Looking for a Gold Gift for Your Favourite Couple? Here are Our 10 Picks of the Best Available Options for 2020

Looking for a Gold Gift for Your Favourite Couple? Here are Our 10 Picks of the Best Available Options for 2020

Not sure about what to give as a gift to your favourite couple? Look no further, for we have handpicked 10 amazing gold gifts that will make for very good couple gifts. From cool budget buys to pricey statement pieces when you want to drop a load of cash, we have something for every kind of budget!

Giving Them Gifts is a Way to Celebrate the Couple

Celebrating a couple, whether at their wedding, anniversary or a landmark moment in their lives is a beautiful thing. However, getting them a suitable present isn't an easy task. We get it, finding gifts for one person is difficult enough, and shopping for two can be even harder. When buying for a couple, you have to take into consideration two people’s choices rather than just one. When it comes to gifting a couple, it is always nice and considerate to think out of the box, and give them something which is neutral in the sense that both would like it and has a usability factor for both the partners rather than just one of them.

Even though finding gifts for couples is a tricky game to be in, but we also feel that it is a beautiful place to be in - looking for a gift for two people who are in love, a happy space and we get to find something special as a gift to celebrate their beginnings, journeys or some milestones. We also know what role gold plays when it comes to gifting couples. We know gold gifts have been a part of our culture and tradition since a long time now, as a gesture and token of blessing for whoever you are giving it to.

Gold gifts are an epitome of love and so much more, and a perfect option when looking for gifts for couples. Moreover, gifts of gold are timeless, extremely precious and a great investment - a gift no one minds receiving which holds a future value. These days there are so many unique and creative options in the market when it comes to gold gifting. That is why we’ve made it easier for you, by blending gold gifting ideas with couples, and curated a special list of 10 gold items which are great gifts for couples.

Keep reading more to know all about these gifts and other things to keep in mind when going for gold gifting choices.

Gold Gifts for Couples: What to Keep in Mind When Shopping

Even though gifting gold is usually a safe option, in any form, shape, size and style, there still are some basic factors you should keep in mind while getting someone a gold gift. Here are some of those basics to keep in check while buying gold gifts for others:

Size: This one is important, since no one likes to get a gift which is not their size no matter how beautiful it is. Give this factor a good amount of importance, especially if you’re opting for let’s say rings or bracelets. Make sure you know the size of those who you’re buying the gift for. If you do not know the size, try and ask other friends or relatives who could help. If you are are still unable to get the size, then always go for items which are of free size like watches, pendants, etc.

Colour Options: Even though we are accustomed to the idea of buying any gold item or gift in yellow gold, always remember that nowadays there are many options to choose from. There are three colours of gold available in the market which are common and easy to find - white, rose and yellow. Each of them are long lasting and corrosion resistant, so you can opt for whichever suits the choices of the receiver. If it is a young couple, you might want to opt for new designs and unique colours with some scope for experimentation. When gifting to an older couple, let’s say at their anniversary - then going for a classic yellow gold and traditional jewellery would be a safer option.

Choices: After all, the gold gifts will be for someone else, so you would have to take their preferences into account. If you know them closely, you might already have an idea as to what they’ve been wanting to get and it's the best if you give them the very same thing. However, if you do not know about their choices, then go for a safe option, rather than something that they’d have to wear and is subject to personal choices, like you can go for basic gold bands, or a figurine which everyone can put into use.

10 Gold Gift Ideas for Couples

Gone are the days when gold gifts meant only jewellery and coins. There are so many different products in the market these days which are based on unique concepts, intricate designs and customised options. Now that you know what all to keep in mind when giving gold gifts to someone, here are 10 unique gold gift options for couples.

Photo Engraved Gold Coin

We know gold coins have been a go-to option for many when it comes to gold gifts for couples or for similar occasions. We got you a modern version of the traditional gold coin - Photo Engraved Gold Coins, which are very well suited when gifting to couples. You can find a picture of the couple and get it engraved on the coin.

You can reach out to AuGrav and share your images and you can also get this one in white gold as well. This 2gms gold coin from AuGrav is priced at Rs.7,499.

24K Gold Bouquet

How about instead of carrying an actual bouquet, which will fade away by the next morning, you can gift an everlasting 24K gold bouquet to the couple? Yes, you read that right. There are so many unique gold gift options out there and this has to be one of our favourites.

This 24K big bouquet of roses is beautifully designed and showcases an intricate work of art. You can get it for Rs.21,000 from augrav.com.

Romantic Gold Photo Frame

This gorgeous peach frame comes in pure 24K gold and is a great gift options for couple whether its an auspicious wedding occasion, anniversary or a housewarming party. It is a great utility option which is also fancy, since it is made up of pure gold.

