Tired of the Same Old-Fashioned Wedding Gifts? Consider Gifting Gold: 10 Stunning Gold Gifts for Marriage That aren't as Expensive as You Think (2019)

Tired of the Same Old-Fashioned Wedding Gifts? Consider Gifting Gold: 10 Stunning Gold Gifts for Marriage That aren't as Expensive as You Think (2019)

Very few things matter more than the smile on the faces of your loved ones when you gift them something. And that too during their wedding celebration. Just consider how wide it would be and how happy would they be when it is a gift of gold. We put together 10 beautiful and stunning gold pieces from pendants to bands and photo frames. Get reading and get inspired!

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Why Gold Items are Simply the Best Gift for Marriage

Considered Special and Precious

When your relationship with the giftee is special, you would want to celebrate the happy occasion with them. Here, gold gift items are perfect gifts. Whether it is family or a close friend, any gold item is sure to communicate the value you place on the relationship and the depth of your good wishes for them. Of course, gold also turns out to be the best gift ever for a couple starting their new life together.

Will Make You Stand Out in the Crowd

While everyone will be giving out bouquets, repeated sweets and more such items, you can make a statement by opting for a gold item for the couple. Gold is definitely the best thing to invest in and it works as great security. You can easily find a gold item in your budget depending upon how much you want to spend. Make sure to put some efforts into the packaging also to keep the items safe in the box.

Useful and Valuble

Gold is definitely the most useful item one can give to their loved ones on the occasion of marriage. Not only that the girl will be wearing the jewellery every now and then, but it can be a great financial asset too. Whether you are giving a gold coin or some ornament for the bride or groom, it is worth to give out gold items on the wedding to bless the newly wedded couple.

10 Stunning Gold Gift Items for Marriage

Knits of Love Necklace

Buying wedding gold jewellery can be quite a struggle but not anymore as we have the perfect suggestion for you. We picked a stunning necklace for you called Knits of Love and it is indeed a perfect gift for the newly married couple who are in love.

The stunning necklace has a really unique design, never seen before. The necklaces look like as if it has a knot in front and a stunning heart shape pendant hangs on this knot. It is crafted in high-quality 22kt gold but you have the option to customize the purity of gold on your own. Looking at the stunning necklace, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it and it is actually way better than those chunky neckpieces. You can buy this beautiful piece on bluestone.com for Rs. 37,741.

Uncut Diamond Earrings

When buying gifts for your loved ones, the budget always remains a big factor especially when you are dealing in precious metals like gold. So, we have a budget gift in the form of these uncut diamond stud earrings which are small in size but beautiful beyond measures.

These gold earrings are crafted in 18kt gold and also uses uncut diamonds of 0.1gm each. To be true, these diamonds are the real USP of the studs. The combination of circular diamonds in square shaped studs looks really unique. These are screw type studs which can be fastened with the earring-backs provided. These studs are perfect for everyday use as they are lightweight and simple. You need not worry about the quality of these earrings as they have BIS Hallmark. You can buy these studs on malabargoldanddiamonds.com for Rs. 3,932.

Trendy Floral Diamond Pendant

Another option that you can consider as the gold gift items for marriage is this trendy floral patterned pendant. What makes it super trendy and stylish is the fact that it is studded with diamonds which makes it prettier than ever. It is crafted in 18kt gold but you can customize the purity of gold on your own along with other factors like the colour of gold and diamond type too. If you ask us, we'd say that the rose gold colour would look great in this pendant.

This is a perfect gift for a newly married bride as it is sleek yet stylish and truly stands out in terms of design. Also, you should know about the fact that the chain shown in the image is not included with the pendant here but the pendant surely has a loop to let all types of chains pass through it. Buy this pretty pendant on pngadgil.com for Rs. 7,238

Radha Kishan Gold Foil Frame

It is time to be a bit inclusive and opt for something which is ideal for both the bride and groom. Buying a couple-jewellery piece can be quite expensive so instead, you can go for a showpiece sort of thing like this Radha Krishan Ornamental Gold Foil Frame here.

Radha and Krishna are considered the epitome of love and you can’t find anything else that is so symbolic and meaningful to give to a newly married couple. This gold foil piece is crafted out of 24K gold and comes in wooden framing. This framing looks absolutely seamless that you would want to buy this for all the other weddings too. The detailing is simply stunning the quality is surely up to the mark. You can buy this beautiful, framed piece on candere.com for Rs. 3,250.

Yellow Gold Ring

A gold ring in the budget would be something you can afford as well as something very much appropriate to give to your loved ones on the occasion of their wedding. This one here is the one for the bride and available in the 14kt yellow gold.

Although this is not that great of gold purity it will surely fit well into your budget. Talking about the designing of the ring then it has a floral pattern on top of it and a diamond studded in its middle. This ring is perfect for a bride as it will look really gorgeous on Mehndi clad hands of her. Although the ring is kind of thin in texture it looks really stunning for a girl. You can buy this beautiful BIS Hallmarked ring on amazon.in for Rs. 2,074.

Rose Gold Band for Men

Contrary to the rings for women, the rings for men are rather expensive and we have one to suggest too. The Allure gold band, though a simple gold band is simply stunning. Crafted in 18kt rose gold, this ring has a touch of white gold in it as well.

