Unique Gold Plated Gifts for When You Need to Make an Impact but in a Budget: 10 Gift Ideas for Different Occasions (2021)

Unique Gold Plated Gifts for When You Need to Make an Impact but in a Budget: 10 Gift Ideas for Different Occasions (2021)

Gold plated gifts could be great and unique options as gifts for a number of occasions, be it for anniversaries, birthdays, and such. You can opt for gold gifts, but, they can be expensive and sometimes a bit heavier. But, Gold plated gifts can be lighter, budget friendly, and just as elegant. Here's a few suggestions of Gold plated gifts you can order online, and a few points to give a brief idea about gold plating.

What is Gold Plating?

Gold plating is a process in which a thin layer of gold is applied on the surface of another metal. The metals are electroplated or gold plated for a variety of purposes. The process of gold plating enhances the beauty of the metal and also increases its durability. Gold electroplating is a chemical process to combine various layers of metal into a solid piece with a layer of gold resting on the surface. Nowadays, modern electroplating begins with the creation of a metal salt using the plating metal, typically gold or silver.

Process of Gold Plating

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The process of gold plating involves the following steps to obtain the best possible results.

Step 1: Surface Cleaning
During this process, the metal that has to be electroplated is cleaned to remove dirt and impurities that may be present on the surface.

Step 2: Surface Preparation
This step involves cleaning the metal with solvents, abrasive materials, alkali and acid bath to cleanse the surface and prepare it for electroplating.

Step 3: Electro Cleaning and Steam Cleaning
The surface of the metal is cleaned further by applying electricity, ultrasound waves and steam to remove oil and dirt. Moreover, this method provides superior results.

Step 4: Water Rinse
Once the metal is cleaned by the above steps, then rinse the metal by washing it in distilled water that is free from any minerals.

Step 5: Flashing/Striking
During this process known as striking or flashing – a thin layer of high-quality nickel plating is applied to the base metal. This step improves the bonding process and acts a buffer between the gold plating and the base metal.

Step 6: Applying Base Coat
The base coat is applied on top of the metal to ensure it has a smooth finish. One can apply many number of base coats on the metal before electroplating.

Step 7: Electroplating
Finally, the metal is gold plated by submerging it into a solution that attracts gold ions by varying the temperature and voltage. In this process, the metal that has to be plated is hung on the cathode bar that comprises of negative electrical charge. When electricity is passed through the solution, the negative ions attract the gold ions present in the solution. Thus, gold plating the desired item. The thickness of the gold plating can be adjusted by prolonging the immersion time of the material.

Step 8: Final Rinse and Drying
The gold plated metal is rinsed with water to remove the traces of chemical present on the surface of the metal. Finally, the electroplated item is left to dry until it can be polished for further use.

Step 9: Polish
The dried material is polished so as to impart an immaculate shine and to make it attractive for further use.

Types of Gold Plating

Before a metal is gold plated, the material has to be polished and cleaned with utmost care. If the step is skipped, the electroplating process looks uneven and smudged affecting the process of electroplating. This process involves a variety of steps such as electroplating using soft, bright and hard gold plating.

Soft gold plating – this process involves depositing special and pure electrolytes on a base metal.
Pure gold plating – this process involves gold plating the metal using 999.9 percent gold ions.
Hard gold – this process involves coating the base metal with alkaline gold cyanide. This process is done for the process of gold alloy plating and for high quality and pure plating.
Acid/Sulfate/Chloride gold plating – It is used for gold plating the metal brightly using hard gold.

How to Buy Gold Plated Items Online

Buying gold plated items online? Here's what you should look out for:

  • Always check the quality of the metal before purchasing also vouch for an authenticity certificate.
  • Before buying, make sure about the metals and components that are used for gold plating your item.
  • Always ensure to check the quality of the metal and also do a patch test to determine whether you are allergic to any metal.
  • Choose carefully, and be sure to ask how the piece is made and what its contents are with the seller.

Top 10 Gold Plated Gifts Suitable For All Occasions

1. 24 Kt Gold Plated Christmas Tree Candle Stand

A 24 karat gold plated is a perfect gift for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, festive occasions and much more. The 24 karat gold plated Christmas tree candle is studded with Swarovski crystals. The gold plates Swarovski studded candle stand is perfect for every festive occasion and is perfect addition to your home. The candle stand also doubles up as a perfect decorative piece that is studded with 6 pieces of finest Swarovski crystal. The candle stand measures 13 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters in width. The candle stand is a delicate decorative piece that is crafted by best craftsmen and studded with the finest quality crystal. The 24 karat gold plated tree candle studded with Swarovski crystals can be purchased for Rs.1,475/- from Taj online.

2. 24 Kt Gold Plated Taj Mahal

Are you searching for a perfect gift for your other half on your anniversary? The 24 karat gold plated Taj Mahal is the perfect anniversary gift to express your love. The Taj Mahal is intricately made with gold plated material that captures the beauty of the historical monument. The Taj Mahal is complete with its dome and minarets surrounding the structure. The Taj Mahal is further decorated with four finest quality Swarovski crystals that add to the beauty of the elegant showpiece. The decorative and exquisite showpiece measures 8.5 centimeters in height, 9 centimeters in width and weighs 0.50 grams. The 24 karat gold plated Taj Mahal studded with Swarovski crystals can be purchased for Rs.2,805/- from Tajonline.

3. 24K Gold Rose with Stand and Gift Box

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A perfect gift romantic gift for your girlfriend, lover, wife, mother, sister or any woman who is special to you. The 2k karat gold plated rose is the perfect romantic and thoughtful gift to your loved one. The 24 karat gold plated rose comes with a stand and an elegant gift box. The stand spells the word ‘Love’ and comes with a gold photo frame. The gold photo frame can be used to store your special moments together.

