Confused About Gifting Jewellery For Your Girl? Pick from 8 Captivating Rings to Gift Your Girlfriend And See Her Swoon!

Confused About Gifting Jewellery For Your Girl? Pick from 8 Captivating Rings to Gift Your Girlfriend And See Her Swoon!

Thinking of gifting jewellery to your girlfriend? Well, you are at the right place. Rings are a wonderful option as they communicate your love without being overbearing. Our guide has a carefully curated list of different ring options for you to consider - from the ones best suited for the big proposal to something offbeat that is a simple token of love. So, take a look and stun your girl with a gorgeous gift of love.

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Why Are The Rings Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend?

The time changes, but no other gift showcases the amount of importance and affection as much as a ring for your girlfriend can show. Every girl waits for her boyfriend to step up and surprise her with a beautiful ring which becomes a symbol of the love, trust, commitment and care which you have for one another. There is not one girl on this planet who doesn't wish for her girlfriends to see the shiny piece of jewellery on her finger and compliment her on how lucky she is to have a sensitive and understanding like you. If your relationship has reached a stage where you two have started believing in being a team, which can stand against all odds, strongly supported by the pillars of your love, then a ring gift will be absolutely perfect for your significant other.

What Can These Pretty Finger Bands Signify?

The Ring Symbolizing A Promise

A gift becomes more precious when it not only looks incredible but also has a deep, heartfelt meaning behind it. A band for her fingers can be a band of promise that you give to her, in the light of your vows to keep her happy, protected and always loved, when you will be around. It can represent the promise of you standing by her side no matter what strikes, and never stop believing in her talents and capabilities. You will be gifting her a ring which symbolises a heart warming promise made to your girl, which will be unique to the relationship that the two of you share.

A Precious Memory Of Your Eternal Love

Love is the Bedrock of any romantic relationship and is the quality that seems common to all of us but, in reality, holds different meanings for each couple. The way she takes care of you when you fall sick might be your kind of love or, the way she fights for you from her friends might make a mark on your list of perfect love. But, what’s important is the common excitement and butterflies that we get in our stomach, when we think about ‘our’ kind of love. Ring as a gift, is perfect to praise your kind of love and acknowledge how blessed you feel when you think about the girl that she really is. The ring celebrates the unique love that you two share and makes it eternal by actualizing it, as a band on her pretty fingers.

The Big Deal: You Are Proposing To Her

First of all, congratulations! If your relationship has passed every tough exam that life threw at you, conquered all the battles of situations and still managed to bloom within your hearts; it signifies how strongly you feel about each other. The day you ask her ‘the big question’, you want her to feel the emotions that are running through your head. You want her to know that she’s the most important person for you and how she makes your everyday worthwhile. You want her to feel how serious you are and how you are ready to spend your lifetime with her. The ring will help you actualize her dream proposal and propose her with all that it takes. Make your proposal classy and special by choosing the perfect shiny band for your partner in crime for life.

Make A Choice: Find The Perfect Ring For Your Bae Amongst These 8 Unique Rings!

The Traditional & Glorious White CZ Ring To Let Her Heart Skip A Beat

No other combination can match the elegance of the colour white and gold, brilliantly covered with CZ stones to complete the statement ring offered by the website of

The captivating finger accessory weighs about 12.54 gms on an average and retails for a price of INR 1,369 from the website. The best part about buying this ring is that you get a thirty days replacement guarantee which is unheard of when buying most of the online jewelery. That means, if you face any problems with the ring after receiving it, the company either refunds your money completely or sends another similar ring accompanying to the replacement policy. This way, you can be sure that the company is not fraudulent and totally worth investing your money in.

The Tribal Circular Turquoise Accent Ring For The Girl Who Loves Her Jewelry To Be Out-Of-The-Box

If your girlfriend is in love with that jewellery that leans towards tribal designs and antiquity but you find every other such option quite heavy on your pocket then, this ring is perfectly going to suit your bill. You don't need to spend a lot of your hard earned money to find the perfect ring for your girlfriend. The Tribal Circular Turquoise Accent Ring offered by comes with a beautiful circular pattern with the perfect pop of colour in the centre, having the turquoise stone-like accent adding the right amount of shine. The piece of jewellery radiates sophistication while being extremely easy on your pocket. The ring is made up of zinc alloy and hence is durable while it has a surface finish which is oxidised craftingly. It retails for a reasonable price of INR 349 and can beat many over hyped ring selections on the go!

18K Rose Gold-Plated Zircon Ring To Mark Your Love

The most important part of a ring that makes is stand out of the general bunch of metallic pieces is its quirky and mesmerizing design. You might find rings with similar colours, or embellishment but you can't trade unique and trendy designs for the slinky bands available all over the market.

