Give Your Blessings to the Newborn with an Exquisite Silver Gift. 10 Beautiful Silver Gift Ideas for Babies That Will Make Both the Child and the Parents Delighted in 2020

Give Your Blessings to the Newborn with an Exquisite Silver Gift. 10 Beautiful Silver Gift Ideas for Babies That Will Make Both the Child and the Parents Delighted in 2020

It is perplexing for many when an occasion demands a gift to be given to a newborn or a baby. Ultimately most people end buying a baby gift set comprising of a soap, talcum powder, etc. or a plastic toy, both of which have a very short life span. Why not gift the baby a unique and durable silver gift which is not only considered auspicious but will delight the parents as well. We have selected the finest silver gift options for babies just for you which will suit every budget and preference.

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Why Silver is Good as a Gift?

Giving a silver gift to babies is an age-old tradition all over the world, that has been prevalent for centuries. Even today, silver holds great significance in Indian culture, especially when being gifted to babies. Silver is definitely a cherished keepsake that is meant to last for a long time. So, why exactly is silver considered a good item for gifting?

Considered Auspicious in India

Indians have always had a fascination for lucky charms and objects associated with wealth and prosperity. In fact, many religious festivals like Dhanteras and Akshaya Tritiya are often celebrated by buying precious metals like silver and gold. The lustre of metals like silver is associated with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. What better gift for a baby than blessings from the Goddess, isn’t it?

Sensible and Memorable Alternative to Other Material Gifts

Silver has a certain undeniable brilliance to it. A silver gift for a baby will last longer and stay in the keepsake lot of gifts. Rather than gifting an item that is easily disposable or tucked away soon, it is always a good idea to be more thoughtful and gift something that is of more practical use and durability.

A Fairly Good Investment with Performance Potential

From a financial point of view, gifting a silver product is equivalent to investing in their pool of wealth. Silver, like gold, is a time-tested precious metal that serves as an appreciating asset with increasing performance potential over the years.

Safe to Use for Babies

Being antibacterial and non-toxic in nature, silver has been proven to be extremely safe for babies to use. In fact, it is even considered that silver boosts the immunity of the body, even if at all consumed in traces. Silver is easy to maintain as it doesn’t require sterilisation and retains freshness over a long period of time.

Never Goes Out of Style

Silver is a precious metal that doesn’t deteriorate over time. Hence you can always count on a genuine silver gift to stand the test of time. Silver is an internationally accepted metal that literally has no expiration date and obviously doesn’t go out of style, ever!

Top 10 Silver Gifts for Babies

Convinced that silver would be a great gift for a baby? For more reasons other than those mentioned above, we guarantee that silver could be in fact one of the best recommended gifts for an Indian household.

Well, if you are rounding off your guesses of a silver gift to a solid silver coin, then we suggest you to just halt your thoughts for a second. There are a number of wonderful silver gifts available online for a baby, and you would be amazed how many options you have to choose from!

Silver Baby Tumbler

A cute silver tumbler is a perfect selection of a silver gift for a baby. This one-of-a-kind keepsake will definitely bring more utility and purpose for the parents of the baby. Crafted with passion, this silver tumbler from SVTM Jewels, is neat in design and detail. The tumbler is made from 92.5% white silver and weighs 31.60 gm. Being 3½ inches in size, this silver tumbler is ideal to be used for a baby. Moreover, there is also a silver straw included making it easy for the baby to drink from it!

Being a precious keepsake as much as a beautiful drinking vessel, this silver tumbler is a great option as a silver gift for a baby. This product can be used on a daily basis and can also be valued down the years. SVTM Jewels promise 75 years of trust and assure the best purity and quality in all its items. The silver items also come with an authentic purity certificate as well. Available on SVTM Jewels for ₹ 1,653.00.

Nazaria Silver Baby Bracelet

If you are an Indian, you obviously must have heard about "nazariya" or the evil-eye since childhood! In order to ward off or avert the evil-eye, it is a common practice in the Indian culture to wear nazariya jewellery. This is especially done for babies, as they are said to be more prone to the so-called consequences of the evil-eye!

Why not gift the baby a beautiful nazariya bracelet made from pure silver? This sterling silver Indian nazariya bracelet is assured with the best of purity. Weighing 4.190 gm, this piece of jewellery is ideal to be worn by babies on a regular basis. The silver and black beads are beautifully joined together, displaying skilled craftsmanship in the intricate detailing. This classic design is meant to stay for years, and hence a truly never-out-of-style kind of silver gift for the baby! You can find this product on Karizma Jewels for ₹ 1,674.00.

Sterling Silver Baby Spoon


Born with a silver spoon in the mouth, is a common phrase used all over the world. This phrase is associated with describing the inheritance of wealth even at a small age. Hence, silver spoons are great as a silver gift for a baby.

This silver spoon from Osasbazaar is made from sterling silver and is of 92% purity. There is a cute mickey mouse design engraved on the handle of the spoon. This beautiful silver spoon is 100% bacteria-free and hence, doesn’t necessarily require sterilisation after each use. The product is tested and certified to be of the purest quality and is comes with a BIS hallmark. This silver spoon comes as a ready to gift package in a satin/velvet box. Moreover, you also get a silver care kit with this item. Available on Amazon for ₹ 2,009.00.

