No Pooja Is Complete without a Lamp: Let Your Spirits Flow with Our Silver Lamps Plus Tips to  Experience the Light of Joy (2020)

No Pooja Is Complete without a Lamp: Let Your Spirits Flow with Our Silver Lamps Plus Tips to Experience the Light of Joy (2020)

In many Indian households, diyas are an essential part of ceremonies, auspicious functions and prayers. Silver and brass diyas are popularly found in homes. So if you are looking for diyas to worship, then you can explore our curated list of best silver lamps you can buy to adorn your prayer room or mandir. Scroll on for the full list.

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Tips for Lighting Lamps

Significance of Lighting a Lamp & Keeping the Puja Silverware Sparkling Clean

In nearly every Indian home, a lamp is lit daily before the Lord, somewhere at dawn, or twice at dawn and dusk or somewhere continuously as Akhanda Jyot. Most festive occasions or special events begin by lighting a lamp, which lasts throughout the occasion. Symbolic of banishing darkness, grief or unhappiness, lighting a lamp has always been equated with positivity, a harbinger of the good and the presence of spiritual beings.

A traditional oil lamp goes a notch up on the spiritual significance with the oil/ghee symbolizing negative tendencies and the wick, human ego. When an oil lamp is lit, the negativity gets exhausted and the ego also simmers down. Since the light signifies knowledge, positivity and tranquillity, lighting earthen lamps or diyas daily is considered auspicious and also attracts Goddess Lakshmi as per popular belief. In Hindu temples, during the Aarti, the prayer ceremony’s performed with five lamps burning at once and waved gently in a clockwise motion before the revered deity, this ritual’s known to purify the atmosphere as well enhance our personal connection with the Higher Power.

Silver is a beautiful and versatile metal that adds to a soft lustre and touch of elegance in any form. However, it is also very fragile compared to other common forms of metal and can quickly get tarnished, stained or scratched. Lamps and Puja items usually come in silver metal and it’s important to maintain them to avoid any damage. Before they start getting discoloured, you can just wash them in warm water with a gentle phosphate-free detergent which is non-lemon based. Use only a soft cloth to gently rub the silver clean and dry immediately with a soft towel. If using gloves, only cotton or nitrile gloves are recommended.

Directional & Other Tips for Lighting a Lamp


According to Vaastu, a lamp in the puja room should always be in front of the idols. Lamps should always be placed on a clay/bronze/silver or gold holder and never touch the ground directly. You should clean a lamp holder every day with a change in the wick and oil as well. The lamp flame always burns in the upward direction.

Lighting a Diya in the **north direction* will see blessed with 8 kinds of wealth which ensure success in all that you do. Education and all obstacles to marriage or abundance in life is eliminated. A lamp in the east blesses you with good health and peace of mind, warding off all kinds of negativity. Lighting a lamp in the west direction frees you from all debts and brings about victory over all kinds of negativity, however, some people also believe that lamp facing the west is best avoided as it leads to enmity between relatives/neighbours and the advent of Grahdosha. Its best to abstain lighting a diya in the south direction to avoid inauspicious turn of events.

Types of Wicks and Their Benefits

It is believed that the oil, wick and the direction in which a lamp is lit can initiate a huge difference in one’s life. The diya with a different wick or oil can change one’s energy field with ease and bring about harmonious and prosperous changes. For instance, a wick made of banana stem fibre helps seek forgiveness for any mistakes you may have made unknowingly and cure your soul of ancestral curses. A cotton wick, which is the common and easiest available wick helps attract good fortune.

A rose water wick or a white cloth immersed in rose water, dried and then formed into a wick, when lit regularly will not only invite Goddess Lakshmi’s blessings but also bring about peace and calm around you. Any relief from suffering or challenges in the realm of marriage or love life can be sought by lighting a wick made of a yellow saree cloth. A wick made from the lotus stem can remove all past lives’ bad karma and invite positive energies in this lifetime. Wick made of new yellow cloth in cotton can please Goddess Parvati, while a red cotton cloth wick removes all hurdles in marriage and child-related problems.

The number of wicks you lit also hold a certain significance, for instance a single wick/ ek mukhi is good for everyday blessings, 2 wicks/dvimukhi brings peace and harmony to all relationships, 3 wicks/trimukhi blesses with children, 4 wicks/chaturmukhi brings about prosperity in all aspects of life along with delicious food, 5 wicks/ panchmukhi showers you with forever wealth and recognition, while 6 wicks/shastmukhi blesses with infinite wisdom and abundance.

Silver Lamps for Pooja

Sterling Silver Lamp


Joy Alukka’s Sterling Silver Lamp measures 24.4 x 7.4cm in height and width and is made of silver metal. Part of the Divino Silver Collection, with a .925 sterling silver metal stamp, the weight of the Sterling Silver Lamp is 115.6gm and it comes with a lifetime warranty and seller certification. The Sterling silver lamp can be purchased from for Rs.6,672.

Lightning Silver Diya

A set of two diyas, the Classic designed Lightening Silver Diya is made of pure silver to keep the flame of happiness and Divine light alive in your home. With silver purity at 80 and weight being 70gm, the Lightning Silver Diya is priced at Rs. 4,768 and available at

Royal Silver Lamp

The Royal Silver Lamp from is designed with a beautiful peacock figurine weighing 175gms and is priced at Rs. 9,702. It comes in a set of two diyas with the peacock design placed in the center of the Diya and a wick opening on the side of the lamp.

Large Silver Hand Lamp

Measuring 1.29” in height and 2.89” in width, the Large Silver Hand Lamp from comes with a 925 silver purity, weighing approx. 44.2gm, priced at Rs.3,997. The lamp has a diya wick design placed in the center of the lamp like a floral offering and looks really beautiful when lit in a special wick slot.

