Impress Her With Traditional Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend: 12 Winning Gift Idea for the Festive Season

Impress Her With Traditional Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend: 12 Winning Gift Idea for the Festive Season

All the cute, quirky and funky gifts are great for her birthday but when it''s Diwali show your girl your traditional side with sweet, thoughtful and fitting Diwali gifts she will be proud to flaunt. The best gifts for your girlfriend this Diwali are rich silk and brocade handbags, ornate brass lamps, pretty diyas, gorgeously scented candles, ethnic wear and beautiful jewellery amongst others. Find here more of such great ideas as well as tips on Diwali shopping.

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Giving Diwali Gifts to Girlfriend Can Be Very Good for Your Relationship

Gifting is a Great Way to Express Love and Affection

The very act of gifting involves love and affection, right from thinking about the person's needs, carefully selecting something nice for them, gift wrapping and finally giving it to them. The anticipation to see her reaction is in fact more than her eagerness to see what you have got for her.

While material things are secondary in a relationship, giving gifts to each other is a way to bond with your loved one. Your girlfriend will feel loved and appreciated, and the right gift can even set up the mood for romance. Presents need not be very expensive or extravagant, all you need to do is put some thought in it.

Why give her gifts on Diwali? For days like her birthday or your anniversary your girlfriend will be expecting something from you. Those gifts have their own special place, but surprise gifts are so much more exciting because they weren't expected. Festivals put us all in a good mood and though she may be looking forward to spending time with you, a gift may not be on her mind, and a sweet festive gift will bring her a little closer to you.

Try Surprising Her With Traditional Gifts

Traditions and culture connect us at a very basic level. While in a relationship, your girl may be used to romantic and cute gifts from you but giving her something traditional on Diwali will warm her heart. Not only will the gift be unique from anything else you may have given her, it will create a special memory. Physical things may fade, break or get used up, but the memories attached to them stay on. A different kind of gift creates a different kind of memory and traditional presents on Diwali will stand out from the other tokens of love you give her.

Online Shopping Can Simplify Gift Selection

It's simply not possible to come up with remarkable, clever and fantastic gift ideas each time, which is why window shopping can help in coming up with new ideas. Shopping online makes the process a lot more simpler. Not only is there a lot more variety and you can scan items quickly, comfortably and at your own time, online shopping portals curate special gift items around each festive season that can help in making a selection.

In today's busy world not everyone has the time to make a lengthy shopping trip to pick out nice presents for everyone, and online shopping solves this problem. There are also options to personalise and get a custom made gift for your girl.

3 Tips on Choosing Traditional Diwali Gift for Girlfriend

Choose a Diwali Gift That is Both Practical and Personalised

There are two ways to pick out useful gifts, the kind she obviously needs and uses all the time, and the things she would love to have but for one reason or another doesn't buy herself. When giving gifts to your girlfriend, you need to look at the latter. Why? Because if it's something she will buy for herself anyway, it isn't very exciting, is it? On the other hand if it's something she has been wanting to have, that will be a great gift.

Practical things which she can use will make a far better gift that sits forgotten on a shelf. Each time she uses it her thoughts will go to you. Which is why personalising it in some way will make it mean a lot more to her. Have her name etched, printed, monogrammed or embossed onto the gift, base it on something very dear to her, or attach a handwritten note to it. Think of ways you can differentiate it from any other product that can be bought.

Do Not Get Swayed By Discounts But Focus on Quality

During the festive season there are fantastic discounts being offered everywhere you look, making Diwali a great time to shop, not just for gifts but everyday items as well. The flip side though is that poor quality products may be masquerading as discounted items. So as tempting as that massive sale looks, check and recheck the things you're considering buying for your girlfriend. She isn't expecting expensive things from you and we too do not encourage over priced gifts, but a low quality gift will come across as a cheap and thoughtless present, and those are the last two things you want your girlfriend to think.

The perceived value of gifts can be a tricky point. On the one hand girls don't really want expensive gifts and they value the time and affection you shower on them, but the gifts you do give them are used to evaluate how much you value them. So give her something small, simple and thoughtful but ensure it is a good quality present.

Keep Your Girlfriend's Likes and Dislikes in Mind

All the gift ideas and lists in the world cannot help you pick out the perfect gift if you don't select a present based on what she likes. Every person is different and what your girlfriend likes may be very different to what most things other girls would want. A gift from her boyfriend also holds a lot more significance to her and she will likely form an emotional attachment to it, so you need to think clearly about what to give her.

Go over everything you know about her, the things she likes to do, her hobbies, pet peeves, things she doesn't like, her personality and even what she may have told you. Write it all down if needed, the more information you have, the better selection you will make.

