No One Goes to Visit a Newborn Empty-Handed(2020)! Silver Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby!

No One Goes to Visit a Newborn Empty-Handed(2020)! Silver Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby!

This article brings to you a list of very useful silver gift items for a newborn baby. It could be for your baby, or even if there's a new baby in a friend's family. We have also added to the article the significance of gifting silver, and a few tips about taking care of a newborn baby. Go ahead!

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Tips on Gifts for Newborn Babies

Importance of Gifting Silver to Babies

Every newborn baby grows into a fine child with a lot of love, care and nurturing. And if you take the requisite steps from early on, you can ensure that your kid grows up in a comfortable and practically evolving environment. Here are a few tips that can help you care for your newborn with ease.

Personalised Silver Gifts

Some of the most popular and bestselling silver gifts for newborn babies include baby combs, which are soft and come with silver nameplates on them which can be personalized as well. Then there are baby mugs in silver which are available in varied sizes and can be chosen according to the budget you have in mind. Silver rattles are an all-time favourite choice while picture frames in silver are considered quite valuable. A baby’s birth certificate is an important document for life and best secured in a silver holder, while a silver piggy bank is a forever gift that will stay long after the newborn’s all grown up!

Best Selling Gifts for Newborn Babies

When choosing a gift for newborn babies it is essential to consider things of use, play and memories, for not only will they be valuable for your loved ones, but also be with the newborn to keep the baby comfortable and happy for long. Some of the bestselling baby gift options include baby clothing with mittens, vests, bibs, caps and booties or baby diapers which could be disposable or washable as well. Then there are baby bath essentials or a baby photo album, a swaddle cloth or silver jewelry, bed linen and room décor options, a play gym or cot. There are baby slings or carriers and pacifiers/teethers, baby furniture and self-teaching kits. In addition to being practically useful, these gift options can be quite valuable emotionally for both the babies and their parents. And even though, most of these gifts would have been purchased by the baby’s parents or gifted to them already, anything that’s unique to that category would be much appreciated. For instance, as a baby cot, a travel cot could be a unique gift item.

Gift Ideas in Silver for a Newborn Baby

Sterling Silver Baby Glass


An adorable silver glass with a cute Mickey Mouse engraved on a pretty design, the Sterling Silver Baby Glass is made of silver in its entirety with a purity of 90-92%. Bacteria proof, the glass can be purchased both individually or as part of a full plate set. Measuring approx. 5cm on the top, 4 cm on the bottom in diameter, 6cm in height and with a capacity of 70ml, the silver baby glass weighs about 34-36gm and comes in a ready to gift packaging in a silver leather & blue velvet/satin gift box. It is BIS hallmarked and is made of non-toxic material, keeps all drinks for the baby fresh and boosts immunity. Priced at Rs.3,739 on Amazon, this luxury gift item has carved line all around the glass in a glossy finish both on the inside and the outside, but isn’t microwave safe.

Silver Baby Ghunghroo Rattle

The Silver Baby Ghunghroo Rattle from Episode Silver is made of high-quality sterling silver with a simple yet elegant design which is both traditionally apt and visually appealing. One of the first toys, a baby usually gets, a rattle catches the infant’s attention almost immediately and works towards improving the baby’s hand-eye coordination in addition to the infant’s hearing skills. It serves a dual purpose of being a play toy whilst being learning tools as well and comes in the shape of a long stick that makes for an easy grip for the baby to hold along with tiny bells on the top to make a sound as it moves. The silver baby ghunghroo rattle is priced at Rs.4,975 and is ideal for a newborn baby. It can also be personalised with the infant’s name.

Sterling Silver Tooth Fairy Box

Packaged in a beautiful gift box, the Sterling Silver Tooth Fairy Box is both a lovely keepsake and cherished gift item for your baby’s first tooth. With a fairy sitting on the top of the box, this elegant gift box serves multiple uses. Weighing 33gm and measuring 2” in height, 1” in diameter, this silver tooth fairy box is made with intricate detailing and can be customised with the baby’s name or initials engraved on it. The solid .925 sterling silver tooth fairy box by Krysaliis is a special memento that comes in 3 premium styles and makes for a unique gifting experience, complete with CPSC standards and a certificate of authenticity. The Sterling Silver Tooth Fairy Box is priced at Rs.4,759 on

New Born Baby Silver Coin

Silver coins have always been a special part of celebrating any joyous occasion, and placing a silver coin on a newborn baby’s hands sends countless blessings and prayers for the infant’s well-being into the future! The newborn baby silver coin is a customisable coin that comes in a stylish design that depicts a newborn on a beautiful flower that implies the commencement of a new life. Accompanied with a specially designed booklet that records important milestones in the baby’s growth process, the silver coin comes packaged in a personalized presentation case and serves as a ready-to-gift item in an international ultra-transparent capsule to avoid getting fingerprints on it. Priced at Rs.1,100 on Flipkart, the New Born Baby Silver Coin comes with global certification.

