Wedding Gifts Worth Their Weight in Silver! 10 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Marriage with Price (2020)

Wedding Gifts Worth Their Weight in Silver! 10 Exquisite Silver Gift Items for Marriage with Price (2020)

Silver products in India are popular as gift articles, be it a baby shower event, or wedding. Find great silver articles with prices that you can consider. We believe gifting should come directly from the heart; anything that is gifted should make the receiver feel happy. So read on!!

Silver Gift Items for Marriage And Other Auspicious Occasions

Gifting for important occasions like marriage/engagement, baby shower, or housewarming for people who matter to you requires a fair amount of thought. Silver and Gold items are considered ideal, but silver is often preferred more as it is more low budget. Silver is an auspicious metal to start something new and that's one of the reasons it's a great gifting idea. It never goes out of style and can be even useful.

Top Tips You Should Keep In Mind While Buying Silver Gift

Things To Consider:

  • Budge & occasion: Silver gifts are available in almost all budgets. You can buy silver gifts from Rs. 500 to Rs. 50,000 or more as well. Consider the occasion for which you are giving the gift and the relationship. The gift that you choose should be useful. It is always better to do some groundwork before buying silver such as check for grade specifications, its hallmark, quality, weight, wastage on items, and price.

  • Check for quality: All silver items come with a small mark embossed on it. This is usually a stamp on the silver item and this defines the purity of the silver item. If it says 999, then you are buying the purest form and finest silver product. However, this is generally not the right choice as it can bend easily and is very soft as well. 925 silver is the right choice for silver items or jewellery. Checking these details will help you understand the grade of the silver that you are buying. If you have any clarifications regarding silver, you can chat with the jeweler to get an idea about your purchase.

  • Review price: Silver prices changes from state to state and country to country. This price keeps fluctuating every single day and hence it is very important for you to make sure that you check the current price on the day of purchase before you make any purchase. Recheck when silver products are being sold with a standard or fixed price. If you observe the market closely, you can notice the price pattern and make a purchase accordingly. Many shops offer attractive savings plans on silver and gold items. If you buy items through a savings plan, you can be guarded against fluctuating prices since they offer a constant price.

  • Be cautious: Online stores are saving a lot of time and money, hence people are opting for online stores to buy anything, which includes Gold and Silver as well. But you need to be sure that you are buying from a genuine store when you are buying online. You should check the details of the online store before you buy, check for reviews or you can ask for suggestions from your friends or family who have made a silver purchase online. Always choose to buy from a reputed seller to ensure the authenticity and quality of your product. Buy only from the stores that offer a return policy along with a purity certificate.

10 Top Silver Gift iIems for Marriage with Price That You Can Gift

1. Best Wishes Silver Coin

If you are looking for a simple silver gift for marriage, then silver coin can be a good choice. You are free to choose the weight that you want to gift and hence it is definitely in your budget. If you are going for any other silver items as a gift, then you need to pick the gift and then the price is decided based on the weight. So, here you can choose it in advance like one gram to any weight of your choice. This is 20-gram silver coin with Best Wishes engraved on one of its sides. It is a 999 pure silver coin, just like 99.9 pure gold items. You get life product service and only certified silver coins. You can also choose from many other designs on the silver coin. This 20 grams silver coin can be bought at a price of Rs.1,298 from Joyalukkas.

2. Silver Kumkum Haldi Cups

Kumkum and Haldi are considered very auspicious for a Hindu wedding and it is a Hindu marriage that you are going to attend then you can try Haldi and Kumkum cups made of pure silver. The design of this Haldi and kumkum cups is very unique and the bride of going to love it for sure. The two cups are made in a small basket design and there is a nice and beautiful peacock sitting above both the baskets. It is 46 grams in weight and very light as well. It can be used for personal use or you can even use it in the pooja room or for any special occasions at home. You can buy it for Rs.2,750 from Amazon.

3. Laxmi Silver Diya

Here is another unique silver gift for a marriage of your near and dear ones. A beautiful diya made of silver material and Goddess Laxmi engraved on the diya. This Silver diya is 80 percent pure and comes with an original purity certificate. You also have an option to return it within 30 days from the date of delivery and also comes with free delivery and return facility. The weight of this diya is 13 grams and its dimensions are 7.5 cm X 4.5 cm. There will be many other designs also available in the Goddess Laxmi Diyas and you can choose from any of them. You can buy this diya at Rs.885 from J Pearls.

