Isn't It Too Difficult to Find Appropriate Gift Items for Men? Well, Worry No More Because We Bring You the 10 Most Amazing Silver Gifts for Men as Per Your Budget in (2020)

Isn't It Too Difficult to Find Appropriate Gift Items for Men? Well, Worry No More Because We Bring You the 10 Most Amazing Silver Gifts for Men as Per Your Budget in (2020)

Looking for amazing silver items for your loved once which really shows you think a person is not just 'ok', but instead a really special person? well, have a look at our selected 10 Most Amazing personalised Silver Gifts for Men which will stretch your imagination and give your man overall creative flair of personality.

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Significance of Silver Gifts

They Last

The best thing about buying silver gifts for men is that they last longer than other items. Silver and gold both are precious metals and they are quite durable too. The longer this gift will stay with your guy, the longer he will remember just by looking at it. Silver items can be worn daily without worrying about their deterioration.

Makes People Feel Special

There is no doubt in the fact that silver is a precious metal and it might not be as expensive as gold and platinum but it still holds a good value. So, when you are giving a silver gift to a man, you are also making them feel special too. Of course, you won’t be giving such items to a random person you barely know. They can be perceived as luxury items and this is why the recipient always feels lucky to have them.

Silver Goes with Everything

Silver is such a neutral colour and thankfully it goes well with almost everything. They can be worn daily no matter where you go. Whether it is about partying or office work, or even at home, a silver accessory can be rocked anywhere you want. Their greyish colour establishes a very neutral, but impressive aesthetics which improves a man’s overall appearance.

Fits into Every Budget

Rather than gold, silver is a lot more affordable metal. This is why you can find a silver item for every budget. Sterling silver or other such mixed metal items can fit into your budget even if it is less than 1,000 Rs. You can also find a huge range of silver items for men out there in the market and this is why you have a lot of options to choose from. This option is completely unavailable with other precious metals like gold, platinum etc.

Wonderful Silver Gifts for Men

Sterling Silver Bracelet for Men

The very first gift we found for the man in your life is this simple but eye-catching silver bracelet for men. Offered by Clara, this one is surely a classic piece which is so sleek, so simple but yet makes a very powerful statement.

This is a type of Rhodium plated 92.5 sterling silver anti-tarnish link bracelet. It can be worn daily and comes with a lobster closure. You even get 6 months of warranty on this product.

The design is worth all the attention and it can elevate the look of the wearer in no time. We are digging the link pattern of this bracelet which looks quite, stealer. Make sure that you protect this bracelet from water and perfume to make sure the shine lasts forever. You can buy this now on at Rs. 1,999.

Rising Phoenix Silver Pendant

Adore the chain of your man with this rising phoenix silver pendant which is going to leave a huge mark on anyone who will see it. The stunning pendant looks stealer in design and you can’t help but to stare at its beauty.

It is handcrafted in 92.5 sterling silver and has this unique hexagonal shape. Use of genuine stones on its periphery makes it a statement piece and an eye-catcher too.

It comes with premium plating on it to prevent tarnish. You receive a certificate of purity with this pendant too. The limited-edition hexagon with semi-precious black stone fitted inside it looks so enchanting that your man is going to wear it for sure. You can buy it on for Rs. 2,299.

Silver Card Holder

Not every guy wants to wear silver ornaments and this is why we decided to mention unique silver gifts for men in this section. Take a look at this silver card holder which is another interesting silver gift item you can go for.

This one is a BIS Hallmarked pure 92.5 sterling silver cardholder which comes with the capacity to hold 10 cards inside.

This beautiful silver cardholder even has a beautiful engraved design on top of it. It also comes with a button closure, to make sure your important cards are safe inside. If you are looking for luxury items which are worth all the attention then you can pick this card holder without any doubts. Buy it right away on Flipkart for Rs. 5,829.

Fearless Rune Silver Cufflinks

If your guy has a thing for antique items, then you can buy him this pair of unique and antique silver cufflinks. These are called fearless rune cufflinks and they can easily amp up the overall appearance of the wearer in no time.

The rune symbol on the cufflinks stands for fearlessness and the rustic look of these cufflinks further provides the much-needed edginess to the wearer.

One can make a powerful statement with these cufflinks. They are made out of pure sterling silver and are lead and nickel safe. They look quite elegant and perfect for someone who truly values these classic things. You can buy them now on for Rs. 3,600.

Sterling Silver Lion Head Keychain

Next one in this list is this antique silver lion head keychain. This is a unisex product made out of 92.5 sterling silver. The antique finish on this keychain instantly grabs all the eyeballs and further, the lion head design makes it look quite a classic piece.

The lion head represents bravery and fearlessness and if you know a guy like that then you can gift this keychain to him. You can also choose from a wide range of silver keychains of Taraash.

