Kick Off The New Year With A Bang: Get A New Year Gift for Your Girlfriend That'll  Make Your Love Even Stronger(2019)

Kick Off The New Year With A Bang: Get A New Year Gift for Your Girlfriend That'll Make Your Love Even Stronger(2019)

When New Year's Day comes around, it surely calls for fun celebrations, doesn't it? Ring in the new year with a special gift for with your sweetheart and set the tone for the coming months. If you are wondering what would be the gift that will make it all more memorable for your girlfriend, then we got you covered. BP-Guide India has a host of exciting ideas to make it a romance-filled time that she will never forget. You however do need a little thoughtfulness and pre-planning to make a lasting impression, so dive right it.

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A Complete Guide to an Amazing Gift Selection for Her This New Year

A new year is usually associated with new beginnings but, these celebrations are an amazing occasion to magnify the love between you and your sweetheart. Today, we are presenting to you a complete guide to how you can surprise your lovely girlfriend this new year with a simple yet beautiful gift. Dig in and make this new year one of the best celebrations of her life.

Tricks to Select the Perfect Gift This New Year

Selection of a gift is a tough decision but, a few tricks and precautions can make it extremely easy. Consider the following tips and, we assure you that your lady is going to be swept off her feet.

Avoid a Diet Or Fitness Related Gift

It is a known fact that women are complicated and, it is very difficult to please them but, it is even more difficult to avoid their rage. Don't worry this little tip will save you from her rage. Never ever gift her anything related to fitness. The reason is a no-brainer as everyone knows that women hate to be called or indicated as fat and gifting her anything related to fitness will make her think that you consider her fat. Believe us you really shouldn't do that! You have been warned!

Accompany Your Gift with a Bouquet

Women love flowers and a gift alongside a beautiful arrangement of flowers will definitely turn your gift into a seven-star surprise. A bonus would be if you accompany the gift with her favourite ones but, if you are unable to get your hands on those then simple roses will do the trick because come on! Everyone loves roses!

Another amazing way to spark up your present is by decorating the house or location where you are going to present her gift with her favourite flowers. In such cases usually, a variety of them look more pretty as compare to the same ones. To make it more pretty line her path with rose petals or set up a system to shower petals on her. We know this sounds cliche but, it definitely does the trick.

Avoid Buying a Perfume That She Hasn't Used Before

Although fragrances are a great gift, there are chances that his idea might backfire. You all must be wondering that how can a perfume gift go wrong? Well, gifting a perfume is only acceptable if it is the one that she uses on a regular basis. We know, we know another question popped up in your brain, well, the answer to your question is that there is a high possibility that she might not like the new fragrance that you gifted her. So, it is always smart to either gift something more creative or just give her the perfume that she regularly uses.

Top 10 Gifts for Her to Spice Up the New Year Celebrations

Below we present to you the top 10 gift ideas that will add more love to your relationship and turn your new year celebrations into the best ones so far. Continue further and discover the gift best-suited for your lovely lady.

Personalised Cushion & Mug Hamper

According to an Indian proverb; food is the way to a man’s heart but, what is the path to a woman’s heart? In our opinion, the best answer is a personalised gift. You are in luck today because we are presenting an idea of a personalised gift hamper. "Love is All Around Personalised Cushion & Mug Hamper" created by is a simple yet sophisticated gift for your lady love. It is an Indian online platform that facilitates its customers in preparing personalised gifts, cakes and flowers for every occasion with its warehouses in Lucknow, Jaipur, Mumbai and California.

The personalised Mug and Cushion comes in a combination of soft pink and blue colours. The mug is made of white ceramics with pink and blue decorations. It has a size of 3.7 inches x 3.2 inches. The cushion is square in shape and is made of satin. It is filled and has dimensions of 15 inches x 15 inches. It can be easily personalised by uploading an image by clicking on the "Personalise" button. Make sure that the image has a minimum resolution of 300dpi to get the best result. This hamper is elegant yet affordable and will only cost you Rs. 675 and guess what? The shipping is Free! Get your hands on this amazing hamper and make your darling's new year celebrations a bang!


