Budgeting Tips & 10 Cute and Affordable Party Favours and Return Gifts for Babies and Kid's Parties

Budgeting Tips & 10 Cute and Affordable Party Favours and Return Gifts for Babies and Kid's Parties

Kids love birthday parties, there's no doubt about that. There is cake, delicious treats, fun and games, other kids to play with, and best of all, the birthday return gifts they get when leaving! No party is complete without party favours and if you are planning for a baby's or small child's party, don't forget to include return gifts for the kids. Here are some useful tips and gift ideas for your party.

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Adorable Return Gifts for Babies Can Add Spark to Your Celebration

A Birthday Party is Incomplete Without Beautiful Return Gifts

A birthday party for little children is incomplete without presents and that includes return gifts for the guests. If you are hosting a birthday party for children who are very young, say around one to three years old then the guests also must comprise of a young bunch. Kids love presents and return gifts or party favors will leave your little guests delighted beyond words. Kids are uncomplicated creatures; they don’t value a gift by its price. Something cute, fun and colorful is enough to hold their attention and make them happy.

Find Plenty of Return Gift Options Online

If you are wondering where to get your return gifts from then look online for options. Websites like Pinterest will give you plenty of ideas regarding putting together creative gift bags for a child’s birthday party. There are also plenty of blogs available online which you can visit for inspirations. You can buy readymade goodie bags and return gifts from websites like amazon.in and prettyurparty.com. When you do your return gift shopping you get the added benefit of discounts and offers. You can order in bulk and get the stuff delivered right to your doorstep.

Customising Return Gifts Can Be a Sweet Gesture

You know what makes return gifts even better? Customising them of course! Giving customised party favors to your party guests makes the occasion even more special and memorable. If you are thinking that customised gifts will cost you a bomb, then we have good news for you. There are a number of websites which sell personalised returned gifts to fit every budget. Websites like prettyurparty.com, thepipal.com and littlecharms.net have some pretty fun customisable stuff for little kids. There are plenty of options to choose from as well.

Guidelines for Buying Return Gifts for Babies and Kiddy Parties

Safety of the Product

Before you go ahead and order return gifts for your little guests, let’s go over a few important details. Remember you kid is a no more than a toddler and so are most of the other guests attending the party. So make sure the gifts are perfectly safe beforehand. Make sure the materials used are non-toxic in nature, with no sharp edges. Preferable materials are food grade plastic or something soft like felt, wool or cloth. Gifts which comprise of little pieces which can be accidentally swallowed should also be strictly avoided. Check product components and safety procedures before making your final purchase.


Source www.amazon.in

Birthday return gifts should ideally be versatile and useful. Objects of daily use like personalised sipper cups, coasters and pencil cases make great return gifts. Choose fun colorful designs and prints. Choose an interesting packaging, maybe one which can be reused later like the Jiada Cartoon Printed Haversack Birthday goodie bags. Activity kits are also great ideas, that way the children can create something unique which is useful as well. Pidilite DIY Art and Craft kit Combo, a set of 3, is a creative and fun activity which will keep children occupied and provide them give them the joy of creating something beautiful.

Age Specific Gifts

Your little kid’s birthday party will have children of various different ages. A 3 year old child is quite different from a 6 year old. You can’t expect them to like the same kind of toys and gifts. Therefore if you want to make everyone happy either divide your guests into separate age groups or get universally accepted gifts like cookie hampers, chocolates and candy.

Cute Return Gift Ideas for Babies and Children's Birthday Parties

We have put together a collection of some cute return gifts which are appropriate for little children. These gifts are versatile, fun, safe and pocket friendly.

Simple Puzzles

Source www.amazon.in

Simple Jigsaw Puzzles are not only a fun activity but also helps in the child’s cognitive development. Vibgyor Vibes Wood Jigsaw Puzzles from amazon.in seems the perfect choice for a party return gift for little children. The set contains 6 different 20 piece puzzles with fully interlocking pieces. The colorful puzzles are attractive and fun for small kids and will cost you around Rs.419.

Coloring Books

Source www.amazon.in

Coloring books have always been known to keep little children occupied. Dreamland Publications’ Colour Crayons Part I available on amazon.in will make a great addition to your child’s birthday goody bag. The simple shapes makes coloring easy for toddlers. It comes with instructions as well, but it’s perfectly alright to let the child use his or her own imagination or even color outside the line. It’s priced at Rs.45 only.

Personalised Bibs

With the personalised bibs from pipaltree.com meal times will get simpler and hassle free. These cute bibs with everything from colorful planes, trains and animal faces on them will encourage even the fussiest toddlers to eat their meals without a single tantrum. A set of three costs Rs.898. Have them personalised for the youngest guests at the birthday party.

Bath Toys

Source www.amazon.in

Bath toys are really versatile return gifts that even the parents will love. They help keep the children engaged and amused during bath time, while the parents get them cleaned up. Anyone who has a small child knows how challenging bath time can be, and a fun toy that keep them interested in the bath tub long enough for the parent to clean them up is a boon. Kismis 12 piece animal bath toys are colorful, non-toxic, and BPA free which makes it safe for kids to put them in their mouth. They float on water and when make a funny chu chu sound when squeezed. It costs Rs.249 on amazon.in.

