Top 10 Gift Ideas for Babies between 0-3 Months and What Newborns Really Need + How to Buy Baby Clothes & Supplies (2019)

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Babies between 0-3 Months and What Newborns Really Need + How to Buy Baby Clothes & Supplies (2019)

For someone who hasn't had a baby, they would look all the same and you'd be forgiven for not being able to tell the difference between a 2 month old and a 6 month old. But those first 3 months are crucial and parents must arm themselves with very specific things to look after a 0-3 month baby. Here you will not only learn to distinguish between babies at different ages, but also they individual requirement. We also have tons of gift ideas that will pleasantly surprise and impress new parents. Get ready to show off your baby shopping prowess!

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Gift Buying Guidelines for 0-3-Month-Old Babies

Well, babies are just adorable, but the newborn babies between the age group of 0-3 months are just like tiny little squeeze balls. They are so small and fragile that you have to hold them very carefully. That’s why you can’t let anything harmful or potentially toxic near the baby. And, this makes the gift shopping for babies hard as you can’t just buy anything for them. Before buying gifts for the babies everything needs to considered and tested throughout so that the gift won’t harm the baby in any way. So, before purchasing a gift for 0-3 months old babies consider few general tips.

Do Your Research Online

Okay, so foremost, before buying a gift for the babies make sure to do basic market research. Like, price, variety, and quality of the different baby products should be compared by you. So, that after doing some basic research online and offline you can make the right decision. As there are plenty of different baby gifting options are available and all of them are super cute, so selecting one is a hard task. To start your search, you can start looking for different baby products online on websites like,, etc. This will give you some insight into products and their prices. Then, you can compare prices and qualities by reading the reviews by other buyers as well.

Do Safety Checks

Now, you don’t want the baby to hurt himself or herself with your gift. That’s why considering the safety factors of your gifts is very point. Mainly, you have to consider two safety pointers at any cost. First, the gift for a baby should not be too small which baby can easily put in the mouth and choke on it.

Second, your gift should not be edgy or sharp that can cut the babies soft skin. So, always buy soft and colorful gifts for the baby the which keeps the baby safe and protected. Natural fibers like cotton are the best but you can also consider high grade blends which have been tested and proven safe for use by babies.

A Large Diaper Station Can Be a Lifesaver

Well, if you want to gift something which will help the new parents and the baby as well, then you can gift a large diapers station to them. As we all know that pooping and sleeping are the only two things babies do for the first several months, they really do! So, by gifting the large diaper station with lots of drawers and storage space, you are giving comfort to both the baby and the parents. Buying a diaper station may be costlier than the average baby gifts, so consider your budget before buying this gift. To check out the different designs of diaper station, you can visit Pepperfry or Amazon as they have some nice baby furniture options.

Don’t Buy Noisy Toys

Okay, so those squeezable and colorful rubber toys look great and come in the budget. But, never buy them for babies. If you don’t want to give new parents headaches, then never boy these squeezes as they make hideous sounds. Which might entertain the baby for a moment, but they get really annoying after the moment. So, if you truly want to help out new parents, then don’t buy any kind of noisy toys for babies.

Buy Washable Stuff

Babies put everything in their mouth or they stick their saliva to everything they hold. So, always buy gifts for the babies which can be easily washed by throwing it into the washing machine. Because it’s unhealthy for the baby to put dirty stuff in the mouth and there is now with which you can explain this to the baby. That’s why to buy something made from fabric or soft washable material for babies, it means electronics are not your option here.

General Gift Ideas for 0-3 Month Old Babies

Okay, so if after reading the general gift buying tips for the babies, you have gotten some basic ideas to buy gifts for the babies. But, still, as you are buying gifts for the baby first or don’t have much experience with the kids, then we are here to help you out. We have searched a few general gift options for the babies which will be absolutely loved by the parents and are definitely useful for the babies.

Funskool Fish Teether


Babies love to put everything they see or hold in their mouth immediately. It is a part of their development and reflex process. So, you can gift the baby chewing material and shape stimulator to help the baby to grow teeth without any problem. These particular Funskool brand tethers are designed to help out the baby in stimulating the natural jaw development and reflex. This soft quality toy for baby can be ordered online from and make the baby happy. This sweet and cute gift can be bought for only ₹134, a comfortable fit for any budget.

Johnson’s Baby Care Pack

Johnson’s Baby is one of the most popular and also one of the best brands selling baby products in India. So, to make the life of new parents easy and save them from the trouble of shopping for baby care products, you can order this Johnson’s baby care pack for them. This pack contains all the baby care products that a new baby needs like shampoo, oil, powder, lotion, cream etc.. It is complete gift package for the new baby which can be very useful for the baby’s growth and development. To gift this ultimate Johnson’s baby gift pack, you have to visit and spend ₹600 there.

Himalayan Gift Baskets

A grooming gift set for baby from the Himalayan brand is very useful for the baby. The herbal products will keep the baby healthy and help in the overall development of the baby. This beautiful purple hamper includes 1 baby massage oil (100 ml), baby bath (200 ml), baby powder (200 gm), gentle baby shampoo (100 ml), baby lotion (100 ml), baby cream (100 ml), two bars of gentle baby soap (125 gm), gentle baby wipes (pack of 72 wipes), diaper rash cream 20 gm. All these baby care essential items can be ordered from For a mere ₹884, this package gives so much is a small price.

