In Romantic Relationships, Gifting Your Better Half Is Very Important! 10 Gorgeous Sarees from Saree Hub to Make Your Girlfriend Love You Even More

In Romantic Relationships, Gifting Your Better Half Is Very Important! 10 Gorgeous Sarees from Saree Hub to Make Your Girlfriend Love You Even More

We often say that we cannot keep everyone happy all the time. But girlfriends are an exception to this. We don’t have an option and we have to keep our girlfriends happy all the time. Girlfriends need a lot of attention. Yes, it’s true that you cannot miss your busy routines just to keep her happy. But small things like gifting would also matter a lot in her happiness. Select the saree from our recommendations and see the magic.

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Gift Your Girlfriend a Saree for Special Events

A saree is considered a girl’s best friend and always finds prominence in a woman’s wardrobe. A saree is a dress that accentuates a woman’s beauty and makes her look beautiful. When compared to western dresses which can be worn only for specific occasions, a saree can be worn for both casual and festive occasion as well. When it comes to choosing a gift for your girlfriend, it can be a tedious task as you want her to like your gift. Special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, festivals are considered to be auspicious in Indian culture and gifting a saree for your girlfriend during these special occasions make it even more special.

Why is a Saree an Ideal Gift?

Saree is considered as a pan Indian outfit due to its versatility and is the perfect attire for every occasion. Considered as a traditional outfit, saree occupies a special place in Indian culture and is preferred by women from all walks of life. Moreover, the versatile saree comes in a wide range of fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, crepe, and cotton which are extremely light to wear. On the other hand, fabrics such as silk are expensive and are the most preferred attire of brides to be worn on the most special day of their lives. This makes saree one of the most versatile dresses that can be worn on any occasion, formal event or causal events making the wearer look elegant and graceful. Furthermore, the saree can be draped in any style preferred by the wearer.

How to Choose the Best Saree for Your Girlfriend?

As a boyfriend, it would be a difficult task for you to choose a perfect saree for your girlfriend. However, there are few things to be kept in mind when choosing the perfect saree for your girlfriend. The first thing to keep in mind when choosing the saree for your girlfriend is to keep in mind her body type. It is easier to choose a saree based on one’s body type by avoiding common pitfalls that occur during the selection process. If your girlfriend is thin, you can choose a saree that is made of stiff fabric such as cotton, linen, chanderi or tissue silk as these add volume to her body. If your girlfriend is on the curvier side, choose a saree made of materials such as georgette, satin, chiffon, and crepe silk to accentuate her figure and highlight her curves.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Saree

It is a known fact that saree is the classical Indian traditional apparel that any women can carry out with élan. A saree is a perfect dress that suits a woman of all body types as long as it is draped in a flattering manner. The most important thing that one should keep in mind when choosing a saree is the occasion type, fabric, and colour. Remember to choose light coloured saree for daytime and bright coloured saree for night time. There is a type of saree for each occasion and you have to choose the saree accordingly. Before choosing a saree it is crucial to determine the budget and to ensure that you stick to it. Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a saree is the quality. The advent of the internet has made our lives easier as we are given the option of choosing everything from the comfort of our home. If you are planning to order a saree online for your boyfriend, it is crucial to determine the authenticity of the seller before placing the order and proceeding with the payment.

Concentrate on Colour And Design

Hue and design play an important role while wearing a saree and it is crucial for making the woman look classy. If your girlfriend is fair to wheatish toned, you can choose a bright coloured saree to complement her looks. For olive to dark-skinned beauties, choose pastel, coral, pearl and metallic-hued sarees to complement her looks. Another crucial factor when it comes to choosing a saree is to concentrate on the design of the saree. For women who are lean and tall, choose a saree with embellishments or patterns to accentuate their body type. For curvier women, choose saree with fewer embellishments and patterns in order to accentuate their figure. If your girlfriend is petite, choose a saree that has thin borders and concentrate more on the pattern present on the bodice. We have curated a list of best sarees from saree hub that you can choose for your girlfriend for special occasions.

