Gold is Not Just for Women! Treat Your Husband Like a King with One of These Amazing Gold Gifts for Husbands

Gold is Not Just for Women! Treat Your Husband Like a King with One of These Amazing Gold Gifts for Husbands

Have you been wondering what to gift your husband this year? Are you completely out of ideas as you have already given him all the usual gifts like ties, perfume or watches in the past years? So read on to know how to surprise your husband with Gold Gifts that he will love and cherish.

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Reasons to Gift Gold Items

It Gives the Best Impression

It’s all about the first impression, isn’t it? Gold guarantees you that. You should definitely buy gold for your husband because it radiates the kind of permanence that mere money and gift cards simply don’t have. Money is something that can be spent. Gold is meant to be saved and relished. A gold gift delivers a person, for example, with the idea of saving. It also delivers the notion of permanent wealth, unlike the cash flowing in and out of their bank account. Gold not only has a weight and a permanent presence to it but also an irrefutable brilliance to it.

What’s more important, a permanent gift or a stack of cash that will lose its value over time? A retailer can refuse to accept a gift card or a voucher or even a different currency. However, they’ll never close their doors on gold. A central bank will devalue a certain currency by merely printing more. Gold, on the other hand, has a trajectory record of lastingness.

It's More Practical

This is one of the most important reasons to go for gold as a gift for your beloved husband. From a financial point of view, gold has the ability to assist your husband to enhance his existing pool of wealth. It’ll even help him in the face of a financial crisis. For these reasons, gold is a precious gift that serves as an asset. It simply increases in value over time for the person you love the most.

However, there’s one thing to bear in mind. To understand how a gold gift could increase in value over time depends immensely on the type of gift you choose since some gifts are priced differently than others.

It Never Goes Out Of Style

Gold coins have been the accepted form of exchange for thousands of years. Before moving to money, people simply exchanged assets on the basis of precious metals. The first gold coin came around 660 BC during the rule of Kind Croesus of Lydia. The history of gold is as interesting as its present and future!

When you gift your husband gold item you gift him an item that has no expiration date. You can help him become part of a custom that dates back to many periods, and a custom that is still relevant today. Your husband will literally count on your gift to endure the test of time. The physical and chemical properties of gold make it a lasting store of wealth, as it won’t deteriorate over the years. In simple words, gold never goes out of style.

It's a Unique Gift

You won’t be able to find a gold gift at your proximate department store or even at a big retailer department. That’s simply because gold is a unique gift that cannot be compared with the “ordinary” items. It isn’t as easily accessible as the other items either. This just highlights the grace that a gold gift holds.

If you want to gift your husband an item that’s both memorable and unique, opt for gold. Even though the world of this precious metal isn’t very familiar to a lot of people, it is undeniably alluring. Gold is simply not like other commodities known to man. It is sparkly, flexible, and can even be hammered into fine sheets. These physical properties set gold apart from all the rest. With respect to chemical properties, gold is a transition metal. These metals are unique due to their bond formation abilities. So open your husband’s mind with this stunning unique metal that shows him that he is unique just like your gift to him!

10 Best Gold Gifts for Your Husband

Personalized Photo Engraved Gold Frame

Gifting your husband an engraved gold frame is an excellent way to express your love for him. A personalized photo frame is a simple and stress-free gift option. Selecting pictures of shared times and experiences will enable your husband to look back on the memories you made together through thick and thin. Also, you can always share a laugh over a silly memory.

A personalized gold frame will last for years to come. Another reason to opt for this frame is that you won’t have to worry about the latest trend. It’s simply timeless.

Description: The height of the frame is 20 mm. Its width is also 20 mm. The purity of gold is 22 K. Lastly, the approximate weight of the photo frame is 5.1 grams. A cherry on the top is that you can make it as personal as you want. You can buy it at Rs. 20,910 from Augrav.

Gold Ring

Gifting your husband a gold ring is a marvellous idea for a plethora of reasons. First, bonds or gift cards can’t go with his attire and make it look good. Second, a gold ring is timeless in that it will always remain in trend. Third, a gold ring will be in such proximity to your husband that it’ll provide him with a lot of chances to remember you throughout the day. Lastly, he’ll admire the detail that went into the exotic gold ring that you gifted him.

One great option is this ring featured here.

