Win Her Over with the Best Personalised Gifts: 10 Terrific Gifts to Give Every Woman in Your Life (2019)

Win Her Over with the Best Personalised Gifts: 10 Terrific Gifts to Give Every Woman in Your Life (2019)

Looking for unique gifts for the lovely lady in your life? Be it a mother, friend, wife, girlfriend or sister, if there is one thing that unites women it is the pleasure they take in being pampered and spoiled. And what better way to do that than with personalised gifts for her? From cute keychains to totes and monogrammed bathrobes, we have made a list of the things most women will have a tough time saying no to.

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The Significance of Giving Personalised Gifts

When you are buying a gift for a woman the main purpose of that gesture is to make her feel special. Every woman, whether it’s your mother, girlfriend, wife or sister, expects a gift to be mentally stimulating and one of a kind. One of the best ways of making sure of that is making the gift personalised.

A personalised or customised gift is made exclusively for the person it’s gifted to. It’s either imprinted with the person’s name, photograph or initials, making it one of a kind and inimitable. When you give someone a personalised gift, the person immediately feels gratified knowing that they are special to you and also irreplaceable. Simply put, a personalised gift is distinctive, endearing and heartwarming.

What Kind of Peronalised Gifts Should You Gift a Woman?

Women are generally more particular about what they like or dislike. Therefore if you are buying a gift for them, make sure that it’s to their liking. Personal tastes may vary of course, but there are certain personalised gifts that ate preferred by all women. A personalised gift can be as small as a keychain or something as grand as a gold pendant.

It all depends on your relationship with the person and also your personal budget. In general women prefer daily use items as personalised gifts; such as bathrobe, pillow cover or coffee mug. If it’s a small token that you want to gift, then you could pick a photo key chain or fridge magnet. If you are looking for something a bit bigger then customised tote bags, towel sets, robes or lamps are good options.

10 Personalised Gifts to Make Her Feel Special

Name Pendant

Making someone feel special is not a very complicated process. In fact it’s quite simple; as simple as getting them a necklace which spells out their name! So the next time you want to make your girlfriend or your wife feel like a princess, just order this beautiful pink enamel necklace from This beautiful necklace is available in three different materials-gold plated brass, silver plated stainless steel and rose plated copper. You can select the chain length as well from the options of 16, 18 and 20 inches. This beautiful necklace can be worn as part of a casual or formal look It’s priced at ₹2,100.

Photo Keychain

Sometimes we are so hell bent on making a grand gesture with our gift that we tend to over think and spend money on something that hardly comes of any use. When it comes to personalised gifts try to keep one thing in mind-functionality is key. So pick something useful that can be used daily. A customised photo key ring is the perfect choice for many reasons. Firstly it’s small and handy. Secondly, if you are giving it to a loved one then you can customise it with a photo of the two of you together which will raise it’s sentimental value and also keep you on their mind at all times. Thirdly, it’s a go to gift which is extremely easy on the pocket; the perfect choice for students and people who don’t have a lot of money. Buy this metal key chain worth ₹299 from Gift Cart. It measures 1.5 inch and is available in three shapes—square, heart and round.

Personalised Lamp with Picture

Light up your loved one’s life…literally! A customised lamp is again one of those things which can have both sentimental and practical value. This Neon Bottle lamp from Gift Cart can be personalised with a photograph of your choice. It measures 12.7 inch and is neon yellow in colour. Don’t be surprised if you receive a late night phone call or message from the person you give this lamp to. Because the next time she is up at night reading or just lazing around in bed, listening to music, she will definitely be reminded of you. To customise the lamp just upload the image that you want at the time of ordering. This beautiful and cool lamp is priced at just ₹999.

Fridge Photo Magnet

This cute gift is perfect for friends and family. It can be a housewarming gift, a birthday or a gift for any other occasion. We are talking about a customised photo magnet. Use this to brighten up the exterior of the fridge, stick photos, notices, bills etc. It’s a square piece made of MDF with a magnetic back, measuring 3.33 x 3.33 inch. To customise it upload a photo of the accepted size and format at the time of ordering. It’s a gift which is extremely affordable as well. Buy it from for just ₹300. You can create magnets with more than one photo as well. The price will not change. If you are not fond of the shape you can even pick your own design and get it in a round shape as well.

Trendy Tote Bag

What is the one thing that is common amongst 90 per cent of all women? Their love for bags of course! Most women carry their world around in their handbag. It’s less of a bag and more of a treasure chest, containing everything from make-up and tissues to books, wallet, spare clothes, umbrella, snacks and whatever else they might need during the day. Therefore gifting a woman a roomy bag is never a bad idea. What makes a great bag even better is having it customised with the name of the person who owns it. The Printed - Spring in Paris All Weather Tote from can be personalised with text containing up to 15 characters. This brightly coloured bag with a cute design is made of thick polycot fabric. Buy it for ₹779. Customisation will cost you extra depending on the number of characters in your text.