4. Silver Fancy Fruit Bowl

As the couple is getting married and will start a new life of their own. They will need a lot of things for their new house and a gift should be something that can be really useful for the couple. This gift Silver fruit bowl can be a decorative piece and also something useful for them in the future. This Silver fruit bowl is made of 850 purity and it also comes with a purity certificate. The approximate weight of this silver bowl is 57.95 grams and it comes with a simple flower like design on it. The height of the silver bowl is 1.5 inches and the width is 4.49 inches. You can buy this beautiful Silver fruit bowl at Rs.4,4 68 from Malabar Gold and Diamonds.

5. Silver Earrings

Silver Jewellery is also different and unique gifting idea. There are a number of Silver Jewellery to choose from and you will find something for both the bride and the groom as well. If you are looking for a special Chand Bali earring for the bride, then why don’t you try these Silver Chand Balis. These Chand Balis look like they are designed just for the perfect bride on the earth. It has a unique design, which is handcrafted to add more beauty to the bride. These are made of Oxidized 925 silver and also some amazing pearls are added to the Chand Balis for a different look. The weight of these Oxidized Chand Balis is 20 grams and they are available in many other amazing designs as well. No two designs are the same at this online store. You can buy these Silver Chand Balis at Rs.5,400 from Carat Lane.

6. Silver Ashtalakshmi Pot

When you are choosing a silver wedding gift, then why not choose something useful and also grand. Silver is considered auspicious and it is also valuable for the people who receive it. If you are looking for a little grand gifting option in Silver, then this Silver Ashtalakshmi Pot is definitely an amazing choice. This pot has Ashtalakshmi or eight Laxmi Goddess pictures engraved on it. It is considered very auspicious pot for any festivals and occasions by Hindus. The dimensions of this pot are 12.5 cms X 12 cms and weight of this Silver pot is 207 grams. You will also have different other God or Goddess designs on the Silver pots if you have any specific choice. This Silver Ashtalakshmi pot will cost you Rs.11,499 and you can buy it from Amazon.

7. Ganesh Idols

God or Goddess idols are also considered as a good gifting option for weddings or any special occasion. This Silver Ganesh idol is a perfect choice for a wedding gift as Ganesh is considered auspicious for any new start. In Hindu culture, anything new or any pooja is started only after offering prayer to Lord Ganesh. Hence, for the new beginning of their happy married life, a Silver Ganesh idol is a good choice. This Ganesh idol is made of pure 925 silver and the weight of the silver is approximately 92.57 grams. This idol is going to cost you Rs.6,236 and you can buy it from Joyalukkas online store.

8. Silver Dinner Set

Another useful gift for the newlywed couple is a Silver Dinner Set. Always, make sure that you are picking up a gift that can be useful to the person receiving it and this is definitely in that category. This Pure Silver Dinner Set is a five-piece dinner set, which includes one Thali or a big plate, Sweet dish bowl, small katori or curry bowl, one spoon, and one glass. The total weight of this dinner set is 1070 grams, which means, Thali is 750 grams, Katori or curry bowl is 80 grams, sweet dish bowl is 100 grams, the glass is 100 grams and the small spoon is just 40 grams. The design of the dinner set is simple, but sparkling finish. It is made of 99.9 percent pure silver. You can buy this at Rs. 54,253 from Silver Store.

9. Silver Lamps

Silver lamp is a good idea to consider when looking for silver marriage gifts. This is a silver lamp made of 92.5 pure silver and it comes in a very simple design. This is a long lamp with a small flower-like the design at the bottom and peacock design at the top of the lamp. Rest of the lamp is plain and simple. You can use it daily in your pooja room or you can even use for special occasions. The total weight of this Silver lamp is 107.77 grams and it comes with a purity certificate as well. You can return the lamp within 14 days if you are not happy with the design or quality. There are a number of other designs to choose from like a complete plain lamp or lamps with good designs. You can buy this lamp at Rs.5,816 from Joyalukkas.

10. Peacock Pillayar Manai

Pillayar Manai is a very useful gift for the pooja room or for any special pooja at home. This is Peacock Pillayar Manai and it comes in a unique peacock design with two peacocks on both the sides of the Pillayar Manai. It is good for placing the God or Goddess idols in the pooja room and also will add a new look to the pooja room. The design has an OM engraved on it. There are many other designs of Pillayar Manai available at this store. You can buy this peacock Pillayar Manai Rs 13508 from

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How much would you like to spend and how much silver would you like to purchase? The answer to these two questions will help you decide how much you can spend. Do go overboard if your pocket doesn't allow you. After all, it is always said it's the thought that counts at the end.