Gifting Items Made of Gold to Newborns is Customary in India: Here are Some Glistening Gold Gifts for a Baby Boy (2020)

Gifting Items Made of Gold to Newborns is Customary in India: Here are Some Glistening Gold Gifts for a Baby Boy (2020)

Every newborn is showered by gifts! The traditional gift of gold still however considered a divine item for the newborn and babies in general. Here we present you with some unique gold gifts for baby boy along with some best practices to be ensured while buying gold, so you get the best for the little one.

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Gifting Gold to Babies: An Indian Tradition

India is a land of different customs and celebrations. Every culture has their style of enjoying the joyous occasions. On occasion of baby birth, it is common to celebrate the occasion by giving gifts to the mother and the newborn baby. Gold is one of the traditional gifts which is recognized as auspicious and divine. It is believed since ancient times that natural gemstones spread spiritual energy. They help in keeping the baby away from bad influences and helps in spiritual healing and protection from negative energy. Not just India, gold is considered among various countries like China and Persia across the globe. By gifting a gold gift, the baby is considered to attract divine consciousness. It prevents the baby to eliminate any obstacles he might face.

Benefits of gifting gold to a baby boy:

  • It is believed that pure gold has healing properties: It possesses the energy to bring warmness to the body.

  • Gold is also believed to have a relaxing effect. The soft velvety texture is a great way of destressing jobs.

  • Gold is a natural mineral which helps oxygen flow to every part of our body.

Gold Jewellery Gifts for Newborn Baby Boys

Om Pendant by Caratlane


Nobody in India is unaware of the importance of the word 'Om'. It is a sacred syllable in Hinduism. It is a symbol of ultimate reality and consciousness. Bringing this word in close proximity to a newborn baby is a good way of showing care. It is one of the most auspicious gifting items for newborn infants. Carat Lane brings an Om textured pendant for your lovable cutie pies. The pendant is a pure metal of 22 Kt yellow gold. The pendant is pure gold of 0.46 grams. This is an amazing collection with an exquisite designing suitable for kids. It is an ideal gift to present to baby boys in your family. The Om pendant by Carat Lane is available at Rs. 16,392 only.

Gold Lace Crown for Infants

Interested in gifting something different? Children love the world of fairy tales. It is important that we let them live in these fantasies to help them with their imagination building. Make the child a part of the fairy tale with this cute lace headband. The baby looks incredibly cute and it is a perfect accessory for those photos. Available on Ettsy for USD 17 or Rs. 1,273 (plus shipping).

Joylukkas Bracelet for Kids

Source Amazon

When thinking of gifting gifts to newborn infants, it is important that we give something which can be used in future by their parents too. Giving gold gifts is a tradition which has been followed since many decades. Well, it is always better to give such gifts to close people of your family. This gift will also be an added advantage which can be diluted as it has a resale value even after years. Joylukkas brings a 22K gold charm bracelet specially designed for babies. This is an impressive collection with a lifetime warranty on the bracelet. The metal is 100 per cent pure yellow gold. The weight of the metal is around 3 grams. Joyalukkas 22k Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet for Children is a gift worth giving. It's an ideal gift for birthday’s, rice ceremonies and birth occasions. The charm bracelet can be bought at a price of Rs. 12,000 from Amazon where the original price is approximately Rs. 9,000 and making charge being approx. Rs.3,000.

Torta Gold Pendant for Kids


Gold pendants are one of the customary gifts in India. It is considered auspicious to present kids with gold chains or pendants. This Torta Gold Pendant for kids is a perfect gift for baby girl and boys. The pendant has a tortoise which is available in yellow and white gold. The metal is pure gold in 22 K which weighs around 1.57 grams. The yellow gold pendant comes with a beautiful chain and is around 13.60 mm in height and 13.70 mm in width. The torta pendant is a very affordable and budgeted gift for children and is an ideal gifting solution for newborn infants. The Candere pendant by Kalyan Jewelers can be availed at a price of Rs. 6,764.

Baby Bangle Set for Rice Ceremony


Rice ceremony is an important ritual which is the first time when the baby eats grain. It is commonly known as baby first feeding or rice eating ceremony. This ceremony is called Choroonu in Kerala, Annaprasan in Bengal and Pasni in Nepal. These traditions are centuries old and are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm across diversities. For this special celebration, guests bring gifts.

Gold is one of the contemporary gifts which are considered special for infants. They have health benefits which are good for newborn babies. Not just from the health perspective, these gifts are expensive and can be used as a saving for the child’s future too.

Rajlaxmi Jewellers have brought a new set of baby bangles in the market. These bangles are adjustable and can be worn up to the age of 5 years. The design is simple and classy. The bangles are given a glossy finish and made using laser shouldering. This 22k gold bangle set of 2 is around 2 grams of pure yellow gold is available at From the price perspective, they are in sync with the present market price of gold.