Silver Baby Feeder

Baby feeder is an ideal alternative to a spoon. The design of a feeder is also perfect to feed medicine to a baby. A feeder made from pure silver is indeed a very thoughtful gift for the parents of the baby. In fact, they will find it more convenient to use than a spoon itself!

This baby feeder from Osasbazaar is made from 92.5% pure silver. Being antibacterial, silver items keep away any sort of bacteria and germs. Hence, this feeder is perfect as a silver gift for a baby. The silver feeder has a glossy finish and comes in two colours – pink and blue. The top of the feeder has a cute Mickey Mouse design engraved on it. The edges are soft and do not harm the baby when being used. This is a small sized item with small dimensions. The feeder comes in a blue satin/velvet box and is in a ready to gift packaging. There is also a silver care kit with instructions provided with this product. Available on Flipkart for ₹ 2,269.00.

Silver Brush for Baby

Episode Silver is a trusted brand that specialises in premium luxury silver products that are great for gifting. This luxury brand manufactures its products ingeniously and hence, each item will be unique and a work of art in itself.

This silver brush for babies is no different. The dancing bear design crafted on the brush displays true craftsmanship. It is indeed a work of art, as the design is perfected to detail. This product is made from 92.5% pure sterling silver and is of the highest quality. The brush is resistant to tarnishing and is very durable. The brand also allows engraving the initials of the baby on the brush for a nominal price. This totally makes it a personalised and one of a kind silver gift for the baby! Available on Episode Silver for ₹ 2,307.00.

Baby Classic Keepsakes Silver-Plated Rattle

It is a no-brainer that babies love rattles! And, if it is made from pure silver, then the parents love it even more. This classic silver-plated rattle from Mudpie is perfect as a silver gift for a baby. A thoughtful gift that is also a classic keepsake, this silver rattle cannot go wrong as a baby shower gift or as a newborn gift.

The rattle features raised embellishments that add to its beauty. The product arrives in a beautiful gift box with the wordings, “My First Rattle” printed on it. This dumbbell shaped rattle can be held in the small hands, while it is non-toxic and safe even if put in the mouth. Find this item on Just Dial for ₹ 3,499.00.

Silver Feeding Bottle for Baby

Parents are generally very particular about the health of their children, particularly that of the newborn. Impress them with this very thoughtful idea of gifting a feeding bottle made from pure silver! Milk or other liquids are best stored in metal or glass bottles. However, owing to safety in usage and convenience in handling, a silver feeding bottle will score more credit than a glass bottle.

In fact, by presenting this luxurious item as a gift, you are investing in a long-term keepsake that will stand the test of time. This silver bottle has a 970 BIS hallmark certification marking its purity. It weighs only 100 gm and can hold a capacity of 180 ml of liquid. Find this product on SilverStore for ₹ 7,386.00.

Silver Powder Box

Thinking of gifting an item that will be functional and can also be passed on for generations? Why not gift a powder puff box made from pure silver? This silver powder box from VBJ Silver is a great silver gift for a baby. This silver powder box is made from 92.5% pure silver and weighs 59.7 gm. The box has a cute little Mickey Mouse design printed on it, making it even more appealing. Being a very commonly used product, this silver powder box will definitely bring joy to the parents of the baby, no doubts on that! Available on VBJ Silver for ₹ 3,550.00.

Silver Teddy Bear Bowl


Here is another product from Osasbazaar that is a great silver gift for a baby. This bowl is made from pure silver of 92.5% purity. Hence, it is totally safe to be used while feeding babies. The 50 ml capacity bowl comes with a BIS hallmark certificate assuring you of its purity. Made from 92.5% pure silver, the bowl is said to be antibacterial and keeps away any form of contamination from the vessel. This is the most preferable for smaller babies who are more sensitive. The teddy bear design imprinted on the bowl, makes it even more appealing and cute. Check out this silver bowl on Paytm Mall for ₹ 3,069.00.

Silver Picture Frame


Now capture the most precious moments of the baby in a precious silver frame. This photo frame from Malden International Designs, is unique in its design. The two-tone silver picture frame serves as a great backdrop for a beautiful picture of the baby. The 4 x 4 inch photo-frame is ideal for a normal sized photograph. This silver gift for a baby will be one cute addition to the home decor and a wonderful gift for the parents of the newborn. This gorgeous photo frame is also durable and easy to manage. Available on Amazon for ₹ 3,174.00.

How to Take Care of Silver Products

Silver, being a precious metal, needs some extra care to maintain and manage. Besides, it is common for silver items to get tarnished over time. This happens when the silver comes in contact with sulphur containing elements in the air. This causes a chemical reaction and forms silver sulphide, which darkens the silver as it coats the surface of the item. In order to avoid this, there are certain things to do to keep the silver items in a good condition over a much longer period of time:

  • Never keep silver products wrapped in plastic for long. This leads to tarnishing, especially in hot and humid conditions.
  • Wash silverware in warm soapy water after each use. Dry completely before storing.
  • Never leave silverware in soap for long.
  • It is best to cover silver in an anti-tarnish bag or cloth while storing away. Like the one shown above.
  • Polish your silver items once or twice in a year, with a polishing liquid or paste.
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