10 Best Pen to Gift! : Whether for Beginners or Pen Enthusiasts, These are Our Absolute Favorite Pens at Every Budget. (2020)

10 Best Pen to Gift! : Whether for Beginners or Pen Enthusiasts, These are Our Absolute Favorite Pens at Every Budget. (2020)

Gifting a pen is all depend upon the person's emotion who is Gifting. With many emotions, you can gift a pen to your loved ones, But Giving an Ordinary pen won't Give a good impression. Give them some collections of luxury pens that will give a Royal look. Whenever the person writes with your given pen will make him remember that special day.

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Pens as a Gift

The art of writing is lost. With the new technology, people are more inclined towards writing mails, sending messages on WhatsApp, etc. But that doesn't mean the love for beautiful, personalised and branded pens has ended. You can still find people who love to carry a stylish pen with them, which tells a lot about their personality. Pens can be great gifts to people of all ages.

Gifting jewellery and other items are common, but when you hand a beautifully crafted pen to a person, it symbolises intellect, especially if the person is someone who is a writer, an academician or someone who just loves words. For academicians, it gives recognition to his profession and re-emphasizes the importance of his role. If a person is a writer, a pen can mean more than any other thing. They will carry it as a symbol of their profession. Pens hold a special place for women, as well as many, are fond of writing journals, it also takes them down to the memory lane when they constantly bought pens for everyday use.

Reasons Why You Should Gift a Pen

There several reasons why you should gift a pen to someone who is close to you or if you want to show your respect towards that person.

  • A pen encourages creativity - "The pen is the tongue of mind"- Miguel Cervantes Saavedra, a Spanish writer. A pen encourages a writer to think creatively, it serves as a tool to enhance their creative power as soon as it touches their finger.
  • If you want to buy something practical, go with a pen. The pen is appreciated by everyone and stays with them for years to come. Even though we use technology to write letters or cards, but a pen is needed in often during the day is it writing a note to yourself or making a grocery list.
  • When you buy high quality, branded gift for a person, it shows the level of importance the person has in your life. It shows your appreciation towards that person.
  • A good pen leaves a lasting impression. Each time the person uses that pen, he thinks about you and the occasion when he received the gift from you.
  • It is easier to buy a pen as a gift because there is a vast variety to choose from and they come in all price ranges. You can choose from fountain pens, ballpoint pens or Rollerball, pens etc. They are now available in many colours and styles.
  • You can buy personalised pens which are very sophisticated and people keep them close to their heart for a long time. It gives them a sense of pride and enhances their style.
  • Even though computers and phones are used to write and send messages a majority of the time but a pen is irreplaceable. A handwritten note can never take place on a computer screen.

10 Best Pens as Gifts

Personalised Pierre Cardin Gift Set

Source www.igp.com

Looking for a pen to gift to your boss, which is stylish and affordable? You can buy a personalised Pierre Cardin Gift Set for Rs. 695.00 from igp.com. Pierre Cardin pens are a perfect combination of quality and timeless aesthetics. They offer a huge variety of designs to choose from.

This particular gift set is a fountain pen with an ink converter and 3 extra-long cartridges, you can have it personalised by engraving either name or just the initials of the person you want to gift it to. It comes packed in a beautiful Pierre Cardin Box.

Parker Vector Matte Black - Roller Ball Pen CT

Think of buying a pen and the name Parker automatically comes to mind. Parker pens are known for their durability and style for ages. They have been a great gifting item for people of all ages. You can buy a Parker Vector Matte Black - Roller Ball Pen CT for Rs. 749.00 from printvenue.com. This pen is a perfect gift, it is polished to perfection, it has polished chrome appointments and has a great matte black finish. It also comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects. You can have a person's name engraved over it through copper laser.

Xezo Diamond-Cut Steel Blue Finish, Medium Nib Fountain Pen. Screw-on Cap (Freelancer Blue F-1)

Source www.amazon.in

Your friend is getting married or you are gifting to impress your country director, no worries, buy this Xezo Diamond - cut steel blue finish medium Nib Fountain Pen from Amazon for Rs. 11,589.00. This great looking pen will top the list of gifts given on an occasion. It has a diamond-cut body coated with layers of translucent lacquer for durability. It has a German-made iridium point stainless-steel gold-plated nib. It comes in a stunning gift box and 4 ink cartridges, ink converter and a 3-year warranty card. Buying this pen is also a good idea because a portion of its proceeds goes to a non-profit organisation.

