Gift Your Child These 10 Gorgeous Pieces of Gold Jewellery (2020) and Make Their Childhood Memorable!

Gift Your Child These 10 Gorgeous Pieces of Gold Jewellery (2020) and Make Their Childhood Memorable!

This article tells you all about gold jewellery for babies and kids that are reasonably priced and make for amazing gifts. The article also provides tips on selecting the right kind of jewellery. Read on to find out more!

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Why Gold Jewellery is the Best Gift for Children

A baby’s birth is a joyful moment and brings merriment and happiness to the family. Gifting gold to a new-born baby is not only auspicious, but this unparalleled gift is also a precious investment for the infant’s future. Moreover, gold jewellery is a valuable heirloom that can be cherished and passed onto future generations.

Gold also has religious and spiritual significance attached to it and in fact in India, there is specific kid’s jewellery that every infant is expected to wear. This kind of jewellery is symbolic of our culture and is also believed to bestow protection and bring good luck and health to the baby.

Gold is also considered auspicious for children born with these signs – Sagittarius, Leo, Cancer and Aries. Kids of today’s generation are fashionistas and these days there is pretty jewellery available that are specially designed for children. The arrival of a little bundle of joy in the family deserves a spectacular welcome and what could be more befitting than gifting glittering gold on the occasion!

3 Things to Keep in Mind While Buying Jewellery for Children


The first thought that comes to mind while buying jewellery for kids is whether they are allergic to the metal used in it. Gold is available in a varied alloy proportion, which determines its karat. Although gold is a soft metal and usually safe, it is important to buy a high karat gold and from a reliable store so that the child does not suffer any adverse reactions.


There are plenty of designs to choose that are simple, classic and elegant. You have ample variety from cartoon characters, enamel, gemstones, diamond, animals to various personalisation options. However, it is important to make sure that the jewellery is safe for babies. Ornaments that have dangly charms can easily get caught thereby posing a safety issue. So be sure to keep this aspect in mind.

Size and Shape

The ornament you pick for the baby whether it is earrings, neck chain, finger rings or waist chain must fit properly to avoid any possible accidents. There are chances that the kids might take off the bracelet or rings and swallow it, so you need to find one with perfect size to prevent such mishaps.

10 Perfect Gold Gifts for Your Child

Gold Waist Chain

Waist chain is a girdle-like ornamental chain that is commonly used in India to tie around the waist of children and infants. Usually, on the 28th day after the child is born, a ceremony is held wherein a gold chain and a black cotton thread is entwined together and tied around the waist of the baby by the father. Many deities like Lord Krishna are seen wearing waist chains. Today, there are ample varieties available like button chain, choker chain etc, which have a unique appearance.

However, while buying gold waist chain, especially for infants there are a few things to keep in mind. It should be solidly made, so that the chain can withstand rough use. Also, it should be of comfortable size. Kids grow quickly, so it is important to check periodically whether the chain is comfortable for the child.

Gold is a soft metal and does not harm the tender skin of babies. It also does not corrode or rust and hence, gold waist chains are the most preferred option. Make sure to buy good quality gold from reputed jewellers like Malabar Gold. The Starlet Gold Waist Chain is a traditional design with gold purity of 22 KT. The chain is solidly made and hence can withstand abrasions or rough use. The price of this beautiful ornament is around Rs.37,426.

Swastika Infant Bracelet

Children love the glitter and shimmer of jewellery and all mothers want is to doll up their little bundle of joy with attractive jewellery. Today, there are several funky and unique jewellery available in stores that perfectly match the mischievous nature of kids.

One such jewellery piece that you can consider to gift a boy baby is the Swastika Bracelet available on Caratlane. This whimsical ornament is a combination of gold and black beads and is comfy and cute. Black beads are usually used in kids’ jewellery in India as it is believed to ward off the evil eye. The swastika symbolises ‘Good Existence’, ‘Well Being’ and ‘Good Luck’.

In Buddhism, swastika is considered to be a symbol of eternity, abundance and good fortune. So, what could a be better than blessing the child with this meaningful and attractive jewellery piece? The cost of the bracelet is Rs.5,952, available on Caratlane and is made of 18 Karat Yellow Gold.

Gold Sporty Car Toy

Gifting is always a lovely gesture and it is made better when the kid is delighted with the gift he receives. We all know the role of toys in children’s lives. No other activity is as impactful as playing with toys, as they not only develop their spatial awareness, but it also improves their physical abilities and motor skills. We usually buy toys made of plastic or metal, but how about gifting an antique toy car made of gold? This would be a fascinating gift that would be cherished by the kid even when he grows up.

The Gold Sport Car available on has a vintage look and features a sleek, gold metal body complete with a steering wheel. The gift definitely encourages the kid to pursue the hobby of automobile collection, and this glittery toy would be the jewel in the crown in his collection, which he can proudly showcase to everyone. The purity of this toy is 9 Karat and weighs about 11.67 grams. It is priced at Rs.35,024.

