13 Highly Recommended Holiday Destinations for India in 2019: Here's Everything You Need to Plan a Thrilling and Enjoyable Vacation!

13 Highly Recommended Holiday Destinations for India in 2019: Here's Everything You Need to Plan a Thrilling and Enjoyable Vacation!

No one is a stranger to the busy world, we are living in today, and it becomes imperative to seize each and every moment that you can get to get out of the rut. Traveling and vacations are a great way to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of ones mundane everyday life. If you are planning a vacation in India, here are some of the great recommendations for you to start with, be it something traditional, historical or adventurous.

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Why and How to Travel During Holidays ? Important Things to Know

Planning for a long vacation ? Maybe in a few months or probably just in a week or two ? One certainly wishes to travel every now and then and holidays are the best time amid our daily busy lives, we eagerly wait for. One must know why one must travel and how to travel during your holidays to make it more memorable! We have a few tips for you and your loved ones, that you must understand and know before you travel off to your favourite destination.

Explore, Learn and Live Your Dreams

Travelling means adventure and exploration. Exploring through unfamiliar lands teaches us a lot of fascinating things about life and world. One learns, understands and discovers something new everytime one travels. However, before planning your travel adventure, search out places online, and choose destinations which might be completely new for you!

Plan out based on what are you looking for now in life whether it's adventure, or spiritual introspection or just a getaway to a scenic place. Probably, you had a childhood dream to visit a place or an experience you wanted to live in your dreams! There are always ample number of options to choose from. It is recommended for you to learn and know the location, culture and important tourist destinations etc. about the place you wish to travel to, to make your traveling experience even more smoother and memorable for a lifetime!

Make it Pocket Friendly

One of the major constraints for most of us, when we set for our travel experiences, is the budget limitation. We have to understand our financial constraints, accept it, and opt for options which are really pocket friendly. How about taking a train ride instead of the flight ? Surely it takes longer time, but the experience is always enriching and more thrilling, especially when you are with your loved ones.

Smart and Eco-friendly Travel

Are you smart enough to bring a spill-proof tumbler or aluminum water bottle or simply use public transportation or walk, eat or shop locally ? How about choosing eco hotel and leaving no trace ! If you do all of these, trust us, you are really awesome and some of the true eco-warriers of the planet. We would highly recommend to travel smartly and eco-friendly.

Connect with New People

Traveling is about connecting and meeting new, inspiring and entertaining people ! It's about engaging in conversations, telling life experiences and making new friends. Finding like minded travel buddies helps us make travel plans simpler and cooler in future.

Preserve Memories

Who doesn't love souvenirs and preserving travel memories ? What's the best way to do so ? By keeping a collection of the places we visit is certainly awesome for the beginning. Maps, postcards, magnets, art pieces, shells, perfumes are some of the fascinating things one can collect during their journey.

Why Must You Travel in India?

With a world full of dreams, fascination, captivating places, India is one of the most happening and widely chosen destination for many tourists across the world. As Indians, we are very attached to our motherland but very few of us have actually traveled through the length and breadth of the entire country. One often wonders, where to start from or which all places should be in our must visit places to travel to !

From snow-claded hill stations of the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan, from the dense forests of the Western Ghats to the river banks of river Ganges, there are places which surely enchants every person who visits such mesmerising places. To make your traveling plan easier, smooth and filled with rich experiences , we have curated a list of places just for you based on your preferences and what are you looking out for.

What are you looking out for ? Pick a theme and find your next holiday destination

A theme based holiday plan gives a lot of satisfaction and lightens up your mood to your desires and peferences .Whether its adventurous sporty locations or casual weekend sighting or getting a picturesque view of the landscape. Are you looking for calm and serene places or a bit of religious introspection ? We have a list of places curated for you to help you decide your perfect places .

Are You an Adventure Lover ? Uttarakhand is Your Perfect Place !

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is a blessed state with heavenly natural places. It's a place of adventure into the wilderness of the forests and mountains. The profound Ganga river flowing across the state provides a thrilling zone for river adventurous activities for the adventurers.

Rishikesh- the Gateway to Garhwal Himalayas

Rishikesh is one of the top adventurous and holy sites in India.Situated at a distance of 26 km from Haridwar, 42 km from Dehradun and 233 km from Delhi, Rishikesh is well connected by bus to Dehradun, Haridwar and New Delhi. Located at an elevation of 356 m above sea level, Rishikesh attracts numerous tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. Activities like river rafting, camping, cliff jumping are performed by tourists. If you are planning for a trip to Rishikesh, the ideal trip duration can be 1 to 2 days and the best time to visit it is in September to November & March to May. Shivpuri is also known for its numerous camps and as the major River Rafting destination in Rishikesh. At Shivpuri, tourists can indulge in a number of Activities like River Rafting, Camping, mountaineering and Jungle Trekking.

