10 Silver Gift Boxes with Lids to Give as Gifts or to Serve as a Royal Looking Gift Box for a Precious Gift (2019)

10 Silver Gift Boxes with Lids to Give as Gifts or to Serve as a Royal Looking Gift Box for a Precious Gift (2019)

Presentation forms an essential part of presenting a gift as it's the first thing that is noticed by the receiver. Silver gift boxes are a great way to present your gift, and some of these are even so beautiful that these can be presented as gifts itself. Given below is a comprehensive guide to decide the perfect gift for the receiver along with our top ten picks for some decorative silver boxes with lids.

Planning to Give a Special Gift Box for Your Loved Ones? How About Adding a Personal Touch?

Do you remember getting a gift box so beautifully done that you didn’t want to open it right away; instead, you spent half of your time, simply staring at the box?

Yes, we all have been there – receiving a gift that has been wrapped beautifully and creatively always warms our heart; after all, it’s been done with loving care. When a gift is wrapped beautifully with a personal touch, it makes it more meaningful – so, why not try this very approach to do with your recipients for your gift box?

Adding the Initials of the Recipient on the Wrapped Gift Box.

After wrapping the gift box with a beautiful wrapping paper, how about you take cardstock and add the initials of the recipient. You can either hand paint the initials, or print them, either way, it's a thoughtful gesture to do.

After done, take a jute twine and wrap it around the gift box – add your handwritten card of initials and put it under the twine (but make sure that it doesn’t come off as too loose, or else, the card will fall off). When done, the gift box will come off as a beautiful and personalised gift that your recipient will surely love.

How About Creating the Silhouettes of Your Loved Ones?

How about mixing in a bit of fun with the gift giving? Instead of providing the names on the gifts, how about you giving silhouettes?

You can create the silhouettes of your loved ones, and attach them to the gifts – make them guess as to which gift is for them. It will make a great game at the party, as everyone will try to guess which gift is for them.

That said, instead of adding the silhouettes of the person, you can also add silhouettes of objects, letters, or shapes that represent their interests.

Adding Photos Instead of Gift Tags

We usually add gift tags as the finishing touch to any gift box – now, instead of it, why not opt for something unique?

You can use photos in place of gift tags – not only will it make the gift unique, but it will also add a lovely personalised touch to the gift. Plus, it will also help to identify the owner, leaving no confusion as to who the gift belongs to.

Consider Including Meaningful Objects

You can also try to include objects and add them to the gift box instead of adding gift tags – though be sure to remember to add only those items that hold a special meaning to the recipient – we assure you that they surely would love it more!

Taking Help from Your Garden

Did you know that small branches or twigs also make a great personalised touch to the gift?

You can go the usual way of wrapping the gift box with wrapping paper, and then tie the jute twine around it – only instead of adding the gift tag, you can opt for a simple twig or branches, and if berries happen to be on them, it’s even better.

Taking Note of Their Hobbies & Interests

When giving gifts, the recipients always get a nice feeling if the giver tries to include objects that hold of some value to them.

It is suggested that you choose a beautiful wrapping paper, bright ribbons, and toppers, and you will know that the gift will be a winner.

10 Silver Gift Boxes with Lids Which Make You Gifts Look Complete

1. Nude Silver Horn Dragonfly Box

Source daleandco.in

Found exclusively on Dale and Co., this Nude Silver Horn DraginFly Box is one of a kind – A handcrafted box made of metal, and can make do with serving tea or string jewellery; plus, it also helps that this box alone makes for a beautiful gift standalone.

It comes in two colours – pink and nude, and measures 16 x 16 x 8 cms featuring a horn-carved pin followed by an inlaid metallic leaf in intricate details.

Belonging to the ‘Hanoi Collection’, this box is priced at Rs. 2,400 and may contain little imperfections as it’s made with hand, but that’s nothing to worry about, as they will only increase the beauty of the product.

2. Keepsake Box

Are you planning to give a silver box to your loved ones? Then, you are in luck!

Priced at Rs. 750, this silver box can be found exclusively on Fluke Design Company which is hand painted and made entirely of aluminum, this silver box will also make do as a storage box with its measurement coming to 18 x 10 x 5 cms.

