Kurtis are Comfy, Stylish and Cheap. What More Can You Ask for? Buy 2019's Latest Kurti Designs Below Rs.500 Online

Kurtis are Comfy, Stylish and Cheap. What More Can You Ask for? Buy 2019's Latest Kurti Designs Below Rs.500 Online

Be it traditional, fusion or trendy chic, a Kurti has the power to cater to your every style need. Summer is one such season, wherein your style sensibilities can soar with the temperatures! If you are a kurti fan just like we are, then this guide is just what you were looking for. Scroll down to pick your favourite kurti for this season of style!

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Why Kurtis Will Always Have a Fixed Place in Our Closets

The Indian sub-continent has various diversities in itself and is a home for different cultures and languages. With a wide variety of cultures being followed, it is no doubt that the dressing style of the people generally differs from state to state depending on the climate and culture. India’s ethnic wear comes in many different colours and styles. Women wear Sarees, Lehenga, Churidhar, etc., the men wear kurta-pyjamas, lungi, sherwani, etc.

A kurti is a short top worn by women. With the blend traditional and contemporary look in it, Kurti has become a necessity in the wardrobe of every woman. They have become a fashion statement for women of all ages.

Kurtas comes in different shapes and sizes. They can be called as flexible wears because it doesn’t need a lot of thinking to get the right pair of cloth to complement it. You can wear a palazzo to it when going to the beach chill out or wear leggings with the same Kurti when going to college or office. If the Kurti is long enough, just ditch the bottom and wear it like a dress. Hence it is so convenient to get around. Not to mention, Kurti doesn’t cause a hole in your pocket like other clothing. It is cheap in your pocket, and you can experiment using different bottoms with neutral or contrast colours. Buy a bottom black or white colour bottom, and it can be normally used with almost any Kurti you have in your wardrobe. It makes you gorgeous and glamorous too.

Kurtis has a specialty of making it look both traditional and trendy with the choice of accessories you wear with them. One will need to try many different combinations to find a look and style that suits you. Kurtis can also be paired with many accessories to elevate them from daily wear to something more glamorous.

10 Kurtis Below Rs.500 to Buy Online

Women Black Embroidered A-Line Kurti

This trendy A-line Kurti is a combination of black and cream colour. The straight lines of black and cream diagonally split by full cream colours make this Kurti perfect trendy college wear. The sleeves are distinct from the upper part of the top by their contrast colour. The Kurti also has an elegant embroidery part in it. The embroidery is made with flowers and leaves with orange and red colour. In addition to it, the Kurti has been attached diagonally with beautiful orange tassels to create a good contrast. Pair this Kurti with a contrast leggings and a pair of sandals to bring a chic style. It is available at Rs. 500.

Women Rayon Printed Kurti

Designed for a comfortable fit with three-quarter sleeves, this kurta is a perfect trendy wear. Made with some pretty floral and bud designs in the printed form, this Kurti has a beautiful mandarin collar. Super decorative pleats for the bottom part of the body add a charm to the kurta. The red colour buds design printed on the top adds a contrast to the top. The material used in the Kurti is Rayon. Pair this trendy dress with a contrast bottom. You can choose to wear parallel trouser or jeans. Opt for heels or wedges to become a show stopper. It is available at Rs. 499.

Beige Printed Kurti

A super looking beige Kurti with the printed crane design all over makes it visually charm and elegant. It comes with the mandarin collar. The three-quarter beautiful long sleeves also have a printed design in it with beautiful printed details on its hems. The maroon design of cranes standing in one leg adds a vibrant look to it. The Kurti also adds a random pattern to it in the background. This kurta can be used as college wear or for party occasions. You are sure to receive compliments from your friends and relatives. Pair it up with the parallel bottom and flat sandals to create a gorgeous look. It is available at Rs. 399

Amazon Brand - Myx Women's A-Line Kurta

Source www.amazon.in

This is a beautiful blue kurta with the mandarin collar. The button closure design of this kurta creates a fashionable look to it. The Kurti also comes with the three quarter length sleeves with the contrasting details printed on its hems. The same contrasting details are also printed at the bottom of the top. This simple yet pretty geometrical design adds visual charm to the Kurti top. This kurta also a pretty pleats design to it starting from the top of the kurta and ends at the bottom. Pair it up with jeans and your preferred footwear, and you are sure to make a fashion statement. It is available at Rs. 349.

Women Green Printed Straight Kurti

This green printed straight Kurti has beautiful leaf-like gold prints in it. With the block design at the top, this Kurti makes its fashion statement. The sleeves are printed with contrast details with polka dots and green prints at its hems. This Kurti comes with a V neck. The bottom of the kurta is also printed with the same design used in the sleeves and the rectangular design around the neck. Pair it up with jeans and trendy earrings and a flat sandal or wedges. This green Kurti makes perfect casual wear. Wear it on your picnic or while going to places to chill out. It is available at Rs. 399.

Orange Printed Kurtis

A vibrant Orange Printed Kurti creates a positive aura anywhere you go. This orange Kurti has horizontal designs to it with the green colour button closure. Thanks to the designers for being so picky about the colour and design of the Kurti. The Kurti comes with the mandarin collar and regular sleeves. This kurta makes perfect wear for college or office. The body of the top has the horizontal designs, whereas the sleeves are designed to have a plain orange colour making it differentiate from the kurta itself. Pair it up with some contrasting leggings, perfect footwear, and trendy earrings. It is available at Rs. 493.

