Pooja Items Made of Silver Not Only Last Longer but Also Beautify Your Mandir: Here are Some Wonderful Silver Pooja Items with Price (2020)

Pooja Items Made of Silver Not Only Last Longer but Also Beautify Your Mandir: Here are Some Wonderful Silver Pooja Items with Price (2020)

The day of pooja to marks an important occasion in the family is filled with the hustle and bustle of people going around and making preparations. And your pooja, just a few days away, you are surely going to be too busy to be visiting the crowded stores for a new Pooja Thali. You surely are going to be amazed at the variety that you are going to find when shopping for a silver item online. So, don't worry! get your work done the easy way for shopping silver pooja thali. Check our list, we have selected 10 silver pooja items from brand stores in India, where you can get one to perform your pooja grandly.

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Significance of Using Silver for Pooja Purpose in India

For Hindus, pooja is a religious practice and this ritual aims to invoke and seek Divine blessings. The methodical performance of this Vedic ritual at auspicious timing generates positive energies. There are a few essential items required to perform poojas or prayers. The most important ones are vessels and items like bowls, oil lamps, Haldi and Kum Kum containers, Pachapatra, Bells and Abhishek vessels.

One has to perform pooja by chanting Sanskrit mantras to release energetic cosmic vibrations and get rid of negativities. Also, the person who performs pooja in this manner is blessed and all his desires are fulfilled. The rituals are performed to worship Vishnu, Indra and Ganesha, ancestors and nine planets seek their blessings and bestow health, success and affluence. The pooja items used are usually made of brass or silver and there are several reasons for it.

The Rasayana Shastra explains the hidden powers of these metals. When metals are treated in the right function they act as anti-malign agents. The idols or pooja items made of brass, copper and silver are durable and last for long years due to its chemical compositions. Also, these items are exposed to arati and other puja rites like homa and hence they are exposed to heat for long hours and brass and silver items can withstand this unlike gold, whose melting point is not high. Silver is considered to be the most adaptable metal and is associated with the Moon, and it represents philosophical traits and inner wisdom. It is also symbolic of purity and spirits.

3 Things to Know Before Buying Silver Items

1. Making Charges

Usually, while buying silver items, we tend to consider the value quoted at face value, but you need to know the prevailing rate of silver in the market on that particular day. Also, check for the making charges on the article. Generally, the making charges for silver items starts from Rs. 3 for one gram and is higher for articles that have elaborate craftsmanship.

2. Silver Purity

Pure silver is malleable which means it is too soft. Hence, silver items are made by mixing other metals such as copper to make it durable and increase its strength. Similar to gold, silver also has purity and BIS standards. So, the best way to know that authenticity of the silver you are buying is to check the BIS Hallmark.

3. Check Authenticity of Silver

The best way to ensure that the silver item you are buying is pure is to perform a physical test. This will not harm the item in any way. If you have a magnet, then check if the silver item is magnetic. If it latches, then the item might contain nickel or other metal because silver is not magnetic. Also, when you tap the silver item with a tool, you will hear a high-pitched ringing tone, which lasts for a couple of seconds. Duller rings mean it has more steel or copper alloy.

10 Silver Pooja Items with Price to Add to Your Home Mandir in 2020

Silver Panchpatra with Aachmani

Panchpatra with Acchmani is integral to any pooja ritual. It is used to store the panchamrit (Charan Amrit) before the beginning of the pooja and the same is distributed on completing the ritual. Charan Amrit means the holy nectar from the feet of the deity being worshipped, which is considered sacred. The ingredients in charanamrit include Ganga Water, Cow Milk, Curd, Honey, Ghee and Tulsi Leaves. The sacred combination of all these ingredients is offered from the Panchpatra to everyone. The silver Pancha Patra with aachmani available on silver store is made of pure silver (925). It has a BIS hallmark. The total weight of the product is 110 grams. Panchpatra is 80 grams and Aachmani is 30 grams and is priced at Rs. 7,399 on Silverstore.in.

Silver Banana Large

We want to offer the best to the deity we pray to please him. Of all the things offered during puja, Banana is of prime importance. It is considered as a sacred fruit, as it is not grown from the leftover part like the other fruits. It is grown only by planting its rhizome or seeds. So, it is considered as a pure fruit to be offered to God. A beautiful bunch of 11 handmade silver banana from pn gadgil is a great offering to be made to God, especially on Ganesh Chaturthi as it is his favourite fruit. The bananas weigh about 108.3 grams and have a glossy finish. Each banana is 60 mm in length and 10 mm in width. You can order it on Pngadgil.com where it can be purchased for Rs. 9,567.

Flower Basket

Flowers are the most colourful and beautiful things in nature. In India no occasion is complete without flowers whether it is an auspicious occasion, wedding or to welcome guests, flowers are a must. Flowers have also a special place when it comes to showing our devotion to the deity we pray. You can perform pooja without bhog, sandalwood etc, but pooja is not complete without offering few flowers to God. The fragrance and beauty of flowers lend a sacred atmosphere to the worship area. It also brings positive vibes and calms our mind and helps us to concentrate, meditate and pray. You need a container to store clean, fresh and sweet-smelling flowers before offering them to God. The attractively designed Silver Flower Basket from Vemmudisilverware.com will come handy to keep flowers. It weighs 947 grams with purity 92.5%. It costs Rs. 63,016 on the Vummudi Silverware site.

