10 Top Rated Silver Gifts for Newborn Baby Boys That Can Be Bought Online: Nothing Like Silver to Congratulate the Proud Parents (2020)

10 Top Rated Silver Gifts for Newborn Baby Boys That Can Be Bought Online: Nothing Like Silver to Congratulate the Proud Parents (2020)

Babies are seen as the God's gift on this earth, most purest and innocent of humans, No wonder, the birth of a kid is considered a great moment in ones life, a moment which is a cause for celebration. We've compiled a list of the best silver gifts for newborns that you can gift to mark the moment, and express your joy.

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When Is It Best to Gift Gold and Silver Articles?

To Mark a Milestone, at the Time of Marriage

Gold and silver articles are usually bought and gifted as they are considered auspicious. They usually find prominence in celebratory events such as engagement and marriages. In marriages, the utensils that are used for performing the rituals are usually bought in silver, for instance, holy items such as small lamps, kuthuvilakku, puja items such as Kalash, incense stand and puja thalis are made of silver. These items are usually bought in silver as they cost less than gold. Moreover, these items withstand more wear and tear as compared to gold.

However, gold is the preferred choice when it comes to marriages. The bride is usually adorned with various gold pieces of jewelry. These gold jewelry range from necklaces, earrings, Nath, nose pins, bangles, anklets, and elaborate gold hair accessories. Moreover, the mangalsutra the holy chain that seals a matrimonial bond between a man and women is made of gold.

To Commemorate the Years of Togetherness, at Marriage Anniversaries

Another auspicious event in a couple of lifetimes is marriage anniversaries. This important milestone is usually commemorated by gifting the couple with silver and gold articles such as idols of gods and goddesses. Moreover, they can also be gifted with items such as silver photo frames, silver boxes, idols, and other articles.

Sending Your Blessings at the Birth of a Child

The birth of a child is a happy occasion for the couple and their families. The birth of a new member is celebrated with much fanfare and pomp by one and their extended family. Often friends and family members greet the couple on this occasion with silver and gold gift articles that can be cherished for a long time. The child is typically gifted with the silver idol of gods such as Ganesh and goddesses such as Lakshmi, silver vessels, small ornaments etc. Using silver is believed to keep the harmful pathogens away from the child.

Moreover, small children are gifted with silver items such as kadas that are believed to ward away evil eye away from the child. Additionally, even silver rattles are gifted to small children.

Make a Pick: 10 Beautiful Silver Items to Gift a Baby Boy on Its Birthday

Gifting silver articles to signify the birth of a baby is very eventful in Indian tradition. Here is a list of ten beautiful silver items you can gift a baby boy on his birthday.

Traditional Kadas as a Carrier of Good Luck

Traditional Kada bangles interweaved with black beads are a very essential part of a baby’s growing years. These traditional Kada bangles are worn by babies and are believed to ward off the evil eye. Take a look at this set of baby bangles from Eloish made from 92.5 sterling silver.

They are available in a set of pairs and measure approximately 4 centimetres. They are lined with black and silver beads. They can be worn by babies’ up to 1.5 years and is perfect for daily wear. The silver nazriya bangles are perfect for warding off the evil eye and doubles up as the perfect birthday gift for a baby boy. You can buy this perfect set of bangles for Rs.1,995 from Amazon.

A 999 Silver Coin Especially Designed for the Newborn

Welcoming a baby into this world is a very joyous occasion for the family. Celebrate the joyous occasion by purchasing a Silver coin for a baby boy. Such gifts are ideal when you are not very close to the family. The 99.9% purity silver coin from Taraash weighs 10 grams.

The silver comprised of high precision design with multi-coloured design. The silver coin comprises of the picture of a sleeping baby along with an alluring floral design making it the perfect birthday gift for a baby boy. One side of the silver coin comprises a picture of a cute teddy bear with the inscription of the alphabets ‘ABC’. These coins are limited editions from the jeweller. Thus making it the perfect cherished gift for the new parents. You can purchase this limited edition coin for Rs.774 from Amazon.

A Sterling Silver Pacifier Which Can Be Personalized

Pacifiers are generally made of non-toxic plastic and rubber. This is used for pacifying the baby from crying. Rather than risking the babies’ health by using a plastic pacifier, one can use a pacifier made of Silver. Silver is believed to possess antibacterial properties and very beneficial for a baby’s health. Moreover, the Silver pacifier can be preserved a keepsake in the family’s collection for years to come.

The pacifier is made of Sterling Silver and weighs 13 grams with a length of 2 inches making it the perfect gift for a baby boy. The Silver pacifier can be purchased for Rs.1,875 from My Baby Babbles.

A Suitable Charm to Pass on Some Luck

Charm gifts are considered to be very special gifts in Western countries. Charm bracelets are gifted to a child as charms are considered to safeguard from evil and also to bring good luck to the one who wears it. The Four Seven has released a range of kids’ charms for the little precious ones. Moreover, kids can have a fun time choosing their charms to be strung into a jewelry piece of their choices such as bracelets, pendants or anklets.

The quirky charm pendant is comprised of alphabets, animals and other quirky designs. The Sterling Silver with a clip lock that can be attached to any jewelry making it the perfect versatile birthday gift. The charms are available from a starting price of Rs.650 onwards from Four Seven.

