Thinking About Getting a Dhanteras Gift for Your Girlfriend? Here are 10 Gift Ideas You Should See Before You Do (2019)

Thinking About Getting a Dhanteras Gift for Your Girlfriend? Here are 10 Gift Ideas You Should See Before You Do (2019)


Images of jewellery shops and expensive items of gold and silver are the first things to pop in your mind when you think of Dhanteras, but before you break out into a cold sweat thinking of the price tags, take a look at our gift ideas first. We dug up plenty of sweet, romantic as well as auspicious things you can give your beloved for Dhanteras, and still have enough left to take her out on a nice date!

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Convey Your Love to Her with Beautiful Gifts on Dhanteras!

With the festive season of Diwali around the corner, it is the time to share and spread some love. Find out interesting and innovative ways to surprise your girlfriend this Dhanteras with some gift ideas. Wait, you think there is no need to gift your girlfriend on a special day (and that it is a timeless affair!)? Then we suggest you think a bit differently this time! Get her a gift on this Dhanteras and surprise her with something when she least expected it!

What is Dhanteras?

In order to decide what to get for her on this special day, it is important that you know what the whole occasion is about. After all, you cannot get something totally inappropriate for the day! Dhanteras is celebrated on the first day among the five days of the Diwali festival. According to Hindu Mythology, Goddess Laxmi is said to visit the homes of worshippers on this day to bless them with happiness, prosperity, wealth and good health. As part of the tradition, people buy new things on this day like gold and silver coins, jewelry and new utensils. It is also considered auspicious to gift someone with these items as part of the ritual.

Why is it Celebrated?

According to ancient Hindu mythology, there is an interesting story behind this festival. King Hima’s son was predicted to die on the fourth day of his marriage in the form of a snake bite. However, His newly wedded wife is said to have kept a heap of gold coins at the entrance of the room to keep away Lord Yama, the god of death. It is said that the Lord was blinded by the dazzling light from the metal and instead sat on the pile listening to the wife’s tales as she told them to her husband. The unfortunate event of death was thus avoided and this led to the celebration of the festival of Dhanteras.

How to Celebrate Dhanteras?

To welcome the Goddess Laxmi, homes are cleaned thoroughly. This also signifies the importance of getting rid of negative thoughts and feelings from our minds as well. diyas, lamps or candles are lit to brighten up the surroundings. This act signifies the need to dispel darkness or ignorance in oneself. Then, the family sits together to do the Laxmi pooja and worship the goddess.

Dhanteras is the time when households are cleaned and decorated to mark the homecoming of the goddess Laxmi. It is a time of love and happiness and thus is totally relatable to spreading the love by gifting your loved ones. Dhanteras actually translates into the day of wealth (dhan). It is the day when believers buy metal products and household items made of silver, gold, copper and even steel. This act is considered auspicious and said to keep negative energy at bay. There are other items apart from metal that is also acceptable to be bought and gifted for Dhanteras. Let us take a look at these items now.

5 Things to NOT Buy on Dhanteras

Before you head out about buying the gift for your girlfriend, make sure to look out for these cues. It is never acceptable to gift certain things on Dhanteras, especially if your girlfriend is very particular about the festival. Take a note of the things mentioned below and save yourself from causing any harm to the relationship whatsoever!

What not to buy on Dhanteras

  • Mirrors
  • Sharp items like knives, forks or scissors
  • Aluminum vessels or other products
  • Anything in the colour black
  • Fake or imitation jewelry

7 Auspicious Things to Buy on Dhanteras

Here is a list of things that are safe to be bought and gifted for Dhanteras. So, go ahead and buy any of these as Diwali gifts for your girlfriend.

Must buy things for Dhanteras

  • Gold and silver coins (and ornaments)
  • Pooja ritual items
  • Kitchen ware or utensils made of silver, steel or copper
  • Fabric of the yellow color
  • Décor items made of silver, brass, copper or other materials
  • Idols of the goddess
  • Broom (not a great idea for a gift though!)

Top 10 Dhanteras Gifts for Your Girlfriend in 2019

So, if you are not sure about being romantic yet rational about getting the right gift for her on Dhanteras, then we have your back here. We have compiled a list of the best online gifts, that of course rightly aligns with the wonderful tradition of Dhanteras. You can take note from these suggestions and choose to get something similar if you wish.

Meenakari Thali

This particular gift is for all those of you who think the gift has to be more religious than romantic! Meenakari is an age-old art form were metal is decorated with colored enamel. Objects with meenakari art design on it, is a usual among traditional Indian gifts. Make this Dhanteras a wonderful memory for your special one by gifting this beautiful gift set comprising a meenakari pooja thali along with other items. The gift set also includes 250gms of the all-time favorite and tasty motichoor ladoos. There are also 4 hand painted ethnic diyas, a silver plated laxmi-ganesha coin and a free Diwali greeting card.

The gift set is aesthetically arranged and packed in a beautiful craft box and hence, is very convenient and pleasing as a gift. Any girl would definitely appreciate such a gift on the occasion of Dhanteras. Check out to buy this gift set for a price of Rs.1,095.

A Silver Ring


What better way to impress your girlfriend than to get her some jewellry? It is advised to gift metals like silver on Dhanteras, right. So, why not get romantic and gift her a silver jewelry! Here is a lovely crafted silver ring from Voylla that is exquisite and fashionable as a gift. Because it is made of Sterling silver (that is a mixture of silver and copper), the ring is very durable and is long-lasting. The pattern incorporated on the surface of the ring gives a wonderful twist to the traditional plain band design usually found in silver rings.

