10 Ideal Return Gifts for Vastu Shanti to End Your Housewarming Party on the Right Note

10 Ideal Return Gifts for Vastu Shanti to End Your Housewarming Party on the Right Note

Housewarming return gifts are not necessary but they are a nice way to thank your guests for gracing the vastu shanti puja with their presence. And since such a function is attended by close friends, family and perhaps some of your new neighbours, sending guests home with a thoughtful grah shanti gift will make everyone happy, and you could not wish for a more auspicious start to life in your new home. Read on to find some great and inexpensive vastu shanti return gifts.

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Things to Keep in Mind for Selecting the Perfect Rreturn Gifts for a Vastu Shanti Puja

The prospect of moving into your new house is definitely exciting and likely overwhelming, as you have a zillion things and aspects to consider from the layout, decor, storage, utilities, functionality...oh, the list is endless. When the move into your new abode is complete, it is quite likely that you would like to commemorate the special occasion with a bunch of family and friends. Perhaps you are planning to throw a housewarming party or conduct a vastu shanti puja? These housewarming ceremonies are regarded as auspicious events. Although it is generally an informal event, it is one of utmost significance and cherished memories. Why not make this occasion even more memorable by planning some return gifts for the attending guests? We have a list of perfect gift ideas for you to consider for your housewarming party, but before we dive into details, we would like you to consider some friendly tips that will help you shortlist the best return gift.

Get the Best Deal With These Tricks

  • Set Budget for the Gifts: The guest list for such gatherings can be quite variable but, on average, since this number will be on the higher side, setting a budget for the return gift should be your top priority. Moreover, you may have already spent a bomb on decorating or refurbishing your house, so it is only sensible to be penny-wise in this aspect. Set a total budget and divide it by the number of expected guests (consider a 20 per cent extra cost for shipping, convenience fee, or packing). Also, it is advisable to order extra gifts for guests who may visit later on, for the new neighbours, or any unexpected arrivals. Since you will be purchasing in bulk quantities, don't be shy to negotiate the price with the merchant or vendor.

  • Think Traditional vs Contemporary: Should I get a traditional gift that will be a sure-shot winner or should I opt for something fresher, something contemporary? This is a common dilemma to face in selecting return favours for your housewarming function, which would typically attract guests of all age groups and diversities. Traditional gifts would include silver-based items, for instance, whereas contemporary ones would be the more trendy aromatic diffusers. Whichever category you decide on, make sure the gift will be useful to the recipient (or the recipient's family).

  • Select Thoughtful Gifts: Although presenting your guests with return favours is not a compulsion for an event like a housewarming party, it does add to the charm of the occasion and leaves your guests happy and appreciative of your relationship. Hence, it is important that you pick a gift that is thoughtful and considerate of the recipient. For instance, if you are inviting friends belonging to diverse faiths, a religious gift will not be ideal and can invite raised eyebrows by the sensitive folks. Moreover, no one wants another curio that will clutter their home space. We have provided below a list of inexpensive return gifts that you can consider for vastu shanti puja, and we have categorized them as "trendy" and "traditional".

Trending Return Gifts for a Housewarming Party

Scented Candles

Source www.amazon.in

Scented candles spread a pleasing, lingering aroma whenever lit. They are known to uplift moods and pamper your senses. A scented candle as a gift from a new and fresh home makes it extra special, doesn't it? While there are a variety of scented candles available in the market, we have shortlisted a few for your consideration:

With a sophisticated and unique fragrance, these Rosemoore tuberose-shaped Green Bergamot & Geranium Scented Tea Lights from Amazon priced at Rs.367 are an elegant return gift idea.

Or you can consider this set of Lighthaus Candles from the same site. With a range of amazing fragrances (Vanilla Caramel, Midnight Jasmine, English Rose and Lavender Fields), these candles come packed in a cute glass bottle. Give one of these to each of your guests and they will inhale a pleasant fragrance each time they light these beautiful candles!

Meditating Monk Buddha Smoke Backflow Cone Incense Holder

Source www.amazon.in

A beautiful back-flow incense burner makes for a unique housewarming gift. Made of poly resin and measuring about 7 x 7 x 12 cm, this meditating Buddha incense holder creates an illusion of a smoky waterfall each time a lit cone-shaped incense stick is placed on it. Instead of escaping into the air vertically, the smoke starts to flow in the reverse direction (top to bottom) and gives a gorgeous waterfall effect. This holder can be purchased for Rs.255 on Amazon. The incense burner comes with 6 backflow incense cones. The scented smoky fumes flowing alongside the Buddha makes for a surreal-looking visual and makes this the perfect gift for any home or office space!

Ceramic Reed Diffuser Set

Source www.amazon.in

Reed diffusers are a very popular choice of gifts for homes and offices. That's primarily because of the aromatic fragrance these diffusers emit and the ease of use. One simply needs to insert the reeds into a glass bottle or glass jar containing scented diffuser oil, which the reeds soak up through capillary action, emitting a pleasant aroma all around.

