Let Your Girlfriend Know What She Means to You By Giving Her a Surprise Gift This Durga Puja (2019): 10 Durga Puja Gifts for Girlfriend

Let Your Girlfriend Know What She Means to You By Giving Her a Surprise Gift This Durga Puja (2019): 10 Durga Puja Gifts for Girlfriend

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Everyone is aware of what Durga Puja stands for and what it brings into our lives, but, it is also a great occasion for blossoming relationships and also for the people who are already in relationships. Every pandal you visit, you'll certainly find a few doe-eyed couples celebrating Durga Puja. Follow our guide to let your girlfriend know the importance she holds in your life by getting a great present from our suggestions of presents for your girlfriend.

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Why Durga Puja is an Auspicious Occasion for Couples

The grand festival of Durga Puja is held during October as a part of Navratri, and is a time of celebration and festivities, especially for the Hindu Bengalis. It spans for 10 days starting from Mahalaya and ending on Vijaya Dashami. It is a very auspicious time for the Bengalis and they celebrate it with pomp. In other parts of India, Durga Puja is mainly seen as a commemoration of Durga’s victory over Mahishasura but the Bengalis see it as the time Durga comes with her children to visit her family. This is instead of the fact that traditionally women have to bid goodbye to her home and settle in her husband’s abode. She does visit her home but it is sporadic and when she comes her arrival is celebrated by her parents and other family members.

Durga is a warrior Goddess but she is also a daughter. Thus, Bengalis look at it as a daughter’s visit to her home after marriage and celebrate it accordingly. Sure, her victory over Mahishasura is also commemorated but her homecoming takes more prominence. Besides the devotional aspect of Durga Puja, it is a time for friends and family to come together and enjoy the spirit of companionship. It is a time to leave all stress behind and enjoy each other’s company and immerse oneself in merriment. Such an atmosphere is highly conducive to couples, an atmosphere celebrating togetherness and family. Ranging from the rituals to the general being of things at this time, each and every aspect of Durga Puja seem to work towards bringing you and your girlfriend together.

10 Items You Can Gift Your Girlfriend This Durga Puja

Durga Puja is the time to show how much you love your near and dear ones. It is a time to tell your parents how grateful you are to them, to tell your friends how invaluable they are to you and tell your better half how special she is in your life. And what better way to do so than by giving a gift. Many items can be given as a gift to your girlfriend but if the item does not have a meaning that is beyond the physical, a meaning concerning both of you and the relationship, then it would defeat the very purpose of giving gifts. Follow this BP Guide to choose the best gift for your girlfriend this Durga Puja.

Traditional Bengali Saree

The traditional Bengali saree is made of Tussar silk, a fine and luxurious silk found in the eastern part of India. The border of the saree is dyed red while the rest is in white. The saree is iconic of the Bengalis and is shown extensively in popular culture. The red and white combination is considered auspicious by Bengali women. The colour red signifies fertility while the colour white denotes purity. Gift this saree to your girlfriend this Durga Puja and she will cherish it forever. Like the traditional one, it is made with tussar silk and flower patterns and motifs are hand embroidered on it. The pallu is embellished with zari work that is worn during festivals. It comes at a price of Rs.5,100 on banglarsare.com.


Jewellery has been associated with a romantic relationship since time immemorial. Lore of yester times often tells us how a maiden was charmed by a ring or a bracelet or a necklace. You can keep up with this time tested method of charming and gift your girlfriend this gold ring. Priced at Rs. 23,680 on sencogoldanddiamonds.com, it has an intricate décor of the gold net, rezi and Meena work. The end is a beautiful ring that looks nothing less than the emblem of faith. It is a versatile piece of jewellery that has an evergreen sparkle and can be worn with any outfit.


Reading books is a constructive way of spending leisure time as one gets to know so much from the printed words encased in between two covers. So, this Durga Puja you can gift your girlfriend a novel that she can enjoy and regarding that, the book you should be concerned about is “Persuasion” written by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is one of the most popular novelists in the world and more so with women readers as she can express the sense and sensibilities of womanhood in the finest of fashions. “Persuasion” follows a 27-year-old woman, Anne Elliot through the ups and downs of her life. She has to deal with an unreasonable father, love that was lost and then found, and an invaluable lesson she learnt in observing how people change over time. This is one of Jane Austen’s finest literary works and is an absorbing read. The paperback edition of this book costs Rs.120.

Assorted Sweets

Bengal is famous all across India for its ‘mishti’ or sweetmeats. Perhaps no other culture can boast such a wide variety of delectable sweet dishes. Sweetmeats are a tradition in Bengal and there are some brands in the state that have become heritage sweet sellers. This pack of Sandesh from the house of Balaram Mullick and Sons comes in a variety of delicious fruit flavour. This assortment of fruity fusion delicacy contains 20 sweets and costs Rs.699 on balarammullick.com.

Beauty Products

Every woman considers her beauty an asset and so gifting your girlfriend any beauty product will be a good idea. This Almond and Milk Collection from The Body Shop is a complete full body and bath products for your girlfriend to pamper herself. It contains a shower cream bottle of 250ml, a body butter of 250ml, a body scrub of 250ml, a hand cream of 30ml and a white bath lily. The collection costs Rs.4,015 on thebodyshop.in.