Description: The brand of this exquisite gold ring is PC Jeweller. The length of the ring is 23.14 mm. Its width is 5.43 mm. The purity of this gold ring is 22K. A bonus point is that the price of the ring includes any customized changes that you require. You can buy it at Rs. 19,344 from PC Jeweller.

Gold Coin

There are only a handful of gifts that are more graceful and lasting than an exotic, sleek coin. A gold coin is an ideal way to show just how important your husband is to you. These gold coins come already wrapped with the right packing for each occasion. Even though these coins are utterly pragmatic, they are also far more personal than a simple gift voucher. A simple, plain gold coin speaks more than a thousand words. You can notch things up by giving a coin from a series; this will also solve your future gift headaches as well.

Description: It’s a plain exotic gold coin. The gold purity of this coin is 24 KT. Its approximate weight is 5 grams. Its radius is 19mm; this makes the width and the length the same. You can buy it at Rs. 24,081 from Rock Rush.

Gold India Pendant

Without a doubt, people love getting gifts- from birthdays to anniversaries. That being said, there is no better gift to give your loveable husband than a gold pendant. One of the most important reasons why you should opt for this glamorous pendant is that it makes you stand out from the crowd. With so many things that are common these days, who wants to gift their husband what everybody already has?

Description: If your husband is even a bit of patriot, go for this. They just won’t get enough of this shinning India pendant. This gold pendant will let them embrace their very identity. Its length is 31.41 mm. Its width, on the other hand, is 15 mm. Its approximate is 5.83 grams so they’ll basically be carrying a pendant next to no weight. Its purity is 22 KT. You can buy this product at Rs. 31,814 from Blue Stone.

Golden Eye Wear Frames

Are you on a hunt for an excellent pair of the gold frame for your husband? Do you want him to have a pragmatic gift that he can utilize on a day to day basis? Do you want him to relish a basic necessity? Well, these gold eyewear frames should be on your must-buy list then. The eyeglasses you wear are a very important part of your identity. Therefore, buy your husband's eyeglass frame to match his personality and lifestyle. Just as he’ll remember to pick these glasses from his bedside every morning, he’ll remember to cherish you as well.

Description: AuGrav provides these exotic personalized eye frames. With this brand, you’ll get the best of both worlds: the trendiest eyewear frame at a cost-effective price. The approximate weight of these custom made eyeglasses is 19.8 grams. The purity is 22K. You can buy this at Rs. 84,150 from Augrav.

Gold Stud

In the contemporary world, women aren’t the only ones who cherish gold studs. Men are just as important part of this side. For today’s modern men, there are numerous different types of styles of studs that provide men with a type of happy-go-lucky and even at times, a very casual look, which most men today adore. Men love the simplest of all things; hence, we have just the right type of studs to provide your husband with a sleek outlook. Your husband will not only be able to flaunt these studs on a day to day basis but also wear them very comfortably.

Description: Malabar is the top-notch brand that delivers these exotic studs. The jewelry type can be classified as studded. The purity of gold is 22 KT. Its approximate weight is as low as 3.53 grams whereas the net weight is 3.45 grams. The metal colour of these sleek studs is yellow. You can buy this at Rs. 18,969 from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

Gold Brooch

Even though brooches have a reputation for being vintage accessories, they’re anything but antique items. A gold brooch can have a highly practical use too. Your husband will love to match it with his festive outfits and cherish you every time he does that. It’s highly portable. Whether it’s an official event or a wedding, he’ll be able to carry it around as easily as his cellphone, and jazz up his attire. In this aspect, such a gift is timeless.

Description: The top-notch brand that offers this gold brooch is JC Jewelers. This gold brooch has a purity of 22 KT. Its approximate weight is 11.38 grams. Furthermore, it can be customized to meet your husband’s taste and personality!

You can buy this at Rs. 59,464 from PC Jeweller.

Gold Watch

Are you searching for a pragmatic as well as a stylish gift for your husband? Well, a gold watch is a way to go! There are a plethora of reasons to buy an expensive gold watch for your husband.

To begin with, these watches represent fine craftsmanship. A luxurious gold watch, finished with a delicate mechanism displayed through a glass case back, is an item of splendour that is to be appreciated at every opportunity. Second, it memorializes a special occasion. A customized watch with an engraved date, whether it is your anniversary or birthday, can remind your husband of that day each time they glance down at the time. Third, it is an exotic heirloom. Your kids with cherish this pragmatic gift till the end of time. Fourth, it enhances your overall appearance.