A Green Onyx Charm Bracelet

The piece of jewelry is the perfect bracelet for holding your colourful charms. The bracelet is smaller in size and is a perfect gift for a baby boy. The silver chain bracelet is interlinked and comprises of green onyx stone. The silver bracelet is made of 6.69 inches and is made of 925 pure sterling silver.

The silver charm bracelet comprises of 33 interlinks that can be used for holding the various charms that are believed to bring good luck. This makes it the best birthday gift for a baby boy to bring good luck. The Sterling Silver bracelet can be purchased for Rs.1,750 from Four Seven.

A Silver Teether and Rattle

Babies tend to keep chewing on things incessantly while teething. The teether is given to a baby to soothe the swollen gums due to teething. A silver teether is very safe to use when compared to a normal plastic teether.

The teether is made of Sterling Silver and weighs 12 grams. The teether is a single silver molded piece that does not have any raised joints or crevices that can hurt a baby. The baby can hold the teether perfectly. Moreover, the teether also doubles up as rattlers to keep the baby occupied. The Sterling Silver teether can be purchased for Rs.1,730 from My Baby Babbles.

A Silver Photo Frame

A photo helps us to cherish the moments that have already passed. Framing the pictures enables us to view it and cherish our memories often. Cherish the memories of your baby by framing the precious pictures in a Silver photo frame.

The Silver photo frame from Vummidi is made of pure Silver. The frame consists of intricate work with frames lined with small Silver beads. The edges of the frame of Silver cutwork that elevates the style of the Silver frame. The Silver photo frame weighs 160 grams and is the perfect gift for a baby boy. The Silver photo frame can be purchased for Rs.10,734 from Vummidi Silverware.

Dangling Silver Anklets

Silver anklets are worn by babies of both genders because the sounds made by the anklets keeps the babies engaged. The solid Silver can be used as both bracelets and anklets. The solid Silver anklet is intricately designed with designs and comprises of Silver beads. The Silver beads jiggle and rub against each other to produce delightful sounds. These sounds are sure to keep the baby entertained while playing. The Silver anklet weighs 25.640 grams and is made of pure Silver. The pure Silver anklet can be purchased for Rs.2,821 from Karizma Jewels.

A Spill Proof Baby Sipper with Handles

As we mentioned earlier, Silver is believed to possess antibacterial properties making it best for feeding milk and water to babies. The Silver baby sipper comes with a spill-proof lid and double-sided handles. The non-toxic baby sipper is a perfect gift for a baby boy. The sipper has an intricate flower design on the front of the sipper. The sipper is made of pure Silver and weighs 104 grams. The sipper can be purchased for Rs.6,229 from D.R.Raanka Bros.

The Ultimate Baby Dinner Set

The Silver dinner set is the perfect gift for a baby and to improve his immunity. Silver is non-toxic, thus, making it the perfect silverware set for a baby. The Silver dinner set comprises of a plate, glass, feeding bowl and spoon entirely made of Silver. The silverware set is **available in various sizes such as Extra Small, Small, and Medium*. The size can be chosen according to the age of the baby. The dinner set for babies can be purchased for Rs.6,555 from Silver linings.

Bonus: How Should You Take Care of Silver Objects?

As Silver objects are considered to be precious, the utmost care has to be taken to ensure that they are preserved safely. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow to preserve your Silver objects.

  • When Silver articles are purchased, they are always wrapped in a specialized butter paper-like wrapper and placed inside a box. After using the Silver article it is essential to place them back into their original containers to minimize scratches.
  • Never store all the articles together inside a single container. Storing all the articles together may make all the articles to rub against each other due to friction and create scratches on the silver articles.
  • Silver coins when purchased come inside sealed packets or placed in velvet boxes to prevent scratching.
  • You can also invest in boxes lined with satin or velvet to prevent the silver articles from being subjected to scratches from outside elements.
  • Always store your silver articles in a dark and a cool place away from direct sunlight to safeguard them from harsh weather conditions.
  • When Silver articles are subjected to wind and moisture, the moisture reacts with silver and darken the articles over time. In order, to prevent the articles from darkening, it is crucial to preserve them away from moisture.
  • If any of your Silver articles are exposed to water, gently wipe them dry with a soft cotton cloth and store them immediately within their original container.
  • Never attempt to clean the Silver articles at home by using corrosive substances such as hydrogen peroxide or other harmful agents. These chemical substances may damage your precious articles.
  • Get your Silver articles cleaned by a professional cleaner usually available at the jewelry shops to get them cleaned. The professional cleaners using Silver friendly chemicals to get your get Silver articles sparkle in no time.
  • When purchasing Silver articles, it is necessary to check the quality of the silver from the buyer before purchasing. Silver is available in various purity forms and is also available in bullions. Do some research and get your doubts cleared from a professional jeweller before buying your silver articles.
  • If you buying your silver articles from an online buyer, check the customer reviews and verify the authenticity of the seller before purchasing your Silver articles. If you have any queries regarding the quality of the silver, get your doubts cleared by chatting with the seller’s customer care executive before buying.
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