One of the biggest weaknesses of women is makeup and, gifting something from the famous Kylie Cosmetics will prove to be one of the best gifts. This year the beautiful Kylie Jenner came up with a variety of cosmetic products but her favorites products are still this kind of lipmatte . This combination of 3 gorgeous shades is a perfect gift for this new year. These shades include Candy K which is a warm pinky nude, Dolce K which is deep beige nude and True Brown K which is deep chocolate brown.

All in all this collection incorporates all types of shades. This collection has been highly successful and its rating of 5.0/5.0 indicates its superior quality. This lip kit will cost you Rs. 2,695 including both the price and the shipping cost. Get your hands quickly on this amazing Lip kit because Kylie's products sell out way too fast. You really don't wanna miss this!

Malabar Fingerprint Gold Ring

Jewellery is the magic that accentuates the beauty and instantly makes a woman fell in love with it. If this year you want your lady love to look breathtaking and have the cents to pour in then, go no further we have a mesmerising gift idea for you. The Malabar fingerprint gold ring! This gift is not just plain gold, in fact, it has a tinge of personalisation which makes it even more enchanting.

Malabar is a big name in the Indian jewellery industry and has been serving its customers since 1993. You can personalise this beauty with either your or your girlfriend's fingerprint. You have to scan the fingerprint and mail them. This gold ring is manufactured on request and you have to specify the size while ordering the ring. The ring is manufactured from yellow gold and has an approximate gross and net weight of 7grams. This gold beauty will only cost Rs. 49,690 so what are you waiting for? New Year is just around the corner.

Customised Life-Size Teddy Bear

When you are extremely confused about what should you give your sweetheart then a teddy bear comes into play. It is a gift that can never go wrong and if the teddy is a life-size one then boy you are doing the exact thing that she wants from you!

Teddy bears come in various shapes and sizes but we are going to tell you that from where you can get a six feet tall Lady Cuddles. is the perfect place to get your hands on this pink beauty. The most amazing thing about it is that you can get it Personalised! All you need to do is go the link provided and write a message of maximum 70 words that will be shipped in a card along with the teddy.

Furthermore, the teddy's bow can be replaced by one of the messages written on a t-shirt from the list available on the product's site. Its head to toe measurement is 72 inches. Whereas while sitting its height varies from 36 to 38 inches. Its belly varies between 60 to 65 inches. The cost of the teddy is Rs. 10,303 and the shipping varies according to the location and can be found while entering the shipping information. New Year is drawing closer so get your hands on Lady Cuddles ASAP!

Customised Phone Case

Now we present to you another personalised but quite affordable and heartwarming gift idea. A personalised phone case! Phones are a necessity in today's fast-moving world and everyone knows that damaging one can result in a big dent on the pocket.

Gifting a personalised phone case with your best photograph together will surely melt her heart. There are various brands that offer this service, However,'s phone case section provides immaculate service. The print venue is an Indian based brand that specialises in personalised gifts. It features a number of different personalisation and size options. The amazing thing about this is that all the types are available for a meagre price of Rs. 499. Right now they are sporting a sale of 30% so hurry and get your hands on their amazing phone cases before the sale ends.

Twix Choco Hamper

Is your girlfriend a chocolate and teddies lover? If yes then you have come to the best place to seek ideas. The Tix Choco Hamper is the answer to all your confusions and worries regarding her new year gift. This gift hampers prepared and served by contains from toffees to cookies to a teddy. Fnp stands for ferns and petals which is an online platform that has all kinds of gifts from flowers to perfumes and much more. It provides its services from India and UAE.

The Twix Choco Hamper contains 400gm butter cookies, butter Toffees, 200gm Ferrero Rocher chocolate, 58 gms Twix and 3 Inch long Soft toy along with 11x9 inch wooden tray. This versatile choco hamper will only cost you Rs. 2,799. Isn't it an affordable deal for a variety of chocolates accompanied with adorable toys?

Calvin Klien Fullmoon Wrist Watch

Does your girlfriend prefer to be classy and elegant? If yes then her choice of gift would also be sophisticated. Seems like you are confused as what would classify as elegant, sophisticated and classy all at the same time. No need to worry we have the perfect gift idea for you. A Calvin Klien Fullmoon watch! This watch is present on, an Indian brand with 45 premium stores across the country.

