Move Over Boring Sarees and Lehengas, Try Lehenga Style Sarees and Make a Style Statement! 10 Stunning and Trendy Lehenga Saree Designs for 2019

Move Over Boring Sarees and Lehengas, Try Lehenga Style Sarees and Make a Style Statement! 10 Stunning and Trendy Lehenga Saree Designs for 2019

Sarees and Lehengas are so out of trend right now! A fusion of lehenga and saree together is in and is a favourite of all brides and celebs. The traditional look of the saree and the comfort and the stylish nature of lehengas together form a beautiful creation that you just cannot ignore. We have 10 stunning and fast-moving lehenga saree design in the market right now. You simply cannot go past them without clicking buy! We dare you to try!

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Why You Should Buy Lehenga Style Sarees?

You Get the Best of Both Worlds

Why ditch out on lehenga saree design when you can rock the best of both worlds at the same time? Is it a lehenga? Is it a saree? Who can tell because you are literally fusing the two most loved ethnic garments together in the best way possible? Also, the lehenga style sarees are a big relief from the lower pleats as you can rock that flare like a boss and move around with a lot more comfort and style.

They Look Super Trendy

The best part about both the lehengas and the saree is that they both are super trendy no matter what time of the year it is. So, when you are combining both of them, you get to wear the outfit which is completely stylish regardless of the trend. You can wear a lehenga style saree to any function and celebration and there are thousands of varieties to choose from too. So, basically, you get a fusion of traditions and style here.

Easy to Carry

Let’s talk about both these garments separately. When it comes to saree, the pleats on the waistline are very unmanageable. While for the lehengas, it really needs a lot of work to put together the dupatta.

But these troubles are nowhere in sight when you pick a lehenga saree combo. You do not need the pleats on the lower side while the dupatta is attached like a saree so you can carry it with utmost ease. It is definitely a win-win situation here.

10 Beautiful Lehenga Saree Designs

Embroidered Net Lehenga Style Saree

A stunning lehenga saree can look way gorgeous than a heavy lehenga or a saree alone. For example, take a look at this peach-coloured Net Jacquard lehenga whose style is all about grace and elegance. Despite being a traditional outfit, it gives a very modern feel and not to be forgotten how fuss-free it is to wear it.

The otherwise simple lehenga has a beautiful patch border in golden colour and gorgeous zari and stone work on top. It is complemented by a net jacquard blouse and pre-stitched pallu on it. You just need to wear the lehenga and wrap around the pallu attached with it and it is done. Everything about this lehenga saree is very graceful and stunning and you can rock it on any kind of function without a doubt. Get this beautiful peach lehenga saree from Utsav Fashion for Rs. 11,350.

Purple Embroidered Lehenga Saree

If you are looking for heavy lehenga saree design for the purpose of your own sangeet or engagement then you are going to love our next recommendation. This gorgeous net lehenga is available in purple colour which comes with an attached saree pallu in contrasting orange colour. You get the blouse with this attire which is golden in colour and made out of jacquard fabric. However, this entire outfit is available in unstitched form only.

Talking about the stunning purple lehenga, it is completely studded with gorgeous embroidery work which is then complemented by stone and zari work all over. You can find the matching border on the pallu too. The whole ensemble is really heavy and rich in appeal and looks very traditional. This gorgeous lehenga saree can be purchased from Mirraw for Rs.6,375.

Grey And Silver Embellished Lehenga Saree

Sometimes a simple attire can look way better than those of heavy ones. So, we decided to go for this Indo-western sort of lehenga saree in grey colour. The combination of grey and silver looks dreamy and that net lehenga gives a very modern touch to the whole attire.

This net lehenga has beautiful pallu attached to it which gives the much-needed saree fusion vibe to it. As the pallu is embellished, you can easily differentiate between the lehenga pattern and the saree. Talking about the blouse, you get a net blouse in silver colour which looks extremely sexy and quite like a sleeveless sequined crop top. The whole attire is very modern and hence perfect for a cocktail party or your bridesmaid duty. The whole combination is put together very effortlessly and you can buy this trendy lehenga saree from Myntra for Rs. 2,719 only.

Pink Lehenga Style Saree

If subtle colours and simple outfits are your types then you are going to love this lehenga saree that we picked here. Made out of net fabric, this lehenga is in combination with lyrca dupatta attached to it. The soft pink colour is definitely the most beautiful thing about this lehenga saree.

Apart from it, you can find the fine and detailed embroidery work on it which is then embellished with beautiful stones. This lehenga saree is available with an unstitched blouse which has a beautiful thread and stone work all over it. The shimmery net leaves you mesmerized with its beauty while the thin border on the pallu adds a bit of edge to the whole outfit. The colour and the whole net fabric gives a Barbie doll kind of feel to the whole lehenga saree and of course, it does not look ethnic at all. You can buy this pretty piece from Indian Wedding Saree for Rs. 5,999.

Grey Chiffon Printed Lehenga Saree


The next one amongst the lehenga saree design is a really pretty and casual looking grey chiffon lehenga saree. First of all, the fabric of chiffon is popular for being quite lightweight and flowy and this is why you can wear this saree for a really casual and light look.

Unlike most of the lehenga sarees mentioned here, this one does not have different patterns or prints on the lehenga and the pallu. The entire saree consists of the same print which is further paired with a black taffeta silk blouse. The complete outfit has a very chic vibe and it is quite easy to carry too. Wearing this saree for daytime events can be a great and unique choice. This beautiful lehenga style saree is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 2,199.

