10 Beautiful Silver Kumkum Bharani Options That Reflect Auspicousness And Elegance (2020)

10 Beautiful Silver Kumkum Bharani Options That Reflect Auspicousness And Elegance (2020)

Whether for your Pooja Ghar, personal use or for gifting to someone, silver kumkum boxes or dabbis come in a variety of designs. Our guide offers a collection of best silver kumkum bharani designs with prices that you can consider. Read on and choose your favourite one!

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Where Can You Use the Silver Kumkum Bharani?

Give As An Antique-Themed Traditional Gift

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There are a lot of ways to use a Silver Kumkum Bharani especially when it comes to gifting them to your loved ones. You can definitely consider these items as a unique and antique gift item for special people in your life. There are a lot of unique designs available online or you can customise and design something on your own too. Such kind of gifts always remain timeless and classic no matter what the era or what the of occasion.

Use for Storing Sindoor

Apart from storing kumkum and haldi (turmeric) in a Kumkum Bharani, you can also use it for storing sindoor in it. In fact, this is one old school thing which still looks quite classic and amazing and also reminds us of the beautiful Indian traditions. You can gift this Kumkum Bharani to your wife to store sindoor in it. Prefer single compartment Kumkum Bharani for such usage.

Use It in Pooja Ghar for Kumkum

Apart from gifting purposes, you can use the Kumkum Bharani in your Pooja Ghar too. This is of course the most common use of the Kumkum Bharani and is widely popular through all the cultures and regions of India. We would recommend you to buy a two compartment Kumkum Bharani for it to store kumkum in one and haldi or Akshat in the other. Don’t forget to clean it regularly to make sure the silver remains shining like new all the time.

Some Wonderful Designs of Silver Kumkum Bharani that You Can Buy

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Kumkum Holder

Our first pick amongst the silver kumkum box designs is a Haldi Kumkum Holder. This is one of the most standard designs that you will come across for Kumkum Bharani. You get 80% purity in this design along with some beautiful carvings and pattern too.

The holder weighs approximately 70 grams and apart from silver charges, making charges are also included in the total price. Of course, this design is way different and far from being too simple.
This one is a really pretty and small Kumkum Bharani having two open compartments for storing haldi and kumkum or any other thing of your choice in it. You can lift this Bharani with the help of a holder design in the middle of these two compartments. You can also spot a peacock design and beautiful and intricate carvings on this holder too. You can buy it now on jpearls.com for Rs. 5,726.

Silver Classic Medium Kumkum Box

A classic small sized silver kumkum box is always the best option to gift as a present to someone you may not know well. By the term classic, we truly mean classic because it is one of the most popular and widely used designs for such kind of kumkum or sindoor box.

It has a oval shaped design with simple engraving done all over its exteriors.Overall, it is quite a simple design made out of 925 sterling silver and having a weight of 16 gm approximately. This classic silver kumkum box is available for purchase at Amazon for Rs. 1,129.

Silver Plated Peacock Kumkum Box

We found our next silver Kumkum Bharani design on Amazon and it is really stunning. However, there is one huge catch here - this Kumkum Bharani is not entirely made out of silver. They have just used silver plating on this sindoor/kumkum box to bring out that lustrous shine without having to spend a bomb on it.

So, it is perfect for you if you are looking for low range silver articles for everyday use or for budget gifting purposes to your loved ones.

This Kumkum Bharani is a box like design which comes with a lid on it. Also, you get a peacock on the lid which can be used as a holder to open the lid and access the compartment inside. Despite having silver plating only, you can’t make out that it is not entirely made of silver. Buy it now on Amazon for Rs. 299.

Silver Kumkum Bharani

A very lightweight silver Kumkum Bharani which can be used as a return gift for puja is actually quite hard to find. But we managed to lay our eyes on this piece here which is perfect for gifting and for return gifting too.

This Kumkum Bharani is not only lightweight but quite small in size too. The design is also quite cute and to be honest, you are not going to find anything like this.

The covering lid of this kumkum box is actually quite stunning. It even has a handle shaped like the stem of a leaf which is such a unique design. You can also spot an intricate design on the lid only and the box is left simple. It is made out of 925 sterling silver and quite tiny in size. You can buy this kumkum box on shopclues.com for Rs. 1,250/

Silver Kumkum Box with Engraving

Source tarangarts.com | Silver plated Kumkum box

A silver Kumkum Bharani has multiple uses. Not only can you use it in your Pooja Ghar to keep kumkum and haldi in it, but you can also use it as a holder for keeping sindoor in it. For such multipurpose use, we found the perfect design for you.

This silver Kumkum Bharani or box is just the perfect example of multipurpose use. Here you get 80% pure silver and the overall weight of this Bharani is about 25 gm. The design is pretty decent where you get a silver lid for the box and also an attached stand to the box to keep it stable. The lid as well as the box has some beautiful engravings on it in floral pattern that looks really outstanding. You should definitely buy this kumkum box on Tarang Arts for Rs. 1,602.

Sterling Silver Dani

Our next pick here is one stunning design of kumkum box which is more like a sindoor dani instead. This is made out of BIS Hallmarked pure silver and has a weight of about 15 gm only.

