Learn How to Gift Wrap a Pen: 8 Pen Gift Wrapping Ideas and 3 DIY Gift Wraps to Make Unwrapping That Pen Extra Special (2021)

Learn How to Gift Wrap a Pen: 8 Pen Gift Wrapping Ideas and 3 DIY Gift Wraps to Make Unwrapping That Pen Extra Special (2021)

A heartfelt gift is always appreciated by the recipient but when it is wrapped pretty with colourful wrappers it sets off the mood. Pens have been a classic gift choice for many. But unless it comes in a good looking box, wrapping it in a presentable way can be difficult. So, today BP Guide brings you innovative and ingenious pen gift wrapping ideas. Next time you are gifting a pen, try one of these techniques.

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Tradition and History of Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is an art in itself and is not restricted to wrapping papers only. But there are vast possibilities of how creatively you can wrap a gift. It has been in existence since the 2nd century BC in China when the paper was invented. At that time any monetary gift was sent by wrapping in paper forming an envelope called ‘Chih Pao’. Various types of wrapping styles were created after that and used in Asian and Western cultures. It is truly innovative and interesting; There are different ways to explore your creative mind when it comes to wrapping a gift.

The Science Behind Wrapping a Gift

Why is wrapping so important? It is said that with the perfect folds, beautiful bows, laces and carefully tied ribbons, the recipient is charmed at first sight. Sometimes people love gift wrapping so much that they like it better than the gift inside. After many years of research, it was concluded that a neatly wrapped gift got more ratings than an unwrapped one, no matter the gift. Wrapping even a small gift like a pen can make a huge difference and bring a positive atmosphere around the recipient and the gift giver.

8 Ingenious Ways to Gift Wrap a Pen

The pen is a meaningful, practical and useful gift and it encourages creativity. It is appreciated by the recipient as a pen is used every day, whether it is a grocery list or a journal. If a pen is given well-wrapped then it becomes more meaningful to your loved ones.

Ribbon Wrap the Pen

Source mayarts.com

Sometimes we aren't sure what we can use to wrap a pen before gifting it. We all have some crafty things around our home. Ribbons are an easy way to wrap the gift. When you are trying to wrap a pen which is, of course, slim and small it is better to use narrow ribbons. Narrower the ribbon better grip you will get and give the wrapping a beautiful statement. You can also use some scrap ribbons that are not so useful for binding a bigger gift.

Wrapping ribbon is quite easy, as you will need to put a dot of glue at the top of the pen box and wrap the ribbon diagonally to cover the whole body of the pen. You can also wrap it again from bottom to top the same as before and glue it to keep it neat. You can form a loop with another small ribbon over the top of the pen to decorate it and the recipient can hang it if needed. Make sure to add a small flower on the top to give a beautiful look.

Shelly Dozier-Mckee from MayArts has an entire pictorial for Ribbon Wrapped Pens that you may want to check out.

Valentine Ribbon Pen Wrap

No matter how you express your love year-round, a special gift on a special day matters a lot. A decorative pen as a gift for Valentine's Day is a way to express your unconditional love for someone special in your life. You can combine a thoughtful and nice pen with cards, flowers and chocolates of course. The red colour itself is very attractive as a wrapper in any material and if it is a gift for your loved one, then it will just be the perfect addition to your special day.

Here is a fun idea for how you can create a magical look to your gift: maybe a pen or a box with a pen easily. Take a broad ribbon red in colour, a premade flower and any ribbon of a different colour for decoration. Wrap the pen or box with a ribbon and glue it nicely. Make a bow and a crafty flower with ribbon and attach it over the pen. You can add a love sign or just a pompom or a heart sign to decorate the pen.

Check out Michelle from TheRibbonRetreat for her pictorial on Valentine’s Ribbon Pens.

Washi Tape Wrap

When you think about a clean and simple wrapping technique never forget about the washi tapes. Those pretty, decorative masking tapes are handy and always helpful. It is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your pen. Being thin and durable and made with mostly natural fibres like hemp and bamboo. You can find it in various colours and patterns. Another great feature of this tape is that it is easy to tape on many surfaces like wood, plastic or metal and can be removed easily.

That is why washi tapes are a smart choice when you take it as an option to wrap your pen gift. As these tapes are not permanent you can take it off if you don’t like the design. It can even change an ordinary pen to a nice decorative piece. The recipient might not even bother to take it off while using the pen! For decorating or wrapping a pen you will need to find one or two nice patterned tape and match its colour accordingly. You can also decorate the pen with some glitter and glue over it.

Check out Jennifer from Craftic for some amazing ideas on Washi Wrapped Pens.

Feather Wrap the Pen

In history, the world’s most important documents were written with quill pens. If you have a pen to gift that does not have any box, you can think about making a feather wrapped pen. The word pen comes from the Latin word ‘Penna’ which means feather. When we see feathers we probably think about some kids' craft but you cannot imagine how beautiful a pen can look when decorated and wrapped with the feather, that it can be used even at weddings.

You can find a feather during your nature walk or visit a craft store. You can tie the feather with a hot glue gun to the pen or the box of the pen and decorate with matching stones. It will look gorgeous and give it a bohemian look instantly. No matter how the pen is, people will be bound to appreciate the beautiful decoration with a feather.