Royal Pink Georgette Lehenga Saree

Royal pink is such a vibrant and solid colour and a lehenga saree in this colour would look really pretty in any function. We handpicked a really beautiful royal pink georgette lehenga saree for you which comes with an intricate net lace border to enhance its complete appearance.

You can find a golden patch border on the lehenga and the lower half of it is covered with intricate embroidery in contrasting white colour. The pallu of the same colour as that of the lehenga which is quite unlikely in such kind of sarees. You also get a stunning golden blouse with gorgeous zari work on it. The entire lehenga saree is really heavy and recommended for wedding functions. The royal look of the saree would surely turn a lot of heads. Get this regal lehenga saree from India Emporium for Rs. 7,356.

Orange And Pink Artsilk Lehenga Saree

Our recommendation also has this really gorgeous lehenga saree bridal wear which is definitely short of words for its regal approach. The most stunning out of all, this is a combination of royal pink and orange colours and they both are quite solid and bright. Despite including two bright colours in one attire, the lehenga saree does not look OTT. In fact, it has this traditional and ethnic look which is quite pretty.

Ideal for brides, the art silk lehenga and attached pink pallu/dupatta is studded with stonework and intricate gota patti all over it. However, they have kept the upper pallu minimal to balance out the effect. The ensemble is accompanied by an art silk pink blouse with gorgeous gota patti work on it. You can buy this outfit from Panash India for Rs. 14,369.

Beige Designer Lehenga Saree

Beige is certainly becoming a very modern colour so there ought to be a lehenga saree in the same colour in our list. This is actually a mix of beige and tan where you can find the lehenga in the former colour while the attached pallu/dupatta is available in the latter one.

The whole mix and match of shades of beige turn out to be very classic. The net lehenga is very stunning as it has this gorgeous embroidery on it in a lace pattern. It is further completed by a tan border and the same goes with the pallu too. However, the pallu has been kept quite minimal with no further embellishments. This lehenga saree is accompanied by a tan coloured blouse. We would recommend this piece for cocktail parties as it looks quite designer and stylish. You can buy this on Your Designer Wear for Rs. 3,453.

Designer Pink Net Embroidered Lehenga Saree

Going a bit retro with the lehenga saree might sound kind of weird but it won’t be once you take a look at this designer pink coloured lehenga saree here. Just like the earlier sarees, it has got these ruffles and layering pattern which is quite eye-catching. The lehenga has beautiful embroidery on it and is further studded with zari work. You can find beautiful shades of pink on the lehenga which is finally completed by a burgundy border.

Talking about the pallu, it is attached from behind. The pallu has pretty zari work and a beautiful patch border too matching to that of the lehenga. The blouse provided is a burgundy colour net fabric and looks quite flirty and cute. You can buy this pretty lehenga from Mirraw for Rs. 4,500.

Grey And Orange Pleated Lehenga Saree

You must have seen a lot of lehenga saree style images where the pallu is attached from the front in form of saree drapes. We were finally able to find one such lehenga saree and it is quite stylish too. We found this stunning grey and orange lehenga saree combination which comes with a blue pre-attached dupatta with it. You can find the pre-stitched pleats on the front and the dupatta goes around like a saree with pre-stitched pallu drapes too.

The raw silk fabric increases the richness of the lehenga while the intricate resham zardosi work further enhances its beauty. You can find a big floral motif in patch and zari work on the upper front part of the lehenga which is quite like its highlight too. The entire outfit is further completed by a grey raw silk net blouse studded in sequins. Grab this lehenga saree from Kalki Fashion for Rs. 40,140.

Additional Tips While Buying Lehenga Saree

So, we have given you great versatile designs of lehenga style saree but just like any other ensemble, there are a few tips and tricks which you should know about these sarees too. As they are different from usual, these tips will help you to pull them off with great ease and comfort.

Choose Half And Half Pattern

It is mostly recommended to choose such a lehenga saree which has half and half pattern. You might have seen this pattern in various sarees where half of the saree has print while the other half has some solid colours or any other design. It gives a very unique appearance to the whole outfit. So, when you go for the half and half pattern in lehenga style saree, it is going to look really unique and classy. This is a great trick to break the monotony of the garment too.

Go for Pre-stitched Lehenga Saree Design

Of course, there is a huge variety available in the market and it is nearly impossible to have a look at all of them. But if you are a newbie at wearing sarees and such traditional outfits then it is recommended to go for the pre-stitched lehenga style saree. Such kind of sarees has their drapes already stitched so all you have to do is just wear the outfit as it is without any hardship required. It will not only save time for you but will be easy to carry as well.

Try to Look for Indo-Western Patterns


For someone, who is not in much awe of the typical ethnic attires, it is recommended to look out for Indo-western touch in them. These are also called saree gowns and you can find them on various online shopping portals easily. Our recommendation is to check out Kalki Fashion. There are great lehenga saree Indo-western patterns out there.

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Point to Note When Deciding on the Flare of the Lehenga Saree

The most important point that brides forget when purchasing a lehenga or a lehenga saree is the flare. While you are free to add as much flare as you like, you tend to ignore the nature of the material. The flare is obtained by adding an inner layer with a material called can-can or a similar buckram. Both work in similar yet different ways. They share a similarity which is the discomfort when added too much. You also need to keep your body shape in mind when adding the flare to your lehenga saree. But is it really a lehenga without the all too important flare. Comfort is the key and a limited flare will make sure you enjoy your day.