Karwa Chauth isn't Only for the Married But for Anyone in Love: 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Impressing Your Girlfriend (2019)

Karwa Chauth isn't Only for the Married But for Anyone in Love: 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Impressing Your Girlfriend (2019)

Karva Chauth it is one such festival that reflects the true essence of tradition and culture of Indian women. It is amazing how selflessly she fast whole day for the longevity, peace and prosperity of their love. Karva Chauth can surplus 100 valentines days put together. A gift to someone special should always be something that can be treasured throughout his or her life. It is not the gift but the thought that counts. Now that Karva Chauth, the most awaited festival for a girl is approaching, husbands are facing the pressure so here are some ideas.

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History of Karwa Chauth to Understand Why It's Important

Indian culture is known all over the world for its traditional cultural diversity and festivities. Karwa Chauth is one such important festival celebrated by married women across the nation. The women fast from sunrise till moonrise to pray for the safety of their husbands during this festivity. As per Etymology, Karwa Chauth means offering prayers to the moon on the chaturth of the Kartik month. Our history has interesting stories associated with Karwa Chauth. For instance, Draupadi followed the stringent rules of Karwa Chauth for her husband’s to help them resolve their troubled lives. This was a lesson given to Draupadi by Lord Krishna himself.

The popularity of this festival is among the northern states of the country. Karwa Chauth was a way in the past where women from similar regions would come together to celebrate this joyous occasion It was a way to come together for a cause. This festival also coincides with the cropping season. This festivity is the celebration of womanhood. Thus married women dress with shringar to engage in the rituals. The shringar includes bangles, sindoor, jewellery and traditional wear.

A Festival Not Just for Married Women Anymore

Over a few years now, the festival is commonly celebrated by both married and unmarried women for their loved ones. The customs and rituals followed as almost the same when you are celebrating it for your boyfriend r your fiance. However, do consult your elders and follow their advice.

A Celebration of the Love You Share

This Festival in modern times is celebrated as a token of love and respect which the couple shares. So whether you are married or not it does not matter. What matters is that you use the occasion to show your love for him. There are also times when the couple fast together for the safety and love which they share for their partners.

Shows Commitment in the Relationship

Every relationship needs the commitment to stand out in the tough world. Even though in the 21st century people believe in space, but these small initiatives on their part can make their bond deeper and fiercer. Indeed, the festival symbolizes today the commitment of the partners to each other. Going through the ritual add seriousness to the relationship and increase its depth. So express your appreciation to your girlfriend for her decision to take up this tradition.

Buy Her a Gift That Shows You Care for and Appreciate Her

Gifts at times are necessary to show that you care for the loved one in your life. The gift shows the thought and care have put in the process of selecting it. In the world of complex relations, it is important that we show gestures of love. Simple gifts for one other could be a way of redefining your relationship with your partner. During Karwa Chauth if your partner is fasting for you, the least you could do is show her that you care and mutually respect her.

Best Gifts to Give Your Girlfriends This Karwa Chauth

As we were talking about the gesture of love and appreciation in the earlier paragraph, we would like to suggest a few gifts for your special one. This Karva Chauth makes your partner feel special with a nice gesture. This gesture will show your integrity and commitment to your partner.

Fashion Diamond Necklace Set

Source www.amazon.in

Women love jewelry more than anything in the world. Anybody who has been around women is aware of this simple fact. But in case you are not. Let us enlighten you. Baal brings classy Necklace Set with Earrings for your pretty girlfriend. This is a stunning necklace set suitable for every party or festivity. If you take a closer look you will see it is studded with gems which are gorgeous. This gift will not only be a token of love but will ensure that it enhances the beauty of your partner.

One of the USP’s of this product is that it can be worn with cocktail dresses and Indian wears too. This item is a raw ethnic beauty which is artfully designed with rhinestones. The high gold finish on the necklace with the matching earrings is the ideal choice for Karwa Chauth gift. The added advantage of buying this product is the budgeted price of Rs. 599.

Silver Bar Plated Glasses

If you are one of those couples who love enjoying a drink, you should definitely consider gifting a stunning pair of Bar Glasses to your partner. This is a beautifully made silver bar glass which will increase the decorum of your bar at all stakes. Not only for you but can be used to jealous your guests who often showoff. The golden stand adds a natural charm to the whole gift. This stunning silver plated bar glasses are a budget-friendly choice and can be afforded at a minimal price of Rs. 1,450. This Karva Chauth brings your own style and class with this gift for your loved partner. We assure it is going to bring smiles on his or her faces.

Eggless Chocolate Pralines

Diamonds aside, I guess every man would agree that women love their chocolates more. Why not celebrate the day of love and companionship with some amazing chocolates. Well, we have specially chosen an eggless praline by Oven story to celebrate your love with chocolates. These pralines are available in both 100 and 200 gms package. They are eggless chocolates, so you are good to go for your post fasting meals. The Sweet Box has praline chocolates in different shapes and sizes. While the 100-gram package contains close to 8 pieces, the 200 gm consist of 16 pieces of sweets. This sweet box is an ideal present for your sweet tooth girlfriend. The prices of these boxes are Rs. 240 and Rs. 480 respectively.