The Calvin Klien Fullmoon comes with a round case having dimensions of 42mm. The case material is steel and rose gold whereas the glass material is mineral crystal. The dial colour is silver and the strap is made of brown leather. The watch comes with a warranty of 2 years and it has a water resistance up to 30 minutes. If you are confused about the sizing then you can download the watch guide size chart available on the website. The company provides a free strap adjustment as well which is an added bonus. The Fullmoon will cost you Rs. 19,200 and you have the option of either buying it online or by visiting one of the ethoswatches stores. So hurry up and get your hands on this elegant beauty for your lady love.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

If your girlfriend loves photography then we are sure that she will love the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. This camera is available on Amazon and has been highly successful. It takes 2 AA batteries and has a new selfie mirror. The picture dimensions are 62 x 42 mm whereas it has a fixed shutter speed of 1/60 seconds. It has a macro lens adaptor for close-ups of 35cm to 50cms. It has a high key mode which is useful in taking brighter portrait pictures with a softer look. It also has automatic exposure measurement. The flashing LED is used by the camera to signal the recommended aperture setting. The 4.3/5.0 rating suggests its amazing quality and service. This camera is available in 5 different colours; cobalt blue, flamingo pink, ice blue, lime green and smoky white. This beauty will cost you a total of Rs. 6,317 including the shipping fee. This little beauty will surely start your girl friend's new year with a bang!

Long Distance Touch Lamp

The most heart-breaking thing is when you are celebrating the new year away from your love in a foreign land. However, these distances can be curtailed by a beautiful gift and the Long Distance Lamp is the perfect one in such circumstances. This lamp has been created by John Harrison & Vanessa Whalen, a beautiful couple who met during their days at Wichita State University. They initially created these lamps to connect their relatives spread across US and Canada and later shared it with their beloved customers.

These lamps are prepared in such a manner that one lamp is touched the other one instantly lights up and provides a feeling of closeness. The lamp has to be connected with wi-fi. Although the lamp cycles through a rainbow of colours, a special colour can be assigned to a loved one. This item has been highly successful which is evident from its rating of 4.7/5.0. You buy one for you while the other for your long distance girlfriend and this set will cost you just Rs. 11,835. So spread the love this new year with these amazing long distance lamps.

Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

Does your girl love to read books? If yes then we have the perfect gift idea for you which won't gather a lot of space but it will definitely quench her thirst for books. The Kindle Paperwhite E-reader! It has a high-resolution display of 300 dpi and a built-in adjustable light with allows to read at both day and night. It has a quite good battery life and allows you to use it for not just hours but days. It has a massive collection of books available pertaining to your interests.

If you get prime membership then she can easily access thousands of titles. It can be paired with Bluetooth handsfree or speakers to listen to stories. There is a choice between 8GB and 32 GB storage and the greatest news is that it is waterproof. The E-reader is of quite good quality which is evident from its rating of 4.1/5.0. This E-reader will only cost you Rs 9,151. The new year is drawing closer so get your E-reader now and prepare to surprise your lovely girlfriend.

Best Celebration Idea: Romantic New Year Trip to Sydney

New Year's Eve is an occasion that is full of celebrations and the best way to enjoy it with your love is by taking her to a location that is well-known for its festivities. In our opinion, the best way to enchant her is by a surprise visit to Sydney, the first place that witnesses the new year's sun. Furthermore, it conducts the largest fireworks display in the world. These fireworks are first held at 9 p.m. and the second one at midnight. The locations of these fireworks are the mesmerizing Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

The waterfront show also includes Aboriginal smoking ceremony, Harbour of Light Parade, a flotilla of more than 50 illuminated boats and air and water show featuring aerial acrobatics. You will thank us later for this amazing bonus idea which will definitely spice up your romance.

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Make the Gift All About Her

Who said impressing your girlfriend can be expensive or difficult? Women in general appreciate cutesy presents like personalized or handmade gifts - but know your girlfriend. A New Year’s gift for girlfriend should not only be thoughtful but also seal the bond of your love for each other. Make it so by giving her something that shows her you "get" her.