Most Exciting Birthday Gifts for the Husband Who Has Everything in 2018

Most Exciting Birthday Gifts for the Husband Who Has Everything in 2018

That successful, sophisticated husband of yours has everything he could possibly want, and then some. Which is great only till the time you have to get him a birthday, anniversary or thank you present. Find here creative, unusual and elegant gift ideas that even a man who has everything will appreciate.

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The Husband Who Has Everything is Difficult to Shop for, Not Impossible

Unique and Unusual Gifts

Picking the perfect gift for your husband can be difficult, but it gets even harder if he’s someone who already has everything he’ll ever need. Even if you get a gift you think he might need, his reactions can be so unemotional leaving you second guessing yourself. This year it’s time you changed your game plan, get him a gift that’s unique and different from what you usually gift him. Skip the lame idea of getting him a shirt or wallet, pull out all stops and buy him the perfect gift that will put a huge smile on your husband’s face. With the list we’ve put together for you, you'll find an amazing gift option that he wouldn’t have even thought of getting himself, something that will throw him off balance in an exceptionally good way. It could be a test drive on his favourite sports car or a beautiful piece of art by his favourite artist. It’s better to go the rare gift route or the once-in-a-lifetime experience route for the important man in your life.

Related to a Hobby or Interest

You need to go above and beyond the usual gift options and get your husband something he wouldn’t have thought of buying for himself. One thing you need to keep in mind while shopping for a husband who has everything is his hobbies and interests. If he loves sports you could get him tickets to his favourite team's match or game. If he loves collecting shoes, you could add to his collection and get him a custom-designed Adidas shoes. You need to understand that not all men are the same, tap into that endless source of information you have of him, analyze what interests him and get a gift based on that information.

Memorable Gifts

We’ve already established that your husband has everything he’ll ever need and want for nothing, and we understand what a great problem this poses to you whenever you have to buy him a birthday gift. If your husband is satiated with all the materialistic items he has, why not opt for something meaningful instead? With personalized gifts your husband will feel appreciated and treasure the gift for years to come. It could be a short story of how the both of you met and fell in love. Maybe you could create a birthday poster, or even organise a photoshoot for the both of you to capture some beautiful moments together. With personalized gifts like these your husband will look back and remember it fondly, bringing a smile to his face.

7 Luxurious and Creative Birthday Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

The Carry on Cocktail Kit The Old Fashioned

Is your husband usually the life of the party wherever he goes? The Carry on Cocktail Kit is perfect for any occasion. Your husband will absolutely love this cocktail kit which will allow him to make a cocktail practically anywhere. Is he 30,000 feet above the ground? No problem. This cocktail kit has everything he’ll need to make two delicious cocktails no matter where he is. It comes with a recipe card, spoon/muddler, aromatic bitters, cane sugar, and a linen coaster. Your choice is not restricted to just Old Fashioned, you can choose from a wide range: Gin and Tonic, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Hot Toddy or Margarita. It's priced at Rs.1,643 and is available on Amazon.

Martial Vivot Beard & Face Oil

Does your husband look handsome with a beard? If you and your husband love beards and want it thick and beautiful – the Martial Vivot Beard & Face Oil is the perfect gift for his upcoming birthday. This luxurious elixir for the face and beard contains the necessary vitamins to promote healthy beard growth, improves shine and keeps beadruff in check. It’ll leave the face incredibly soft to the touch and the beard healthy looking; what’s more it’s not the least bit greasy either.

For daily use, rub 2 to 6 drops between hands, evenly distribute through damp or dry hair to create a smooth, groomed style. For facial care, after cleansing the face use several drops on fingertips and with circular motions apply to entire face, including outer eye area. You can purchase this amazing product on Amazon for Rs.6,582.

Sonos Playbase


Sonos Play base is a perfect gift option for your husband if who loves watching movies, sports shows and the news on the television. This cool wireless music player adds pulse-pounding, full-theatre sound to all the shows on the television. What’s more, it can wirelessly stream all your favourite music too. This box might look slim and small, but the sound that fills the room is incredible. The Sonos Play base uses ten amplified internal dirvers-six midranges, three tweeters, and one woofer to replace the sound from your TV's inbuilt speakers. Get this wireless soundbar from Amazon at Rs.92,940.