Special Gifts for Your Loved Boy Kid in the Family

Frozen Olaf Snowman Pendant


Traditional jewellery is a thing in the past. When it comes to gifting purposes, the jewellery should be given a modern touch. We all know how children love Olaf – the hug man, popular from the movie Frozen. Why not gift a piece of the gold pendant which is inspired by Olaf? The Frozen Olaf snowman pendant is a customised pendant in 18K yellow gold. It is difficult to make children wear jewellery, but with Olaf pendant, you would not have to try so hard. Children would be keen on wearing this item by themselves. The customised piece of pendant is popular kid jewellery and can be bought at an affordable range starting from Rs. 25,525 from If you want this pendant in white gold or in different weights, the product can be customized accordingly.

Gold Chain

Simplicity is the best policy. This quote is applicable to kids jewellery too. With kids, it is significant that we understand that their skin is sensitive. Complicated designs will not be a good option for their sensitive skin. Simple design chains are ideal gifts for kids. brings a simple 22K yellow gold of 21.57 grams. This chain is a certified BIS hallmark chain which is machine made with a simple 'w' hook to wear. The product can be easily ordered online. This Malabar Gold Chain is a gift worth every penny and can be availed at a price of Rs. 77,892 which is inclusive of taxes and making price.

Gold Plated Spoon with Bowl


The beneficial effects of gold are well known. Our ancient scriptures suggest that eating from gold utensils has shown numerous health benefits. It also enhances our brain building and imagination. But the quantity is important so it is recommended that we feed from gold utensils for stronger immunity of children. Ayurveda mentions Swarna Prashana as a powerful tool to increase the immunity of newborn babies. This method suggests that we should start feeding babies from gold utensils from their 1st month. The idea is to benefit the baby from an initial stage. Thus we suggest an international gold plated bowl with spoon set of 2 with a tray. The main metal is brass here but the finish is gold metal which makes it worth gifting to newborn infants. This set of 5 Pieces can be bought at a price of Rs. 567 from

Charm Bracelet

Negative energies and their bad influences are true. Well, it is also said that the easiest target of this energy are babies. When a newborn baby is born, hundreds of guests come to visit the baby and shower their blessing upon him. But how do we protect the baby from such bad and evil powers? Aumkaara brings a charm bracelet with the power of gold and diamond pearl to keep negatives at distance. The auspicious evil eye charm with mother of pearl evil eye and Aum charm in 12 mm size offset with diamonds on black beads bracelet for a newborn baby is an ideal gift. It protects him from any wrong by a person or energy. The charm bracelet has been time and again mentioned by the ancient sages. So if you want your loved ones to be protected and safe, this is an ideal gist which gives you mental peace and satisfaction. The evil eye charm bracelet can be bought at a price of Rs. 24,000 from

Customised Baby Bracelet


Customised gifts have their own charm and uniqueness. This customized handmade item is available in different material like gold, rose gold and silver. This super cute gift is a great idea for first birthdays of your loved newborn. This toddler bracelet can be personalised with the baby name or their date of birth. The bracelet length is of 1 inch with 25 inches of width. The length is adjustable and therefore is a perfect gift for growing babies. This adjustable name bracelet is easy to order and can be availed from at a price of USD 36 or around Rs. 2,500. Since it is shipped internationally, do keep in mind shipping charges and delivery time.

Do's and Don'ts of Buying Gold Jewellery

When planning to buy an expensive piece of jewellery, it's important that we know a few things beforehand. This jewellery is expensive and at times a one-time investment for a huge part of our society. It is outright important that we take the necessary precautions and self-audit steps before buying.

Checking Purity of the Gold Before Buying

Purity is an integral factor for gold. The betting method of this check is to check certification. Hallmark certified jewellery gives you trust in the official proportion of gold used. The agency which takes care of this certification is the Bureau of Indian Standards. Check the BIS mark in your gold before buying.

Cross Checking the Price

Price of gold changes every day as the market is always fluctuating. The everyday market rate should be checked before buying your gold jewellery. Get an idea of the gold rates before you go the store or order online.

Negotiation of Making Charges

Making charges is basically the labour cost involved in creating gold jewellery. You can always negotiate on the making charges. Alternatively, you can check prices from different brands to see who gives the least percentage on making charges. You have the right to bargain on the making price of the gold you are buying.

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Gold is an investment

There's no doubt that this shimmering piece of jewellery is going to be much prestigious for the baby. But the best part about this piece of metal is that it's one nice investment! Although no one would want to sell their baby's precious first gifts, still even if you feel the need to or want to get it altered (by melting) into some other piece of jewellery, you can always go for it. Primarily, Don't forget to make your baby glitter with these cute gold gifts!