Magnetic Letters

Source www.amazon.in

The kids attending your child’s birthday party are mostly pre-school goers or about to start going to school. They are just starting to learn the alphabet. WebKreature Magnetic Learning Alphabet-Letters will help speed up their learning process. These colorful pieces can be stuck to a magnetic board or refrigerator and will encourage little children to learn to spell. Buy it for Rs.130 from amazon.in.

Goody Bag

Source www.amazon.in

Get fun and cute goody bags for all your little party guests and watch them smile with glee. MSGH Cartoon Printed Kids Haversacks are printed with pictures of superheroes and animated characters. They can be filled with chocolate, candies or other small gifts. This set of 12 bags costs around Rs.425 on amazon.in and comes with 12 cute thank you cards. Use this instead of return gift bags and put other fun things inside. The bags are available in many different themes and cartoon characters.

Wooden Toys

Source www.amazon.in

In the age of plastic and fiber we seem to have forgotten the joy of classic wooden toys. Well the CeeJay toys set of 6 colorful wooden toys are the organic alternatives to plastic. These toys are made with handpicked wood and have a smooth surface. The paint used on these toys is non-toxic and safe toys for kids to play with. The set costs Rs.989 on amazon.in.

Funny Googles

Source www.amazon.in

Kids love dressing up and putting on silly props. So fun party sunglasses or goggles should be right up there on your list of great return gifts. Brown Leaf neon Eyeglasses are glow in the dark and will cost you Rs.199 for a set of two. You can buy it on amazon.in. You can even hand these out during the party so the kids can put them on and have blast posing for pictures.

Bubble Gun

Source www.amazon.in

Remember how much fun it is blowing soapy bubbles? Bubble Gun is one gun which is perfectly safe for kids to play with. This fun toy can make bath and play time a hoot. Buy Khanak Pressing Bubble Making Elephant shaped gun from amazon.in. It’s priced at Rs.174 and comes with a jar of non-toxic bubble making solution. This unique toy will make the perfect return gift for kids aged 1-12 years.

Play Dough

Source www.amazon.in

Playdoh is a classic gift for children of all ages and we can assure you that they won’t be disappointed to get it as a return gift. The Funskool Playdoh creative kit contains four colors of Playdoh which is approximately 120 gm each along with nine plastic shape cutters. Playdoh is non-toxic and easily moldable. The shape cutters are made of non-toxic BPA free plastic and have rounded edges. Everything is packed into a clear plastic jar with a brightly colored lid, making it a very attractive present. It brings out the creativity in children and keeps them engaged for hours. You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.199.

Piggy Bank

Source www.amazon.in

It’s never too early to teach children to save and money banks for kids are a classic toy. Arira Animal Designs piggy banks will encourage them to learn responsibility and money management. They will also look cute in any child's shelf or room. These piggy banks are made of wood and are brightly colored with fun animal cutouts on them. A pack of 2 costs Rs.395 on amazon.in.

Soft Toy

Source www.amazon.in

Kids can never have enough soft toys or stuffed animals and we can guarantee that they will absolutely love Richy Toys dog Rabbit and Elephant soft toys from amazon.in. The combo of three cute stuffed animals is made of non-toxic materials, is soft and cuddly and costs Rs.399. These gifts are suitable for children of any age up to 10 years old.

Factors to Take Into Account When Budgeting

Budget is an important factor in the return gift selection process. Before you set out to buy gifts set your party budget. There are other expenses like party supplies, decoration, food, cake etc. which you need to figure out. See how much money you have left over. Never overspend. If you are running low then go for simple pocket friendly DIY gifts.

Will You Also Give Something to the Adults?

There will be adults attending the party as well. It would be a nice gesture to give a little something to the parents and the adults accompanying the children. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Just a small gesture of appreciation for attending the party. You could send them home with a box of homemade cookies, dry fruits, cupcakes or chocolates. Scented jar candles tied with a ribbon also make great party favors for adults or a jar of flavored popcorn.

Budget Carefully After Taking Full Guest List into Account

Before you make any gifting decisions, do a final guest count. Last minute additions can mess up your whole budget. Also enquire if everyone you are inviting is actually attending or not. You can arrange for people to RSVP in advance so that there is no wastage of food or gifts. Insist on your guests giving you a final head count of attendees and try to not encourage tag alongs at the last minute.

Buy a Few Extra Pieces to Ensure You Don't Run Short

While sticking to the budget is important don’t be too rigid though. Buy a few extra gifts in case someone you didn’t anticipate shows up or in case a gift gets spoiled or misplaced. It’s a children’s birthday party so you need to be prepared for these kinds of things. You don’t want a kid to go back home empty handed. Because at the end of the day it’s the happiness of the children that matters the most.

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Small, Cute and Inexpensive

These three words are your guidelines for return gifts for babies and for children. Party favours are simply to tell your guests thank you for making the time to attend the party and to send them home in a good mood. Since you have already spent on the party and other arrangements, spending a bomb on return gifts isn't necessary or even expected. A single small gift will do but since children love the idea of a goody bag it is far better to have a bunch of small gifts.