Don't Forget the Newest Member of the Family: 10 Adorable and Practical Diwali Gifts for Newborn Baby

Don't Forget the Newest Member of the Family: 10 Adorable and Practical Diwali Gifts for Newborn Baby

The Diwali gifts you've bought for your friends or relatives are hardly suitable for a baby but if there's a newborn in the family at this auspicious occasion then it certainly is a cause for extra celebration. Make them feel extra lucky this Diwali with these special gifts for infants and newborns that also make wonderful Diwali gifts for babies. Find here baby pillows, cuddly toys and useful baby products that the new parents will be delighted to have.

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What are the Things a Newborn Baby Needs?

Daily Necessities for a Baby

With a new born baby there are ample of responsibilities and hence a lot of things are required to fulfill their needs. So, when planning to gift them something on Diwali, think of the utility items required by a baby. There are various things available in the market with different ranges of price. Thus, you might find something that will fit your budget.

The one thing that you can consider buying is the stroller. Parent require this for sure. There are a lot of different kinds of strollers available in the market and you could gift the parents, the one they do not have. Apart from that, a cot is also required. The mother might prefer that the child sleeps with her in the very beginning, instead of sleeping in the cradle.

If your budget is a little less, then baby care products or disposable diapers would also do. All of these are required when a baby is born and they are practical and useful gifts. Even considering to buying clothes is a good idea.

Diapering Essentials


Why invest in a piece of furniture just for diaper duty? Instead, consider a sturdy changing pad with sloped sides and a safety strap. This might be a unique and helpful gift for the parents.

Position it on top of a regular, waist-high chest of drawers. The chest can be used until baby goes to college; and a changing table will just be taking up space. Many people prefer to freshen up their toddlers on the bed, sofa or floor. This diapering essential gift might make things a little simpler with storage drawers and bending height.

Nursery Decor Gifts

Gift something that can add to the nursery. A unique and a thoughtful gift is to give a rocking chair. This is ideal for the mother as she can rest on it while taking care of the baby. Even when the baby cries at night, she can get up and relax on this chair, while nursing the baby.

Apart from a rocking chair, a recliner or a baby glider can also be considered. The best part of these gifts is that they are useful, even after the baby grows. Also, gifting lamps would be useful. The mother has to get up in night again and again when the baby is small. She would definitely not prefer to switch on bright lights. Hence, a good table lamp or a hanging lamp would be great addition to the nursery.

What Not to Give to a Newborn Baby for Diwali?

Expensive Items

A newborn doesn’t know the meaning of expensive gifts. As a baby is about to grow daily and there are a tonnes of expenses that need to be made on daily items, it is wise to gift something useful. You can contribute a little by gifting them something they really need.

From diapers to baby care oils, the parents will be appreciating all. Avoid gifting a gold chain or a silver glass. It is not going to be of any use to the baby nor the parents. Though gifts of precious metal are popular, they aren't always practical. A baby's skin is very soft and delicate and jewellery may wind up hurting the child; it may look like an impressive gift but the baby is better off with more suitable presents.

Edible Items

It is very obvious that you cannot go and visit the a new born baby and parents empty handed. Also, if it is during Diwali, then it is necessary to take something along. But, it is important to take something useful.

Please avoid taking items like chocolates and dry fruits for the baby. That can be given to the parents but if your planning to buy specifically for the baby then do not buy edible items that the baby cannot eat. Instead, a baby bather or baby clothes is a better option to pick. Avoid baby food too as you don't know what kind of a diet the parents are following for the child.

Top 10 Diwali Gifts for Newborn in 2018

Babyhug Baby Pillow

A baby pillow is a must in the baby's bedding essentials. It supports the head of the little one and makes sure that the baby does not sleep in an awkward condition. It is a useful and practical gift.

Babyhug Baby Pillow Butterfly Shape comes in the shape of a butterfly and is blue in colour. The best part about this pillow is that it absorbs sweat easily and so it is safe for the baby. It is extra soft and can be used by a boy and girl both.

The product is priced at Rs.274. The added feature of this product is that it is washable also. The pillow is made up of good quality and is super durable as it lasts for a long time. Buy it from

Soft Buddies Fat Penguin

Soft Buddies Fat Penguin Soft Toy from is a great toy for the newborns. It is a fat and cuddly soft toys which the kids would love. It is made of high quality and is washable as well as highly durable.

The toy is very striking as it is made up of wonderful colours. It is safe for children and is made up of high quality polyester fabric. The product is priced at Rs.390 and thus it calls for a very budgetary gift.

Disposable Diapers Pack


Pampers Active Baby Small Size Diapers is not only a practical but a very useful gift. Diapers are needed on a daily basis when newborns are concerned. These ones are the tape style diapers from Pampers.

The outer layer of the diaper has the same softness like a cotton. The baby's soft and sensitive skin is kept in mind while making the diapers and hence it is safe for toddlers. The diapers are stretchable from both the sides. The diapers are very thin and have absorbent gel material in them which is also known as the magic gel. This gel absorbs the moisture and wetness quickly. This helps in avoiding the rash and also it does not make the baby uncomfortable. It comes in a pack of 46 and is priced at Rs.663 on Amazon.

Baby Bather


Mastela Mother's Touch Deluxe Baby Bather is a great gift for a newborn. A bather is usually a base for the baby in the shower. It comes with a backrest and this helps in bathing the baby more comfortably and safely.