12 Traditional Diwali Gift Ideas for Girlfriend

A Sleek Piece of Jewellery

Girls are very fond of jewellery and you can give your special lady a piece of traditional jewellery that she can wear during Diwali with her ethnic outfits. Set a budget before you go gift shopping though. Expensive jewellery is a sign of commitment so you may want to think about that before heading to the gold and diamond jewellery stores. Besides the precious jewellery, there are lots of very pretty fashion and imitation jewellery which can be a nice Diwali gift for girlfriend.

What type does she like best? Is she fond of earrings or does she like to wear necklaces and pendants? There are also bangles, nose pins, rings and jewellery for the feet. If this list confuses you and you want a quick solution, we suggest a pair of nice earrings. Like this Dangler Earrings With Cz Green Stones. The geometric design is embellished with green and white stones and will pair well with Indian outfits. Buy them for Rs.1,099 on

If you do want to give your girl precious jewellery but without having to spend an entire month's salary, there are many jewellery websites that offer small pendants, rings and earrings at very competitive rates. A pretty Falling Star Pendant made of 18 K gold will only cost you Rs.4,500 on Carat Lane.

Ethnic Clothes

Does your girl take pride in her appearance and take effort in dressing well? Taking her shopping for a dress or outfit of her choice will please her no end. Remember she cares about her appearance but is also concerned with what you think about her clothes so a shopping trip can enable you to pick an outfit you both like. However, if a surprise present is what you had in mind, traditional Indian outfits like kurtas, salwar kameez, saris and lehengas are a good choice for Diwali. For a simple and comfortable, yet festive look, she may like this pretty Vishudh Navy Printed A-Line Kurta in pure cotton. It can be paired with a dressy salwar or pyjama for a festive look and it's even suitable for daily wear. It is available on Myntra for Rs.600.

Fancy a sari on your lady? Or did she happen to mention she loves how elegant they look? Head to Craftsvilla for a range of beautiful saris in different fabrics. The Pink Bangalore Silk Saree With Contrast Jacquard Pallu And Unstitched Blouse Material is a gorgeous art silk sari with zari work priced at Rs.1,152.

A Box of Indian Sweets

The food, the sweets and delicious Indian snacks are one of the biggest highlights of Diwali and a hamper of her favourite Indian sweets is one of the best Diwali gifts for your girlfriend. Know her favourite sweet shop? Head there and pick up her favourite mithai. Else order a mixed bag of goodies online. The Kaju Burfi, Badam Pinni a Mewa Dalmoth hamper on is a combination of some their most popular items and costs Rs.1,257. The hamper contains 250 gm of each of kaju burfi, badam pinni and mewa dalmoth; they are packed in individual air tight boxes.

Lord Ganesha Idol


Paintings and idols of Lord Ganesha are a very auspicious gift at any time of the year and your girlfriend will be thrilled to receive one from you on Diwali. Give her this Beautiful Lord Ganesha Idol made of metal. It measures 3.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inch, has a golden umbrella adorned with stones above, and the idol has an orange turban. Not only will it beautify her room, it will ensure she has a good year ahead. Buy it for Rs.600 from

Home Decor


Diwali is the festival of lights so give your girl a set of beautiful lights to decorate her room with. Home decor is a popular gift item for this time and based on what she likes, you can give her wall hangings, paintings, ornamental pieces, the traditional toran and lots more. Paper lanterns look pretty indoors as well as outdoors and you can give her these colourful Anne Kee Hanging Rice Paper Ball Lamp Shades. The lanterns are made from fine quality rice paper and the pack includes metal expanders to hold the electric cord. 5 lamps measuring 12 inches across will cost you Rs.400. Buy them on

Eco-Friendly Fire Crackers

Diwali is almost unimaginable without the lights and the firecrackers, but a growing environment consciousness means we take stock of the pollution caused due to them. Most of the popular firecrackers are loud and emit a lot of smoke and while they are fun, the acrid smell of chemicals and smoke, and the burnt out remains are all that's left over the next morning after Diwali. Does your girl love fireworks but is equally concerned about the environment? Well, there is a solution, eco-friendly crackers.

These are mostly made of recycled paper, and because they contain less chemicals as compared to regular fireworks, they are not as noisy and give out less smoke. They create colourful sparks so the visual pleasure is not reduced and they also happen to be cheaper. If you have funds to spare you can even buy her electrical crackers which do not create any pollution and can be used repeatedly. But they are quite expensive.

Give her Supreme Rock Window Pack Confetti Eco Friendly Crackers, priced at Rs.360 a pack at This comet style cracker shoots in the air and creates a multicolour 3D effect with the sparks, balls and flashes in the sky that are such a pleasure too watch. A pack contains a single piece and though it's safe for both adults and children, a distance of 5 meters must be maintained for safety. The light and sound effect lasts for 20 seconds.

