10 Fabulous No-Fail Friendship Day Gifts From Pinterest To Celebrate Friends Who Mean The World To You(2019)

10 Fabulous No-Fail Friendship Day Gifts From Pinterest To Celebrate Friends Who Mean The World To You(2019)

Friends light up our lives - they make our days fun, comfort us when we are down or tease us to make us smile, give us support whenever we need it. Friendship Day is the day to tell them just how important they are and celebrate the bond you share. A lovely gift plus a heartfelt message is a great idea and we are here to help you get it right. Read on for some fantastic gifting ideas from Pinterest as well as tips to spot something that your friend will love.

Friendship is the Sweetest Gift.

There is no gift as special and precious as friendship. The joy and feeling of having a friend is priceless. It is fun to have someone to talk to, walk with, visit places and hang out together. True friendship is about mutual interest in each other's life, as well having as a sense of 'belonging' and connection. Friendship Day is a day to celebrate this special relationship. It is a day when you tell your friends how excited you are to have them in your life, a day set aside to give gifts and to celebrate the moments you have spent together.

Celebrating Friendship Day.

In the United States, National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August. In other parts of the world, friendships are celebrated on July 30th, which is known as International Friendship Day. Friendship day is a day to refresh your old memories, make amends, forget the pasts, embrace and move your friendship to the next level. People carry out a lot of activities like house parties, picnics, dinners, road trips to celebrate the togetherness and create special memories.

Treat your BestFriend to a Dinner.

Treat your best friend or your nearest and dearest friends to a dinner party. Go all out to spoil your friends and bring back childhood memories of the times you have spent together these past years. Play games, karaoke and dance together your favourite music. Ensure the menu is lined up with everyone's favourite dish. Raise your glasses, toast to each other and to the many years of pleasant friendship. Write a special toast to honor each of your friends and let them know why they mean so much to you. Take turns making each person at your dinner party feel like the guest of honour.

Organize a Get-Together with other Close Friends.

Friendship day is a day to celebrate dear friends. Invite your friends and also tell them to invite other friends along. A get together is a good way to meet other people and by the way, making more friends on the Friendship Day is not a bad idea. Decide on a time and think about which dates and days would suit most of the people. Next decide on a place, it can be a few friends in your home, or a picnic in the park, a Get Together doesn’t necessarily have to be big or complicated. Decide on the food, make it as simple or as fancy as you want, and there is no crime in asking others to bring something along, the more the merrier.

Decide on some activities and games for the get together and finally decide on a party soundtrack that would suit the occasion. A get together is a great way for you and your friends to be together without spending a lot of money and it is genuinely going to be a fun time.

Post Social Media Messages That Show Your Appreciation

Social media plays an important part of our lives today. Talk about your friends online and make your appreciation for them public. Post messages about your friend and how special he/she is to you. Post pictures, search from past post that captures you both and re-share. The good thing with the social media platforms is the fact that you can schedule posts, so the posts get to be posted as the day continues.

You can also use social media to get inspiration to find interesting gifts, exciting ways to celebrate the day and have fun.

Tips To Find Fantastic Gifting Ideas From Pinterest.

Make Use of Pinterest Guided Search Feature.

To make your search easy, use the Pinterest’s built-in search guides (like “healthy” or “for kids”). With the search guide, your results are narrowed down. Gifts can be grouped into different categories; ranging from Tech accessories, Jewelries, Shoes, Clothing, Toys Home Decor just to mention a few. So the first important thing is for you to know what category the gift you want to search for falls under. Type the category within the search button; you would see search suggestions related to what you have typed appearing below the search bar. Select the search suggestion that is closest to what you are searching for.

Check Different Gifting-Focused Boards, and Make your Own.

People make boards where they 'pin' interesting things they find around the web so they can access it easily. These pins link back to the website it was saved from. There are several boards that focus on gifts and these are categorised in different ways (DIY, by age group, by price range and more) so you will get a lot of options if you search around to find the ones you like. Once you find a board you like, you can click "Follow" in the top right corner which will keep you updated on new pins.

You can organise and save the pins you like by making your own boards. When you click on the “more ideas” tab at the top of each of your boards you will discover recommendations which have been made for you as inspired by the Pins you’ve already saved. Similarly your home feed will also have recommendations—Pins you might love and new people or brands to follow—inspired by your boards and other recent activity. You may even discover spotlight recommendations, hand-picked by Pinterest, local experts and more.

Use Hashtags to Search.

Hashtags are an important way to discover fresh content. Just look for popular hashtags related to what you are looking for - it can be generic words like gifts or super specific like sneakers or even brands or locations . Hashtags are a great way to search as they bring up the latest and freshest pins to your notice so you get the latest trending ideas. When you type a hashtag into Pinterest's search bar there are often recommended hashtags that are suggested. Explore them as well to see new stuff.

Gifts and Ideas to Celebrate Friends who Make Your Life Better

1. Handmade Chocolates Box.

Source www.fnp.com

Friends share a lot of things that make their friendship blossom. Chocolates are wonderful gifting idea for friends who have a sweet tooth! These handmade chocolates from Fnp.com are packed elegantly and we are sure your friend will love receiving them.Order it on the site for Rs.599

2. Friends & Friendship Day Gifts Items Ceramic Mug.

Source www.amazon.in

This special friendship mug lets your friend know that you will be there for him/her always as it carries an inscription "Never let your friends feel lonely". With a capacity of 300 ml, this ceramic mug is a great option for your close friends The Friendship Ceramic Mug goes for a price of Rs.399 on Amazon.in.

