Never Bought a Jewellery Gift for Girlfriend Before? A Guide to Buying Jewellery, and 10 Stunning Pieces to Buy for Her Online (2019)

Never Bought a Jewellery Gift for Girlfriend Before? A Guide to Buying Jewellery, and 10 Stunning Pieces to Buy for Her Online (2019)

If there is one thing men are often stumped by is buying accessories for their lady love. You are impressed by the way she dresses and adorns herself which is why shopping for her is so intimidating. But don't let that stop you from buying her pretty jewellery, because girls do love their trinkets. Learn how to buy gold, semi precious and daily wear jewellery; we have also listed some gorgeous pieces available online if you're not yet ready to venture into a jewellery store on your own.

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Why Gift Her Jewellery and Does it Have to Be Expensive?

Girls tend to be happy with even the smallest gesture of love, and when her boyfriend buys her jewellery, she is over the moon. All girls love bling . Jewellery is something that involves the investment of your time and buying someone precious jewellery won't only have it's value increased overtime but often can last long and be passed from generation to generation. Jewelry can speak when you don't have the words. A diamond is 'forever', a journey pendant says 'I’ll be there', a ruby means passion, a heart says the obvious. It’s always easier to say with jewellery what you may not have the words to say.

Jewellery doesn't always to be gold and diamonds, it can be a pair of pretty earrings, a bracelet to go with her favourite dress. Women are aware that buying jewellery doesn't come easily to most men, and the fact that you braced your inhibitions to pick out something you thought she will like will make her supremely happy.

How to Choose Jewellery That Matches Her Taste?

Jewelry is an extremely customizable gift. You can cater to personality, colour preferences, style, almost everything. Need a gift for your stylishly eclectic friend? A vintage inspired cocktail ring is the answer! The choices are endless. When choosing trendy jewelry we need to make sure that the type of jewelry we choose though doesn't cost too much but also should be durable enough to stand the test of time . You don't want an embarrassing remark that it broke too soon or was to fragile.

Her Relation With You

How long you have been with her defines what options are viable for you, and whether you should buy jewellery made of precious material or something pretty but inexpensive. Expensive jewellery too early on in a relationship is not wise, and it could make her uncomfortable. Rings are a tricky choice too - are you proposing to her or buying her a pretty ring without thinking about how she will view it?

Also what type of relationship do you have with her? She is your girlfriend, sure, but are you both the types who go out often or do you chill at home. As when buying a gift for someone who doesn't like going out much you could gift them a promise ring and if it's not too soon to ask the question you could pop that in too. Her relation with you defines your understanding of her, you must have her photo with you and you could check of all the possible trendy items she would like.

Her Preference and Personal Taste

Does she like shiny jewellery or is she the types who likes to wear subtle accessories? If she works then it would be more appropriate to gift her an everyday wear ornament which isn't too showy and is something that won't distract others or make it look like she is overly dressed. They ornaments she wears are often bought after lots of careful thought, specially if they are made of precious material like gold, silver or diamonds. So go along and read this article to understand the different types of jewellery you can buy, whether precious or trendy. Match what you learn here with what she wears and likes and you will have the perfect gift.

Quality Checks to Look for When Buying Jewellery

When buying jewellery we need to make sure it looks delicate but should be sturdy enough to last long and not break. When buying gold there are even factors to make sure as many a times there will be fake gold sold. It's always safer to check for for mark to ensure the quality of gold.

There are different carats of gold to check for 18k, 22k and 24k . Gold is sold per gram and the rate changes on a daily basis. Gold jewellery has two rates - one is the weight of the gold, which will be calculated according to the current rate, and making charges - the additional cost levied on crafting the jewellery; the more intricate the design, the higher it's making charge will be.

While buying precious stones like ruby or diamond, we check the clarity of the stone - the clearer it is, the more expensive it will be. The size will determine it's price too. A single large stone can cost a whole lot more than a whole bunch of tiny stones, which is why solitaires, or single stones that are popular for engagement rings, command a much larger price.

When buying trendy or fashion jewellery that is made from much cheaper alloys, look for a good quality finish and how well the stones are set. They may be cheaper but look for good quality alloys that will not leave her with a nasty rash. Good designs, trendy colours, statement pieces are some good options to consider when buying fashion jewellery. These may last as long as precious jewellery, but a quality piece is long lasting and will serve her well for a long time. The quality of the product can be checked by reading the reviews. Also make sure to check that over time the colour doesn't fade or run.

Fixing the Budget

The budget you set aside will largely be determined by your savings and also the age of the relationship. Since jewellery doesn't come cheap and you would want her to look even more beautiful than she already is, thus the budget we would suggest for precious jewellery is starting from Rs.1,500 up to Rs.15,000. Whereas for trendy jewellery you can expect to spend slightly lesser and can set a budget of about Rs.100 to Rs.3,000.

Gold and Diamond Jewellery Gifts to Buy for Girlfriend

Edelweiss Miracle Plate Diamond Ring

If you're ready to spend on the higher side for a promise ring, we will recommend this classic flower shaped, diamond encrusted gold ring. This ring though costly, is adorned with 7 diamonds and is made in 18k gold. Every piece of jewellery that they make is certified for authenticity by third-party international laboratories like IGI, BIS, GIA, and HKD. With free engraving of writing name and or initials you could choose and also an option to change yellow gold to white or rose gold at There is an option to buy this ring in 14k as well as select the diamond quality, and while prices will vary according to the size of the ring, the smallest size in 18k will set you back by Rs.15,554.