Another one from augrav.com, it is priced at Rs.18,000. They also offer customisations depending on your needs whether it's a different size, design or something else.

Moreover, it comes with a Lifetime Buy Back offer which means anytime this has to be sold, augrav will give you a 70 percent cash back which can then be used to buy another product. This makes it a secure investment to make.

Radha Kishan Gold Figurine

We all have heard about the love shared by Radha Kishan through our elders. This is what makes this Radha Kishan 24K Gold Foil figurine a well suited gifts for couples, because the duo has been worshipped for their romance.

The figurine measures 10.70 x 7 x 6.25 inch and is a perfect gift option. It is priced at Rs.22,500 and you can buy it from candere.com which is a part of the very popular Kalyan Jewellers.

Two Hearts Engraved Pendants

Another perfect gold gift for couples is these two hearts engraved pendant by CaratLane. It is made up of 18K Yellow and Rose Gold and weighs around 1.25gms. You can simply get the initials of the couple engraved using fonts of your choice and the best thing is that you do not have to worry about size.

Moreover, it comes with a lifetime exchange and buy back offer making it a great investment and hassle free buy. Ideally, you should be gifting two of these, one for each partner, making it extra special. Originally priced at Rs.5,472, caratlane.in is right now offering a flat 25 percent discount on its making charges and selling it for Rs.4,957.

Couple Bands

A classic gifting option for couples, but not as traditional as giving them designed rings, these couple bands are going to be a timeless gift for them. One for him, and one for her - it is a simple, modern and beautiful gold gift option.

We picked the Puretta Ring for Him and Her. The Puretta Ring for Her is priced at Rs.16,275 and the one for Him is priced at Rs.16,323 and you can find different ring sizes online to choose from. Both of these come with a diamond in 18K gold. If you’re looking at a different designing, you can easily get the same customised where you can choose between Yellow and White Gold, and the quality of diamond you want in the ring. You can buy these from bluestone.com where they offer certified jewellery and lifetime exchange and buyback offer.

Laxmi Ganesh Gold Coin

A classic gold gifting option for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or similar, gold coins are always a safe and good option to opt for. For couple gifting, we picked this Laxmi Ganesh designed 24K gold coin which weighs 10 gms. You can buy this from PC Jewellers for Rs.34,962.

Gold Bar

Gold has always been a way to celebrate precious occasions, especially gold bars which have been a way to invest in gold, without having to worry about what jewellery item you want. The same applies when thinking of gold gifting choices.

Now, we know that classic Gold Bars do not make for a great gifting option, so we picked this engraved Gold Bar by Sri Jagdamba Pearls which has engravings of deities. It is 24K Gold Bar which weights 10gms.

You can buy this from Tata Cliq where it is right now on a 9 percent discount and priced at Rs.35,155.

Gold Bracelets

Bracelets are another safe gift option for couples, where you can pick one for him and one for her, a gift which is priceless. We picked two bracelets from CaratLane. For her, we picked this 22K Ayog Linked Bracelet, which weighs 6.93grams which is priced at Rs.26,094.

For him, we picked this stylish Melvin bracelet in 18K gold weighing 4.24gms. This Melvin bracelet comes with a diamond and can be customised between yellow and white gold, and your preferred diamond. It is priced at Rs.26,438. Both of these bracelets come with a lifetime exchange and buy back offer. You can buy it from caratlane.com.

Gold Watch

Everyone’s favourite brand, Titan recently launched a new collection of watches called Nebula, which is a collection of timeless watches in 18K and 22K pure gold. It is India’s first gold watch collection and the exclusive range contains some exquisite pieces of art, from classic as well as embellished watches.

Gold watches is a great gifting option for couples, since it is something unique, which preserves the idea of keeping the element of timeless gold, while gifting something which is an everyday utility.

For her, we picked Naquashi by Nebula, which is a 18K solid gold analog watch with intricate designing and pearl embellishments. It is made up of Sapphire crystal which makes it resistance to scratches and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It is priced at Rs.2,53,000.

For him, we picked this Titan’s classic 18K Gold Analog Watch. It is a beautifully 18K gold piece, is also water resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is priced at Rs.59,000. Nebula offers a wide range of collection and you can look at some other designs. If you’re looking for a lavish, unique and stylish gold gift for a couple, then we suggest you opt for this one.

Looking for a more budget option? Check out this couples watch set in gold from Titan. The material is stainless steel while the finishing is gold. You can find this set on Amazon for Rs. 10,495

Source www.amazon.in
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Celebrating Love with the Perfect Gift

When gifting something to a couple, make sure you keep in mind their style choices and preferences. Get to know whether they are comfortable receiving gifts of gold. If gold is not within your budget, then you can go for other couple customised gifts, which will deliver the same message. Lastly, put in a personal message telling them how much you adore them and how their duo inspires you.