The Impossible Collection of Wine

An Impossible Collection of Wine, a book written by Enrico Bernardo, is a hand-bound, limited edition book which talks about the great vintage wines of the 20th century. You might think that you’d rather invest in a good bottle of wine than invest in a book that talks about wine. However, if your husband loves wine he’d love this book as a gift instead. Give your husband a chance to understand wine like no one else, a chance to impress people with his knowledge about any bottle of wine.

The world’s best sommelier, Enrice Bernardo, provides a list of the most exquisite bottles of wine that he’d like to fill his wine cellar with, a list of wine that a connoisseur could only dream of. From the 1928 Krug Collection Champagne and 1951 Penfolds Grange Bin 95 to the 1973 Stag's Leap Estate Cask 23, he talks about their virtues of rarity, terroir, taste, and historical mystique. Delight your husband with this remarkable book, available on Amazon at Rs.69,900.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

Treat him like royalty and get him a monogrammed bathrobe for his birthday. This beautiful navy-blue bathrobe embodies the age-old living style of old English counties and English royalty. This bathrobe exudes luxury and elegance. It’s ideal for everyday wear or your husband can take it with him on his business trips abroad. Your husband will absolutely love this thoughtful gift that makes him feel like the king himself. It comes in two sizes, medium and large. Get it today from Lovethisstuff for Rs.3,350.

Cashmere Scarf

A scarf is a key staple during the winter months. A trendy scarf adds elegance and a style quotient to any outfit. This beautiful cashmere scarf from Burberry, with its striking colour and tassel fringe, could be the perfect choice for keeping your husband warm and comfortable when the temperature drops. Show him the different ways to wear a scarf and he’ll impress his friends with his new sophisticated look. You can get this beautiful grey checkered scarf on Darveys for Rs.15,950.

Deep Sea Sand Art

Add a calming element to your husband’s office desk with a unique deep sea sand art. Every time you flip this beautiful sand sculpture it can change its form into different shapes – mountains, deserts, rain, clouds, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another. You can place this calming beauty on his study table, bookshelf, or even the coffee table – rotate the glass ring and let its beauty wash over you. Get this great gift from Uncommon Goods for approximately Rs.5,500.

3 One-of-a Kind Birthday Gifts for Your Husband

Personalised Leather Journal


Encourage your husband’s creative spirit with a handmade leather journal. Whether he loves to sketch or write poetry, encourage his creativity with this unique gift. This wrap journal comes in 3 sizes – small, medium and large. You can personalize it with your by engraving your husband’s name or initials on the cover. You can customize it further by selecting whatever colour you’d like, the journal paper, and even the clasp of the journal. To make this more memorable, write a personal note to your husband with a sweet message of love and he’ll treasure it forever. Get this from Etsy for approximately Rs.1,600.

A Piece of the Moon

Can you think of anything greater than gifting your loved one with an acre of the moon? Show your husband that you love him to the moon and back, quite literally! This unique and unusual gift provides ownership to a piece of land on the moon. Your husband can proudly tell his friends now that he owns a piece of the moon. You can book a plot of land on the moon through Oye Happy; the package includes a certificate with the name of the person you’ve booked it for and an image of the moon with the exact coordinates to the land you own. You can book it for just Rs.2,240.

Birthday Poster

Create a one-of-a-kind poster for your husband who has everything. He might have everything he’ll ever want, but he wouldn’t have come across a poster with tit bits of information about all the things he loves – fun facts from the year he was born, a list of all his favourite songs, his favourite movies and TV shows, and most importantly all the stars who were born on the same day as your husband. He’ll certainly be speechless when he unravels the poster and sees the effort and love you have put into creating this unique gift for him. It’s easy to create too. A template of where all the text goes is given and you’ll just have to make edits to the sample text given and print it yourself. This super easy gift is available on Etsy from Pixel Heart Press for approximately Rs.695.

Things That Money Cannot Buy

Love and time are the most expensive things that money can’t buy even if we want to. No matter how hard you break your head trying to pick out the perfect gift for your husband, you’ll realize that it’s not the materialistic stuff that makes the cut. The awesome gifts that are cherished by your loved ones are all those times you spent with them creating wonderful memories. Be it a crazy night out with friends and family or a quiet dinner with just the two of you – create memories that will last a life time.

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Put Aside the Money Factor

When you think of your husband as a man who has everything you are taking his materialistic needs into account but when you put those things on the side it becomes easier to see him as a person. Consider his other needs and how you can make him feel loved on his birthday. Some of the most precious things in life cannot be bought and it's the thought and care put into his gift that he will value most.