Want to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Extra Special During Friendship Day? Give Her a Gift! 10 Adorable Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend (2019)

Want to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Extra Special During Friendship Day? Give Her a Gift! 10 Adorable Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriend (2019)

Friendship Day isn't meant just for BFFs! You can instead choose to spend it with your loved one and make it unforgettable for both of you. Here are some tips on how. Remember, you want to show her you value her as a friend as well, so steer clear of the overtly romantic gifts. We also have a whole bunch of gift ideas in case you're not sure what to give.

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Tips on Celebrating Friendship Day with Girlfriend

One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is the expression of love, which makes you weak in the knees and makes everything rosy & happy around you! Friendship Day can be a special day to make your love evident as friendship is the first point of contact that binds two hearts together and evolves into love thereafter. After family, friends and romantic partners are perhaps the two most important people in our lives. A toned down version of Valentine’s Day, use friendship day to introduce the love of your life to your friends, who mean the world to you. It will be one big group date!

Introducing Her to Your Friends

Introduce your friends to your girlfriend, one person at a time, so it doesn’t become too overwhelming for her. Once the introductions are over, don’t abandon her with the lot, or overshadow her. Keep a check on her every now and then, so she knows you’re there for her and also balance your time with your pals. Save her from people who you know may come off as strong headed or awkward, give her some easy ways out. You don’t need to stay for long just because you’re with friends. Be mindful of your girlfriend’s feelings and comfort too and leave well in time to keep her from getting bored.

Making Her Your BFF

Love without friendship seems meaningless. The beauty of a relationship lies in the trust, the bond, the compatibility and the care that binds you with your girlfriend. While any girl friend can become a girlfriend, not all girlfriends can be best friends! Be with your girlfriend, how you’d be with any of your female friends. Get to know each other’s interests and pet peeves. Whether it is playing video games or going out to one of her favorite plays or making adventure trips with her, indulge in activities that you’d take up with your best friend. Indulge in healthy disagreements, gossip sessions and most of all understand each other, for it strengthens not only your love bond, but also brings you closer to each other in a friendly way!

Celebrating Friendship

Friendship Day is the perfect day to celebrate the remarkable woman you have in your life. To begin with, make a list of what makes her so special in your life, include memories and moments of how she makes you feel, has been around for you and how her little gestures mean the world to you.

Plan your day with her, you can set some time aside with your friends and her for some part of the day, by catching up over lunch/coffee or dinner and spend the rest of the day with her, enjoying each other’s company, going for a long drive or walk, sitting under the stars and revisiting your time together. Express your feelings vocally or by writing them on a card or in the form of poetry or even a letter. And of course, get her a gift that personifies your love for and friendship with her.

Gift Ideas for Your Girl on Friendship Day

A Bouquet of Flowers and a Bracelet

Source www.winni.in

On Friendship Day, make your Girlfriend feel special with a bouquet of 7 exotic blue orchids, wrapped beautifully in a blue packaging paper with a ribbon bow, epitomizing your love for her. It is priced at Rs.1,199.

Add your wishes for her happiness with a lovely Opal Beaded Bracelet, made of multi-colored beads, tassel and charms. Priced at Rs.285 this lovely flower and bracelet set will win her heart like never before!

Love, Faith, Hope Candle Holders

Source www.amazon.in

Etched with inspiring & heart-warming words of Faith, Hope and Love, these frosted glass candle holders, adorned with silver glittering hearts & crystals with 3 flameless flickering LED candles measuring 2.5” is a beautiful gift for your girlfriend on Friendship Day. The LED flameless votive T-light candles come with batteries and are packaged in a lovely gift box, measuring 2.5”x2.25”. The decorative glass Votive Candle Holder Set is priced at Rs 2,973.

Blingy Heart Cushion

Source www.fnp.com

A personalized LED cushion with a yellow light is an ideal romantic gift on friendship day for your love. Made in poly duck material, measuring 10”x11” (length x width), the cushion is filled with recron and can be personalized with a picture of your choice. With a beautiful glitzy heart printed on this Blingy Heart Cushion, your gift implies only your beloveds' place in your heart! The chocolate brown personalized LED Cushion decorated with golden colored glitter is priced at Rs.599.

Personalized Revolving Photo Cube

Ideal for displaying photos or pictures, the revolving & floating magnetic photo cube can hold up to 6 pictures (one on each side) and is the perfect décor item for any space. Choose 6 lovely pictures of your beloved along with a personal message for her, which will be printed and inserted within the cube to make a nice gift. The cube floats with magnets included within and hence doesn’t require any batteries. Stylishly designed, the photo cube is easy to use and measures 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm and is available in black, blue, pink & white frames, priced at Rs.399.


Source www.amazon.in

A perfect blend of durability and modern design, made with distinctive craftsmanship, the Gaga cat-eye oversized sunglasses with a purple lens and black frame is medium in size and pretty lightweight. Made of shiny polycarbonate material, the sunglasses have a UV 400 protective layer which prevents harmful rays of the sun up to 400 nanometers, covering most UVA and UVB rays. Ultra-Chic and extremely fashionable the sunglasses would look lovely on your girlfriend and come with a 6 months warranty against manufacturing defects, priced at Rs.346.