Silver Nazar Bracelet Set

Nazar refers to bad luck or negativity and any accessory that’s made to ward off such energies serves a dual purpose of protection and gifting. Since newborn babies are exceptionally adorable and receive numerous compliments and wishes, as per popular belief, they are prone to receiving psychic energies and the nazar beads can help ward these off, whilst functioning as decorative items for the infant as well. The Silver Nazar Bracelet Set from Taraash is crafted out of .925 Sterling Silver and gives off an elegant finish that boasts of an attractive design and is adorned with black beads that signify protection from evil or negative energies. Measuring 13cm in length, the Silver Nazar Bracelet comes in a flexible fit and weighs 2.7gm. The Silver Nazar Bracelet Set is priced at Rs.1,950 on Tata Cliq.

Sterling Silver Baby Pacifier

Pacifiers have served as calming tools for babies for ages. Their use during naptime can prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), satisfy their sucking reflex and encourages self-soothing. The Sterling Silver Baby Pacifier from Krysaliis has been crafted completely in silver and weighs 13gm, measuring 2” in length. Packaged in a premium gift box, the Sterling Silver Baby Pacifier is priced at Rs.1,875 on and serves as a beautiful keepsake and gift item that also works as a rattle.

Silver Baby Gift Fork

The Silver Baby Gift Fork from Episode Silver comes out of 4-generation craftsmanship. Measuring 11cm in length, 2.3cm in width, this silver baby fork has a bunny on the handle top and is completely crafted in sterling silver with 92.5% purity. Handcrafted carefully both in terms of designing and utility, the Silver Baby Gift Fork can be customised with the baby’s initials and can be gifted both individually or as part of a baby cutlery gift set. Priced at Rs.3,322 for a single fork, the Sterling Silver Baby Fork is anti-tarnished, comes with a maintenance guidebook and gift packed.

Sterling Silver Baby Feeder

The Sterling Silver Baby Feeder from Osasbazaar is an alternative medicine feeder spoon as well made in sterling silver and certified for authenticity. Far more convenient in use in comparison to a normal spoon, the Baby Feeder Sterling Silver spoon is bigger and avoids less spillage. The 92.5% pure Silver Feeder Spoon is 100% bacteria free and has been designed with a Mickey Mouse image on the top. Available in colours Pink or Blue, the feeder spoon measures 8.5cm in length and 3.8cm in width with a 5ml capacity. Weighing approx. 20-23g, the shape of the feeder spoon is ergonomically designed with soft edges. Priced at Rs.2,289 on Flipkart, the Sterling Silver Baby Feeder comes in a ready-to-gift silver leather and blue satin/velvet gift box.

Baby Nazariya Anklet

Crafted in beautiful faceted glass crystal beads in black, the Baby Nazariya Anklet in Sterling Silver makes for a traditional yet elegantly modern and auspicious gift item for a newborn baby. Measuring 20cm in size and priced at Rs.700 on for a single anklet, the gift measure 190-200m in length and is rhodium plated. Made of 92.5% purity sterling Silver, the nazariya anklet can be purchased as a single piece or in a pair for a traditional gift. The Baby Nazariya Anklet is both nickel and lead-free and is also available in size 19 cm.

Silver Baby Gift Baby Brush Dancing Bear

A silver baby hairbrush serves as an excellent gift item for a newborn. Handcrafted to perfection by Episode Silver, this Silver Gift Baby Brush is made of 92.5% sterling silver and comes with a dancing bear also crafted in silver on the back of the brush. For an additional charge, the brush can be personalised with the baby’s initials. The Silver Baby Gift Baby measure 11.5cm in length, 4cm in width, 3cm in height and is priced at Rs.2,307.

Bonus Tips: Quick Tips on Caring the Best Way for Your Newborn Baby

Every newborn baby grows into a fine child with a lot of love, care and nurturing. And if you take the requisite steps from early on, you can ensure that your kid grows up in a comfortable and practically evolving environment. Here are a few tips that can help you care for your newborn with ease.

  • Hush the silence: Babies are used to noise even when they are in the mother’s womb and hence when they are born, you don’t need to be quiet. Go about your business, wash the dishes, watch TV or listen to music, talk on the phone, continue living your life as you usually do even while the baby is resting.

  • Soothing the uneasiness: Babies get startled or scared easy and when they are upset or crying, it is best to comfort them with a gentle pat on the back that is rhythmic, which not only aids them in burping quick but also relaxes them easily. Some other ways to soothe your baby can be shushing, holding the baby on his/her side, swaddling, swinging or letting the baby suck.

  • Prepping: Within 3 weeks, babies usually become easier to take care of when it comes to their sleeping/eating patterns and this can allow the mothers to focus on themselves better. To begin with, the moms should work on their stress reduction by prepping for the next feeding session as soon as the previous one gets over. While the baby’s asleep, you can catch up on your sleep, exercise, take a shower or answer your emails/calls.

  • Bonding ties: Just as a mother is important for baby’s care and nourishment, so is a father’s time with the baby. A father’s touch and voice are equally essential for the baby and hence require some alone time. Once the baby has eaten and rested, you can leave Dad and the baby alone for a couple of hours. Allow them to bond and the dad to take of his baby as well.
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Silver Gifts for a Baby

Silver gifts are much appreciated by parents of newborn babies and any gifts in silver are also good for the baby's health. There can be a variety of silver gifts you can give to a baby, which include jewellery, baby utensils, pacifiers, anklets, and a host of other such items. Silver is much more affordable than gold and also makes for a generous and thoughtful gift. Happy gifting!