10 Best Saree Hub Sarees Available Online

1. Pink Bhagalpuri Cotton Saree

Bhagalpuri cotton saree originated in a place called Bhagalpur, India. It is a traditional saree made of pure cotton and attractive hues making it the perfect saree that can be worn for both formal and casual events. Gift you, girlfriend, a gorgeous Bhagalpuri cotton saree for a special event and watch her light up with delight. This modern yet contemporary saree is the perfect choice for women and is suitable to be worn for any occasion. The pink Bhagalpuri cotton saree comprises of a printed gold and black border with no work on the bodice. The saree comes with a black blouse that can be paired with the saree. The classy piece of garment from Saree Hub is available for Rs.606 on Snapdeal.

2. Elegant Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are made of lightweight, transparent, smooth, and flexible fabric with a dull-finish. The material was designed by French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante and was rightly named after him. A saree from georgette fabric is smooth and less prone to wrinkles making it the ideal choice for long wear. Gift your girlfriend an elegant multi-coloured georgette saree that includes a contrast border. The smooth lightweight fabric is easy to wear and can be worn for casual events or for office. This elegant georgette saree with geometric patterns is suitable and flatters all body types. This multi-coloured georgette saree from saree hub can be purchased for Rs. 499 from Snapdeal.

3. Printed Silk Saree

Banglori silk saree is made of polyester woven fabric in order to resemble real silk. Banglori silk also known as artificial silk is very popular among women due to low maintenance factor and for its lustre. You can gift your girlfriend this classy pink and yellow printed banglori silk saree for a special event. The saree’s bodice is pink in colour with no design and has a contrast printed yellow border. The saree is a perfect gift for any traditional event due to its lustre and classiness. This gorgeous ensemble can be paired with traditional jewellery. This bright coloured saree is available in Sari Hub for Rs.950 and is sure to win you some brownie points from your girlfriend.

4. Bhagalpuri Printed Saree

This traditional saree has been handcrafted by weavers to incorporate an amalgamation of simplicity and perfection to make the wearer feel classy and elegant. The orange bhagalpuri cotton saree has a plain colour blocked bodice on the upper half and comprises of multi-colour checkered patterns on the lower half of the bodice. The saree is made of cotton material and is suitable to be draped for casual and formal events alike. The saree imparts a sophisticated look and highlights her body type making it the perfect gift for any occasion. This chic saree from saree hub with blouse piece is available for Rs.606 in Snapdeal.

5. Green Brasso Saree

A brasso saree is made of motifs that are created by burning a part of the fabric to incorporate attractive designs. The saree commonly comprises of floral velvet motifs and imparts a regal look to the women who drapes it. Moreover, Brasso worked saree combined with the net is a popular choice among the younger generation women. Surprise your girlfriend by gifting her a sensual green embellished brasso saree. The saree comprises two different hued bodices, the saree pleats and bodice is made of shocking pink net fabric and the pallu is made of embellished green brasso material with velvet motifs. The saree is lined with an elegant golden border and is the perfect gift for romantic occasions such as a date night or for parties. This classy and sensual saree from saree hub can be purchased for Rs.2,999 from Snapdeal.

6. Printed Khadi Silk Saree

Khadi is a fabric that is synonymous with India’s freedom struggle and is a favourite among Indian women. The khadi materials like cotton and silk are spun into threads by weavers on spinning wheels. The spun yarn is wound into reels and is made into fabrics that are climate friendly. The khadi saree is versatile, light and easy to wear for any event. The khadi silk saree is made of 50% cotton and 50% silk while imparting a luxurious sheen to the saree. You can gift your girlfriend this gorgeous green orange printed khadi silk saree which comprises of a green bodice with orange border and pallu. The saree is lightweight, easy to wear and is suitable for all body types. Moreover, this traditional saree is an elegant piece of addition to your girlfriend’s wardrobe. The saree is available for Rs.890 from Sari Hub and will be the star attraction at any event.