Auli Bugyal- the Himalayan Ski Resort

At a distance of 262 km from Rishikesh, Auli is a beautiful hill station and one of the best ski destination in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Famous for its adventure sports, Auli has snow covered slopes and panoramic views of the surroundings. It is the home to Indian snow leopard and red foxes. Auli offers mesmerizing views of Mount Nanda Devi, Nanga Parbat, Nikanth Hathi Parbat, and Ghori Parbat. Auli also has Asia's longest cable. Ideal season to visit is April to June.

The Valley of Flowers National Park

Located at a height of 3600 m, the Valley of Flowers National Park is also one of the most popular tourist destinations in Uttarakhand. It is famous for its endemic alpine flowers and is one of the most amazing places for trekking enthusiasts. Nearest city is Dehradun and the best time to visit is during May to October.The rugged mountain of Nanda Devi National Park and the Valley together constitute the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The Valley of Flowers was declared a National Park in 1982 and was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2004. Around 700 species of flowers are found in the valley. It is the home to rare and endangered animals, like snow leopard, musk deer, red fox, and blue sheep.

Wish to do Some Religious and Spiritual Introspection ? Let's visit Madhya Pradesh !

With archaeological structures, many beautiful temples, numerous monuments, forts and handicrafts, Madhya Pradesh is a state of abundance. Loacted in the Central part of India this sate has a lot to explore and reach out for spiritual introspection.

Ujjain- the temple city of Madhya Pradesh

Famous as a Hindu pilgrimage centre with the Kumbh Mela held here every 12 years, Ujjain is a city in Madhya Pradesh in India, situated on the eastern bank of the Kshipra River. It is well connected with the rest of India by road and rail, If you are planning to visit Ujjain, you should visit the famous places like- Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir, Bhartrihari Caves,Gopal Mandi, Harsiddhi Temple, Kaliadeh Palace, Sandipani Ashram, and Vikram Kirti Mandir.

Maheshwar- Varanasi of central India

In Madhya Pradesh, a holy town - Maheshwar is often referred to as the Varanasi of central India and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Set along the banks of the Narmada river in Madhya Pradesh and recognized for its spiritual significance, the town draws pilgrims to its ancient temples and ghats. It is recommended to spend some time exploring the temples, and enjoying life along the ghats.Maheshwar is located near to Indore. The best time to visit the holy town is November to February. Mandu, an historic place, is around two hours drive away from Maheshwar. The city of Mandu is filled with Afghan architecture , African native baobab trees.There are monuments in Mandu which are interesting in the city of Mandu- Nilkanth, Nilkanth Mahal ,Hathi Mahal. Also, Darya Khan's Tomb, Dai ka Mahal, Dai ki Chhoti Behan ka Mahal, Malik Mughith's Mosque, Roopmati mahal and Jal Mahal are some of Mandu's other fascinating monuments.

Do You Love Wildlife and Exploring New Places ? Odisha in Eastern India is Just for You!

The state of Odisha offers a lot when adventurous wildlife tours are considered. Renowned for its Widlife parks and Sanctuaries, Orissa wildlife is an abode to large number of rare flora and fauna species. Some of the famous protected areas include- Bhitarkanika National Park, Chandaka Elephant Reserve, Nandankanan National Park and Simlipal National Park.

The Wildlife of Bhitarkanika National Park

Bhitarkanika National Park, housing the huge numbers of Mangroves trees and Giant salt water crocodiles, is considered as one of the most important wildlife sanctuaries of Asia. Situated in the north-east region of Kendrapara district of Odisha, the national park is also rich in avifauna, reptilian and mammalian population. The area is frequently visited by Asian Open Bill, Cormorants, Darters, Black Ibis, Egrets and beautiful bird species.

Nandankan National Park

Nandankanan National Park is famous as home to Nilgiri langur, Sangal Lion, Asiatic Lion, etc. Over 166 species of birds, mammals and reptiles exist here. Close to the Nandankanan National Park, Chandaka Elephant Reserve is located in the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. It houses around 30 species of mammals, 27 species of reptiles and 120 species of birds . Besides elephant, leopard, chital, barking deer, mouse deer, sloth bear, wolf and hyena also inhabit the sanctuary. Best time to visit Chandaka Reserve is during October to May.

Simpilipal Tiger Reserve

Similipal Tiger Reserve, spread over an area of 2,750 sq km and located in Mayurbhanj District of Orissa, was declared as ‘Tiger Reserve’ under ‘Project Tiger’ Scheme of Government of India’. The protected area is also inhabited by amphibians, aquatic animals and invertebrates of diverse species. It is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Odisha by adventure lovers.

Need to Escape Amidst the Scenic Views? India's Southern State Kerala has Plenty in Store for You.

Truly representing and justifying for what it is known as, Kerala is the God's own country. Endless natural beauty- hillstations, backwaters, waterfalls, scenic lakes and temples, Kerala has plenty in store for exploring for you. Located on the southwestern Malabar Coast of India, Kerala's culture and traditions, scenic places has made it one of the major tourist destinations in India. Some of the popular hill stations are located at Wayanad, Munnar, Peermade, Nelliampathi etc. The state boasts of 12 wildlife sanctuaries and two national parks. Periyar Tiger Reserve and Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary are the most famous ones.