The design is minimal yet very attractive because of the rose gold metal used in it. Every guy would love to wear this ring for sure. What we liked the most is the fact that you get a lot of customization options in this ring like the type of gold used, quality/purity, size of the ring etc. This stunning ring would be the most gorgeous gift you can give to a man at his wedding. So, do not wait any longer and buy this ring right away on caratlane.com for Rs. 20,241.

Personalized Photo Engraved Gold Frame

You may have come across different types of gold gift items for marriage but this one is surely a stand-out. You can find a lot of gold coin designs with beautiful designs on them but how about buying a personalized coin for the newly married couple?

This one is a photo engraved gold coin which is unique and striking. You may not have seen something like this ever before. All you have to do is get a photo of the couple and get in touch with the manufacturers and designers for engraving it on the coin. The finish and design are perfect beyond belief and you can spot the little diamonds studded on the periphery of the coin too. This personalized coin would be the most touching gift you can give to the newly wedded couple. You can personalize and buy it on augrav.com for Rs. 20,910.

Gold Chain

Another great option for a gold gift on a wedding can be a gold chain. Now, the trick here is to go for a design which can be worn by both men and women and this is why picked a similar kind of piece here.

This chain is by "Candere" which is a brand of Kalyan Jewellers and they have one stunning and delicate 20-inch chain to offer. We are totally falling for its beautiful design and detail and this BIS Hallmarked chain is definitely worth all your money. It is crafted in 22kt yellow gold and can be worn by both men and women. It comes with regular clasp and it is easy to wear as well as remove. You can buy this pretty chain on flipkart.com for Rs. 17,893.

Name Initial Ganesha Pendant for Men

In case of more and more confusion, you can opt for Name initial pendant for either bride or groom or even for both. You can find a lot of varieties for the same on PC Jewellers and their initial pendant have some USP of their own too.

Each of their pendants has Ganesha design incorporated in them, no matter which letter it is. This makes the pendant stand out of all. This pendant is crafted in 14kt yellow gold and also has JK-SI diamonds studded on it. All you have to do is just pick for whom you want to buy this pendant for or you can simply buy it for the couple as a perfect wedding gift if it fits in your budget. This pendant is available for purchase on pcjeweller.com for Rs. 5,643.

Tanishq Gold Jhumkis

Tanishq gift items in gold and other precious metals are some of the most coveted because of their uniqueness and creative approach. We also thought of adding one into this list and these stunning yellow gold jhumkis is just the one.

Crafted in 22Kt yellow gold, these jhumkis do not have a traditional design and they are actually quite stylish than other usual jhumkis. This small jhumkis have three layers and dangling design on the edge which looks quite pretty. They are actually quite suitable for a new age bride who wants to be fuss-free and lightweight designs for herself. You can further customize the weight of the jhumkis a bit but the purity of the gold remains the same. The spectacular and delicate design of jhumkis can be bought on tanishq.co.in for Rs. 19,837.

Tips to Remember While Buying Gold Gifts for Loved Ones

Whether you are buying gold items for wedding gifts or for your personal use, there are certain pointers you need to know and remember. We put together some tips that we would like you to know before buying a gold gift item for your loved ones.

Keep the Budget Low

This is really important for you to know that gold items aren’t like any other gift item for the wedding. They are quite expensive and there are a lot of factors which further affects the price of the item like current price, making charges, stones used etc. This is why you must keep your budget low so that you can find something good enough in the planned budget as you would not want to spend too much on a gold gift for someone else.

Keep Both Bride and Groom in Mind

You must keep both the bride and groom in mind while buying the gold gift for them. You should know that jewellery items aren’t the only option in gold and you can consider other options too. Some of them are a gold coin, gold foil item, gold frame etc. Also, try to buy items in a pair for both the bride and groom if it fits in your budget.

Check for the Quality of Gold

When buying the gold gift items for marriage, it is important that you check the quality of the gold. This is nearly impossible to find 24kt gold jewellery as it requires some other metals to be mixed. But you should know that 23ct is the purest form of gold for buying jewellery and as the count decreases, the purity of gold decreases with it too.

Buy Mixed Metal Items

If you want to save big on gold items especially when you are buying them for someone else then try buying items which also incorporate some other metals too. For example, a chain in both silver and gold mixed metal will be way more affordable than a pure gold chain. The same applies to other items too. The lesser the amount of gold used, the more affordable it becomes depending upon what kind of precious metal is mixed in it.

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Gold - The Gift of Our Ancestors

Gold has been revered by Indians since the ages past. It is something that never got lost when everything about the wedding was westernized. Gold has long been the favourite gifts of all time for any occasion, especially during a wedding even by our ancestors. Gold never loses its value, it can be stored for years altogether and then used when the time comes; Or pawned when the need arises; Maybe even sold. It retains its value and can be a saviour in times of need. But the quality of the gold matters. Though you can find fashion jewellery in 14 ct and 18 ct purity, the best option is to go for 22 ct purity. Also, remember to check if the jewellery you purchase has the certificate of purity like BIS Hallmark or 916 KDM.