Indi lite Women's Shirt Kurta

Source www.amazon.in

This kurta is made with a cotton material in a shirt style top. Kurti comes with the banded collar and half sleeve. With button closure like design and solid orange colour, this kurta adds beauty to every occasion. The kurta looks gorgeous yet straightforward. It is recommended to hand wash this kurta. The length of the Kurti is mid-thigh. This orange kurta has booth ethnic and contemporary style to it and hence can be called fusion wear. You can pair it up with Patiala, parallel bottom or even a long skirt with a contrast colour. This Kurta, combined with the right pair, is sure to make it a show stopper. It is available at Rs. 359.

Aminu Collection Black Crepe Asymmetrical Hemline Kurti

This is a pretty Black Kurta with a Chinese Collar in the front and round shape back. The button closure design gives an elegant look to the Kurti. The bottom part of the kurta has a geometrical design and asymmetrical hemline, unlike other Kurtis. It makes them look trendy, as well. This kurta comes with the crepe material and is sleeveless. The product is recommended to hand wash. The length of the dress is ankle length and is sure to light up any occasion, and your friends and family will compliment you. Pair it up with leggings and a pair of flats or wedges. It is available at Rs. 454.

Women Printed A-line Kurta (Beige)

This wonderful-looking beige kurta is perfect for any occasion. It has a floral design printed on it. The kurta has a Mandarin collar and a button closure at the top part. The length of the kurta is calf-length, and it's much affordable for this quality and design. This beige kurta is made up of rayon material. It is a comfortable kurta and has a bright, versatile look in it. The sleeve is a three-quarter length, and the kurta has pleats style reaching till the bottom of the dress. Pair it up with contrasting leggings and your favourite sandals. This A-line Kurta is much affordable and cheap comparing the quality it provides. It is available at Rs. 448.

Voonikblue Crepe Long Printed Kurti

This simple and pretty blue Kurti can be worn on any occasion. It has a checked design in it with small and big shapes. The Kurti comes with the round neck and three-quarter length sleeve. The sleeves have the same design similar to the upper part of the dress, and the lower part has a random square and rectangular-shaped designs. The material of the Anarkali is crepe, and it is a Calf-Length Kurti. The design of a small opening in the upper part of the Kurti adds elegance to the dress. Pair it up with contrasting leggings and a flat or wedges. It is available at Rs. 473.

Tips for Selecting the Best Kurtis Online

Though Kurti is an item of versatile clothing and makes you pretty at almost any occasion, few things need to be considered when buying the best Kurtis online.

  • Know your size: While buying online, you must know your measurements before purchasing the cloth. As there is no trial option available, unlike the high street stores, it is a need for you to know or make a note of your measurements before ordering. All online websites have the size chart to guide you pick the correct size depending on your measurements.

  • Know the occasion:Kurtis comes with a wide range of collections. The varieties differ from office wear, regular wear, casual wear, and party wear. Online clothing websites give you millions of dresses to choose from. Hence make the best use of your filter to pick the right wear. Wearing a grand silk kurta to the office on a regular day may be distracting. Hence choose your dress wisely.

  • Read the reviews:Yes, reviews are more important when you buy your Kurtis online. The kurta with the best reviews can be bought with confidence, and you can learn about any quality issue with the product just by reading the reviews.

  • Know the material:Online sites give you a great advantage to narrow down your preferences using the help of the filter. Filters are great to choose your style, material, size, and colour. Research is the key part here. Decide the material you want to buy, Kurtis comes with different materials like cotton, crepe, silk, etc. Cotton material is best suited for lean women. Silk cotton can be used as office wear, and it adds elegance to your overall look. Silk Kurta is perfect for festive occasions. You may also choose the brands you want to wear.

  • Dress by the body shape: The shape of your body has a considerable effect on the dress you wear. Hence it is important to choose dresses concerning your body shape. For example, tall women with triangle shaped body may wear front slit kurta, and women can wear denim kurta with any body shape, Tunic style kurtas look good on short or small women.

  • Price: Online sites have dresses with a variety of prices. Not all that is high in price comes with the best quality. Thanks to the competitive market, now we can get some budget friendly dresses that come with good quality as well. Go through many websites to check if you can get the same clothing at a lower price. This will help you not to regret it later.

  • Colours can be deceiving:The colours that appear on the website might be slight differences from the one that you receive. Also, the colour shades have some slight variation from batches to batches. Hence make up your mind on this and know their return policy before ordering.

Kurtis May Be the Most Versatile of Indian Clothing

Kurti and Kurtas are the commonly worn dress among women. Maybe going to the office or a college, an evening gathering or just taking a walk outside. They have become so popular because of their simplicity and the elegant look that they offer when worn. They are also straightforward to wear and maintain compared to the expensive sarees and other traditional attires. All you need to do is make the right decision in picking up the best kurta or Kurta for you. Initially, a lot of research is required in order to find the best dress for you.

It depends on the shape of your body, which material suits you better. Your skin tone is also essential while choosing the right kurta for you. For example, women with fair skin tone can try some bright colours. Women with olive complexion may try some yellow, blue or other pastel colours. When considering body shape, women with triangle shaped body may try light colour Kurtis with dark bottoms, and women with rounded shoulders might try some dark Kurtis.

Kurtis comes typically at a reasonable price when compared to other expensive ethnic dresses. If you want to buy the best quality kurta with the best price, you will need to make a research about the market check with the online websites on the price ranges the same quality material, or similar designs are available. Above all, Kurtis and Kurtas are still an integral part of women’s wear and is a never-ending dress in the wardrobe.

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