At One He's Already Got it All. Know a Kid Like That? Well Here are Some Great Gifts for a 1 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything (2018)

At One He's Already Got it All. Know a Kid Like That? Well Here are Some Great Gifts for a 1 Year Old Boy Who Has Everything (2018)

Would you like to get a one-year-old boy a gift and don't know what to buy? It can be harder still if he is lavished with affection and presents and seems to have everything, and more, that a little boy could possibly need! Here we present the best and most suitable gift for the little man. These gift ideas are well-thought-out and are sure to fulfill their purpose.

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Tips for Choosing Gifts for a Year Old Boy

Select Toys to Boost His Motor Skills

From learning how to sit, stand, walk, run, hold small items to further learning how to process their immediate surroundings and the people around them, it is fun and engaging with play actions for a child.
Skills that promote flexibility, balance and the baby’s stance are known as the Motor skills. This makes use of the child’s large muscles and the right choice of toys will help the baby stand strong and experience a good sense of balance. Through repetitive motions and movements that require agility and balance, the gross motor skills bring in a chief element of physical development in a child’s early growing stages. Hence providing toys that easily enable the child’s development and interactively is very important, to work in small and organized ways.

The motor skills toys can be balls in different shapes and sizes. They can be foam balls, bouncy or hollow balls making for an active development play. Sensory Balls that are textured or come with different patterns are very good for the child, for they hold the baby’s attention for long and encourages him to move. Another alternative could be to get other solid toys like tactile disks which come in sets with different textures, that the baby can touch, pickup and move on his own.

A Baby Cannot Have too Many Learning Toys

Now that it is known that toys are largely beneficial in a child’s growth and development, selecting one that can inspire the child’s imagination, promote movement and support the development of some basic skills is a must. When selecting toys for your child, choose toys based on your intention and not really what’s in fashion! For instance, choose a shape sorter with 6 thin wooden rings which will help the baby learn about colours more, with a specific eye-hand coordination and engaging attention span, also making for size comparisons and counting skills, rather than going in for a shape sorter with 4 thick plastic rings.

Brightly coloured toys that light up, come with sound and makes the child dance or has many buttons, can be overwhelming for the child. Playtime should be active time for the baby, helping him experience control and responsibility with his own actions and imagination, while the toy itself remains passive. Hence, choosing a toy that is simple, features not more than one function or two, has a clear cause and effect and calls for concentration from the child is appropriate.

Creative Toys for His Imagination

Baby boys are just as eager and excited about their toys and games as baby girls. There are a dime a dozen toys in all kinds of categories in the market these days, which may not all be relevant or conducive for your baby’s growth and development. In addition to enhancing the basic motor skills and language development, if you also look at the creative aspect of a particular toy, it will be beneficial for your baby’s learning along with the fun n play factor. For instance, soft books not only encourage learning and help assist a child in promoting a healthy habit of reading, but they are also soft and nice to touch, materials used to make them are polyester and synthetic, and the books are colourful & visually appealing. The easy to turn or flip pages makes the books ideal to play with.

Toy Buggies or cars are toddler toys which encourage the baby to stand and walk, also offering development skills. They are easy to use and stack, making them handy for practical travelling as well. Toddler books like 100 first words with fun and illustrated pictures and images keep the baby engaged in pointing and learning how to say the words.

10 Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Boy Who Has Everything

Form Fitter

The Playskool Form Fitter is a multi-coloured plastic toy set, applicable for colour and shape recognition skills for a 1-year-old child. It measures 144mm in width and 191mm in height. With a primary shape and slots, and included pieces in various shapes, teach your child how to recognize a shape and put it in the correct slot. The Form Fitter is priced at Rs. 449. You can get one at

Skip Hop Activity Lion

The Skip Hop Activity Lion is a soft toy cum teether which comes filled with textures, patterns and sounds, allowing the toddler to explore rattles, crinkles and more! Colourful and cool, the bandana clad lion teether can be removed and worn on the wrist by the Parent for easy accessibility. This toy is appropriate for a multi-sensory play activity and can be attached to the baby’s stroller, car seat or carrier when on the move. Measuring 12.7 x 7.6 x 25.4 cm, the activity lion is priced at Rs. 1,709 at

Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles


The Magnetic Blocks Building Tiles is a magnetic toy set that can be combined together to form different patterns like a plane, a dog or other constructive structures. Made of high quality plastic under American Toy safety guidelines, the set is easy to clean and maintain and comes with an additional storage bag. It has 92 blocks of magnet in multi-colours, measuring 19 x 10.9 x 15 cm in all and is priced at Rs. 4,503.

Deluxe Mega Push Car

The 3-in-1 Deluxe Mega Push Car is a ride-on car with a funny honk. Your child can sit on it and move it ahead by pushing its legs. The car comes with a safety guard to protect your child while riding it. The handle makes it easier to push the car around and provide an enjoyable experience to the kid. It comes with play music on the steering wheel with 5 choices and also has a horn. The Mega Push Car requires two 1.5V AA batteries (not included in package). The package includes: a steering wheel, 4 wheels, a car body, 1 rear wing, a push bar, 2 armrest guard rails and an instructions manual. The entire package requires adult assembling and is priced at Rs. 2,767.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl


The Fat Brain Toy Dimpl is a lovely and colourful toy with 5 vibrant silicone bubbles in-built in an ABS plastic frame that can be pushed, popped, poked or grabbed as a way of enhancing the child’s sensory skills. Made of 100% food grade silicone and BPA free, the toy encourages motor skills, sensory exploration and cause-effect learning in your child and it can be carried anywhere! The toy measures 5.5 x 5 x 1 inches and is priced at Rs. 2,617.