This kumkum box has a shape of an antique Itra-dani which is actually quite eye-catching and gives an edgy touch to the whole Kumkum Bharani. The covering lid of this kumkum box comes with a stick attached inside to take out the kumkum or sindoor stored inside.

This kumkum box comes packed in a nice box and hence we found it perfect for you to give it to your wife on a special occasion. This is a totally waterproof design and you can buy it on Flipkart for Rs. 1,879.

Pure Silver Kumkum Bharani

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If you are looking for a pure silver Kumkum Bharani then you are going to love this beautiful silver Kumkum Bharani design here. This is one of the most unique designs that we came across and we are pretty sure that you are going to like it too.

The beautiful Bharani is about 44 gm in weight and comes with a small stand attached to the Bharani and a covering lid too. The lid is also attached to the box itself so that you don’t lose it. On top of the lid, you can witness a peacock design which works as a holder really well. There is also stunning Minakari work all over the Bharani in red and green colours. What's more, there are also silver latkans on the kumkum box. The overall design comes together really well and you should make sure that you get your hands on it. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 2,579.

Vintage Silver Kumkum Box

You have seen all sorts of kumkum holders and Bharanis till now in different shapes, sizes and styles. However, this vintage style Kumkum Bharani is definitely way different from the rest of the options mentioned above.

Featuring cute engraving of elephants and flowers, the antique style finish makes this option stand out. Ideal to gift for weddings or housewarming ceremonies, this bharani can be found on SVTM Jewels for Rs. 7,053. The site also offers a smaller option at Rs. 2,300.

Silver Kumkum Box with Golden Touch

We can totally bet on the fact that this Kumkum Bharani in golden and silver combination is by far the most gorgeous piece in this list here. The stunning kumkum box is made out of 92.5 pure silver which is also the most common type of silver used for such purposes.

It weighs about 43 gm and has a design which looks quite breathtaking. In fact, this is such a fancy piece of Kumkum Bharani as it has a combination of silver and gold in it.

The covering lid and the attached stand of this silver kumkum box is provided in golden polish. It has an extremely intricate designing and carving done on which looks so enchanting. The oval shaped kumkum box is a perfect gift for your wife or some loved ones. It is available for purchase on Joyalukkas for Rs. 3,416.

Simple Silver Kumkum/Sindoor Box

Our final pick for this list of some really wonderful silver kumkum box is this simple and rather lightweight design. This is perfect for everyday use and made out of 92.5 pure silver. It is about 24.5 gm in weight and has a standard design which works well for both kumkum as well as sindoor.

This silver kumkum box has such a traditional design which is easy to spot elsewhere. Apart from the oval shaped box you also get a covering lid on it too.

There are some minimal carvings done on the silver lid as well as on the box. You can also spot a very little stand attached to the Bharani too. You can keep it in your Pooja Ghar or gift it to your wife to store sindoor in it. This works wonderfully for both. This simple design is available for purchase on Joyalukkas for Rs. 1,760.

How to Take Care of Silver Articles?

You can buy all sorts of silver items for Pooja and other purposes on online and offline stores. However, this is not the real deal. The real deal is to know how to take care of the silver items and how to keep them bright and shiny all the time. We have some tips that might help you regarding cleaning and storing of these silver items.

Keep Your Silver Items Dry

It is really important that you keep your silver items completely dried out while storing them. They must not make contact with moisture as it can form a toxic layer on the silver items. This layer also causes the articles to turn greenish black in colour which ultimately ruins them unless you get them polished once again. So, make sure to pack them nicely in a box or wrapping cover before storing them in a dry place.

Clean with Hot and Soapy Water Every Few Days

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Only storing your silver items in a dry place is not going to help you in keeping them looking shiny for a longer duration. You must also opt for a regular cleaning process like washing the items with hot and soapy water to remove all sorts of dirt and dust from them. Of course, you are not supposed to leave them for too long in the water. Cleaning quickly will get the things done for you.

Use High Quality Silver Polish for Surface Timely

While taking care of your silver Kumkum Bharani or any other silver items, you must stick to a regular polishing routine. Kumkum Bharani is something which is used on a daily basis and constant contact with kumkum and water can turn it extremely blackish and old. So, make sure to opt for a high quality silver polish for all your silver items to keep them looking like new all the time.

Dusting is Important Before Cleaning

You are not supposed to put water directly on your silver articles while cleaning them. You must get rid of all the dust before this cleaning process to ensure the silver doesn’t react with any harmful chemicals. Also, apart from dusting them regularly, you should also clean and store them properly to prevent the silver articles from tarnishing and ruining their appearance.

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Silver Kumkum Bharani - An Integral and Beautiful Part of Indian Traditions

We hope that you would have got a deep insight about the beautiful designs available for Silver Kumkum Bharanis, both online and offline. It is also important to follow the steps mentioned in the article for maintaining your silverware so that it keeps on looking new and attractive for many years. If you find pure silver items to be out of your budget you can look for silver plated - these look as wonderful but are much more affordable.