The manufacturer also provides a warranty of 3 months on this product against any manufacturing defects. The rustic look and detailed engravings on the keychain are a sight to behold for sure and you would not want to miss out on this antique keychain at all. So do not wait anymore and buy this keychain now for Rs. 1,800.

Silver Ring for Men


In case of confusion that what kind of silver gifts for men would be the most perfect one, you can simply opt for a silver ring instead. Take a look at this beautiful Swarovski sterling silver ring for men. Offered by Clara, this ring is a total eye-catcher and the design is worth all your attention.

Known as The Marcos, this ring has genuine emerald-cut Swarovski 1ct solitaire on it which elevates its look as well as shine.

This one is a BIS Hallmarked ring, hence you won’t have to worry about its purity and quality at all. It comes with 2 microns thick nickel free rhodium plating on it which protects its shine for quite long. The ring is packaged well in a Clara box along with authenticity card too. It is available for purchase on Amazon for Rs. 1,600.

Pure Silver Ball Pen with Cap

Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the most significant one. Just like this silver pen mentioned here which is perfect for a guy who loves to write. This pen is perfect for any man aspens are the inseparable part of our life.

This one is made out of 99.9% pure silver and this ball pen comes with a matching silver cap too. The look of this pen isn’t that plain and it has beautiful engravings done on it.

You are going to love the stunning design of this pen which can grab anyone’s attention. It can be used as a showpiece or can be used daily for administrative works. This beautiful designer silver pen is available for purchase on for Rs. 5,960.

Chakra Silver Brooch for Men

We always try our best to bring the most unique and beautiful product options for you and this inclusion in silver gifts for men is surely going to amuse you. This one is a very unique and stylish Sudarshan Chakra brooch for your man, which can be worn with suits, tuxedos, kurtas and on literally anything.

Sudarshan Chakra is seen as the symbol of wisdom, power and good vision and hence this gift has deeper meaning than any other gift in this list.

This brooch is going to make a unique style statement for the wearer. This beautiful sterling silver brooch comes with a stunning CZ stone on it which is blue in colour. This brooch doesn’t affect sensitive skin and also safe from lead and nickel too. You can buy it now on for Rs. 2,600.

Silver Lakshmiji Coin

In case of confusion and no final decision, go for this silver coin. You can give it to people like your father, brother and even your husband too. This one is a 99.9% pure silver coin which has the picture of goddess Lakshmi engraved on it.

As you many know, goddess Lakshmi signifies wealth and prosperity in life so gifting this coin to someone also expresses the same. This precious gift is perfect for the near dear ones in your family. This coin even comes with a protective gift case with it. Interestingly, another side of the coin has the picture of Lord Ganesha on it who is a symbol of wisdom and positivity. This pure silver coin is available for purchase on for Rs. 828.

Silver Cigar Case

Our final pick in one of the most special silver gifts which are suitable for people who have a taste for the unique and antique stuff in life. This one is a silver cigar case which comes in large size.

It is made out of sterling silver and has an anti-tarnish coating on it to protect its shine. The cigar case also comes gift packed to ensure you don’t have to put any efforts from your side. It is also provided with a maintenance manual to make sure that the case last long.

If your man has a thing for cigar, then he is going to love this cigar case for sure. The case is quite elegant plain but yet quite a stealer piece. You can buy this unique cigar case on for Rs. 24,071.

How to Pick Silver Gifts for Men?

We tried to pick versatile silver gift items for men so that you can choose from a vast range of products. However, when it comes to men, people tend to get confused as not all guys like to wear silver ornaments. This is why we have some tips which are going to help you in picking the right kind of silver gifts for the special man in your life. You can check them out right below.

Keep the Budget in Mind

The budget should be your primary concern when choosing silver gift items for men. Deciding a budget helps in narrowing down the choices for you which is eventually quite helpful in choosing the right kind of gift. Thankfully, you have a lot of options when it comes to silver gifts. If you are tight on budget, then you can choose silver plated items instead of original silver items.

Try to Find Something Useful

While choosing silver gifts for men or any other items too, you should take care of the fact that whether they are even useful enough or not? Gifting showpiece items, silver utensils and other such monotonous items are a total waste of money. They are just materialistic pieces and won’t be cherished much. You should rather opt for something which can be used by the recipient daily.

Check The Quality of Silver

Checking the quality of the silver is important before you buy the item. This ensures that whether the money you are giving for the item is worth or not. Pure silver items are the costliest while sterling silver and mixed metal items cost lesser than the pure ones. You can also ask for a complete bill by making charges along with a purity certificate too.

In Case of Confusion, Personalize

When you can’t think of anything at all then you can go for personalized silver gifts for men. Although they are going to cost you more, but at least they are worth all your money. Engraving the name of the man on a silver plate or silver pen can turn out to be an excellent idea. You can also opt for such similar ideas when it comes to personalization option.

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