It comes in orange colour. It is easily foldable and can alternatively be used as a massage chair as well. It has steel supporting frames. It is very easy to clean and can be washed in machine also if you remove the string. The product is priced at Rs.999 and is available on

Swaddling Cloth


Tura Turi Muslin Baby Swaddler is a great gift. This is the ideal gift to give to a new mother. It helps in covering the baby's cot cover or pram cover. Can be used as a bib or burp cloth for the baby as well. Initially, babies must be carefully swaddled and this soft and breathable fabric is perfect for that.

This particular one comes in a pack of 3 covers. All of them are made from muslin cloth which is in cotton and all three come in different colours. It is in large size which might be approx 45 by 45 inches. The product is priced at Rs.990 on Amazon.

Bouncing Chair


Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Geo is a wonderful Diwali gift for a family with a newborn in the house. It is useful for an infant till the time he or she turns in to a toddler. There is enough space for the feeding and resting of the baby. It is't always easy for the parents to soothe and bounce the baby and this is where this rocker comes in handy.

It is available in multicolour option only. It operates on battery and it has calming vibrations which gives comfort to the baby. It weighs of 2.72 kg and is operated on 2c batteries. The battery life lasts for 90 hours. The product is priced at Rs.4,750 and is available on

Baby Carrier Sling


Infantino 4-In-1 Convertible Carrier from is the most practical and useful gift to give to any new parents. It comes with a convertible seat which makes it very simple to carry the baby around. It can carry a baby from 5.4 kg to 20.4 kg.

The best part is that it can be washed easily in the machine. It comes in a grey colour and does not require batteries to operate. It can be carried while facing a narrow seat for new born babies and the seat can be made wide later, once the baby grows a little. The product is priced at Rs.2,899 on Amazon.

Herbal Babycare Basket


Himalaya Babycare Gift Basket is the most appropriate gift for the newborn and her parents. Himalaya has introduced a new range of baby care products which are completely safe for babies. They are also clinically proven and are perfect for the mild use on baby's skin.

The basket includes 50 ml of baby cream, 100 ml baby massage oil, 100 gm of baby powder, diaper rash cream, 20 gm, a pack of 72 gentle baby wipes, gentle baby shampoo, 200 ml, and 125 gm bar of moisturizing baby soap. The basket can be re used for stocking baby's items. The product is priced at Rs.409 and is available on Amazon.

Clothing Gift Set


Baby Bucket Body Suit Romper is a very cute gift set and a very useful one because in the first few months, new parents cannot have enough of wipes, rompers and diapers. It is a stylish romper which also has expandable shoulder lap for comfortable dressing. It is a summer wear and comes with half sleeves.

The rompers are printed with quotes like, 'I love mama' and 'I love papa'. It is a two piece set. It is made with cotton fabric that is light and comfortable on the skin of the baby. It also has a comfortable sized bottom so that the baby would fit in with diaper easily. The product is priced at Rs.595. Buy it from

Baby Bath Essentials Pack

Himalaya - Baby Care Gift Pack is a great gift. Himalaya has some great herbal products for the baby that are mild on the skin. This gift pack contains all the daily care products for the baby.

It contains a bottle of body massage oil - 100 ml, baby powder - 75 gm, and 2 baby soaps of 100 gm each. Massage with the baby oil which also contains olive oil. This will aid the growth and development of the baby. The sop will gently cleanse the baby's skin and the powder is cool on the body as it has khus extracts. The product is priced at Rs.241 and you can buy it from First Cry.

Buy Practical and Meaningful Diwali Gifts for a Newborn Baby

Where a new born baby is concerned, there a lot of different gift options to give. Some prefer giving valuable items like gold chains or silver coins while some prefer to congratulate the new born's parents by gifting a bouquet or chocolates. But, it is time to dump these age old practices and embrace something new.

Gift things that the baby or the parents can actually use. A lot many times you will feel that a disposable diaper is not a very appropriate gift to give. But, the parents might have a lot of different expenses to make considering that there is a new member in the house and diapers are a never ending need. so you will be helping them by reducing their burden just a little bit.

This way you can choose to opt for practical and useful gifts which will be of a great help to the parents. A gift card of any good baby shop would also be a good idea. Also, something to add to the baby's room is also a good idea. This way the baby could see it when she grows up and cherish it.

It's Alright to Give Gift Cards or Cash to the Parents

Gifts of cash or shagun are very popular in India and they are indeed practical and useful gifts. Gift cards too are fast gaining acceptance and are a good choice if you don't like the idea of stuffing cash in an envelope and giving it as a gift.

For babies it is one of the most useful gifts you can give the parents because even those of you who are parents and may be raising children of your own, there's no way to tell exactly what the new parents need. In some cases you can ask, but caring for a newborn is a handful and they may not be able to tell you or feel awkward doing so. Money or gift cards can be used whenever the need arises and you solve the problem of giving unnecessary gifts that are of little use.

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Not necessary but a great way to build a relationship

Diwali is a time when gifts are usually sent for the family at large. Unless you are closely connected, gifts are rarely given to individual members of a household and things like boxes of sweets, gourmet food gift hampers, etc suffice. However, remembering the new member of the family and sending something specially for the baby is a warm gesture of goodwill. For others a new baby is, well, a new baby, but for the family that baby is their whole world and for the next few years their lives will revolve completely around the child. And Diwali gifts for their bundle of joy will be held in high esteem and regard.