Passport Cover

Our next gift suggestion is for the ladies who are always on the go. Nowadays a lot of women travel because of work, or just because they love to go off on adventures. Give the jet setter woman in your life a customised passport case. The Personalized Around The World Passport Cover is the perfect gift for women who travel abroad frequently. Made of Stiffened Denim, this passport holder has a colourful embroidered world map on the cover and is big enough to hold a passport with an extra booklet. You can choose the font that you like from a selection of 8 different ones. You can also choose the text case. This passport cover needs to be dry cleaned initially, but can be washed with mild soap and cold water later. Buy this brightly coloured travel accessory for ₹609. Order it here.

Personalised Notebook

Do any of the women that you know like to maintain a journal or are aspiring writers? Then the perfect gift for them is this customised Lovely notebook from Gift Cart. A writer always wants to see their name on print on the cover of a book. This little gift will make that dream come true to a certain extent. Who knows, maybe it will give them the motivation that they need to pen the next greatest work of literature! This spiral bound notebook is available in two sizes-A4 and A5 in two formats – a standard soft back version and a luxury hard back version. It has a glossy colourful front cover, 50 pages and can be customised with text of up to 15 characters. You can choose between unlined and lined pages as well. Buy this notebook for ₹609.

Cute Cushions

A person you love or are fond of is someone who brings to mind feelings of warmth and cosiness. Being with them is the ultimate form of indulgence and that’s what you probably like to do at the end of a long hard day. So gift this person something equally soft, cuddly and comforting. We are talking about a throw pillow or a cushion here, particularly this customised one from This fluffy cushion measures 12 x 12 inches, can be customised with up to 4 images. You can choose your fabric for the cover from two available options of velvet and polyester. Cleaning the cover is easy too. All you need to do is hand wash it in normal cold water and tumble dry low. Iron it on warm setting if required. Do not use bleach or soak for long periods. Priced at ₹399, this cushion will brighten up the room and is the perfect gift for any adorable couch potato that you may know.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

However they may like to deny it, but the truth is that women like to be pampered and why not? They do deserve it after all the hard work that they do throughout the day. A soft bathrobe is the perfect thing to wrap oneself in after a tiring and stressful day. What makes it even better is if it’s personalised. Get the hardworking woman in your life a monogrammed bathrobe from The Pipal. This bathrobe is made of 100 per cent cotton terry towel with 300-350 GSM. It comes with a hood which makes it perfect for winter and colder weather as well. You can choose your monogram motif from among 12 different styles. It’s recommended that you wash the robe before the first use. Always use the gentle cycle while machine washing and wash separately from coloured clothing. Don’t soak it for too long or wring too hard while drying. This cosy robe is priced at ₹1999.

Monogrammed Make-Up Pouch

While buying gifts for women, how can we totally eliminate make-up related stuff? It’s true that all women do not wear make-up, but every one of them uses some amount of beauty products and toiletries. Storing these things is definitely a concern that they face, especially while travelling. Gifting them a make-up or a toiletries pouch is definitely not a bad idea. A customised make-up pouch is something that can definitely make the toughest of women feel like a princess and why not? Every woman should feel like a princess sometime. So, gift the princess in your life the monogrammed 3 piece pouch set from The Pipal. Available in a variety of brightly coloured prints, these pouch sets are perfect for storing make-up, toiletries, hair accessories and even art supplies, pens and pencils. Each set contains three pouches, a Spa one measuring 5.5" x 9", a pencil one measuring 5" x 10" and one with dual compartments measuring 7" x 10". Buy the set for at ₹1,379.

Try DIY Gifts

When going for personalised gifts, don’t underestimate the power of DIY. It’s not always possible to find the perfect personalised gift to match your budget or your loved one’s personal taste. That’s when DIY can save you. There are plenty of things that you can make without putting in long hours of work, even with limited artistic skills.

Look online for blog posts and tutorials. You could make a customised photo collage, a photo frame, photo print coasters and much more with easily acquired supplies. Personalised DIY gifts don’t always have to bear the receivers name or image. Enquire about their favourite fragrances and flavours. You can easily create fragrant handmade soaps and candles at home with the help of natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary, cloves, cinnamon etc. You can use essential oils as well.

Make Her Feel Special, Dedicate an Entire Day to Her

The best personal gift is not material thing but time. If you truly want to make a woman feel special then dedicate an entire day to her from morning till night. We are not just suggesting this for lovers. It can be any woman who is important to you-a dear friend, your sister, a favourite cousin, your mother or any other woman who has created a deep impact in your life.

Plan an entire day of activities to pamper and amuse her. You can go shopping, watch a movie, share a meal, go to the museum or maybe to an art show at a gallery. Pick the activity based on her area of interest. If she is an avid reader, take her to a library or a bookstore. If she likes music, then take her to a concert or a musical performance. Make the day all about her.

Celebrate her uniqueness, spend quality time with her. It will only make your relationship with the person better and also be a way for you to thank her for being in your life.

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Things she can use often

The best personalised gifts are the ones she is going to use all the time, whether a wallet, a keychain, a pouch to keep her essentials or a compact mirror she keeps in her bag. There is real pleasure in using something made specially for you, with your name stamped, etched or embroidered over it, hence the more often she sees it, the better your gift serves her.