Kristin from IdleWife has a detailed pictorial on Feather Wrapped Pens, that you may want to see.

Personalise with Beads

A gift wrapping is such a creative thing that gives a simple pen to a new dimension. There are a variety of ways to personalize the pen and gift it to someone. The use of beads is there from ancient times. Thousands of years ago beaded craft was a fashion and used almost in everything from garment to diary. We can use the same method to decorate a pen box and gift it to someone special.

If you are thinking of giving a pen to a kid, you can personalize it by making a beaded charm of their name with the lettered beads and tie on the top of the pen. Whereas you can use wooden, synthetic, ivory, coral or bone beads to decorate the gift box. Use wires to pile up the various beads and attach to the box after covering it with matching wrapping paper. Beads have diverse meaning and functionality and their versatility is visually appealing too.

LakeShoreLearning has the tutorial for Personalized Pencil Toppers.

Wrap with Gorgeous Paper

If you are giving a pen to someone whether it has a box or you want to wrap it simply with a wrapping paper, think about decorating the pen beforehand. That wrapping you can certainly do with a gorgeous looking paper to add an extra oomph to your gift. Through this process of decoration, you can transform any boring looking pen to an attractive one and make a perfect pen look more elegant.

You can take some fun patterned paper for your friends or elegant solid colour paper if you are gifting to some elderly person. Take a thick solid colour nail polish. Use double-sided scotch tape to secure the paper neatly. You can wrap the pen with the patterned paper and put beautiful coloured nail polish on the neck of the pen if you wish. So next time the person whom you are gifting will look at the pen, he will surely remember you.

Victoria from InMyFirstHouse has a detailed pictorial for Colourful Cute Pens that you can see here.

Pen Holder Gift Box

Nothing makes a recipient happy than something which has a personal handmade touch to the gift. A pen itself is an elegant gift for all ages and if you give a personal touch it can become a lifetime memory for someone. A pen wrapped in a paper is common but if you want to present it in a new way try out an old rustic form.

An old wooden box is a great way to keep the pen and make it suitable for gifting. You can think of a wooden box that might be lying around the house. Dust it off and put inside a decorative cloth or velvet cloth wrapped around a foam the size of the box. Paste it with hot glue and keep the pen inside. Wrap it with a brown paper and try to write calligraphy styled message over it. It will not only look like a box of a wizard from any fantasy novel but will be so much appreciable for everyone.

ScrappyGeek has more details on this awesome Pen Holder Gift Box here.

Tissue Paper Flower Wrap

When you want to give something from the heart, the tissue paper flower craft is a fun way to do it. It will not break your wallet but will give a personal touch to the gift. Avoid any wrinkle in the tissue and cut it in a symmetrical flower-shaped way. Put the pen through the middle of the flower and tie it up with green ribbon. This will give a gorgeous look to the pen and your beloved will love the idea for sure.

For a detailed pictorial on Tissue Paper Flower Pens, click here.

Get Crafty with These 3 Beautiful DIY Pen Gift Wrapping Projects!

We know that everyone loves DIY projects and making a beautiful gift wrap is appreciated by everyone. Let’s make something that is simple yet beautiful and see the smile on the face of the person you are planning to gift.

Floral Gift Wrap

This is quite an innovative idea to wrap a pen box with real flowers and give it a 3D view. Here is the way how you can do it.

What you need:
  • Craft paper/brown paper
  • Scotch tape
  • Sharpie
  • Real flowers

How to make it:
  • Wrap your gift with plain craft paper
  • Use scotch tape to secure and give a neat look
  • Sketch a jar or vase on the front of the package with a sharpie
  • Cut the flowers nicely and tape them in front so that they look like sitting on the vase
  • Fix the flowers with tape and it's done

Paper Gift Wrap

You will certainly have some craft papers at home. Use them to make a DIY pen envelope which will look good and serve the purpose to gift.

What you need:
  • Two colour paper pieces
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Ribbon

How to make it:
  • Take a slice of blue paper and fold the top
  • Take another yellow round cut paper
  • Glue the round paper over the folded part
  • Take another piece of yellow paper and glue it over the blue paper
  • Make two holes on the paper and put a ribbon through that
  • Put the pen in the middle and tie the ribbon
  • Decorate with paper flowers

Origami Pen Box

Origami is one of the best ways to make a box if you are familiar with it. Even if you are not, try to go through the video and follow to make it for a beautiful DIY pen gift box.

What you need:
  • One sheet of square paper
  • Glue

How to make it:
  • Fold the paper accordingly
  • Mark over the paper
  • Fold the paper according to the marks and try to make a rectangular box
  • Fix with glue
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A gift is always made special by the person gifting it and the idea behind it. But looking to make it extra special and add that extra oomph? Wrap the gift prettily. There are quite a lot of innovative gift wrapping methods available and 8 of them are listed out here for you. You need not even be adept at the craft to get it wrapped prettily. All it needs is your heart and your hard work. If you are still panicking, there is always the washi tape. Washi tapes can make anything a work of art. Do you know what adds a sparkle to your gift? It's your sincere smile. Gift with a smile and there can be nothing better than that.