But since, you are planning to use this silver box as a gift box, here’s what you can do – opt for a few pieces of jewellery such as earrings, trinkets, and such, and put in the silver box. Now, to make your friend guess the content of your gift, how about you put the entire box in a corrugated box? Wrap it beautifully and add a handwritten note.

3. Jewellery Box

This gift box will be suitable for the girls in your circle, and we know that all women love their jewellery, so, what better than this jewellery box to gift them so that they can store their lovely goodies?

Priced at Rs. 275 only, this silver box can be found on Anuradha Art Jewelry. It's so small that it can fit right in your pouch or wallet! Measuring at 5.5 cms and weighing 47 gms, this Jewellery Box is a little treasure to savour.

Features three small compartments, this mini silver box can be given as a gift box too – add in a necklace, bracelet and a pair of earrings, and we assure you that your friend will never stop gushing about it!

4. Bumble Bee Wooden Multipurpose Box

Source sharepyar.com

Made entirely of MDF boards, this silver box is hand-crafted measuring at 9 x 7 x 2 inches. It comes with an intricately detailed pattern of two bumblebees on the lid.

What’s more – the entire silver box also comes with an enamel coating which gives it the shiny look it has. It is priced at Rs. 585, and can be found bought exclusively from sharepyar.com. It will also make-do as a great gift box for a little housewarming gift.

Plus, if you plan to get this gift box for yourself, it easily passes off as a multi-purpose box as it’s big enough to store your day-to-day belongings.

5. Multipurpose Decorative Dry Fruit Gift Box by Delhi Gift House

Source amazon.in

Brought to you by the Delhi Gift House, this gift box is priced at Rs. 499 and can be purchased from Amazon.

The box looks beautiful, which has intricate details of floral carvings, and is perfect for gifting dry fruits to your loved ones on auspicious occasions. The best part is that it has four small compartments inside, allowing you to gift dry fruits of four different kinds.

6. Silver Plated Box Damask Small

Priced at Rs. 2,878, this silver plated box may be a bit on the pricey side but is worth it! It's handcrafted with intricate details of curls on all its sides. This silver gift box comes with a silver plated lining, but the best part is that though silver plated, the box won’t tarnish.

Buy this beautiful silver box from episodesilver.com. It measures 10 x 10 x 9.1 cms., and comes with a maintenance manual on how to keep the silver gift box new.

7. Silver Brass Rectangle Box with Enamel

Source pepperfry.com

Priced at Rs. 2,669, this silver box can be bought from Pepper Fry. It's entirely made of brass, and has beautiful detailing of carved flowers all over the box.

Coming with a silver coating finish, this silver box is brought to you by the brand ‘Momentz’, its dimensions measure 13 x 6 x 12 inches. It can come in handy for storing jewellery or simply giving the box as a gift to your loved ones.

8. Meenakshi Handicraft Emporium Aluminium Pearl Box

Source amazon.in

Brought to you by Meenakshi Handicraft Emporium, this silver box is made entirely of aluminum and finished off with detailed work, furthermore complemented by small pearls.

You can purchase it at an amazing price of Rs. 262 only, which is one fantastic deal for such a beautiful piece of work. Measuring 4 x 4 x 2 inches, this small silver aluminum pearl box can be bought on Amazon and makes a great gifting option for those of your lady friend who love to flaunt their jewellery.

9. Art Deco Nickel Silver Coloured Box

Priced at Rs. 7,150, this box can be found exclusively on Indianshelf and features intricate details of floral designs.

Made entirely of brass, this silver box measures 4.72 x 6.6 x 5.1 inches and comes lined in brown wood lamination. And the best part about this silver box is that the lid comes in vintage style, and as such, it would make a vintage-style gift.

Plus, the silver box also features four tapered pillar-art style deco legs that give off a rustic vibe.

10. The 925 Silver Square Box

Source jewelroof.com

Priced at Rs. 16,115, this silver box is entirely made of pure silver (92% to be exact), this silver box measures 80 x 34 mm and weighs around 182 gms.