Baby Boy Kids Bracelet

Baby bracelets are one of the safest choices if you are looking for baby jewellery, especially if they are made of an endurable and solid material. Gold bracelets are one of the popular kind of bracelets as there is less risk of allergic reaction and hence safe for the delicate baby’s skin. Moreover, bracelets are available in many options like rose, white and yellow gold. The Baby Boy Bracelet from is a delicate yet stylish jewellery piece. The unique design features a boy baby face complete with blue enamel finish for the face and black hair. It is attached to a delicate and comfy gold chain. The whimsical design is adorable and there is no doubt that it will look great on the little one’s wrist. The purity is 14 karat and is priced at Rs.7,000.

Pendant from Child's Drawing

Every milestone in a kid’s life calls for celebration whether it is his rolling over, crawling, his first word, or walking. Every small thing brings happiness to the family. The first day at the school is difficult for both parents and the child as it is time to let go and allow him to spread his independent wings. At just 15 months toddlers start scribbling and by the age of 18 months, they enjoy drawing with paints and crayons. We usually display the child’s drawing by framing and hanging it on the wall. How about being more creative? helps you to treasure the valuable drawings of the toddler by engraving it on the gold pendant. The customised gold pendant of the kid’s drawings is indeed a precious and unique gift for kids. You have the option of choosing the purity of the pendant – 18 karats or 22 karats and the price ranges from Rs.14,625 to Rs.16,575.

Bajrang Bali Diamond Pendant for Kids

Gold Pendants are adorable and suit children of any age group from tiny tots to young kids. From classic, contemporary to traditional designs, there is an array of delightful designs to choose from. Gold pendants embedded with diamonds would be a thoughtful and the most memorable and distinctive gifts you can find. Jai Bajrang Bali Diamond Pendant from Candere is a unique gift for baby boys. The beautifully carved pendant of Lord Hanuman with diamonds embedded on it enhances its look. The deity is known to bestow courage and protect the wearer from evil. The pendant is available in 18 karats and 14 karats and is priced at Rs.74,027.

Finger Ring with Ganesha Design

A gold ring adds style and complements the docile look of kids. The newest trend in fashion jewellery is a fusion of style and your favourite deity. Although there are umpteen numbers of deities in this category, Ganesha jewellery is quite popular, especially for kids. It is an ideal accessory to enhance the style quotient and also a perfect gift option. The 22-karat gold finger ring from Tanishq features the Elephant God in this intricate piece of artwork. Ganesha is also known as remover of obstacles and what could be a better gift option for a kid than this marvellous jewellery piece with the deity of knowledge and siddi sitting right at the centre of the band. It is priced at Rs.7,910.

Gold Spoon

A simple yet luxurious gold spoon is just right to gift the little prince on his first birthday or naming ceremony. Make the baby’s first feeding of solid food truly spectacular with the 22 Karat Gold Spoon from Vaibhav Jewellers. This is a premium product with an option available for customisation. It would be a perfect gift to celebrate an exhilarating milestone in a child’s life. You can inscribe the date and name of the kid too if you desire. The spoon has a smooth finish without any sharp edges and the design is child-friendly. It can be used to feed toddlers and kids. This elegantly crafted keepsake can be passed on as heirloom for future generations. It weighs about 28 grams and costs Rs.1,37,608.

Alphabet Pendants

Pendants have been used since ancient times as lockets, medallions or talismans and have evolved amazingly in terms of design and style. It is also one of the oldest known ornaments worn by humans. In fact, in the early part of the 17th century, pendants measured the social status of people. The contemporary pendants are available in an array of eye-catching designs from diamond pendants, heart pendants to floral pendants. One design that is gaining immense popularity in this category is the ‘Alphabet Pendants’. It is a perfect personalised gift for kids. The Teddy Alphabet Pendants from Caratlane is one of the bestsellers in kids’ jewellery. The pendants are available in all alphabets with the purity of 18 karats. The price of the pendant starts from Rs.5,500.

Spiderman Gold Bracelet

If you want to gift a stylish, meaningful and affordable gold jewellery for a little prince then a bracelet would be the right choice. If the child is a big fan of the Marvel hero Spiderman, then the bracelet design inspired by this comic character would be an apt gift for him. The friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is adored by every kid. Children are in awe with his coolest superpowers and are fascinated when he clings to walls and leaps from one building to another. He is an iconic superhero and the Spiderman bracelet would be an ideal way to show the kids love for this web-geek and be a part of his every day adventure. The Spiderman Bracelet from Joyalukkas is set in 22 Karat yellow gold and weighs 4.18 grams and costs Rs.21,330.

Bonus Idea: What is the Right Age For Babies to Wear Jewelry?

Due to cultural nuance, there is no age restriction to wear gold in India. Babies as young as 30 days wear gold jewellery in the form of anklets, gold chain, gold bangles, etc. Gold is believed to have several positive benefits like protection from negative energy, spiritual healing, etc. However, it is important that children below certain age must be constantly supervised when they wear jewellery. They should not be left unattended and make sure to remove the ornaments before bath-time, before napping or unattended playtime.

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Gold holds sentimental value for Indians and all Indian households aspire to buy and keep some gold ornaments even if it is just for savings and keepsake. So when you're attending a big family function, like a wedding, or a naming ceremony of a baby, it makes a great impression if you gift them gold items. Gold can withstand time, doesn't rust and also looks very beautiful. So if you're planning to buy some, happy gold shopping to you!