The elegant gold rose measures 30 centimeters in height, and 9 centimeters in width. The 24 karats gold plated gift comes with an authenticity certificate. The rose is elegantly crafted with an immaculate finish and also comes in attractive packaging. The elegant gold rose can be purchased for Rs.395/- from Amazon.

4. 24 Carat Gold Plated German Silver Coins

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Are you looking for a precious gift for festive occasions? The 24 karat gold plated German silver coins of Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi is an auspicious gift. The auspicious coins are made of pure silver and are gold plated. The figures of God and Goddess is made of silver in a single frame and comes with a self-stand. The coins are intricately designed and elegantly gold plated making it the perfect gift for Diwali. The valuable gift comes in an elegant case that is made of velvet. The case is lined with velvet to make sure that the coins are not subjected to scratches and dents. The elegant 24 karat gold plated German silver coin can be purchased for Rs.251/- from Amazon.

5. Gold Plated Art

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A gold plated showpiece is a perfect addition to your home as it adds elegance to the beauty of your home. The gold plated art piece comprises of rose flowers along with its leaves. The gold plated rose flowers are elegantly crafted and is made of 999.9 fine purity gold foil. The elegant flowers are gold plated with fine gold making it attractive. To add more beauty to the gold plated art piece, it is encased in a fine quality wooden frame. The decorative piece is cushioned in place in a soft satin surface and finely encased in a brown frame that is made of high-quality wood with a smooth finish. The elegant decorative gold plated art with wooden frame measures 6 inches in height and 7 inches in width. The price of the showpiece is available on request and can be purchased from Aarya24karat.

6. Gold Plated Playing Cards

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When it comes to many cultures, gold is considered to be a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Add elegance to your playtime by purchasing an authentic 24 karat gold playing cards. The gold plated cards are a perfect addition to your poker nights with your friends. The gold plated playing card set comprises of 54 cards that include regular and joker cards.

The playing cards are comprised of standard-sized cards that include 52 regular cards along with jokers. The gold plated cards are elegantly designed with attractive colours. The 24 karat gold plated cards come encased in an elegantly fitted wooden storage box. The wooden box is made of fine quality wooden encased in a velvet material that prevents the cards from getting scratched. The gold plated colour playing cards can be purchased from Aarya24karat and price is available on request.

7. Gold Plated Decorative Bowl Sets

Decorative bowl sets have always been the preferred gift from festive occasions and many events. The traditional gold plated gift comprises of two small bowls, two spoons, and a serving plate. The serving plates, bowls, and spoons are elegantly decorated with an exquisite design. The traditional serving set is made of both silver and gold plating making it beautiful and elegant. The traditional serving bowl and plate are manufactured by Jaipur Ace. The bowls approximately measure 4 inches in diameter. Whereas the serving tray measures 9.25 inches in length and 6.25 inches in width. The bowl and plate serving plate along with the spoon is encased in a velvet encased box making it the perfect elegant gift. The elegant decorative traditional serving bowl can be purchased for Rs.500/- per set from Jaipur Ace.

8. Gold Plated Wall Hanging

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The gold plated wall hanging of Lord Ganesha is a perfect auspicious addition to your home. The wall hanging is made of high-quality brass and is gold plated to add a touch of elegance to the ethnic gift. The gold plated brass wall hanging that consists of lamp holder along with hanging bells. The gold plated wall hanging measures 12 centimeters in length, 24.13 centimeters in height and 8 centimeters in width. The wall hanging can be used to light oil lamps and is perfect for puja. The handmade sculpture is a perfect gift for festive occasions and anniversaries. The wall hanging sculpture is intricately carved and is entirely made by hand. The gold plated wall hanging from Brand Collectible can be purchased for Rs.879/- from Amazon.

9. Peacock Antique Gold Plated Bangles

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The peacock antique gold plated bangles are made from traditional design. The gold plated bangles are intricately designed and come in a Kada style. The bangle is elegantly designed with three lines of pearls along the circumference of the bangle. The Kada comprises of a peacock design that is intricately designed. The peacock is designed with coloured enamels and American diamond. The peacock antique gold plated bangles are adjustable and are perfect for all occasions. These stylish bangles are available as a pair is perfect for ethnic attires. The peacock antique gold plated bangles can be purchased for Rs.151/- from Amazon.

10. Gold Plated Lakshmi Ganesh Idol

Another auspicious addition to your home is a gold plated Lakshmi Ganesh idol. The idol is made of white metal that is gold plated and comprises of the idols of Lakshmi, Ganesha, and Saraswathi. The idol is made of oxidized silver form and is perfect combination of new beginnings, wealth, and wisdom. The gold plated idol trio measures 24 x 6 x 12 centimeters making it the perfect spiritual gift. The idol is intricately handcrafted by skillful artisans of Rajasthan. This elegant handcraft idol gift imparts a royal and elegant touch to the home. The beautifully crafted gold plated Lakshmi, Ganesh and Saraswati idol can be purchased for Rs.744/- from Gold Gift Ideas.

Tips to Preserve Gold Plated Items

Gold plated items require more care than solid gold. Here's how to make them last.

  • Do not spray perfume or any spray on your gold plated items. The chemical substances present in sprays can harm the metal.
  • Never let your gold plated items come in contact with lotions, creams, and makeup.
  • Never expose your gold plated items to chlorine, sweat, oils or any chemical substances as they will damage the items.
  • Remember to remove gold plated jewellery before exercising or going for a swim.
  • Clean your gold plated items gently with a smooth cotton cloth to remove dust and impurities that may have been deposited on them.
  • Do not clean the gold plated metals with corrosive substances such as soap, chemicals or harsh jewellery cleaners.
  • Take care to store your jewellery in a box to prevent it from getting exposed to heat and moisture.
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