Silver Peacock Lamp

The Silver shaded Peacock Lamp comes 5 wicks and measures 9” x 10” x 9” in width, height and diameters for a table setting and is priced at Rs. 4,309. Designed with a peacock at the center of the lamp, the lamp has five diya slots opening like a flower on the outside and can be placed anywhere easily. Available at Flipkart.

Panch Mukhi Lamp

Silver Panchmukhi Lamp is an essential element of every puja and comes in a variety of designs, making this décor accent in its silver sheen a perfect option for gifting or memorable keepsake as well. Weighing 120gm the Panchmukhi Lamp comes in a set of two priced at Rs. 6,240. Available at

Trishool Diya Lamp


Perfect for puja and décor during usual reverence or festive occasions, the Trishool Diya Lamp measures 12 x 5.5cm in height and width, weighing 80gm. Available in a set of two, the lamp is packed in a corrugated box and is priced at Rs.5,799. Available at

Designer Kalash Silver Lamp

Styled with a Kalsha atop a Diya vessel, this designer Kalash Silver Lamp has religious idols engraved on the Kalash giving it an auspicious and blessed feel. Weighing 70gm the Kalash Silver Lamp is priced at Rs. 3,880. Available at

Silver Table Lamp

Meant for table setting, the Silver Table Diya measuring 5.8” in height and 4.5” in width, the lamp is designed with a diya on a silver metal base and a vibrantly coloured green leaf silver plate attached to the diya at the back giving it a beautiful sheen and elegance. Priced at Rs.1,275, available at

Double Floral Diya

Styled in a classic design the double floral silver diya is made of pure silver and perfect for puja offerings and aarti. With a silver purity of 80 and weight of 55gm, the double floral diya has two lamps with one at the bottom and one on the top attached to each other like flowers on a common stem, priced at Rs. 3,747. Available at

Bonus Tip: The Different Kinds of Lamps and Their Significance

We always find diyas or lamps in nearly all the temples or puja rooms at home. These are not only easily accessible but also help prevent any misfortune and attract overall well-being and prosperity. As per popular belief, a lit diya/lamp increase the positive vibrations of any space/house/structure it is placed in. Here’s a guide to help you understand the different kinds of diya oils, lamp metal and their specific benefits:

  • Oils – A lamp lit with Ghee is most beneficial and emits a powerful positive energy, while using Cow’s ghee ensures radiance, heavenly bliss, health and happiness; regular use of Sesame Oil ensures elimination of obstacles and evil energies that haunt you, as also appease Lord Shani; Neem oil invites abundance in the house; Castor oil ensures happiness, devotion and fame; Panchdeepa oil (a blend of coconut, sesame, neem, mahua tree oil and ghee in the ratio of 3:2:1:2:2) keeps a home and its inhabitants protected from all evils, illnesses and negative mindset, ensuring peace and prosperity. With this oil, the granaries in the house are always full and the household brims with joy, laughter and children.

    Avoid lighting diya/lamp with sunflower oil or peanut oil as they are believed to create debts and bickerings over money in a house. Mustard oil is known to ward off diseases, while Jasmine oil is a preferred option to appease Lord Hanuman and Goddess Lakshmi. After lighting a lamp, do not rub the excess oil on your hair or dress, for as per popular belief it will initiate a loss of wealth. If you’ve had a head bath you should remove the towel before lighting the lamp.

  • Lamps - Not so long ago, earthen light pots weren’t so easily available and hence in homes, diyas made of flour were inflamed. Priests believed that these flour lamps were immersed in the river after their use so they could be consumed by fish and other aquatic species. Now there are different kinds of elements from which a diya/lamp is made. A Silver Lamp safeguards against poverty and pleases the Moon God; while a Gold Lamp is good for wealth, expansion in business, prevention of life-threatening diseases like cancer; An Iron lamp works well to appease Lord Shani while an Earthen or Brass Lamp is paramount in all forms of prayer, reverence and religious rituals.

    Lamps made of fruits or vegetables serve other beneficial purposes like a lemon lamp banishes exorcism and used for special religious events. A Beetroot Lamp pacifies the planet Mars, prevents violence in any form, and violent death as well, invite peace and purify the blood. Coconut lamps are good for children and overall stability, Mango leaf lamps invite prosperity, Betel leaf lamps ward off evil spirits and Peepal Leaf Lamps destroy disease-carrying pathogens.

  • Special Lamps – If your mental peace if distressed or you’re looking to enhance your concentration skills and focus in life, lighting a cow’s ghee in an earthen lamp before Goddess Durga on a Friday is considered auspicious. Cow’s ghee lamp before Lord Shiva will help remove your bad karma from past lives. To eliminate professional obstacles, or everyday life, a coconut oil lamp before Lord Ganesha helps.

    Lighting a lamp during the Rahu Kaalam helps invalidate the negative effects of the planet Rahu and invite Goddess Durga’s blessings. While lighting a lamp at Lord Ganesha’s feet on certain days of the week, lowers the ill effects of the Ketu Kaal and results in positive energies magnifying in life. But ensure never to light a Rahu or Ketu Kaalam Lamp at home.
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Important Rules to Follow

It is said that regular lighting of diyas removes darkness, ignorance and evil. But there are certain rules that must be followed in order to bring more prosperity in your life. Always use minimum 2 and maximum of 3 wicks for lighting the lamp. It symbolizes the trinity-Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. After lighting the lamp do to rub the excess oil on your hair, it will make you lose your wealth. Also rubbing in your own dress is also not good. So keep a piece of cloth in your pooja room and rub the excess oil on it. After a head bath, one should remove the head towel before lighting the lamp.