Evening Clutch

Source www.amazon.in

A beautiful floral clutch in Rose Gold with its front side adorned with a variety of simulation flowers, and branches of metal embellished with beads and metallic leaves, is made of high quality hardware frame construction and long-lasting polyester fabric, with a smooth satin lining on the inside. With a detachable chain strap in varying length, the clutch can be used as an evening clutch, a shoulder handbag or a cross body bag! The external material being made of PU, the clutch is easy to clean & is water resistant. Its beautiful design makes it an appropriate accessory for special occasions and party events, priced at Rs.949.

Book: The Notebook

A story about an enduring romance that surpasses age and disease, The Notebook depicts years way before the World War II and narrates the story of a young man and a beautiful young woman who fall in love and fight against all odds of disparity between the rich & the poor, upheavals caused by war, distance and time and coming back together under completely different circumstances. A perfect gift of love for your girl on friendship day, The Notebook is a love story that surpasses all other love stories! Priced at Rs.301 in paperback.

Buddha Showpiece

A cute and vibrantly colored home décor item of 6 multi-colored mini Buddhas will brighten up her smile even more each time she sees this lovely showpiece. Measuring 4.3”x2”x2” (l x w x h) and weighing 200gms, the showpiece has 6 Buddha figurines with different smiling expressions of calm, peace, joyfulness and bliss that will warm and melt any heart! There’s no better gift than this Multi-colored Resin Buddha Décor on friendship for your girlfriend, priced at Rs.1,899.

Hand Painted Wind Chimes

A beautiful wind chime that is handcrafted with a unique bell design and strings of multi-colored beads will look absolutely gorgeous in your girlfriend’s balcony or at the entrance. Measuring 21" X 4" in length and the bells measuring 2.6" X 1.7" the chime is made of metal and constructed in a ring design with bells hand-painted in different vibrant colors. This beautiful piece of art will ring music into your beloved’s ears and remind her of you each time the wind gently passes through its ringing bells. Priced at Rs.892.

Customized Wooden Crossword Wall Art

Create a custom crossword wall décor for the love of your life on friendship day with wooden tiles and letters. This personalized scrabble tile art makes for a unique gift of love, measuring 4”x4” in size, with 15mm thick solid wood panels, weighing approx. 75-95 gms. Each crossword block includes a removable double-sided tape for easy wall mount. You can choose the number of blocks you’d like for your Custom Wooden Crossword Wall Art with a font of your choice. The price for 1-5 blocks is Rs.499, while any additional 5 blocks are priced differently ranging from an additional Rs. 500-2,500.

Bonus Tip: How to Keep Your Friends and Your Girlfriend Happy

Relationships are new and exciting and sometimes we allow them to consume us and all that we do. There’s really a fine line between being a friend and a boyfriend, which is as easy or difficult to cross as anything else in life! Romance is short-lived in most relationships, but it’s wise not to burn bridges with your buddies over one relationship. Here’s how you can balance your time with your friends and your girlfriend, making them all happy and keeping you sane!

  • Ground Rules: You should be able to talk and express yourself freely both with your girlfriend and your friends, given the depth in both these relationships. Communication is best when it is open. Irrespective of how long you’ve been friends or involved in a relationship, everyone should know that you care, and would like to be easily accessible to either party when the time comes. However, they should appreciate your time and efforts as well and understand that you need your time and space to do what you like too. Be honest and understanding as well.

  • A Healthy Distance: Your being in love doesn’t mean you stay glued to each other all the time. Spending some time away from one another is healthy for both of you. It doesn’t need to be long, just a day of some ‘you time’ every couple of days will give you both some much needed space & breathing time, allowing you to miss each other as well and appreciate your partner.

  • A Group Date: Being socially active is one way of including your friends and yet be able to spend time with your girlfriend. It doesn’t need to be a humongous gathering! A Couple or two of your friends & their partners could do the trick too! Do not spend this group date clinging to each other, instead engage with others and converse with your friends about their well-being as well. You can also invite your friends over, have a game night with them, even if you have your girlfriend over, it will help her witness your comfort with your friends and understand you better.

  • A Time Well Spent: You are more than your relationships. Your friends are your backbone, for they allow you to evolve into a better person and support you through thick and thin. Allow yourself to spend some time apart from your girlfriend without feeling guilty. Set some time aside for building on your relationship with your friends, indulge in boys’ nights drinking or playing games, going out for movies or indulging in sports, watching a match or taking a weekend trip with your pals.

  • New Ways to Connect: Your relationship with your girlfriend may pull you away a bit from your friends, but it doesn’t end your friendship. Find new ways of connecting with your buddies and be able to spend time with your girlfriend without her feeling horrible as well. Develop rituals of connecting with your friend via technology like a G-Chat check in at the end of a work day, a quick facetime while watching a game at the same time or playing a video game online together once in a week.
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Friendship Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

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