Alappuzha- the Venetian Capital of Kerala

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With beautiful backwater, charming houseboat stays, and serene natural views, Alappuzha, also known as Alleppey, is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Kerala. Also known as the "Venetian Capital" of Kerala, the place has many tourist attractions- Alappuzha Beach, Ambalappuzha Sri Krishna Temple, Mannarasala Temple, Padanilam Parabrahma Temple etc. Houseboats in Alappuzha are known as Kettuvallom where ‘Kettu’, means living structures and ‘Vallom’ means boat. Trips in these housboats must be taken by every tourist who visits. The best time to visit is during September to mid-May and the nearest airport is Kochi Airport, which is 53 km away from the city. The nearest railway station: Alleppey Railway Station is well within the city limits.

Munnar- the Scenic Beauty of Hillstation

Munnar, with around 80,000 miles of tea plantation is one of the best tourist places in Kerala. Famous for its medicinal plants and herbs and also one of the major hill stations in Kerala, Munnar is a heavenly adobe. The bungalows and beautiful hotels and resorts in Munnar, makes it one of the most attractive places in Kerala. TATA Tea Museum, Blossom Park, Life of Pi Church, Attukal Waterfalls, Kundala Lake, Mattupetty Dam, Eravikulam National Park etc. are some of the major tourist attractions. The best time to visit is during October to March and the nearest airport is Kochi Airport and the nearest railway station is Aluva Railway Station.

Do You Want to Visit and Relish Our Rich Heritage ? You will Surely Love Karnataka!

Fascinating forts, mesmerizing palaces, ancient towns, rich heritage, history and culture are some of the many beautiful characteristics that defines Karnataka. A cultural tour in this southern state will reveal a lot about its art, architecture and monuments from the past. Some of the important historic places one must visit in Karnataka surely includes- Hampi, Badami, Mysore. Gulbarga Fort , Morgan Fort , Chitradurga fort are some of the famous forts one can visit. Palaces like Tipu Sultan Palace, Mysore Palace, Jagmohan palace, Lalita Mahal are some of the palaces that personifies luxury and victory of the ancient rulers. Hoysaleswara Temple in Halebidu known for its mythological stories carved in the temple, Gomateshwara Temple in Shravanabelagola famously known for the annual Jain festival- Mahamastakabhisheka and also for world's largest monolithic statue. Other famous anchient srines includes- Virupaksha temple, Chandrashekhara temple, Vittala tempe, Hoysaleswar etc

Mysore - Wonders of Southern Karnataka

Located in the foothills of Chamundi Hills, and often known as the heritage city, Mysore has one of the most magnificient palaces in Karnataka. The Mysore Palace has the treasure house of exquisite carvings and artworks from across the world, and is famous for the festivities that take place during the Dasara festival.The palace serves as the official residence of the Wodeyars — the Maharajas of Mysore. Excusively famous for the crispy sweet Mysore Pak, Mysore silk saree and Mysore Mallige, Mysore sandal, this place has plenty to lighten up your heart. The best way to travel around Mysore is by rail or road. The nearest airport is in Bangalore, which is about 170 km.

Hampi- Group of Monuments

Hampi is referred to as a group of monuments (2000 monuments) and is a UNESCO world heritage site located in east central Karnataka, with Tungabhadra river criss-crossing through it. It was once a centre of the Hindu Vijayanagara Empire capital. The Virupaksha temple, Achutaraya temple, Vitthaa temple, Hemakuta hill monuments are the important places with rich heritage and culture. Pictursque sunrise and sunset over the ruins gives eternal feeling of being a part of the land. Hospet,the nearest railhead is well connected to major cities and towns like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa.

Bonus Reccomendation- How About Exploring a Union Territory or a Beautiful Cityscape to Visit ? Chandigarh's Urban Design will Awe You!

Chandigarh, a union territory in India, serves as the capital of the two neighbouring states- Punjab and Haryana. Located at 260 km north of New Delhi and 229 km southeast of Amritsar, it is India’s first planned city and is internationally well-renowned for its architecture and urban design. With extraordinary city planning, clean environment and magnificent gardens, Chandigarh serves as an important tourist destination of India. Some of the attractions here are the famous Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Rose Garden, International Dolls Museum etc. The best time to visit Chandigarh is between August to November. Chandigarh is well-connected to other states and cities by road, rail and air. Direct flights from Chandigarh Airport to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore makes the city accessible to many across the country.

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Life is Nothing But a Series of Experiences and Travel Adds the Spice to an Otherwise Bland Life

Looking around the concrete jungle, usually, people loose the admiration for the beauty of life. One has to take some time out of the grind to rekindle the relationship with nature and the world. If, it so happens, that you find some time at your hand, go out and take a trip, whether planned or unplanned. It's the experiences that count in the long run, and there haven't been a single person who has ever regretted traveling.