Stud Earrings

These beautiful stud earrings with no making charge is and elegant design which she can wear daily and to work as well. These The Uma Stud Earrings from the Uphaar Collection are set in 18K gold weighing 2.12 gram, with a total diamond weight of 0.0940 C. You could choose to buy 18k or 14k as well as per will and could choose from the colour of gold required. These earrings would look amazing not only with ethnic wear but also shine amazingly on her work wear . Priced at Rs.12,234, these are available to buy at

Birthstone Bracelet

Does your girl attach importance to her zodiac sign and is interested in the symbols associated with it? Then she will be delighted with this Mia by Tanishq 14K Aries Birthstone in Rose Gold Bracelet, (you can of course pick a bracelet in her birthstone). Starting at Rs.5,999 this piece looks very dainty but is sturdy enough for daily wear with a little care. It will look delicate and beautiful on her and especially the the birthstone known for bringing in luck in her life, because even your lucky charm would need some luck to come along . You can choose the birthstone according to their birthday, find it on

Diamond Pendant

This beautiful Tanishq 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant in an abstract design would be the perfect choice whether it is to work or a party this would be her go to accessory. The 18K yellow gold diamond pendant weighs 0.892 gram and at a price of Rs.11,630 this is an amazing buy as it has been embedded with diamonds at a rated clarity of 12. Buy it at

Trendy Jewellery Pieces for Your Girlfriend

Is she the funky types who is more into casual than expensive bling bling? Then these trendy everyday pieces of jewellery will help you sweep her off her feet. Trendy jewellery is best for everyday use since it goes with almost everything. The biggest concern women have is usually overdressing to the occasion so you as a guy would want to stick to something that doesn't seem like an overdose.

Motivational Bracelet

This plain yet elegant Silver Metal Bracelet is all you would want to tell her when she feels low. Since we all need a heads up and a boost this bracelet will not only enhance her wrists but also remind her that you are her constant support as days go by making your relationship stronger. Priced at Rs.999 now on

Retro Drop Earrings

Are you looking for that is not only light weight but also looks beautiful? This Retro Exotic Carved Tassel Coins Exaggerated Hollow Water Drop Earrings might just be your go to option. While it is elegant looking, it can also pair well with her ethnic wear. Made of metal alloy, these jhumkas measure 7.1 x 4.4 cm and not only are they available at a very reasonable price but also have good quality making. Buy this pair for just Rs.169 at

Multilayer Necklace

Does she wear necklaces often with dresses or shirts? This metal strip multi layer necklace is suitable for a woman who is confident to wear low neck shirts. This is an elegant neck piece that looks beautiful on all women and is perfect for someone who likes an understated look. She can wear it with a low cut blouse or dress, or wear it over closed neck outfit to make an elegant statement. Priced at Rs.119, it is available at This casual wear necklace is made of alloy thus will be durable.

Bullet Flare Neckpiece

Every girl must have a few chunky, statement pieces in her jewellery collection. These pieces can elevate a simple ensemble to a whole new level, and enhance her dressier outfits as well. This unique yet traditional Bullet Flare Neckpiece is for the bold woman who is not afraid to make a style statement and assert her individuality. This is a somewhat modern neck piece with an antique look that makes the neck look fuller and also it is designed in such a way that it doesn't lose its shine and can be used for a long time provided it's given a little care. A very elegant piece to wear. Buy it for Rs.549 at

Infinity Ring

Isn't your love forever? As Buzz Lightyear said to infinity and beyond, this cute promise ring is a deal sealer no matter how long it has been since you know her this cute little ring won't be too much of a brag but also will show how strongly you want it to go the distance. Made of brass this is a good buy at Rs.389 up for grabs on

Tips on Choosing Jewellery She Will Want to Wear

While choosing the appropriate jewellery we need to remember all girls are different. They have different body type complexion and figure thus it is wise to keep that in mind and choose something just right for them, as what suits one person may not suit the other. Women often prefer jewellery that looks delicate but however are not made of a material that will make it seem cheap or fragile.

The Appearance and Look

Jewellery is a good ornament to wear but not all stand the test of time. Be sure to buy jewellery that is certified and has gone through various checks to defines it quality and sturdiness. Some jewellery available in the market seem to lose its colour and lustre as days pass by so make sure to read reviews before buying anything. While buying any ring with gemstones be sure to check the clarity rating of the stone, more so if it an expensive item.

Don't Buy Anything Too Expensive

If it's still the initial phase of your relationship don't shock her with something that is too expensive and screams of a long term commitment, especially if she has had relationship issues in the past. Here we mean not only expensive promise rings but even other pieces dripping with diamonds and precious stones. Small gold trinkets such as a dainty pendant or bracelet are fine, but nothing more.

You may be head over heels in love and want want to shower her with jewels but there is a time for everything. Be patient and shop for something that she would adore you for. Take help of her friends or even your mother. Instead of spending on lavish gifts, spend quality time with her, get to know her better and earn her trust; she will be far more appreciative of these gestures.

Find Something for Everyday Wear

You wouldn't want to buy her something that is going to be eating dust in the corner of the room. Go in for something she can wear everyday rather than something she can wear only occasionally. Women are often being constantly evaluated and judged by other women so you wouldn't want to give her something that she will be insulted for or even be told that it looks cheap. So when buying this make sure you are thinking the way your girlfriend would and have a picture of her in mind to make the ideal choice.

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Not all girls want to be gifted jewellery

Contrary to popular belief, women aren't vying to be gifted expensive jewellery. They'd rather buy select pieces themselves that match their personal taste and requirements. Unless this is a long term relationship where she will not be uncomfortable about expensive gifts, buy her something inexpensive and pretty that she will enjoy wearing. If you drop a load of cash on a piece she doesn't really like it can make things awkward, not to mention how you'd feel about having spent that much. Don't complicate gifting, keep it simple and instead focus on building a strong relationship.