Aromatic Candles


Candles are such a romantic gift, specially when they are beautifully shaped and wonderfully scented, and on Diwali they also fit in with the festive mood. Give your girl pretty candles in fragrances to soothe and relax her. We recommend Rose carved Scented Ball Candles Set of 3 Mixed Pack from Each beautifully carved ball of candle measures 3 inch across and 3 inch in height and will make a lovely addition to any room. Scented with English rose, they burn for about 18 hours each, and also have notes of geranium and musk. They also come gift wrapped in an elegant box. Buy the set for Rs.499.

Diwali Goodie Hamper

Sweets are the most popular Diwali gifts but the trouble with that is every household is inundated with boxes of mithai and sugary food. Not everyone likes to eat many sweets but even those who do reach a saturation point after a while. Give your girlfriend something different this year. Instead of the standard Diwali hampers of sweets, snacks and nuts, give her assorted teas, chocolate and cookies and gourmet snacks. Select things to make a hamper yourself, or buy her buy her Gift Basket 6 from Priced at Rs.2,400, the basket contains a box of 24 assorted homemade chocolates, a 180 gm pack of pistachios, a Sensation chocolate bar 60 gm, two 200 ml packs of Rani juice, a 250 gm box of Jub Jub, a box of 5 pieces of special chocolate, a box of Red Pencil chocolate, and a 250 gm box of New Fineese Cookies.

Decorative Brass Oil Lamp


Any Indian festival is incomplete without traditional oil lamps, more so Diwali which is the festival of lights. They have been used since time immemorial as home decor, for religious ceremonies and also as lighting. Often fashioned out of brass, these lamps are filled with vegetable or or ghee, then a wick is placed inside and the lamp is ready to be lit. They may no longer be used for lighting, but an ornate brass lamp is a wonderful Diwali gift for girlfriend.

This ornate Peacock Shaped Brass Diya is fashioned to look like a vintage lamp with many years behind it and looks even better when lit. The intricate details on this lamp will fascinate your girl. The diya rests on the peacocks back while it's beak touches the tip. It is available on for Rs.975.

Embroidered Handbag

Men often regard women's purses and handbags as an unessential but women know it is so much more than a container for their personal items. A bag is a style statement and an expression of the woman's tastes, it can make or break an outfit and in the case of super luxury bags even serve as a status symbol. Scoff all you want at how she is inseparable from her precious totes and sling bags, but buy her one as a Diwali gift and all will be forgiven.

For a Diwali gift look for bags that incorporate Indian fabrics, embroidery and embellishments. Traditional handicraft items like potlis and cloth bags are also ideal although clutches and formal bags are better suited to the occasion as she can flaunt it with her new Diwali clothes. The Silk Brocade 384 Clutch Bag by Fab India is a fine example. The clutch comes with a sling and is fashioned from silk dupion and brocade which give it a rich, luxurious look. It is lined with fabric and has an inner pocket, and snaps shut with a magnetic closure. It will go beautifully with all her Indian wear or add a touch of class to western wear. Buy it from for Rs.1,400.

Candle Holders


Your girl already has a collection of nice candles of her own? Then give her pretty candle holders to display them better. This set of 3 Metallic Etched Candle Holders with complimentary tealight candles is a nice option as a Diwali gift. The detailing on the holders and the shimmering gold finish turns ordinary candles and tealights into flickering objects of beauty although they are beautiful enough to be used as home decor on their own. The set has holders in three sizes - the large measures 4 x 8 inches, the medium 4 x 4 inch, and the small is 3 inch wide and 3.5 inches high. Order the set for Rs.999 from Lighthaus.

Decorative Diyas


One cannot have too many colourful diyas on Diwali and if you're looking for a really traditional gift for your girlfriend that she can use on Diwali, give her diyas. They are available in all shapes, sizes and even different materials and are easily available everywhere as Diwali approaches. If you have a flair for painting buy a set of plain clay diyas and decorate them for her yourself. Personalise them with her favourite colours, perhaps even include a sweet message in the design.

The less arty need not fret, there are plenty of nice options for you to buy. On you can buy a Colorful Set Of Six Clay Diyas for as little as Rs.250. The multicolour clay diyas are decorated in lovely combinations of red, blue, yellow, green and pink and will light up any home.

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Get into the Festive Spirit

Pause to think about what makes Indian festivals so special. Among other things, you will find it's the culture, rituals and traditions associated with them that bring us so much joy. On Diwali get into the festive spirit and get your girl all the traditional gifts given during this time. They can be customised to suit her tastes and ideas but for this day soak in the pleasures of an all out Indian holiday.