Gift Cards

When you are not sure of what to gift your girlfriend, gift cards are the best option. This Durga Puja gift your girlfriend this Vero Moda Gift Card worth Rs. 5,000. This is one of the premiere fashion brands in the market and has an enviable collection. If your girlfriend is a fashionista and loves to dress up, this is the ideal gift for her.

Tickets for a Vacation

Who doesn’t like to travel? It is both enjoyable and therapeutic. So this Durga Puja, present your girlfriend the unique gift of a vacation. Choose a romantic place that is within your budget and spends some beautiful days with her there. You can gift the plane tickets in a quirky card that is cut in the shape of an airbus or a travel suitcase. Relax, reconnect and give your relationship a fresh makeover.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are an item of home décor that gives it a very aesthetic look. Indoor plants, especially flower plants will be a great gift for your girlfriend this Durga Puja. Roses are the symbol of love so giving your girlfriend a potted plant of button roses will be a good idea. The tiny roses of a variety of colour will instantly lift the mood of your girlfriend upon laying her eyes on them. Also these pretty flowers will always remind of the love blooming in your heart for her. A shrub of these Roses cost Rs.189.


Smartphones have high utility value in our lives and your girlfriend will benefit if you gift her one. The Redmi K20 Pro is a good phone having 256 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM. Its other features are that it has a 3 lens camera, one telephoto, one primary and one wide-angle camera of 8 MP, 48 MP and 13 MP respectively. Besides these, it has a 20 MP pop up selfie camera. The screen is 16.23 cm of a full HD display, fingerprint sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Processor. Thus, it is a high-end smartphone with a lot of features. It comes at Rs. 31,999.

Customized Gift

No matter how expensive, meaningful or beautiful a gift is, it will be never better than the moments that both of you have spent together. So this Durga Puja, gift your girlfriend a personalized album from Archie’s. In this album, you let your emotions and creativity flow. Add pictures of both of you; the first meeting, the first date, write quotes and anything that means something to both of you. Give it as a surprise to your girlfriend and it will be a moment that she will never forget. The price of the personalized album is Rs. 1,299.

3 Ways Durga Puja Brings You and Your Girlfriend Together

Durga Puja is time of merriment and appreciating the people in your life. Next, to your parents, it is your girlfriend who intimately shares your life with you. She is with you through the ups and downs of your life and Durga Puja allows you to let her know how much you appreciate her. You can spend some quality time with her on the eve of this occasion and grow closer emotionally. Some of the rituals and customs of Durga Puja promote togetherness. Also, certain activities are part of the customs of Durga Puja which are best done together. All these collectively can bring you and your girlfriend together.

It Gives Occasion to Spend Quality Time with Each Other

The devotional aspect aside, Durga Puja is a time to enjoy your life to the fullest. It is a time to go pandal hopping- a term denoting the act of going out and witnessing the various displays of Durga idols and the unique and decorative mandaps. This pandal hopping gives you an amazing pretext to go out with your girlfriend and spend some quality time with her. Besides this, you can take her shopping and to restaurants. Such festive activities are bound to bring both of you together.

A typical day during Durga Puja begins with visiting the ' Bonedi Bari' puja mandaps. ‘Bonedi Bari' are those families that have been conducting Durga Puja for generations. Most of these pujas are more than 100 years old and are considered heritage. This is followed by an afternoon of an outing, pandal hopping of the 'para' or locality pujas and lunch. The day ends with more pandal hopping of the 'para' or locality pujas, ' Sandhya Arati' or evening prayer offering and an 'adda' session in your local puja mandap. Thus, your days are packed with outings and enjoyment, more so because you are sharing it with your better half.

Tradition and Rituals that Promote Togetherness

On the 8th day of Durga Puja, known as Ashtami, the morning is dedicated to 'pushpanjali' or offering of flowers to Goddess Durga. It is the grandest ritual of the holy festival where people from all walks of life and dispositions come to seek the blessing of the Divine Mother. Just like a mother is affectionate towards her children and fiercely protective of them, Goddess Durga is such to all the people. Whether you are a student, a professional, single, in a relationship, you come to seek the blessings of the all- encompassing Mother that day. The ‘pushpanjali’ ritual also is a low key valentine’s day for couples. For the young, it is a highly romanticized event where the smitten come to see their crushes in ethnic wear for the first time and the couples fall in love with each other all over again owing to the ambience. Take your girlfriend to a ‘pushpanjali’ and ask the Divine Mother to bless your relationship so that it may remain strong through all ups and downs. Thank Her for the wonderful woman you have as a companion and pray that the bliss may never end.

Gives Rise to Activities that Are Better Done Together

Durga Puja is peppered with many competitions held at almost every puja pandal. The competitions are all related to the theme of Durga Puja: rangoli making competition, eating competition, best idol competition, best fireworks competition and many more. There are specific competitions for couples as well where the participants have to be in a relationship. All these competitions are a brilliant way of making people a part of the celebration in the true sense of the term. You and your girlfriend will grow more close to each other by participating in these events. Not only will both of you enjoy but both of you will create memories that you will cherish forever.

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Celebrations with the People One Love Are Always the Moments to Cherish

Like all the other Indian festivals, celebrations would ensue, get-togethers and parties, these are some of the best moments to let your loved ones know the value and importance that they hold in your life. Relationships are a few of the most important things in one's life which a person should cherish them and hold closer to their heart. Presents and gifts on an occasion such as Durga Puja are a great way to nourish those relationships.