10 Exquisite Yet Surprisingly Affordable Gold Plated Gift Items With Price, So You Can Gift According to the Occasion Without Going Broke

10 Exquisite Yet Surprisingly Affordable Gold Plated Gift Items With Price, So You Can Gift According to the Occasion Without Going Broke

It's undeniable that gold-plated gifts have a royal feel and Indians have had an unending love affair with gold for millennia. The luxury it exudes cannot be denied and certain moments in life demand expensive gifts. If you don't want to shell out on full gold items, the next best option is gold plated. For the best gold gift items, we bring you this article which would enumerate, one after the other, the best gold gift items to go for to commemorate the occasion.

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Gold Plated Gifts Denote Cultural Significance

Gold is forever. Indians have been gifting gold plated gifts since time immemorial. These gifts denote how strong your bond is with the person and also helps you convey your unsaid emotions in the most beautiful way. It's priceless and it is expensive. Its market value has always increased. Gifting a gold plated gift to someone, similarly, conveys that the person is priceless to you and your bond is sacred. It also denotes that with the passage of time, your bond has only strengthened.

In Indian culture, gold is considered to bring a good omen. Whether it is a big-fat Indian wedding or a simple naamkaran ceremony, gold has a prime significance and is usually seen in the form of jewellery, coins and gifts. And of course, Indians invest in gold as it is considered a valuable asset. In times of misfortune, many people get their gold assets mortgaged to raise capital or pay their debts.

Gold also holds a high significance in Indian religions because of its purity. Pure gold jewellery or pure gold artefacts never lose their sheen and their charm. They remain sparkling year after year and that is why gold is considered a precious metal. Idols of Gods and Goddesses crafted from pure gold can be found in many ancient temples of India.

The Perfect Occasions for Gold Plated Gifts

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This sparkling metal is very costly and hence few can afford to gift items or jewellery made from pure gold. Parents in India save for their daughter’s wedding from the moment she is born to be able to gift her pure gold jewellery at the time of her marriage. Other than pure gold, gold plated gifts are much preferred in India. They have the same sentiments, are affordable and considered beautiful gifts items in Indian traditions. Let us read about some perfect occasions when gold plated gifts can be given.


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No wedding in India is complete without gold plated gift articles. Items such as gold plated bowls, dessert sets, cutlery, crockery, photo frames and idols are commonly distributed as wedding favours in India. These are generally exchanged between the bride and groom’s families.


Just like weddings, anniversaries also hold an important significance. Anniversaries are occasions when a couple celebrates their marriage date year after year. It denotes strong marital bonds, endless love and living happily together forever. Husbands and wives gift precious gold plated items to their spouses to express their love for each other. Parents also gift gold plated jewellery or other gift items to their children on their anniversaries.


Diwali is the biggest festival of the Hindus in India. During Diwali, home owners invest in gold plated articles for their house. Many of them also buy gold plated gift items as Diwali gifts. These items mostly include gold plated photo frames, diyas, bowls, crockery sets and idols of Gods and Goddesses.

House-Warming or Office-Opening Ceremonies

A gold-plated gift item is also a good idea for a housewarming occasion or an office-opening ceremony. These items not only look aesthetic and stunning, but they also signify purity, strength and good luck. For the inauguration of new premises, gold plated gift articles are an excellent choice.

Birth of a Baby

Just like weddings and anniversaries, birth occasions in India are also considered sacred. With the birth of a new member come promises, hopes, happiness and excitement. Nothing compares to these sentiments perfectly than gold plated or pure gold gifts. It is a common tradition in India to gift a gold chain or a gold-plated chain to a newborn by close relatives. Some parents or grandparents even invest in gold plated bangles, anklets and earrings for the new-born to show their happiness.

10 Stunning Ideas for Gold Plated Gifts

Gold is gifted in India whenever something important is happening. This sentiment itself explains its value. So if you are convinced about gifting gold plated articles, then we have selected some very beautiful options available online. These are in different price ranges and you can select something that suits your budget.

24K Gold Plated Rose

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Do you have a special occasion like your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary? Then this lovely gold plated rose would be the perfect gift. A sweet and dainty little gift, this rose will never wither or lose its sheen for years to come as it is plated with 24 kt gold. Grab this one online from Amazon for Rs. 160. It’s a stunning handcrafted ornamental gold rose showcasing excellent craftsmanship and design.

24K Gold Plated Wind Chime Dolphin

This pretty wind chime is cuteness overloaded. Gift this to someone close to your heart. This wind chime can be gifted for a birthday or a house-warming ceremony. It can be placed on a table or hung from the ceiling. The 24 kt gold plated wind chime has a dolphin jumping through a ring. It is studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals. Priced at Rs. 1,265 at Taj Online, this decorative piece has a height of 15 cm and width of 10 cm. As this artefact is plated with pure gold, it will not turn blackish or corrode. It is one of those special gifts which can be treasured forever.

Gold and Silver Swan Bowls Gift Set

A lovely promotional gift item, this gold and silver swan bowl set is an excellent idea for executives, colleagues and clients. This pretty set has pretty swan-shaped bowls with teaspoons. You have to order a minimum quantity of 25 pieces from Jaipurace. The bowls are 4 inches in diameter each and the tray has dimensions of 13 x 5.5 inches. The set has lovely and intricate detailing and showcases excellent craftsmanship. You can use it for serving dry fruits, sweets and snacks.

