique and Personal

The gift needn't be all that expensive to indicate that the giver values the recipient. What matters more is that care and attention are evident in the selection of the gift. When the recipient opens up a gift that is specific and personally meaningful, it tells him that the giver has paid attention to his wants and needs. It deepens the relationship with an unspoken affirmation: "I recognize your uniqueness and I understand you."