7. Foil Printed Silk Saree

When compared to traditional silk sarees, artificial silk saree are very much preferred by a woman due to their cost and versatility. This artificial silk saree is cheaper when compared to traditional silk sarees and are easily available online. Gift your girlfriend this elegant yellow printed silk saree with foil which imparts a royal look to your girlfriend. This affordable yet rich saree comprises of gold printed foil on the bodice with thin red contrast borders and a matching blouse. The saree can be purchased for Rs.950 from Sari Hub making it the ideal saree that can be worn for every occasion such as party, casual or festive wear.

8. Multicoloured Art Silk Saree

Art silk also known as artificial is a saree that is made from synthetic fibre and closely resembles real silk. Though the material looks like silk, it much cheaper and easier to produce when compared to traditional silk. Sarees made of art silk are becoming widely popular among modern women due to its stylish looks and affordable pricing. Surprise your girlfriend by gifting her a beautiful multi-coloured art silk saree comprising of a pink bodice with no design. The saree includes a border with a combination of black and grey checkered squares. The combination of all these gorgeous colours makes this saree an elegant addition to your girlfriend’s wardrobe. The gorgeous multi-coloured art silk saree is available for Rs.606 from Saree Hub in Snapdeal and is versatile enough to be worn for any occasion.

9. Beige Georgette Saree

Georgette sarees are preferred by women who prefer lightweight and easy to wear saree in light colours. These sarees are very affordable, easily available online in attractive colours and patterns. Floral motifs, geometric patterns, stripes, and abstract patterns find prominence in georgette sarees. Moreover, georgette saree is preferred by younger generation women as casual or formal attire due to their versatility. Keeping these preferences in mind, you can gift your girlfriend a gorgeous beige coloured georgette saree. The bodice of the saree is beige coloured with bronze printed floral motifs and comprises of red contrast borders with a matching blouse piece. The classy saree from Saree hub is available for Rs.436 in Snapdeal.

10. Multi-Coloured Bandhej Printed Saree

Bandhej printed saree originated from Rajasthan and Gujarat designed by their skilful artisans. The saree is made by a process known as ‘tie-dyeing’, where strings are tightly wound around fabrics and dyed using natural or chemical dyes. The saree consists of various patterns such as squares, dots, and rings, these designs are exclusive to the Kutch region. Gift your girlfriend a gorgeous a multi-coloured bandhej printed saree which consists of a bodice made of red and yellow colour with patterns all over the saree. The saree imparts a sense of graceful to the woman who wears it. This attractive saree can be purchased for Rs.690 from Sari Hub.

Bonus Idea: Gift Her a Designer Silk Saree

Are you a boyfriend who wants to gift your girlfriend a perfect gift on her special events such as birthday or anniversary? You can think out the box and get her a gorgeous yellow colour silk saree. The bhagalpuri yellow silk saree consists of a pink border made of artificial gold zari. The regal saree is elegant and is fit for royalty; it is also perfect attire for traditional and casual events. Moreover, the saree is replete with a heavily embroidered pink banglori silk blouse. The designer saree is available for an attractive price of Rs.950 in Sari Hub and is considered as the perfect gift for a girlfriend to make her special day memorable.

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Girls Love Gifts

You can ask her directly as to what she wants. But there is a risk that she would demand a big gift that may not suit your budget. So, in order to play safe, you can always tell your girlfriend the budget that you have set for gifting.

If you think that she likes surprises then you can opt for things that you find apt. Like, you can think of things like imitation jewellery, dresses, tops, bracelets and so on. If nothing comes in your mind then flowers can be the best option. Just bring her some beautiful flowers across and bring a smile on her face. In order to keep your girlfriend happy you can try things like taking her on a date all of a sudden. These things do give her a sense of happiness and she would feel that you value her emotions and feelings.