Baby Bather


Bathing the small baby of 0-3 months is a very tricky part. The baby can’t even support it's own head and is very fragile so it became very difficult for new parents to bathe the baby. They get scared and hesitate to bathe the baby on their own. But, with the help of baby bather, this problem can be easily solved. As the headrest and leg rest of the bather can be easily adjusted and plus it is made up from the machine washable material, that’s why it makes the bathing easy for the baby. This comfortable Melonz Baby Bather can be ordered from for ₹700 only.

Disposable Diapers

Okay, there is nothing better than the extra supply of disposable diapers for the babies. You can save parents from the expense of buying diapers by gifting them the pack of diapers. The diapers give intense care to the soft baby skin and make the work of new mother a whole lot easier. The price of one diaper is around ₹9.46, so you can buy as many as packs of diapers to gift the baby according to your budget. The disposable diapers can be ordered online from anywhere like, etc.

Keep in mind you're shopping for a newborn; diapers are made according to age, weight and needs of the baby. Always check for these things. We recommend something like this Huggies Ultra Soft Premium Pants For New Baby, which is a pack of 20 Pieces. Made especially for newborns of up to 5 kg, these are ultra soft. Buy a pack for Rs.138 on First Cry, although you can get discounts and offers for buying more.

Guide to Buying Clothes for 0-3-Month-Old Babies

If we have to pinpoint the one gifting item which is required by babies and their parents the most, then that would be lots of clothes. As babies need almost 4-5 changes daily as they poop and drool a lot. That’s why every mother needs spare clothes for the baby always ready. Moreover, buying clothes can be really expensive for new parents as they have to so many other things. So, here you can help out them by gifting clothes for the baby. But, before buying clothes for babies make sure to follow these rules.

  • Buy one size ahead: well, babies grow very fast which is a good thing, but not when you are shopping for clothes for them. That’s why always buy clothes with one size ahead, for example, for a 0-3 months old baby buy clothes for a 4-5 months old. So, that the clothes can be worn by baby for a longer period of time.

  • Buy daily wear clothes: there are plenty of different clothing options are available for the babies like party wear clothes, beach clothes etc. Well, they all look cute but they are not useful as the baby isn’t going to visit the beach daily now. So, buy clothes which can be worn by baby daily like cotton onesies, wool socks, bibs, t-shirts,etc.

  • Don’t buy expensive clothes: the baby is hardly going to wear your gifts for more than 3 or 4 times as they grew up fast and clothes become small rapidly. So, all your money will go waste as the baby won’t be able to wear your given clothes. That’s why buy gifting clothes which are between the budget of ₹1000-₹1500, going beyond this price range is mere wastage of money.

  • Soft fabric is a must: there should be no doubt in this department that gift for the babies needs to soft. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying clothes or any other gift for babies, it just has to soft. If the cloth is not soft, then it can harm the super soft and sensitive skin of the baby. Now, we know you don’t want to harm the baby intentionally, so make sure to throughout check the quality of clothing set before gifting it to the baby. Buying natural, breathable fabrics are just as important.

  • Go for pants with stretchy elastic: lastly, before buying the clothes for small babies make sure that the elastic used in the pants aren’t too tight. As the too tight elastic can cause rashes and stops blood circulation of the baby. It can make the baby further agitated and irritated babies are very hard to deal with. So, check the elastic expansion before buying pants for babies.

Adorable Clothing Gift Ideas for Babies

Okay, so if you are looking for some nice and useful clothing based gift options for the babies, then you can search online. If you are looking for the truly perfect clothing options for the babies and haven’t gotten any chance yet. Then, you can select any of the following gifts for baby.

Woolen Cap

You can gift this cute and adorable Babyhug Woollen Cap with Rabbit Face Print to the baby to keep him or her warm this season. The cap has beautiful rabbit designs on the top. It is crafted from the super soft and warm fabric which keeps the babies head warm. This cap will keep the baby cozy and comfortable during the outings. To gift this adorable cap to the baby, you have to order it from for ₹155.

Personalised T-Shirt

You can gift the baby a personalised t-shirt with a beautiful message from you. Personalised baby t-shirts look very cool and cute on the babies. To get customised t-shirts for the baby you have to visit, and upload your logo, photo, design, and text. The t-shirts are made up from the polyester and cotton so they are comfortable for the babies. A customized t-shirt will cost ₹225.

Night Suit

Buy the newborn matching night suits in cute prints like this Mini Taurus Full Sleeves Night Suit Sleep Print in navy and white. This full sleeves tee and pajama set will keep the baby comfortable whole night. A beautiful I love you print has been crafted on the tee and printed pattern gives the stylish appeal to the night suit. This is a very comfortable baby gift which will the baby warm and cozy all night long. Made for babies aged 0 to 6 months, it has a comfortable pull over style tee and soft elastic waist pajama. To gift this comfort to baby night suit to the baby, you have to visit and spend just ₹299.

Romper Set


A baby cannot have too many rompers, there's no such thing. So if you're giving a romper as a gift, buy sets of them. Like this Gopuja New Born Baby Multi-Color Long Sleeve Cotton Sleep Suit Romper for Boys and Girls. The set of 3 rompers is a very useful baby gift. It is made with a soft fabric which is well suited for the babies skin. There come with easy to snap down fronts for easy dressing and diapering, and don't have to be pulled over the baby's head. And you can pick from a wide range of colours and designs. This romper set can be ordered from Amazon for ₹650.

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If you're worried about repeats, gift things the parents need plenty of

Baby gift hampers comprising of baby care products, clothes and other baby essentials are pretty common gift items and the parents are bound to receive more than one of each of these. To make sure your gift is relevant and useful, skip the hampers and pick out select products you know they will need in abundance. Onesies, napkins, diapers and baby wipes are just a few things they cannot have too many of. Make your own hamper of such items.