Are You Looking for Something Quirky, Traditional & Auspicious for Your Loved One's Next Big Occasion? Then You Need to Check Out these Pure Silver Gift Items with Price (2020)

Are You Looking for Something Quirky, Traditional & Auspicious for Your Loved One's Next Big Occasion? Then You Need to Check Out these Pure Silver Gift Items with Price (2020)

While selecting a gift, we try to envisage the happiness in the minds of the recipient. In India, precious metals such as gold and silver have been the choices for gifts on significant occasions such as weddings. Silver, especially, has been an ideal choice for previous gifts given to the loved ones, for its extraordinary qualities and versatility. In this post, we bring you the 12 pure silver gift items with price that you can present to your beloved on his/her big occasion.

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The Wonders of Poor Man's Gold: Some Benefits of Using Silver

  • Beneficial for health: Silver is known to be beneficial for health as it kills the germs and bacteria. It is known to be a deterrent against such harmful pathogens. It helps to increase health and stamina. No wonder it has been used by some of us as utensils. In some households, silver is still used as cutlery.

  • Elegant as jewellery: Silver jewellery has long been a favourite for us. There is a belief that wearing silver also helps in pain relief. Not only that, but silver can also be easily moulded into attractive jewellery. While we may continue to purchase gold in large quantities, silver jewellery is also in demand, as it shows you hold a person with exceptional value. Moreover, it is also cost-effective given the elegance in design that silver jewellery provides.

  • Denotes spirituality: Silverware is also utilised during the offering to our gods and goddesses and occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. We also offer silver coins to the deity during puja. On occasions like Raksha Bandhan, we use silver utensils. One reason for its use is that silver utensils are durable and can withstand the heat for a longer time than many other metals. Moreover, silverware also looks elegant during a spiritual offering.

  • Decorates your house: Silverware is also used as a means to decorate our houses. It provides a royal touch to the get up of the house, and visitors are usually in awe of such regal décor. Silver has been used to decorate our house for long. The exquisite and handcrafted designs have never been out of style and increase the visual appeal of our homes.

  • Show special attention: Silver has long been an object of attraction for many of us. Its main utility is that it can be easily moulded into any design of our liking. It can be gifted for a variety of occasions to our relatives and friends, and it becomes an object of special attention. One of the reasons for being an object of attention is that it can be worn for any occasion, and the brightness is also eye-catching.

Best Pure Silver Gifts Items with Price You Can Buy Online

Silver Bowl

If you are looking for an easily available silver gift, why not choose a silver bowl. It is usually used during puja ceremonies at home. In some homes, people dine using silver cutlery. Silver is free from bacteria, and eating from silver vessels is safe and good for health.

You can choose this Hallmark silver bowl from Belirams. This silver bowl could be a centrepiece and a gift that could bring joy to whom you present. The bowl is 2 inches in height and has a diameter of inches. Its weight is more than 100 grams, and is priced at Rs. 7,350.

Pure Silver Tea Set

We Indians love to have tea in the afternoon. We also offer it to our guests in the choicest of cutlery. The tea is brewed in a silver teapot at a higher temperature, which makes the tea leaves release more of their flavour. Thus, you and your family can enjoy tea more from a silver tea set.

This handcrafted tea set contains a teapot, a milk pot, and a sugar pot. It is a unique collection item given the authenticity of the silver used. The weight of the tea set is over 500 grams and can contain two cups of tea. The price of the tea set is Rs. 39,200, available on

Silver Coin

Buying gold and silver during the festival season is known to be an auspicious activity in Indian households. Besides, silver is also bought on various important occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Buying silver with an inscription of Goddess Lakshmi is also known to be a good omen as the goddess is known to be a harbinger of wealth and happiness.

The 999 silver coin of Lakshmiji is a precious gift to your relatives for an important occasion. You may also buy one for your family. The 10 grams coin is available in a red velvet case and comes at a discounted price of Rs. 828 on

Silver Showpieces: Silver Filigree Ship

Of late, silver has become the metal of choice for gifting our friends and relatives. It comes cheaper than gold and also comes in highly elegant designs that make it an ideal gift for important occasions. Silver showpieces have also been used to enhance the décor of our houses. Several people are buying if as a home decoration piece too.