So if your husband has an important meeting to attend, an exotic expensive watch will not only catch everyone’s attention but also impress them. A gold watch is utterly attractive. A gold watch radiates a good impression on your clients, co-workers and subordinates.

Description: This exotic watch is crafted in a 22 KT yellow gold studded with exquisite zircon stones. Its approximate weight is 36 grams. The brand that sells this gold watch is Sri Vasavi Jewels, a top-notch brand in itself.

You can buy this at Rs. 1,81,200 from SVTM Jewels.

Gold Heartbeat Cufflinks

For the men of contemporary world, suiting up isn’t restricted to a set of clothes to wear for the day. An outfit represents so much more; an outfit reveals a man’s personality as well as whom he is for that particular day. It is said that clothes make a man; along the same lines, small details can also make or break that well-sought image. This is why a well-dressed man always pays attention to the small details of his attire, from tie to cufflinks, and chooses them to perfectly complement his personality. Therefore, we suggest you to buy your husband a gold cufflink that makes him stand out from the rest. These small details will make him fall head over heels for you.

Description: This exotic heartbeat cufflink will make you the heartbeat of his life. The approximate weight of this 14 KT gold cufflink is 7.65 grams. It’s embellished with diamonds. The diamond’s weight is 0.06 CT. The shape is round.

You can buy this at Rs. 34,478 from Rock Rush.

Gold Bracelets

It’s a common misunderstanding that bracelets aren’t manly. It’s as untrue as it gets. History is filled with examples of kings and warriors from different cultures who wore armbands on their wrists. Wealthy men used to adorn their wrists with bracelets to display their power and status. What’s a better way to display your class in the modern world than to wear a gold bracelet? Even now, wearing bracelets has a special meaning in each culture. For example, wearing bracelets in countries of the Eastern part of the world signify that you are affluent. Apart from all these reasons, expensive bracelets are simply visual hints to your identity. Interesting bracelets such as those made of gold draw attention. Your husband might find strangers approaching him more often to find out the story associated with it. In this way, a gold bracelet is a great conversation starter. So gift your husband this exotic gold bracelet to boost his moral and social life.

Description: The height of this premium gold bracelet is 212 mm. Its width is 6.8 mm. It’s also embellished with diamonds to radiate a luxurious look. The total number of diamonds is as high as 82. This makes the overall weight of this bracelet 36 grams.

You can buy this at Rs. 2,70,883 from Blue Stone.

Do's and Dont's of Buying Him a Gift

Do Buy Something According to His Interest

It’s a given. If you buy your husband something meaningful, he will definitely cherish it more. Once he sees that you put in an effort in buying him a special gift of his interest, you’ll definitely occupy a special place in his heart.

You might know his preferences by now. If he’s into reading, getting him a golden eye wear frame would be perfect. You need to get creative.

You should find out what he really likes. This might be also be something that he has been thinking of getting for himself for a long time now. Imagine the element of surprise that conquers him when he had been planning to get a new watch but you gift him a gold watch!

Don't Buy Multiple Gifts

If you think about it, it’s really simple. If you get your husband a dozen gifts, how is he going to appreciate each gift? You need to remember that the more items you get for him, the less valuable each item will get. By gifting him a lot of gifts you’ll send him an inevitable message that you need to spend on a lot of items to prove your self-worth. Don’t.

We suggest you get him a single gift that he gets to cherish. He’ll appreciate that much more. Get him a gift that tells him that you care for his choice as well as establishes your worth in front of him.

Do Surprise Him

What’s more exciting than not knowing what someone has bought for you? This simply says that you put thought into the gift instead of asking for a mere wish list. One way to surprise your partner is to gift them an item one day before they should be receiving it. This just says that you remembered their birthday or your anniversary and were more proactive about surprising them.

Another way to surprise them is to wait for a couple of days after their special day and gift them something special just when they thought you’ve given up. However, we should warn you this might be a bit risky.

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Making Charges:

An important factor to keep in mind while buying gold is the making charges. Making charges vary depending on the design and purity of gold. The more elegant and intricate design you get made, the more it will cost you. Making charges can also be contingent on whether it is man-made or machine-made. It can add up to 6-25% of the actual gold price. Therefore, it is advisable to check if you are paying the making charges according to the gold rates as both of them are linked to each other.