Activity Walker

The Mothertouch Bear Rider Activity Walker is a uniquely designed vehicle that can be a first for your child. With an attractive shape, set of colours and durable plastic body, the walker is designed with a specially styled wheel for better grip and smooth movement on any surface. The bear walker moves up and down with a ting tong sound for a fun ride. It has rattle spinners and spinning balls with sounds that will keep the baby entertained for long. It's handles are easy to grasp and helps the baby stand and balance. The Bear Rider Activity Walker is priced at Rs. 675.

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles


The fat brain Toys Tobbles is a multi-coloured toy that strikes your kid’s curiousity, stimulates his senses, engages his imagination and encourages him to be creative. It is aimed to improve the child’s strength and stability, balance and coordination skills as well as gross motor skills. With pleasant popping sounds on movement, the toy stands, sits, rocks, tilts and wobbles, making it an excellent play for your child. It is priced at Rs. 3,019.

Nursery Educational Cube

The Toyzee Nursery Educational Cube aims at developing a child’s eye-hand coordination and motor skills, helping the child learn in a fun way. A 9-in-1 learning cube, it is appropriately designed and sized for the little one to hold and play with, featuring birds, numbers, shapes, animals, vehicles, colours, fruits and vegetables. Measuring 6 x 6 x 6 cm per cube, the Educational cube is priced at Rs. 97.

Spin and Learn Flashlight


The spin and learn coloured flashlight is an educational toy that comes with exciting songs and music to teach your child about colours, numbers and animals. With a ladybug button that activates sounds making for an interactive play for the child, the flashlight includes over 50 sing-along songs, music, tunes and fun phrases, 5 light colours that are vision friendly. This toy will help the kid count along and learn numbers 1, 2 and 3. The flashlight is powered by 2 AAA batteries that is included in the package. If the toy isn’t operational for 45 seconds, it automatically shuts down. The flashlight is priced at Rs. 2,078.

Play Tent House

The foldable Play Tent House from Homecute, is a multi-coloured tent house made of polyester, measuring 110mm in length, 110mm in breadth and 120mm in height, weighing about 1000gms. It is easy to assemble, within just 30 seconds, pops up instantly and is self-supporting. It has a window with a door that can be easily used for both entry and exit. The tent house is made of non-toxic material, is easy to handle and wash and it's ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. It is designed as such to keep it light and breezy with a crawl through the door. The Play Tent House is priced at Rs. 1,045.

Bonus Tip: Choosing the Right Toy for the Right Age

Choosing the right kind of toy for your children isn’t just about their learning, engaging or entertaining them, but also about protecting them by not choosing toys or games that can be toxic or harmful for them and are instrumental to their development. By understanding which toys works best for your child at what age, you can help stimulate their brain connections, thereby building on your child’s intellect levels. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right toy for your kid according to his age.

  • Infant toys: choose toys like mobiles with bright colours that will stimulate his vision, activity centers and encourage his motor control progress. Keep in mind baby safety guidelines and encourage the child to explore faces, rattlers & teethers. Introduce him to new textures and board books which can help him with the initial stages of language understanding.

  • Toddler toys: games like peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake are fun ways of letting him discover the world around him. Baby gyms encourage crawling, while bouncers promote physical activity, play telephones encourage communication through aping, soft toys and stuffed animals make for cuddling experiences, while wooden and soft blocks are good for stacking, filling and dumping games.

  • 12-18 Month toys – Toys at this stage should be about supporting the kid’s curiosity, calling for further fine motor coordination. Toddler appropriate videos and music, story or picture books are good for language and vocab, nesting cups and shape sorters improve eye-hand coordination in addition to his problem-solving skills, swing sets and safety trikes are good for physical activity.

  • 18-24 Month toys: his imagination is at play at this stage, hence toys that would support his exposure to shapes, colors and his ability to follow instructions or language would be appropriate, like – push and pull toys, easy puzzles with small number of pieces, costumes and dress-up, playhouses and other scaled down objects that he’ll see every day.

  • 24-36 month toys: here, the child begins to notice and concentrate on fine motor coordination, and hence can begin working with board games or crafty projects and toys appropriate for his age. Simple board games, puzzles that encourage memory enhancement and eye-hand coordination at an advanced level, riding toys, tricycles or swing sets, musical instruments for beginners, sandboxes, train sets, art sets and storybooks will help too.
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Gift Ideas for a Young One-Year-Old Man

There it is, the numerous gifts you can give to a one-year-old little man. Each one of these would surely make an impact in the life of the little one as he familiarises himself with the toy. On the surface it may seem like he has everything he needs, but children learn very quickly, and there is an abundance of creative and smart toys. So take your time to choose wisely and you can find plenty of things he will benefit from.