Magic of Love - Flower Bouquets

Flowers have been among the most romantic gifts since time immemorial. A bunch of colourful blossoming buds are a delight to look at. They are sure to make your day even in the worst of your moods. So we suggest a small surprise for your partner this Karwa Chauth. Plan delivery of her favourite flowers at her doorstep with a small card.

You can experiment with the greeting card and try a little handmade option. The magic of love bouquet by Flower Aura is a nice option. Roses are the perfect way to show your love to your partners. This bunch of roses contains approximately 30 blossomings rose packed beautifully in a bunch. There is also an alternative option of doubling the number of roses with extra pay. The magic of love bouquet product can be bought at an affordable price of Rs.1,000. Additionally, if you are doubling up the count of rose you would have to pay an Rs. 850 extra to the original. It is a perfect gift for the lady love in your life.

Unique Karwa Chauth Presents for the Love of Your Life

Gone are the days when people used to share simple gifts to shower love. Today people focus more on necessities rather than simple showpiece gifts. This Karwa Chauth we have brought some unusual gifts which are generally not exchanged or have become old school. These are the ideas which are not very conventional in nature but would mean a lot to your partner if they are inclined towards these interesting options.

Help Her Adopt a Pet

Not many of us are aware that India is one of the countries which is slowly moving toward increased nuclear families and single people. So what is the next step? People are looking forward to adopting pets to help fight with their loneliness. So your partner lives alone away from her parents or family. Adopting a pet could be an interesting step. But be sure that they are interested in taking care of pets and are ready for it. This is a gift that you can consider only if you know she is willing to take the responsibility of a pet.

If you think she is ready, then Adopt a pet is an organization which can help you in adopting a pet. This pet could bring new energy to your relationship and bring you closer. Taking care of the pet together can help you redefine your love again. For a pet lover girlfriend, this would be the innovative thought. There are options for adopting a different kind of pets such as dogs, cats, bids, or even fishes. Also, the procedure is not very complex and less time-consuming. But give the thought a thorough discussion before proceeding.

Book a Table at a Nice Restaurant for Later That Night

Date nights are special and common in the starting of relationships. But after a few days, they start dropping in frequency. So this Karwa Chauth uses the opportunity to plan a romantic late night dinner. But make sure check with her she would like having a meal outside after finishing her puja in the evening. Many women would not be in a positional physically to step outside.

If she is someone who welcomes the idea then the next step is how you make it an evening she'll like. You know the type of cuisine your partner loves. Look for a classy posh restaurant and book for candlelight dinner with a nice view. Book for the last slot as the rituals will take the earlier part of the evening. If you also want to add a fun time for her, then you can additionally book for a luxurious car for a few hours for the trip to the restaurant and back. If you love being the romantic mushy types you can ask a special musician to play her favourite songs during the dining time. This will be the perfect time to make it highly romantic and make it a memorable experience for you. Try the above idea and she will surely fall for you all over again.

Exotic Love Cushion

The traditional gifts of flowers, chocolates, jewelry are the conventional style of gifting. But with modern technology, you can customize gifts. But why customization you may ask? What is so different with these gifts? These gifts are like any other normal gifting idea but because of the personalized message or photograph, it adds an attractive charm to the gift. A simple cushion is a casual gift. But when you gift the same cushion with a beautiful image of you with your partner, it clicks. The gift will become an important part of her life. She will cherish it always. These cushions also let you add simple and sweet personalized messages. Archies brings this exotic love cushion which is much budgeted and thus affordable. The exotic love cushion can be availed at a price of Rs. 600. The only input you need to do is to select a nice picture of the couple and add a nice message. But ensure the photograph you share is a high-resolution image between 2 to 10 MB.

Cute Showpiece to Dedicate Love

Source www.fnp.com

There are times when very small things take our breath away. It is not always necessary a huge giant gift is essential to show love. Gestures and the thought involved being that gesture is a priority. This Karwa Chauth makes her fall in love with you with a sweet gesture. Ferns N Petals brings a pretty couple showpiece for gifting. The showpiece is a sweet couple standing together under an umbrella holding each other. This showpiece is a token of love. Gift this to your special someone to make it special for him or her. This precious gift will work as a reminder of the love and bond you shared with your partner. This raisin couple showpiece can be bought at a price of Rs. 2,099. The showpiece is of 14 inches so it could be placed anywhere in the house very easily.

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Love is What Women Wants from Her Man

No gift can replace the gesture of being a perfect man in your wife's life. Gifts and pampering are definitely the secondary elements of life, what matter most is how much you support your wife and how much you believe in her. Mutual decision makings, dividing the households and a tight supportive hug can give her the best feelings of her life. In simple words, to be an ideal husband, just stand by her all the time.

It does not matter, what type of husband are you? But what matters the most is, how much you've tried to make your beloved feel special? Don't let this Karwa Chauth go without memories. Hope the above mentioned Karwa Chauth gift ideas will help you plan the entire day for your wife.