You Can Never Go Wrong When Buying Silver As a Gift! Check Out the Best Silver Gift Items You Can Buy Online!

You Can Never Go Wrong When Buying Silver As a Gift! Check Out the Best Silver Gift Items You Can Buy Online!

Silver is the only metal, besides gold that has a high gift value. Not only is it considered auspicious as a gift, but also is extremely aesthetically pleasing! Silver is considered to have some great health benefits, too, especially when you use it to consume food and drink. You can find a great variety of items made of silver online, but it might become difficult to choose the correct one. We can help you with our list of best silver gift items online!

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Why Silver Is Considered a Good Gift?

Silver is considered as one of the most auspicious metals in India. It is known for bringing wealth, health and joy to people you gift it to. Giving gifts in silver has been a common practice since olden times. Earlier silver gifts like silverware, silver ornaments, glassware etc were given to people on festive occasions or weddings, but now there are tons of different things available in silver. In fact silver items are so common these days that people give them on birthdays, child birth or during house warming parties, as well. You can buy a tiny spoon to huge artifacts made in silver.

Using silver during puja is also very common in India. You will find that most of the lord idols are made of silver. People also give silver coins on weddings or during Holi and Diwali. Silver has recently gained popularity due to designer jewelry being made in silver. It has gained immense popularity among the youngsters thus makes a great gift for people of all ages.

Silver is not only an important metal in Hindu religion, but is relatively cheaper in comparison to gold, thus it is also known as poor man's gold. People from all economical background can buy silver items and give to their loved once without burning a hole in their pockets.

Things to Consider While Buying Silver

There are a few important things you should keep in mind if you are planning to buy silver gifts for your loved once. We have compiled a list of such things that will help you buy good quality silver.

  • You must already know that you should buy hallmarked gold, but you should also buy hallmarked silver. The Bureau of Indian Standards hallmarks things silver-made items, as well. When you buy a hallmark silver item you should look for the BIS logo, purity grade, the hallmarking center's identification mark and the jeweler’s identification mark. Keeping these things in check will help you buy quality silver.
  • Before buying silver articles you should find out the price of silver in the market for that day and ask the seller about the making charges, as well. This way you will know the exact rate of the item you are about to purchase.
  • People usually buy gold and silver for investment purposes, so even if you are buying it as a gift for someone you should always check for the buyback policy.
  • You can buy many things in German silver. German silver is different from sterling silver or pure silver. Sterling silver is made with pure silver and is hallmarked, but things made by German silver means that they are made with alloys made with copper or brass and have silver polish on it. It is not hallmarked.

12 Best Silver Gift Items Online

We have compiled a list of great silver gift items that you can buy online. These gifts are in various price range therefore you can pick the once according to your budget and gift someone you care.

Buy Silver Bookmark Gift featuring Teddy in 925 Sterling Silver – 3.5 Inch

If you have a friend who is a book freak then you would want to get her something related to books for her birthday. Well, we have found a perfect silver item for that. This is a beautiful silver bookmark with a Teddy Bear symbol engraved on it with hand. This bookmark is made of 925 sterling silver and comes neatly packed in a velvet box, which makes it an excellent gift.

Your friend will love to show it off while sitting in a coffee shop, reading her favourite novel. It shows elegance and style. She can use this exquisite bookmark during meetings or in a classroom. The size of the bookmark is 3.5 inches long and 0.6-inch side. 4gms of silver are used in making the bookmark.

You can buy this cute gift for your best friend for Rs. 1,600 from

Real Pure 925 Sterling Silver Vintage Style Rings

Women love to receive jewelry items as gifts. If you are looking for a perfect gift for your wife, then you can buy her this beautiful sterling silver ring. Rings make a great gift because they are known to be a token of love. Your wife will instantly fall in love with this gorgeous vintage style ring, as soon as she sees it The ring has beautiful flowers carved on it and is made with 925 sterling silver.

You can buy this piece of art for Rs. 552 from

Anniversary Silver Photo Frames

Photo frames are one of the best gifts you can give to someone. They make great gifts because they help you preserve special memories and keep them right in front of your eyes. They also make great gifts because you can give it to people of all ages and on different occasions like birthdays, weddings, farewell etc. People have been giving photo frames as a gift for many years and now you can buy it in silver and make it even more special.

This trendy silver photo frame has a modern zig zag design on it. It is resin silver with a lacquered wood back. You can make it even more personal by adding a memorable picture to it. You can place this beautiful photo frame both vertically and horizontally. The size of the frame is 7×9″ and Outer Size 9.5×11.5″ and weighs 1350 gms. It comes beautifully packed in a velvet box.

You can buy this silver photo frame for Rs. 13,900 and you can buy it from

Taraash 999 Silver 10 gram Diya Coin

Silver coins are bought all round the year, especially during festive seasons, to give as gifts to love ones. They are affordable and come in various designs. You can choose from coins with gods and goddesses on them, as well. This simple and elegant Tarassh silver coin is made of 999 silver and is of 10 grams. You can see a beautiful imprint of diya on one side and the other side has the symbol of ‘OM’ on it. This is one of the best gifts that you can give to anyone who is close to you. The coin comes in a transparent tamper proof packaging, you can tie a ribbon on it and hand it to anyone with love.

