Good Gifts for Your Husband on Your Anniversary: Top Choices in 2018 And 4 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Strong

Good Gifts for Your Husband on Your Anniversary: Top Choices in 2018 And 4 Tips To Keep Your Marriage Strong

Hitting another milestone in your marriage? Pamper your man and make him feel loved this special day. Celebrate it with sweet, thoughtful gifts for your husband! Personalized love jar, a chic cocktail kit, a beautiful golden rose - just some amazingly good ideas we have to celebrate the day you became one. BP-Guide India's gift guide not only has ten great options you can consider but also tips on selecting the gift best for your husband and ways to strengthen your marriage.

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Why Gift Giving is Crucial on Anniversary?

Gestures like giving a thoughtful gift to your husband is a great expression of your love and affection. While you might convey your feelings every now and again but gifts makes a special impact. The way in which it adds value to the giftee’s life is indeed precious. On the occasion of your anniversary, it is important to give meaningful and fun gifts to your husband so that he feels pampered. Amidst the mundane lifestyle, giving gifts to your hubby can be a good way of amping up the romance. It brings you closer to each other and the simple act of gifting means a lot.

Tips on Finding the Best Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Do not be a Cause of Disappointment by Gifting Items that Serve no Purpose

Often when you are in a rush for finding something for your hubby, you can end up buying anything random. Sounds relatable? It can be a little tough to maintain the work-life balance and choose a gift. But you must avoid opting for something that will add no possible value as an anniversary gift. While you might think that at least you gave him a gift, he might end up being disappointed. Look for options that actually have a meaning and that will somehow serve a purpose. Giving it a thought before shopping will save you from a lot of hassle.

Look to Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas for Inspiration

If you are perplexed as to what to select then you can opt for gifts that have a traditional meaning according to your anniversary year. Did you know that according to traditions, you should gift paper on your 1st anniversary and cotton on your 2nd one? There are several other such traditional resources that you can find to select the perfect gift. Finding a good anniversary gift for your husband is indeed a special thing and when your ideas are backed with traditional knowledge, the gift turns out to be simply awesome. The fact that you gave it a thought in itself is very impressive for your husband.

Couple's Gifts that Both of you can Enjoy

It is a great idea to give something to your hubby that you both can enjoy as a couple. After all, you are sharing your beautiful lives together and deserve to make the most of it together. Gifts that jazz up the romance are a good pick. For instance, opt for a couple’s wine glass set that you can use on your romantic nights. You may also gift a camping tent that you can use for your outdoor adventures. Moreover, gifts that bring out the fun side of you both are also a good option. Like a hot board game that you can use to spice things up.

Unique Anniversary Gift for Your Husband

Two-Heart Keyring

Surprise your sweetheart with this amazing two-heart keychain on your wedding anniversary. The gorgeous heart shaped keyring splits into two halves and you can both carry one. It has a strikingly beautiful design and is made of solid material. The keyring is lightweight and it easily slips in the pocket. Pamper your husband with this lovely keyring and remind him of your eternal love and togetherness. It can also be used as a funky travel accessory and your guy can keep his keys safely with the keyring. It comes in a pack of two and has a silver color. You can shop for this from Flipkart for Rs. 189.

Upcycled Record Coasters

These coasters are made from the center of actual vinyl records. It is a classy home furnishing that any music lover would truly like. The disks are sealed such that the moisture does not seep through it. The coasters are six in number and are packed in a round and clear case. The product is handmade in Philadelphia and has a unique look. These coasters are made with recycled records and have an amazing appearance. It can be a fun gift to give on your anniversary especially if your husband loves music. You can shop for this from for Rs. 1328.

Personalised Full Of Love Jar Gift

Do you want a gift that will simply make your husband feel the butterflies in his tummy all over again? Then this gift is certainly the best pick for you. Shower him with love on your anniversary and gift this amazing gift to your husband. It has six lovely messages written and filled in one box. The messages are unique and romantic and convey your heartfelt feelings. You can also get it personalized by writing down your own message while shopping for it. Gift him this jar of love full of lovely ingredients. You can shop for this from for Rs. 449.

Personalised Crystal Wine Glasses

These personalized wine glasses makes for an amazing gift on the occasion of your anniversary. They have a stylish appearance and can be used to kickstart a romantic evening with your spouse. The set of two has Best Wife and Best Husband written on it along with the names of the couple. You can customize it while shopping for it online. It is a perfect gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary together with panache. Get your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy the company of your beloved. The wine glasses are made of high-quality material and are very durable. You can shop for the same from for Rs. 1299.

Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

This old-school carry-on cocktail kit would be a perfect gift for your lovely husband on your wedding anniversary. It helps in making the flight a smooth one with the cocktail kit by the side. It is safe for security check and helps your hubby make his favorite drink while gazing the clouds passing by. It comprises pure cane sugar, a mini bar spoon, and small-batch bitters. All that one has to do is order rye and mix up the classic and perfect cocktail at the one seat bar. Talk about the flight-themed tin as well as linen coaster and we have got it. Give this to your hubby and see his precious reaction. Shop for this from for Rs. 1771.

Gold-Plated Rose


Roses have been a symbol of love since forever. Express your love to your husband by gifting him with this gold-plated rose on your anniversary. It is a great way of telling your hubby that your love will last forever. The beauty of this gold rose is stunning and timeless. It is perfect for your special day and will help you celebrate your togetherness and lovely bond with this gorgeous gift. This gold rose will help you mark the beautiful occasion and you will always remember your anniversary with this special gift. Shop for the same from for Rs. 1299.

Lavender Bath Salt


In the hectic lifestyle of today, it can be really amazing to actually have something that helps in unwinding and rejuvenating. Give this lavender bath salt to your husband on your anniversary and make him feel pampered. This premium quality bathing salt has been infused with lavender essential oil. One can soak in it for exfoliation and ultimate relaxation after a busy day or week. All that one has to do is to add about 25 to 30 gms of this bathing salt to the tub before taking a dip. Its key ingredients are milk powder, sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, magnesium sulphate, and pure lavender aromatic oil. You can shop for this from for Rs. 500.

Customized Phone Cover


Personalized gifts are simply awesome and add a touch of belongingness to an ordinary gift. This black and white phone cover can be customized by adding the name of your choice. You can add your husband’s name on this mobile cover. It is printed with a quality thermal printing technology ensuring that the print lasts longer. The design occupies the entire space of the mobile cover. It has a slim fit and is resistant to impact. The design enables easy access to control, ports and sensors. Gift this to your husband for your wedding anniversary. You can shop for the same from Amazon for Rs. 599.

King Queen Couple Mug Pair

On your wedding anniversary, give this cool pair of mugs to your sweetheart! It is a quirky gift that the two of you could use. Sip your coffees together and enjoy each other’s company. the monochrome black and white mugs fit perfectly when kept together. It is specially designed to give you the regal feeling. The funny quote along with the perfect design makes this gift ultra special. Gift it on your anniversary and enjoy being the queen and king for each other. You can shop for this amazing pair of mugs from Archies for Rs. 899.

Personalized Photo Cake


Celebrate your wedding anniversary with this adorable chocolate cake. It is a heart shaped cake that you can personalize with your photo. Upload a picture of both of you on the adorable cake. You can choose your favorite picture as a couple to be uploaded on the cake. Surprise your sweetheart with a midnight cake that celebrates your love. The cake comes with candles and a knife as well. Relish the tasty cake as you mark another year of togetherness and love. This personalized cake will help you celebrate your eternal bond of love and affection. Shop for this from for Rs. 1849.

How to Lead a Blissful Married Life?

Have Honest Talks

With another beautiful year passing by, all that you wish for you and your husband is togetherness for a lifetime. While you know that you love your husband from the core of your heart, things don’t always go as planned. As a married couple, you are likely to face a lot of hurdles and hindrances in life. But the way through it is, to be honest with each other. After all, it is you two against the world and for you to function as a team, you must be honest with your partner. Don’t say lies only to make them happy temporarily. Instead, speak your truth and learn to embrace all the imperfections.

Show that You Care for Your Partner

With togetherness comes a lot of responsibilities and you might feel overwhelmed trying to get everything right. While meeting the daily duties of life, do not forget to care for your husband. Rather show him that you care for him the most. You can do small and simple gestures that will make him feel amazing and loved. For instance, you can help him with chores or other tasks that he has been struggling with. Be there for him when he needs you and show your support when the time gets tough. It's through these things that he will notice that you truly care.

Learn to Forgive

A marriage does not have to be perfect. While you might have the idea of a fairytale romance, the reality is far from the notion. Learn to let go of things that are petite and would not simply matter in the long run. At times you might end up having expectations that are not met by your spouse. While it is natural to feel infuriated, you should also consider not giving it much thought. If your husband has made mistakes, as we all do, you must learn to forget them and move on. A healthy marriage always prioritizes love over anything else.

Trust Each Other

This is perhaps the most important aspect of any marriage. Trust takes years to build and only a moment to break. Since you both have signed up for this beautiful journey of life together, make sure that you are trusting of each other. Be sensitive when it comes to the matter of hearts and always trust your husband. If there is an issue you can handle it carefully and with maturity instead of reacting right away. Jealously and doubt can get into the way of loving each other. Keep your respect and affection for each other above all.

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