3. Pink Strawberry Best Friends Cake.

The Pink Strawberry Best Friends Cake shaped like a heart and covered in a dreamy strawberry frosting making it a festive Friendship Day dessert. Get all your friends together for a fun party and keep this as the centerpiece. Visit Indiagift.in and place an order for the Pink Strawberry Best Friends Cake at a price of Rs.1,391.

4. Friendship Day Combo Gifts for Best Friend.

Source www.amazon.in

This friendship combo gift goes out to those friends who have been there for you, friends who have stood by you through thick and thin. Friends, with whom you have shared and had great times together over the past years. It goes for Rs.649 at Amazon.in. This is a gift that says more than words can say, definitely, none will be able to resist.

The combo includes:

  • 1 Soft Teddy.
  • 1 Greeting Card.
  • 1 Artificial Flower Buke.
  • A Beautiful Friendship Greeting Card.

5. Bold N Elegant - Silver Plated BFF Pendant Chain Necklace

Source www.amazon.in

Show your girl gang, you can give this awesome trio pendant necklace. The Package includes 3 pendants with 3 chains: for you and your best friends. Each adjustable chain is of length 42 cm.

The beauty about the necklace pendant chain is that it combines into a single heart, symbolizing the heart to heart friendship between you and your friends. Simple yet elegant, the chain will give you a classy and trendy look. The Bold Inside & Elegant Outside Silver Plated BFF Pendant Chain Necklace is anti-allergic and safe for skin. BFF Pendant Chain Necklace can be found at Amazon.in for a price of Rs.299.

6. Friendship Day Special T-shirt.

Get this classy and beautiful Friendship Day Special T-shirt at Printland.in for your friends to celebrate this friendship day special occasion. Place your order days before the occasion, so you all can step out in the same t-shirt as you celebrate the Friendship Day. The T-shirts can be customized with something simple like Happy Friendship Day or something that is an inside joke for you. These matching T-shirts costs Rs.279 and is a classic fit that will make you and your best friend feel special.

7. A Friendship Card.

This card is a great buy for the friends you love and cherish and wish to keep for life. They will be so delighted and elated to read through the 100 reasons why you cherish them and have chosen them to be your best friend. Celebrate this day with love and cherish the bond you share with them for life. To get the card, visit Archiesonline.com for a price of Rs.249 .

8. Wooden Heart Love Friendship Gift

Source www.amazon.in

The Fun&Laughter Wooden Heart Love Friendship Gift Sign is a gift that will surely be loved and treasured by the recipient. This gorgeous wooden heart plaque printed with a beautiful message is suited for the very best of friends. It can be hung on a wall, a kitchen or coat hook or even on the neck of a wine bottle. To place an order, visit Amazon.in and get the The Fun&Laughter Wooden Heart Love Friendship Gift Sign at a price tag of Rs.1,662. Give this gift with love and put a smile on your friend's face every time they read it.

9. Friendship are Forever Sign

Source www.amazon.in

The BESTOYARD Wood Hanging Friendship Sign is a gift with a perfect inscription that no friend can resist. It says "Friends are forever close to my heart". Give it to your friend as a gift to boost your friendship and to gladden their hearts. It is made of high quality wood. To get this beautiful Wood Hanging Friendship Sign, make a quick stop at Amazon.in and place an order. It can be gotten at a price of Rs.284. Add this exquisite and beautiful piece to a friend's home and you will be treasured for a long time.

10. Wooden Bookends.

The Wooden Bookend is a great gift that can be used to keep books vertically organized and in place so books don't easily tip. The bookend serves two purposes; it keeps the books in view and it can also be used to decorate your friend's study room. This well designed bookend can be found at Excitinglives.com at a cost of Rs.1,339. This beautiful piece will be a lovely addition to your friend’s room.

Fun Ways To Spend Friendship Day.

Friendships are precious relationships that need to be cherished. But like any relationship it needs to be nourished. On Friendship Day make an effort to spend the day together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Fun Ways To Spend Friendship Day

  • Plan A Movie Marathon
    Invite your friend to a fun marathon at your home featuring all your favorite movies. Get some snack, line up the movies on your TV and get ready for hours of fun.
  • Plan A Day Trip
    Our busy schedules may often cut down the time we can spend with our friends. To make up for it, plan a short trip outside your city for a day. You will be able to spend some quality time with your friend while having fun.
  • Make A Scrapbook Of Your Favorite Memories
    Take a path down memory lane by creating a scrap book featuring all your favorite moments captured in photos. Do it together so it can be a time to think back about the amazing time you have spent together.
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Try Something Different - A DIY Gift

When you make something from scratch, it does carry a special value doesn't it? A handmade gift is treasured like nothing else, since it comes with a piece of you. You have at your fingertips today innumerable resources to find the perfect DIY gifting idea. From practical items to cute gifts, you can easily find detailed instructions and steps to make them from YouTube, Pinterest and crafting blogs. All it takes is some time, determination and a trip to the craft store. So go ahead and unleash your creativity to give a unforgettable gift this Friendship Day.