The red heart shaped gem stone is sure to capture her heart, the instant you gift it to her, we guarantee. The rhodium polish on the ring adds to its brilliance and is sure to compliment all outfits and looks. Besides, silver jewelry is great as daily wear owing to its durance- a gentle reminder of your love every day! And the best part of this gift is that it is very affordable too. This ring is available on for Rs.612.

Set of Ghee Diyas


Here is yet another religious but sweet gift for your girlfriend. Laxmi pooja is an important part of the festival of Dhanteras. In fact, all households observe the practice of conducting poojas on this special day. diyas are the crucial element in all poojas. Gift you girlfriend these ghee diyas and see how her eyes sparkle with delight. Ghee is usually preferred over oil for lighting lamps for religious poojas. This not only helps in converting the homely atmosphere into a sacred one as it reminds you of the ambience in a temple. It is also considered to be beneficial for health as it is a good air purifier.

So, for this Dhanteras, get creative and tell her how important she is to you and how she brought light into your life. Get her these ghee diyas to make her believe that you mean every word of it! Don’t forget to remind her that using a ghee diya will make it easy for her to clean the lamp after the pooja! Check out this set of 200 ghee diyas from Swaha on for Rs.400.

Golden Diya Holder

It is indeed a good idea to get a diya holder to go along with the ghee diyas. This golden diya is so beautiful that you can gift it on its own. A diya holder is one of the best ways to convey that she holds a significant place in your heart and that is pretty much sure to make her fall head over heels. (There we have given you some smart moves to make, isn’t it?) The golden diya is quite an impressive gift to be given on a special occasion like Dhanteras. Besides, the detailing on the design is very fascinating and gives an elegant twist to the diya holder. The touch of crystal beautifully compliments the golden tone on the diya holder. You can find this item on for Rs.475.

Money Plant with Ganesha Idol

Another idea for a subdued gift to play it safe this Dhanteras, is to get this beautiful plant and idol combo. Gifting an idol of Lord Ganesha is considered as an auspicious gesture on religious occasions. Moreover, the money plant is also believed to be a symbol of prosperity and luck. This gift combo is ideal as a gift to anyone, especially your girlfriend on this Dhanteras. The money plant comes in a bright shiny brass pot and is great as a décor piece too. Check out to buy this idol plant gift combo for Rs.749.

Silver Wine Glasses

If you are looking for something that’s more contemporary and romantic than religious as a gift, then we have a few suggestions here. One such idea is to get these beautiful pair of steel wine glasses. The wine glasses are of 11cm each and are perfect size for a drink. The intricate details on the surface of the glasses gives it a royal and classy look. The golden shade on the bottom part of the glasses are a perfect contrast to the silver part on the top. Besides, this attractive gift is beautifully packed in a royal red colored box to add to its beauty. Being made of metal, it is but an ideal gift for Dhanteras too. These stunning glasses are sure to create some memories for both of you to cherish! Find this royal gift on for an affordable rate of Rs.590 this festive season.

Love in Gold

Another cheesy and romantic gift for your girlfriend this Dhanteras could be this lovely golden rose. A rose is usually gifted to symbolize your love for her. But, this Dhanteras gift your love in gold, as it is romantic and auspicious at the same time! This sensational gift is gold coated and comes in a classy red velvet box. Moreover, there are six small bottles in the box that will each contain small paper scrolls for sharing small messages of love. will customize the love messages for you and sent it across to your girlfriend. This is indeed an elegant and unique way to convey your love to her. Planning to get this gift? will get it done for you for Rs.999.

Women's Essentials

Every girl has a few essentials in her beauty kit or makeup regimen. Show her that you totally understand her needs by getting this thoughtful and beautiful women essentials gift. It is a great gesture to do so on every occasion, especially on a special festival like Dhanteras. After all, Dhanteras is all about spreading love and bringing happiness to others. You can find this gift on for Rs.699. The set includes the absolute essentials including a Maybelline colossal kajal, a lakme nail paint and a Nivea lip balm. This classy combo is minimal yet very impressive as a gift for any Indian girl.

Yellow Maxi Dress

Considering the fact that it is auspicious to get yellow fabric on Dhanteras, we suggest you check out this dress as a gift idea for her. This yellow printed maxi dress from Libas would look great on her on any day. The flary dress adds elegance and grace to any girl. The floral pattern details complement the yellow shade of the dress. If your girlfriend is someone who likes to dress up looking effortlessly beautiful, then this is it! Check out to buy this dress for Rs.854.

Assorted Sugar-Free Sweets

Surprise your diet conscious girlfriend with these sugar free assorted sweets as a gift. All religious festivals including Dhanteras calls for tasty and sugary sweets. Since these sweets are made from levulose, a honey extract instead of sugar, she will definitely be thankful and happy to receive these sugar free goodies. The gift package contains Indian traditional sweets in different shapes and sizes. They are sure to capture the heart (and tummy) of that calorie conscious girl friend of yours! You can find this gift sweet on for Rs.674.

So, there are plenty of ways to convey your love on a beautiful occasion like Dhanteras. So, go ahead and take notes from these suggestions. Get a beautiful gift and make it a memorable Dhanteras for the both of you!

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The common perception is that women love jewellery and your girlfriend will be happy only when you give her an expensive gift. Truth be told, she would rather be a bigger part of your life and to be invited to join in the festivities. Get her a thoughtful gift but also bring her home to join your family as they celebrate Diwali, or be a part of the celebrations at her place. If you aren't there yet, at the very least, plan a day with her.