Make Your Girlfriend Fall for Your All Over Again: Awesome GF Birthday Gift Ideas (2020)

Make Your Girlfriend Fall for Your All Over Again: Awesome GF Birthday Gift Ideas (2020)

Are you someone who has a hard time choosing the right gift for people, especially for your loved ones, and even particularly your girlfriend? Well, worry not, as in this post, we bring you some fantastic ideas for your girlfriend's coming birthday, along with the best gift options that you can buy online.

Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special with a Perfect Gift

When thinking of giving a birthday gift to your girlfriend, do you only think of a rose bouquet with a birthday cake carrying her picture?

While your girlfriend may not be dating you for your gift-giving skills, but why not show it off when you have the chance to do so. Keep up your love by impressing her with a creative and personalised gift on her birthday. You probably know what your girlfriend likes and what she doesn't, but it's all about gifting something beyond basic.

We are sure you want to do a lot for your girlfriend on her special day but finding something as perfect as your girlfriend can be a task. But, decoding this mystery can be challenging. Don't stress anymore as we have put together a list of perfect girlfriend birthday gift ideas for you.

Make sure you get spot-on with one of the gifts listed by us in all budgets. We know the love of your life deserves the best gift money can buy, and we are sure she is bound to knock her socks off when you gift her one of these.

Ways to Surprise Your Girlfriend with a Gift

When it comes to surprising your girlfriend, you need to get a little creative and do something extraordinary along with the gift. It would be best if you thought of doing something unique as it makes gifting more fun. Whether you think of doing something simple or extravagant, the key is to give her a surprise that she will never forget. So, are you willing to surprise your girlfriend but don't know what to do? Here are a few ideas about what you can do to surprise your girlfriend, along with the gift.


As we said before, anything you do for her from the heart, she will love it. But, adding your sentiments to the gift will show her how much you love her. Along with the gift, you can give her a scrapbook of the pictures from past and present. You can write a few notes on the images, and you can also add a few notes for how you are looking forward to having a future together.

You can also write a love letter for her and attach it with the gift. Let your thoughts flow and express your words so that your lady knows how much you love and admire her as a part of your life.


You don't have to give the gift. Instead, make it as playful as possible. This will add excitement and fun. Here are a few ways to give the gift to your girlfriend in a playful manner.

  • Decorate her room with many balloons with her favourite pictures hanging on each balloon and place her gift on her bed. She will be aww struck!
  • Leave it on top of her car after work or school, when she is least expecting it.
  • You can give her hints and let her guess what the gift is before you give her the gift.
  • Get little more creative by packing the gift in a box-within a box-within-a-box and make it fun.
  • Make a riddle and let her reach to the gift by solving these riddles.
  • You can tell her you can't find your most essential documents and ask her to help you find at a place you have kept the gift.
  • Make notes and put it at places like her bedside, bathroom, a car seat, and so on. Write romantic letters like what you love the most about her. You can also opt for writing about your favourite memory with her. This will make her feel special throughout the day.


Plan her day full of surprises by taking her for a picnic under the stars and make her feel romantic. It will make her think that she is important and your priority. It is quite thoughtful as you both can spend quality time together. You should pick up a location that is away from the city so that you can have a better view of the stars.

Carry all essentials like snacks, speakers, and utensils along with you to spend a perfect day together. Also, make a playlist of all the songs she loves, and letting her play it all day will make her feel happier. This will surely make gifting more romantic than ever.


That could be another surprising thing for your girlfriend. Pick her from her place, and take her for a pampering session to her favourite place. Gift her the gift along with few hours of a spa session. It could be a massage or mani-pedi, whatever she loves the most. She will feel refreshed, beautiful and loved. You can surprise her by keeping her gift at the spa centre beforehand. We are sure she will be head over heels by this gesture.

Surprise Party

If you have time and budget to pull this off, it will be the most remembered day of her life. Even if she doesn't like parties, she will still appreciate that you organised something so spectacular for her. You can give her the gift at the party, along with all her friends, relatives, and cousins. The real task will be to decide the food and drinks menu, make sure everything you choose to have on the menu is her favourite.

If you finally plan to do this for her, make sure you keep your lips sealed until the main day. Dance with your girlfriend and celebrate her day to the fullest.

10 Best Birthday Gift Options for Your Girlfriend

Here's a list of options for you to pick the best birthday gift for your girlfriend

Watch - Rose Gold Dial Pink Leather Strap Watch


The first accessory that instantly makes you look attractive is a good watch on your wrist. Mostly, girls like to wear watches with a jewellery-like element as they pair well with any outfit.

Gift your girlfriend this Tommy Hilfiger Rose Gold Watch. You know your girlfriend gushes when you gift her a bunch of flowers but sulks when they die. With this fantastic gift, your girlfriend can keep the florals on her wrist. The rose gold colour of the watch makes it an all-occasion accessory ideal for daily wear.

You can purchase this watch from Titan's Online Store for RS. 5,200, which is an excellent price, and your girlfriend will surely love it.

Crossbody Bag - Split Suede Crossbody Bag With Chain Detail


Every girl loves bags! Bags are desirable because they have become a style statement of a fashion-savvy woman. Don't stress any further and gift your girlfriend this stunning Zara split suede crossbody with chain handbag. It is a beige leather body bag with shoulder straps made of a thick chain. The bag features a lined interior and a magnetic clasp closure. This bag is available both in-store and online at Rs. 4,290. It is undoubtedly a good option for your natty girlfriend.