Let your guests maximize the benefits of aromatherapy with this elegant reed diffuser sized 2 x 4.5 x 9 inches. It comes with 8 reed sticks and a 60 ml diffuser oil bottle. Priced at Rs. 430, you receive this diffuser along with its accompaniments, wrapped in a pretty bamboo box. Order this from Amazon

Wooden Gem Stone Tray

How about a gift that will help your guests serve their future guests in style? A wooden serving tray makes for a great utility and aesthetic housewarming gift that will surely be appreciated by your guests. This charming gift with the sparkle of gemstones contrasting against the wooden backdrop looks classy and elegant!

There are gemstones of six different colours, arrange in a 3 x 2 grid in compartments. These stones are covered with glass, so the tray can be easily cleaned. This 6 x 8 inch tray can be used not only as a serve ware but also as a piece of home decor! The wooden embellished tray is available on wedtree.in for Rs.428.

Soulfully Designed Hut-Shaped Coaster Set

A house-themed gift is an excellent choice as a return favour for a vastu shanti ceremony. Not only is it symbolic, it will also remind your guests of the memorable occasion for years to come!

Here we are talking about a set of wooden tea coasters shielded within a wooden house, giving it an appearance of a chest of drawers. This gift will make a great addition to the dining table of your guests' homes. The coasters are about 4 x 4 x 3 inches approximately and are priced at Rs.270. You can buy them from boontoon.com

Traditional Return Gifts for a Vastu Shanti Puja

Handmade Fabric Stationery Holder

Delight your guests by gifting them a colourful hand crafted stationary/cord holder adorned with traditional warli prints on cotton with fuse lining. The product is handmade by local community artisans and hence has a unique charm about it. Product dimensions are 26 x 19.5 cm. Available at just Rs.144 from ruralshop.com/, this fabric holder is an inexpensive but highly useful gift that will also benefit underprivileged women.

Designer Airtight Box

A utility gift is sure to make your guests happy, and this designer airtight box is a great choice! The box is about 11 x 7 cm, weighs approximately 120 gm, and is available online on nandigifts.com for Rs.135 only. The container is made of food-grade plastic and has a metal-plated surface. Remember to order in advance as they take about 10 days for shipping.

Ethnic Ganesha Wall Hanging

A Ganesha idol or statue is considered very auspicious and believed to bring prosperity at new beginnings. No wonder why this is a popular choice for a griha vastu shanti puja! This particular ethnic Ganesha hanging can be doubled as a pretty door decor as it comes with a bell, ringing in good luck to the homes of your guests. The product is made of aluminium and is painted in pleasing, vibrant colours. The Ganesha is about 42 gms in weight and its dimensions are 13 X 10 X 2 (cm). This gift is also quite inexpensive, available at vyaparmart.com for Rs.199 only. Of course, as advised earlier, this is an ideal gift option only if majority of your guests are followers of the Hindu faith.

German Silver Tulsi

The Holy Basil, commonly known as Tulsi is considered an auspicious and sacred plant in the Hindu belief, owing to its healing properties and mythological ties. While it may not be practical to gift everyone a plant or seedlings, a good gifting option is a tulsi maadam made of German silver. It is light weight (about 18 grams only) and measures about 3 inches high. If you're looking for a bulk order, you can order from wedtree.in for Rs.86 per piece.

Elephant Base Flower Vase

Source theoneshop.in

A pretty glass flower vase with an elephant head design at its base makes for an attractive and stylish gift from the hosts of a housewarming party. The vase is made of glass whereas the elephant sculpture is made of oxidised metal, weighing about 370 grams in all. The vases come carefully packaged in cardboard boxes and are priced at Rs.325. You can order online from The One Shop.

Pay Attention to the Gift Wrapping and Return Gift Bags

A good gift wrapping is like an icing on a delicious cake. It is not just about covering the present in decorative paper, but it goes one step further as it creates some excitement in the minds of the recipient as he or she receives a beautifully wrapped present and opens it to reveal the contents. Put in some thought about how you're presenting the gift to your guests. You can have some thank-you cards printed at a local print store or simply gift all return favours in the same paper bag, so all the presents seem unified. We hope the above guidelines and suggestions are useful to you in planning return favours for vastu shanti ceremony at your new haven, and congratulations on the move!

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Make a proper guest list

Make a complete guest list, accounting for neighbours you may have interacted with and who are expected to pop in, and even if it's just close family. Having the numbers clearly in front of you, along with a clear mental image of the average age of guests will make gift selection a lot easier. You don't want to run out of gifts but you also don't want a stockpile of excess items which will be of little use later, so don't go by vague estimates. It will also ensure you don't miss anyone accidentally, bruised egos are hard to soothe.