This showpiece of the silver ship commemorates the Bali yatra from Cuttack and celebrates the maritime advancements of ancient Odisha. The showpiece comes in a plastic case that is dust-proof. It weighs approximately 110 grams and costs Rs. 11,610 on

Handcrafted Silver Tray

If you are looking for something expensive, then you can opt for a silver tray. It can be used during special occasions and is also a traditional gift. It enhances the prestige of the host, and the guests also prefer to be pampered. It can also be a wedding gift.

The silver tray is made by expert craftsmen and will draw attention to its exquisite design. You can also use one as a thali for special pujas in your home. This one from VBJ Silver is priced at Rs. 1,15,235, available on

Silver Dinner Set

A silver dinner set usually includes a thali, a bowl, a 4 inches plate, a glass, and a spoon. The 999 pure silver dinner set from Silver Store has a BIS Hallmark certification and is available for Rs. 68,388 on The dinner set comes in a dent-proof tix box and is fully insured by the company.

Pure Silver Purse for Women

A handbag for women is also an ideal gift. It can be an essential part of their accessories on special occasions. It has enough space for crucial belongings, like cosmetics and plastic cards. These purses are exquisite pieces of art and are handcrafted with a detachable silver chain. The design is enhanced with floral motifs all around, and the inside has a velvet lining.

The size of the silver purse from Belirams is 8.2 × 2.2 × 4.5 inches and weighs 436 grams. It is packed in a velvet box and costs Rs. 48,500.

Best Pure Silver Gifts for Weddings

Silver Jhumki Earrings


Jewellery is typical at weddings, and there are numerous options available for the bride. Earrings are known for their intricate design, and there several of them from which you can choose. More so from the house of Jaypore. The designs from Jaypore are handmade and created by skilled artisans.

The jhumki earrings are 2.5 inches in length and 1.1 inches wide. The earrings need spot cleaning and need to be stored in the box. They are priced at Rs. 5,390, available on

Silver Ring


If you are confused about what gift to give, a silver ring can be a safe bet. Rings are a traditional gift for weddings. Apart from weddings, rings are a gift of choice for any occasion for your immediate family – your parents, grandparents, siblings, or your beloved friends. Augrav has an assortment of gold and silver for you.

The signet silver from the Augrav stable is known for its sleek design and used over the years as a symbol of family heritage. One side of the ring has a star symbol and the engraving of an initial. The ring weighs between 20 to 25 grams and is priced at Rs. 7,500 on

Silver Kumkum Box

A Kumkum box is an ideal wedding gift, and there is an assortment of designs online that can help you choose one. There are several silversmiths from you can buy, but this design from Malabar Golds and Diamonds is gorgeous.

These kumkum boxes have a circular design, almost like a pitcher, with a strong base at the bottom and have a few engravings on the side with a beautifully etched lid. This box has a height of 2.2 inches and a width of 2.56 inches. Its weight is around 34 grams, and it costs Rs. 3,409 on

Silver Ashtalakshmi Pot

An Ashtalakshmi pot is known to be used during pujas and other significant occasions. If you are looking for a premium silver product that is authentic and auspicious too, you can go for a silver Ashtalakshmi pot. These pots come in the most elegant handcrafted designs made by expert craftsmen. It is engraved with eight pictures of Goddess Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and happiness. This makes it a fantastic choice as a wedding gift.

The BIS Hallmark trusted item from SVTM Jewels weighs around 1,200 grams and comes from a brand with over 75 years of trust. It comes at Rs. 63,389 and is available on the

Silver Champagne Glasses


There are numerous silverware from which you can choose. A pair of champagne glasses made of silver can just be an ideal gift. It is an ideal one to allow the newly-wed couple to raise a toast on their wedding day.

The glasses are shiny but without any intricate design, just like how a wine or a champagne glass should be. A set of two glasses comes at Rs. 4,950, while a set of six glasses is priced at Rs. 10,450, available on Momentz.

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Always Check for BIS Hallmark Certification!

Silverware is considered auspicious in Indian culture and has been a gift of choice for times immemorial. Apart from being a gift for weddings, silver has also found its way into puja ceremonies and other family occasions, like birthdays, baby showers, etc. However, you need to ascertain the purity of silver before buying it. The BIS Hallmark certification is an ideal of knowing that the silver you are buying is authentic.