Stole - Cotton Silk Hand Block Print Stole


Stoles have been a popular fashion accessory. A stole is narrower than a shawl and mainly made out of an expensive fabric like silk and chiffon. You can gift this elegant and vibrant cotton silk hand block printed stole in stripes from FabIndia.

It is 1.8 m x 56 cm in size, and we are sure your girlfriend is going to love it because she can pair this with any casual or formal outfit. The stole is reasonably priced at Rs. 890 and is available in three different colours. You can buy this from Fabindia's online store.

Philips BT50A/00 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Gone are the days of wheeling heavy with expensive speakers. Everyone prefers something small, portable, easy to use and powerful. Bluetooth speakers are a combination of all. Being small, they are a pack of punch.

You can gift Philips BT50A/00 Portable Bluetooth speakers that has a built-in rechargeable battery for music playback. Battery backup of this rugged speaker is 5-6 hours when the volume level is at a moderate level. If the Bluetooth signal strength is good, the discharging of the battery will be slow. Likewise, if the Bluetooth signal strength is terrible, the battery will discharge sooner.

These speakers are available on Amazon for Rs. 1,595.

Earrings - Silver Gold Plated Green Lotus Ear Studs

Jewellery has always made girls feel beautiful and confident. All girls, regardless of their age, are crazy for jewellery items. Gone are the days when a woman only wore diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum. Nowadays, girls love to wear fashion jewellery.

You can gift these trendy Amrapali Lotus Gold plated ear studs that are handcrafted in gold plated silver and studded with glass. It has a push back fastening. These earrings are 2.5 cm long and 2 cm wide. You can pick these earrings to gift your girlfriend on her birthday at a discounted price of Rs 2,790, which is an excellent price for its quality and design. These are available on

Charm Bracelet


Charm bracelets are every girl's favourite. Charm bracelets usually hold a symbol depending on the charms attached to it. You can add pizzazz to symbolises a relationship with your girlfriend like heart, evil eye, infinity to create an idea of your special relationship.

You can gift this charm bracelet from Pipabella. Express your love to her through this charm bracelet, choose the bracelet you like and add from their bunch of 18K gold plated charms you know your girlfriend will love to wear. This bracelet is best suited for daywear, and you can buy it for Rs. 799.

Sunglasses - MTV Z65-073-B1 UV-Protected Full-Rim Cateye Sunglasses


Whether a girl is wearing a pair of aviators, some wayfarers, or bug-eyed sunglasses, no outfit goes without a pair of sunglasses. Sunglasses have both fashion appeal and health benefits. It protects your eyes from the sun's harsh rays at the same time makes you look attractive.

You can gift these MTV UV protected Full Cateye Sunglasses. These are available in black colour on AJIO for Rs. 880. The sunglasses protect you fully from UV rays and are value for money. The design is very chic and elegant, and your girlfriend will surely love it.

Perfume - FLORENTYNA Fragrance Gift Set

For a girl, a fragrance reflects what she is; it is an assertion of her personality and represents her unique style. A perfume is a part of a girl's beauty routine. Gifting her scent for her big day is a thoughtful gift.

You can gift her this M&S perfume gift set. It is a classic floral fragrance with sophisticated gardenia as the top notes blended with a harmony of jasmine, orange blossom, lily, and subtle musk undertones. The floral fragrance will leave your girlfriend's feelings, uplifted and refreshed.

This decorative gift pack includes a combo of refreshing perfume and nourishing body lotion. The gift set is available for Rs. 1,999 on

Makeup Kit


Girls love to wear makeup to enhances their facial features, especially lips and eyes. It makes them look more attractive. Makeup can also make a face look symmetrical and sharpens the features.

You can gift your girlfriend this makeup kit from Nykaa. This Incolor Makeup Kit is a well-coordinated complete kit with modern colours. The colours have a fine texture and a smooth glide. It allows your makeup to look beautiful and versatile. This pack is excellent for gifting or personal and professional use.

It helps create a new look every day as it contains several shades of eye, lip and makeup and comes with an applicator and mirror. You can buy this makeup kit for Rs. 990 only.

Chocolates - Luxury Pralines Box Of 24


If your girlfriend is a foodie and has a sweet tooth, do not think twice and order a box of luxury pralines for her. Every bite of chocolate will remind your girlfriend of your dear love.

Chocolates are considered as best gifts and are loved by all age groups. Chocolates elevate a person mood, so you can gift this Luxury Pralines box of 24 and build a good relationship. The chocolates have a crispness of hazelnut and a delicious flavour of milky dark chocolate. You can purchase these on for Rs. 1,560. We are sure these chocolates can help you win your girlfriend's heart!

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It is Important to be Thoughtful than to be Extravagant!

Whether you're buying a gift worth a hundred Rupees or one which worth thousands, you must buy it, keeping in mind the thoughts, interests, and preferences of the receiver. Most times, you'd find that buying a thoughtful gift rather than an extravagant one proves to be the right choice! And one last tip would be to always top your gift with a personalized note for the receiver.