24 K Set of 2 Bowls

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When it comes to gifting gold plated gifts, aarya24kt.com has raised the bar by selling premium and top-notch gift articles plated in gold. We have selected this 24kt set of 2 bowls from here, apt for gifting to a special someone on their birthdays, anniversaries or house-warming occasions. These bowls are engineered with high-quality crystal and embedded with 24 kt gold crush using a special technique. Priced at Rs. 7,200, this set of bowls will be treasured collectibles as the gold crush filled inside will retain its shape, brilliance, sheen and colour forever. You can use these bowls for serving dry fruits, ice-creams or other such desserts.

Gold Plated Serving Set

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IGP brings this elegant gold plated serving set consisting of a tray, 4 small bowls and 4 teaspoons. An apt gift for a Diwali give away, this set is priced at Rs. 2,490. The tray features intricate carving and detailing which is further enhanced with its gold plating. It is an elegant serving set to impress your guests. You can also use it at home for serving dry fruits, sweets and snacks for guests who come to visit you. The gold plating will not get dull or lose its sheen even after years of use.

Gold Plated Brooch

Want to dress up your man or son perfectly for their special event? If you have got the coat ready, do not forget a brooch, to complete the look. Get this delicate gold plated brooch from snapdeal.com to add a charming spark to your persona. This unisex brooch can be used for women on their saree pallu as well. It is priced at Rs. 192. Gift this to someone you know who is all excited to get dolled up for a special event. The brooch is 50 gm in weight and has a pretty peacock design studded with stones.

Radhe Krishna Idol

This stunning Radhe Krishna idol in a sitting pose is a must–have artefact in your home puja rooms or in your formal drawing rooms. The brilliance and clever craftsmanship of the God and Goddess’ idol are further enhanced with delicate gold plating work done on their accessories and gold. These resin dust figures will retain the sheen and sparkle of the gold plating for a long time. If you are an ardent Lord Krishna worshipper or if you know someone who is, then do not miss out on buying this masterpiece from divinity.com. Priced at Rs. 13,999, this one is worth every penny.

Golden Silver Tulsi Plant

Get this Golden Silver Tulsi Plant as a Diwali gift or a house-warming party gift for your near and dear ones. Indians hold religious sentiments for the holy tulsi plant. Having one plated in gold ensures that this one is a priceless and long-lasting collectable. Priced at Rs. 350 at Homeshop 18, this tulsi plant artefact has the typical squarish pot below with a beautiful tulsi plant above. The plant has green crystal leaves which further enrich the look. This tulsi plant can also be placed in your home puja room.

Gold Plated Photo Frame

This Ganesha, Lakshmi and Saraswati gold plated photo frame can be the perfect gift for housewarming, office-opening or Diwali give away. The beautiful and enchanting photo frame is plated with 24 kt gold. It is a priceless collectable which can enhance the beauty of your walls forever and also bestow divinity. Priced at Rs. 425, this one can be purchased from arya24kt.com.

Gold Plated Shagun Envelope

It’s a usual Indian tradition of gifting cash for weddings, birth ceremonies and anniversaries. One can find many pretty envelopes available in the market for gifting of shagun or cash. This gold plated envelope will further raise the bar of your gift. If you feel simply gifting cash in a plain envelope feels incomplete, then too, these gold plated envelopes will complete the look and feel of your gift while preserving your gifting sentiments. Priced at Rs. 15 for one, these envelopes can be sourced from batranovelties.com. The envelopes have an alluring picture of Lord Ganesha on the top. These are made from a fine and thin gold foil of 24 kt gold.

Some Things to Keep In Mind While Shopping for Gold Plated Items

Gold plated gifts are a costly affair and since you pay a good price to get a beautiful gift item and want it to be appreciated to the fullest, it is necessary that you keep some points in mind before buying them.

Be Mindful of the Purity of the Gold Layer

Gold is best when it is pure. But to cut down on the cost, many people add other metals to pure gold, reducing its purity. So while buying pure gold plated gift items for an important function, you need to ensure that the gold plating is 24 kt – this is the highest measurement of gold purity. 22 kt is also quite common but is not as pure as 24 kt. The higher the purity, the longer it will last, else it will lose its sheen and brilliance in some time.

You Should Know About the Thickness of the Gold

The thickness of gold is always measured in microns. It is best to get gold plated jewellery or articles with a gold layer ranging between 0.1 to 0.5 microns. This is a very thin layer but it has a solid impact on the item if it is pure. Since you are buying gold-plated articles and not pure gold, it is best to ensure that the gold plating is 24 kt.

Gold–plated gift items are an asset forever. While buying these, ensure that you invest in the purest form of gold so that the recipient treasures your gift forever. As you are buying only gold plated gift articles, these can fit easily into your budget. So if you are worried about gold plated items being very costly, you have to realize that it's just a very thin plating of this precious metal and hence quite affordable. Happy Gifting!

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Gold Plated Gift Items are Best Gift for All Occasion

Whether it is for Diwali or a wedding anniversary, whatever the occasion may be, gold-plated items are a treasure that is cherished forever. Don't forget the higher the purity, the longer it would last. So, if you have saved up enough, just go for the purest, 24 karat gold. Now, we believe, you are in a better place as regards the best gold gift item to go for to suit the occasion.