The entire box features quite a detailed floral designs covering from side to side, while the lid has a large floral design that includes the whole section, with an emerald in the middle.

This silver box can be found exclusively on jewelroof.com.

Make Your Own Silver Box! Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind.

Who doesn’t adore gift boxes – they are cost-effective, beautiful in their way and also can be customised for the recipients.

Thinking of giving a gift box – if you are giving it to your nearest and dearest ones, you can make do with a corrugated box, and cover it in the choicest of wrapping paper. If, you, however, are looking to mail a gift box, then, you have the option to use shipping boxes – not only they are tough, but they will also keep the items inside the box intact.

When it comes to giving a gift box, it is recommended that you always include a note or letter along with it. We have very few opportunities in life to tell others about how much they mean to us, and if we get the chance, then, why not use it to let them know?

For the Travel Junkies

Be it for business or pleasure, travelling for those reasons always gives us an excuse to get a great travel gift box, and it would indeed make an excellent gift for any traveller out there too.

So, what should you include in a gift box fit for a traveller?

The very thing that you need to include in a traveller’s gift box is a good quality toiletry bag along with a toothbrush and toothpaste holder – as these are the necessities, of course. Next, you have the option to add a good shaving kit if the traveller happens to be a guy, and if it’s a girl, you can opt for a hairbrush.

Don’t forget to add in two or three plain bottles for drinking water. Add in a leather luggage tag, and a sleep mask, and you are done.

For Your Friend with a Green Thumb

Know someone who is fond of gardening, and it has left you wondering on what can you include in a gift box that is suitable for them?

Well, for starters, since they are fond of gardening, the first thing that you can include is a set of gardening tools, and cover with them, a pair of gloves. Of course, gardening will have to be done outdoors, so, why not add a wide-brimmed straw hat to keep them fresh in the scorching sun?

Add to the gift box a few (four or five) small linen drawstring bags, so that they can store their seeds in them. If possible, you can even add in a weeder along with a compost gardener.

Be ready to get a whole lot of thanks when you give this gift box to your friendly green thumbs!

For the New Mom-To-Be

If you are planning to make a gift box for a new mom, it’s quite important to strike a balance. Granted, she will spend her time thinking about her baby every waking moment, but yes, she will also need to take care of herself too.

It is suggested that you should include gifts for both, herself and the baby. You can add in an Amazon gift card if you have no idea what she actually wants – all you need to do is to watch the baby for a few minutes, help the new mom get to settle on the couch and take her shopping on Amazon.

You also have the option to add two coffee mugs – one for the mom and the other for the dad, and fill them with flavoured decaf coffee! Add in a massaging lotion and a refreshing bath salt in a bottle – after all, the new mom needs to relax and heal too.

For the Crazy Friends

We all have those few crazy friends in our groups without whom we can’t do anything, and our lives will be meaningless! How about you shower them with gifts to show how much you love them – one of the best ideas is to opt for a gift box – fill it with stuff that you know they will like.

If your friend is a lady and likes all spa-related goodies, you can fill it with loofahs, body washes, relaxing candles, and bath gels – add to that a handwritten note, and you are done.

Have someone in your circle who likes to bake – you can add in three linen napkins, followed by two bottles of syrup, add in a kitchen set consisting of a blender, spatula, spoon and such. You can even add in a recipe book if you so like. We assure that your friend is surely going to appreciate it!

For the Crafty Ones

To plan a gift box for those friends who like to go the ‘DIY’ way so often, here’s what you can do.

Go to Pinterest, and search for a DIY-project that you know they will like – print out that project on high-quality paper (cardstock works best in this case) and buy all the material that is needed to make the project – include all of those items in the gift box and add in a small handwritten note.

It would make for quite a unique gift box idea!

From our editorial team

DIY Ideas Always Melt the Receiver's Heart

Don't worry if your DIY present didn't come out to one-hundred percent as you expected it to be, what matters is the thought behind the DIY gifts, and that is, you have prepared something with your hands! The receiver is undoubtedly going to appreciate your efforts and hardwork put into making the gift. So, don't be afraid to try out some amazing DIY ideas on your own! Happy Gifting!