Buy this exquisite silver coin for Rs. 656 from

Pure Silver Bowl for Baby

Looking for a perfect gift for a baby shower? You can buy this beautiful silver bowl, which is made in pure silver. This bowl is a beautiful gift to give to any expecting mother. Silver is known for its health-improving properties and feeding a child from a silver bowl and spoon is one of the oldest traditions in India, still being followed religiously.

This bowl is made with pure silver and is BIS hallmarked. You can see a cute teddy design on the bowl and on the spoon too, which makes it perfect for a baby. The cost of this bowl and spoon set is Rs. 6,363 and you can buy it from

Hand Engraved Sterling Silver 925 Oil Diya

Lighting a lamp is done almost every day in most of the Indian homes. It is said to bring peace and prosperity and to keep the dark forces away from the house. These lamps are lit each day and are kept in front of the deities to offer them respect. It also signifies the welcome of knowledge or a ray of hope in the middle of a dark night. Gifting a silver diya is a great gift during festivals such as Diwali, but you can gift it any other time of the year, as well.

This hand-engraved diya is made of 925 sterling silver and is beautifully designed to be kept in your puja room. You can buy it for Rs. 2,385 from

AC Anand Crafts German Silver Bowl Set with Spoon and Tray


Are you worried about what to give to someone on their house warming party? Don't think too much and buy this beautiful German Silver Bowl set with a spoon and a tray. The set is made to give an antique look and is beautifully engraved with floral vine design. These bowl sets are very useful for serving desserts during parties or just to keep as a piece of decoration in your dining room.

It makes a perfect gift because it is elegantly hand crafted and comes with a red, blue velvet and gold gift boxes, making it look even more special. You can buy it for Rs. 199 from Amazon.

Silver Sindoor - Dani

Hunting for perfect gifts is a tedious task during the wedding season. There are many things you can give to the couple on their wedding but gifting a beautiful sindoor dani can be the best choice. Gifting a sindoor dani depicts best wishes and happy married life of the groom and is taken as a much auspicious gift in India. You can buy a sindoor dani made of wood, glass or other metals but, gifting it in silver takes it to another level.

This beautiful and elegant sindoor dani comes with a lid with honeycomb design on it, which makes it out of the world. It is a delicate sindoor dani in which the bride can keep her sindoor and will surely think of you each time she puts it on to pray for her husband's long life. It weighs 11 grams and costs Rs. 2,828.00. You can buy it from

Bal Gopal Silver Idol


Gifting idols is a tradition in India. It is taken as holy gift and people love getting lord idols as gifts. They can be kept in the puja room or as a piece of decoration in your living room. An idol of Bal Gopal is a perfect gift for someone who is expecting a baby soon. Gifting a Bal Gopal idol depicts your blessings for the coming baby as well as the parents. These idols are very cute and you can also dress them up with cute little outfits available in the market.

This Bal Gopal silver idol is a divine gift for any home. You can buy it for 1,020 from

Mini Silver Elephant

Another great silver gift is the mini elephant with the trunk down. An elephant is the symbol of wisdom, power and intelligence and you can gift it to your college-going sister or a brother as a symbol of good luck. They can also be kept as a decoration item in the house. It makes a perfect gift, it is made of Resin silver with the anti-tarnish finish and comes in a beautiful velvet box. You can buy if for Rs. 2,100 from,

Pure Silver Purse

If you are looking to gift something unique and different to your wife this anniversary, then gift her a pure silver purse. She will love the gift and flaunt it on every chance that she gets. This gorgeous silver purse is a rare handcrafted article, made with 925 sterling silver. The purse is beautifully embossed with floral motifs and comes with a strong and sturdy clasp. The inner lining of the purse is made of velvet, therefore she can easily put her valuable things in it and use it like an actual purse rather than a decoration. The hanging silver chain on the purse is detachable so she can use it in different variations. The purse weighs 436 grams and comes neatly packed in a velvet box.

Gifting this beautiful piece of art to your wife will surely makes you eligible for a return gift. Buy this purse for Rs. 48,500 from

Pure Silver Feeding Bottle

A silver feeding bottle can be a perfect gift for a new baby in the family. You will find different kinds of plastic feeding bottles in almost all the houses but silver feeding bottles are quite rare. Feeding your child through a plastic bottle is not very healthy and the doctors will second it, but silver is a metal which has many health benefits. It gives strength and enhances brain activity, therefore gifting a silver feeding bottle is a good choice and the parents will appreciate this gift, for sure.

This pure silver feeding bottle is made with 970 purity and is BIS hallmarked, it weighs only 84 grams therefore it is easy for the baby to hold it and enjoy his milk. The capacity of the bottle is 150 ml. You can buy this unique gift for Rs. 5,280 from

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Taking Care of Silverware and Cleaning It Properly!

Taking care of silver items is also very easy. They can be easily washed with warm water and dishwashing detergent. The first step is to wash items like spoons and other utensils instantly after every use, as some ingredients might tarnish the metal. Next, dry it well with a clean cloth as it might rust if left wet. Remember to use all pieces of a set equally with rotation. If you want to clean decoration or other less used items, then take a damp cloth and apply a portion of washing liquid on it. Rub it well on the item to be cleaned and then wipe it off with another clean damp cloth!