10 Best Birthday Gifts For Husband Who's Turning 50 Years

10 Best Birthday Gifts For Husband Who's Turning 50 Years

The 50th birthday is a big landmark and we are here to help you make it extra special for him. Men are difficult to shop for on most days, but the stakes are at an all time high now. Fear not, we have great gift suggestions for him, right from handmade gifts, vintage pocket watches to personalised beer mugs.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Gifts For Your Husband's 50th Birthday

Gift for Your Old Man Should be Related to his Profession and Personal Interest

Your partner in crime is turning 50 and you want to get him the perfect gift. We totally understand that, and we’ve got you all the perfect gift ideas lined up for you.

Undoubtedly your presence, love and care for him is the best gift, but if there was a time for you to go above and beyond when it comes to birthday gifts, this is it. Ask yourself what his interests are? Is he passionate about his work? These important questions will help you find that perfect gift, because what he really wants is a gift that shows that you know him.

It Must be Useful and Meaningful

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Men can be fussy at times, husbands even more so. You don’t want to get a gift that’s going to sit inside the closet for years to come. You want to get him something useful and meaningful, something that complements his lifestyle. Get him his favourite bottle of whiskey or a cool pocket watch – Turning 50 can be exciting because it’s a new chapter. Celebrate this momentous occasion with a gift that he’ll remember forever.

Vintage and Antiques are Always Good Options

With “mantiques” being the new rage now, vintage and antique items are a good birthday gift option for that all important 50th birthday. You’ll have a wide variety of items to choose from – collectibles, memorabilia, antiques, and accessories. He’ll thoroughly enjoy adding these unique and interesting items to enhance the look of his study or office room.

Affordable Birthday Gifts For Men Turning 50

Personalised Beer Mugs

Your husband loves his beer? Celebrate this milestone with a personalised beer mug and he’ll fall in love with you all over again. You can write your own message that can be put on the beer mug. He’ll love having his own personalised mug, and it will be a perfect addition to his bar. You can purchase this cool mug on Prezzybox for Rs.1178.

Book on Workout

Don’t be thrown off by what the headline says. We’re not talking about the physical kind of work out – we’re talking about memory workout. If you find your husband often wondering where he left his keys or where he kept his wallet, it’s time he admitted that he’s growing a tad bit older. Although it might be devastating to accept this, all this can be kept at bay with The Senior Moments Memory Workout. This book has been penned by the world-renowned momentologist Tom Friedman, and contains memory challenges like quizzes, brainteasers, puzzles to keep your old man’s memory power in top shape. Buy this today on Prezzybox at Rs.635.

Body Massager

You don’t necessarily need to hire a masseur or learn how to massage to get rid of those tight muscles. Get your husband a Vibrating Body Massage to ease away tensions in his back or shoulders. This hand-held massager can be your very own massage assistant, what’s more you can travel anywhere with it! This battery-powered massager comes with vibrating ball-shaped pads at the end of the equipment to allow the right amount of pressure to ease any tension in your muscles. Buy this on Prezzybox for Rs.725.

Personalised Wooden Coasters

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Personalised wooden coasters! You can make your husband’s 50th birthday unique and memorable with personalised wooden coasters. It looks classy & stylish, and comes in four different wood types: Walnut, Oak, Maple and Acajou. And your special message/note/name can be engraved on the coasters. These coasters won’t necessarily be a gift just for your husband, but it’ll complement your home décor too. Get them on Etsy today for just Rs.493.

Handmade Case for Reading Glasses

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Imagine this – your husband pulls out a classy, handmade leather reading glass case from his pocket or briefcase during a meeting, takes the reading glasses out of the said leather case and wears it, but all eyes are on the beautiful handmade case. What could be more stylish? This particular glass case is made from hand-finished vegetable tanned leather and also has natural oils and beeswax to protect it. It’s made out of the highest quality leather and is absolutely eco-friendly. The interior is padded, soft and spongy so it will keep the glasses scratch free. Choose from the available three colours: cognac, dark cognac or dark brown on Etsy for approximately Rs.1,075.

Expensive Birthday Gifts for His 50th Birthday

Years to Remember Silver Coins

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Presenting your husband with a Year To Remember Silver Coin set is a unique and memorable way to commemorate his 50th birthday. This is a fantastic idea to honor someone with a set of 5 shiny US coins all minted on their birth year. This set comes with a half dollar, a quarter, dime, nickel, and a penny. This package also includes a list of historical events that occurred that year and all fun facts from the year your husband was born. Do you find it too hard to believe that the prices start at approximately Rs.3,261? Neither can we, but it comes with a certificate of authenticity for validation. You can order this today on Gifts.

Vintage Wood Charging Station

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If your husband is the kind who keeps calling you every time he loses his keys or wallet, this Wood Charging Station and Valet is the perfect solution for him. It’s important that everyone starts their day in an organized manner, and this will definitely help. Your husband can leave all his belongings in one place now and will never have to search for anything ever again. With this superb charging station and valet his morning routine will be effortless. This beautiful charging station is made out of walnut wood veneer and has a catchall for charging all types of gadgets like phones and tablets. You can even personalise this wooden station with your husband's initials. Order this online today on Gifts for approximately Rs.11,023.

British Pocket Watch

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An antique-looking British Pocket Watch will definitely exceed whatever expectations your husband had from you. 50th birthday is a momentous occasion, ring in his birthday with this special gift. You can customize this classic piece with a genuine 50 cent from the year your husband was born on, making it a keepsake that he’ll treasure forever. To make it more personalised you can even have his initials engraved on the timepiece. You can purchase this from Gifts for approximately Rs.6,522.

Specially Mapped Cufflings

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Is your husband a traveller who loves exploring new cities and landscapes? If the answer is yes, then you can get him a Custom Map Coordinate Cufflinks for this 50th birthday. He can wear his favourite spot in the world as a memento right on his sleeves. Whether he loves the city he grew up in or has fond memories about the city he went to college – he can carry that special place close to his heart in the form of a custom map cufflinks. It is pewter-toned button style stem and closure cufflink. Order this on Gifts today for approximately Rs.5,870.

Bottle of His Favourite Scotch

Your husband's 50th birthday is most definitely a landmark birthday and a cause for celebration. We understand that you want to give your husband something he’ll love and use, that why you should get a bottle of his favourite scotch When we say a bottle of scotch we don’t mean just any, you can pull all the stops and get him a bottle that's 50 years old to celebrate the most important day in his life – his 50th birthday.

Pick up a bottle of his favourite or splurge on a rare bottle like the Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Rich Oak which was produced back in the 1970s. The deep copper toned malt has a sharp taste at first and melds into a lightly sweet and almost buttery flavours like bread and baked products. It is no longer in production hence quite rare. Buy it for Rs.16,304 at Master Of Malt.

Balance Your Budget

It’s important to keep a balanced budget so that you understand your financial boundaries before you start spending on your husband’s 50th birthday gift. You need to spend or give what you’re comfortable with. There are no set rules on how much you should spend. Start thinking ahead of time about what you want to gift him and what your budget is so that you can get him something that makes him feel special and happy, but also something that doesn’t break the bank.

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Think Outside the Gift Box

With age materialistic things start losing their aura and people are happier surrounded by the love of family and friends. Giving a gift for such an important day is important, but do not let it become the focus of the celebration. Plan a wonderful birthday for him depending on what he likes - a big gathering with everyone he knows, or an intimate family celebration. Pamper him all day with thoughtful gestures and top it off with a wonderful gift like a cherry on the cake.