Silver Pooja Chhatra

The traditional chhatra is hung above the images or idols of the deity. There is a belief that the Chhatra multiples prosperity and wealth and therefore it is kept in pooja rooms and on wealth boxes. The silver chhatra from Paliwaljewelers.com is exclusively designed and has small silver balls around it. It is ideal to be used for any God. The hook at the top of the Chhatra will come handy to hang it. The product weighs 51 grams and purity of silver is 995. Available on Paliwalijewlers.com the price of this beautifully carved pooja chhatra is Rs. 5,822.

Pair of Banana Tree

Offering prayers to trees, especially banana tree is being followed in India since ancient times. This is done as a symbol of gratitude, as the existence of life is difficult without trees. The sacred Banana tree symbolizes Vishnu, ‘the saviour’. During auspicious occasions, like wedding and grihapravesh, Banana plant is placed at the entrance as it brings peace, happiness and financial stability. Silver Banana Plant from jpearls is a well crafted and exclusive product that can be used for various occasions. The Lotus Laxmi Idol is intricately crafted and brings positive vibrations to your living space. The purity of silver of these silver articles is 80%. It weighs 60 grams. The price of Laxmi idol and a pair of Banana Tree is Rs. 5,562. Get it at jpearls.com.

Silver Diya

Source www.amazon.in

Every household in India follows the tradition of lighting a Diya two times a day as a part of the pooja ritual. Every auspicious function, daily worship, religious occasions are incomplete without lighting a lamp. A lighted lamp symbolizes good luck, goodness and purity. Also, the presence of light will drive away evil forces and darkness. The oil in the lamp signifies negative things in humans like hatred, jealousy and greed while the cotton wick represents the soul or Atma. Hence, lighting a Diya means getting rid of selfishness and one is free from sadness. It enlightens and helps us connect with God. Lighting silver lamps are believed to please the Moon God. Protect your family and yourself by lighting a lamp every day in front of the deity to spread light and happiness. The Silver Diya from Siri creations on Amazon.in is beautifully crafted. The pair of diya's weighs 60 grams with purity 90%. The cost of the diya’s is Rs. 3,419.

Silver Pooja Thali

Silver Pooja Thali is a perfect pooja accessory that gives a traditional touch to your pooja room. All the materials required for the pooja can be placed on it. In every religious occasion in India, whether it is rituals or festivals, a silver thali is an essential pooja item. These Thalis are available in various size, shape and with beautiful designs and engravings. The beautifully engraved Pooja Thali available on Tatacliq is designed to perfection. The meticulous workmanship and the aesthetic details exude elegance. The purity of silver is 80% and is priced at Rs. 8,000. You can check it out on TataCliq.

Silver Incense Stick Stand

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The incense sticks are an essential pooja item in Hindu culture. The fragrance that rises on burning the incense sticks elevates the spirit and clears the devotee's mind of any ill thoughts. The lighting of agarbatti is also symbolic to Panch Bhoota or the five elements of nature Agni, Varuna, Vayu, Aakasha and Prithvi. Besides Hinduism, the incense sticks are also used in Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese Cultures. The elegant, Pure Silver Agarbatti Stick Stand available on amazon is BIS hallmarked product. The purity of about 97% to 99%. The stand can hold 5 sticks and weighs 12 to 16 grams. This elegant stand is available for Rs. 2,269 on Amazon.in.

Silver Ashtothram Flowers

As we recite the 108 names of the deity during pooja, we offer silver Ashtothram handcrafted flowers to please the God. These flowers are beautifully carved from good quality silver with gold plating. Each flower has a long stalk, which makes it comfortable to hold it. These flowers are usually used for Devi pujas while chanting Lalitha Sahasranamam and all kinds of other puja rituals. It is believed that flowers of precious metal bring good luck. After the pooja, the flowers can be stored in a box in the pooja room. The 108 silver flowers weigh about 25 grams and the purity is of 80%. Each flower is about 10 mm in length and the price of these beautiful silver flowers is Rs. 2,147 on Madhwakart.com.

Mangal Kalash

Mangal Kalash signifies peace, immortality and abundance and is used for various religious ceremonies, weddings and other auspicious occasions. It is believed that the Kalash helps in bringing happiness and peace at home. The Mangal Kalash with coconut and leaves is ‘elixir of life’. The Kalash is usually made of earthen pitcher or metal and filled with water. Mango or betel leaves are placed inside the Kalash along with coconut. A sanctified thread is tied around the neck. The Kalash is usually placed facing the North direction and in front of the image or idols of the God. The position is important as it signifies balance, which is essential to attain success in life. The sacred Kalash is placed on swastika symbol which is drawn using turmeric and vermillion. The Kalash is symbolic of the universe or creation. During the churning of the ocean by asuras and devas, it is said that Amrit appeared in the Kalash. Hence, a Kalash also represents immortality. The Mangal Kalash from Bhattersilver.com is a beautifully carved piece with Coconut and Leaves. The Kalash has images of Ganesha engraved on it. It is embellished with silver bells. The product weighs 350 grams and Rs. 13 per gram is charged at the making price. The cost of the product is Rs. 18,900.

Bonus Idea: Easy and Quick Way to Clean Silver Pooja Items?

When exposed to air silver oxidizes easily. There is a quick and easy method to clean silver items to make it look new and shining. All you need for cleaning silver articles is aluminium foil, baking soda and salt. The reaction between aluminium and baking soda gives wonderful results. Place the silver articles that you want to clean in a steel or aluminium vessel. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of salt in it. Add a few pieces of aluminium foil (6” x 6” pieces). Now, pour hot water into the vessel to make sure all the silver articles are completely immersed in water. Cover and leave for about 3 – 4 minutes. Use a toothbrush to clean the uncleaned area if any. Wash with clean water. Wipe the items dry using a soft cloth. This is an easy way to get sparkling silver without much effort from your side.

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