The complete appearance of the Jewels galaxy ring particularly, is unmatched to the usual rings that you see all around. The Zircon Stone-Studded ring which is gold-plated with 18K Rose Gold comes in a mesmerizing shade of rose gold which is sure to make your girl fall in love with you again. The design is unique and makes a pretty ‘X’ or cross pattern when worn on the fingers. The best part about this ring is that it is adjustable and will surely not face any size issues. The ring retails for a price of INR 899 on the website of myntra.

A Classic Tree Of Life Silver Ring To Give To Your Lifeline


If you are looking for a ring that holds a deep meaning behind it then the Classic tree of life silver ring would be perfect for your lady love. The message behind the design of this ring is to signify a fresh start in the individual’s life. The ageless design comprises of a flourishing tree encased in a silver ring. This is topped with tiny little sparkling gems, to add more glamour and elegance to the piece. The ring is offered in numerous sizes ranging from size 11 to size 16. It retails for INR 800, as mentioned on the official website of

Metal Love Bands To Keep The Promise Of Togetherness


From time and being, the love and popularity of couple bands which usually comprise of two rings, one being for each partner, has always been on rise. It will give both of you, a beautiful piece of memory to hold on to. The rings made up of stainless steel have a dimension of size 9 for male, and size 6 for the female counterpart. The seller mentions that the ring is anti-allergy and not prone to fading. Sold by asma jewel house on, this set of rings retails for INR 679 only. The rings are delivered in a pretty gift box or a gift bag.

Customized Sterling Silver Ring With The Stone That You Choose For Her!

If you’re a man planning to propose the love of your life with a beautiful ring in your hand then, you want the ring to be breathtaking. The Sterling Silver Solitaire Frederica Ring available on the website of is not only a royalty to own but also offers you several customisable options, to truly make the ring perfect according to your taste. You can choose from the wide variety of gemstones like- Cubic Zirconia, Black Onyx, Blue Topaz, Red Garnet, Citrine, Rubelite, Amethyst, and Green Tourmaline. That’s not it!

You also have the liberty to choose the Metal you wish to form your ring; like 925 Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Plating or just the 925 Sterling Silver. The company offers you a range of size varying from Indian size 8 to Indian size 18. The beautifully carved ring finally retails at INR 1655 only!

The Quirky 18k Gold Plated Infinity Ring With Initials Of Both You

A thoughtful ring for your amazing girlfriend can be the best gift she has ever received. Like the love that you two have yearns to last for a lifetime, tending towards infinity; the ring should also be able to symbolize the eternal essence of your relationship. The 18k Gold Plated Dual Initial Infinity Ring is specially designed with an infinity sign on it, which is meant to represent how the bond between the two of you is destined to last forever. To add more essence and personalization to it, the ring has the initials of both of your carved with finesse, on the two infinity loops. The ring retails for INR 999 on the website of

If you thought that was just a few things that were special about the ring, you may be wrong. You get the liberty to customize the ring according to your own whims and fancies. You can select the metal; whether it should be gold or silver. Also, the ring is available in various sizes ranging from the dimensions of the Indian size 8 to the Indian size 18.

The Silver Heart Shaped Ring For The Girl Who Stole Your Heart

Finding someone you dearly love and are completely smitten by, is an experience we all wait for in our lives. Remembering all the romantic sagas that you’ve watched on television or the cutesy songs in movies, you visualize that one girl, who has completely taken over your heart. Now, when you give her something as a present, you wish to pour out how you feel in front of her.

The beautiful and simplistic, silver heart shaped ring offered by can be your perfect pick for the elegant and pretty, love of your life. The ring drips of sophistication and has a perfectly shaped silver heart at its centre. It appears to be a fuss free and simple design, going along the well known lines that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. The material used to achieve the finesse of this ring weighing about 2.68 gm, is 925 Sterling Silver. It has an impeccable natural sheen to it, and is worth INR 1,499, as mentioned on the website. It comes in a range of sizes, varying from size 5 to size 9.

Bonus Tip: Take Everything A Notch Higher By Planning A Surprise Reveal!!

Add to the beauty of the moment and your gift by giving her the ultimate surprise! Take the pains to hide this sweet secret from her and unveil the ring, in a scenario that takes her by surprise. You can surprise her by planning an unexpected date for her or a paying a surprise visit to her place, be it her house or office. Take her for a long drive to your favourite place and when the environment is serene, take the opportunity to talk about why you’re gifting her the ring and see her beaming with affection. Make it a memory that both of you remember for a lifetime. Top the ring up with some colourful flowers and her favourite chocolates. Pamper her and let her feel as special as she is to your heart.

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Pick With Her Style In Mind

The jewellery she wears is an intimate expression of her style. So while shopping for a ring for her be sure to consider her preferences. Is she someone who likes bling, or is she someone who prefers the understated beauty of silver? Or does she like delicate and artistic gold work? Buying the wrong style can be disappointing for her and for you. So pay attention to the jewellery she wears to learn what she likes, or better yet, ask one of her good friends for insider tips!