Hemisphere Ombres Et Lumieres Fountain Pen Waterman

Waterman is a brand known by all when it comes to pens. If you are searching for a great pen for your dad on his retirement, you can buy this Hemisphere Ombres Et Lumieres Fountain Pen from williampenn.net for Rs. 5,000.00. This pen features a hypnotic and graphic pattern that shows the workmanship of Waterman. It looks elegant in black and white gloss lacquer and is made with a ridged base to support your fingers while writing. This great looking pen comes with a 3-year global warranty and you get it in a two-toned luxury gift box. You can buy it ink bottles and cartridges separately.

Hero 100 - 14K Gold Nib Fountain Pen / Classic Series / Steel & Black/Aerometric

Source store108.in

Pens are a memorable gift and what can be more memorable than receiving Hero pen. Hero 100 - 14k Gold Nib Fountain pen, Steel and Black with the aerometric filling system is better than gifting a jewellery. Your loved one will always keep it with her/his as a prized possession. This majestic pen can be bought from store108.in for Rs. 5,750.00. You will receive this pen in its original gift box with all its papers intact for authenticity.

Parker Unisex Shiny Chrome Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen

Your sister is starting her MED school and you want to gift her something to encourage her into doing better in future, buy a Parker Unisex Shiny Chrome Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen. You can buy this cool pen for Rs. 880.00 from shopperstop.com. When she uses this pen in her class she will feel like a queen as it has a regal touch to it. It comes in shades of gold and silver with a slender body for a perfect grip. It is a blue Rollerball pen which is trendy and affordable.

Montblanc Silver Star walker Metal Ballpoint Pen

Yes, this pen is quite expensive, but we are talking about Montblanc here. You can buy a Montblanc pen without thinking twice if you are buying it for someone very close to you. This stunning Montblanc Silver Star walker Metal Ballpoint pen is available for Rs. 46,500.00 on tatacliq.com. It is a metal pen, silver in colour which instantly adds to its user's personality. You can buy this pen in multiple coloured inks like toffee brown, royal blue, lavender purple, Irish green etc. Each Montblanc pen comes with its unique serial number and platinum-coated cap, fittings and barrel. It is a gift to treasure for a long time.

Sheaffer SH/9314-2 Gift Collection 2 (300) Glossy Black Barrel Ballpoint Pen - Blue

Source www.amazon.in

Sheaffer is another brand that comes to mind when you want to buy a pen as a gift. Sheaffer offers a variety of great pens and you can buy this Glossy Black Barrel Ballpoint pen in blue ink for Rs. 1,700.00 from Amazon. It has a unique modern design and elegant finish. It is a well - balanced cigar-shaped pen for a perfect and comfortable grip. You get this pen packed in a luxury Sheaffer gift box.

Parker Aster Lacque Black Fountain Pen

Parker pens come in a variety of styles and designs. Gifting a Parker pen is always a good idea as it is a brand that has kept its promise by giving high-quality pens for a long time. This beautiful Aster Lacque Black Fountain Pen can be a great gift for your college-going son. It has a stylish metallic body and comes with a vintage, stainless nib for a smooth writing experience. You can buy it for Rs. 1,080.00 from shoppersstop.com.

Personalised Cross Calais Blue Pen

Looking for a classy pen which can add a statement to its user, buy this elegant Cross Calais Blue Pen and have it personalised for your friend, you can also buy it for your company workers as a token of appreciation for their hard work, have their or the company's name engraved on it for that personal touch. This pen is available for Rs. 1,975.00 on archiesonline.com.

A Guide to Buying a Perfect Pen as a Gift

Buying any gift could be a challenge and when it comes to buying a perfect one for that special someone it could get harder. It is said that a pen is an extension of the writer's hand and desire which means you need to get the right pen for a person for them to feel attached to the pen. You need to think in terms of which type of pen you should buy like should you go for a ballpoint or a fountain pen? Should you buy a modern design or a classic one would be better? If you think hard enough and identify the personality of the person you want to buy it for, you will be able to find the right pen for them.

  • You need to see if you want a pen for a man or a woman. Men usually prefer a thick barrelled pen which is easier to hold and does not look tiny in their hand. Pen like to be in control therefore getting a dainty pen for them is not a good idea. If you don't know the man personally, then you might want to buy a classic design liked by all, black or is made of stainless steel. If you are buying it for a female you might want to go with a Slimline pen, it offers a slender and elegant look and comes with great control. They are light in weight and can be carried in a purse comfortably. There are pens for women in various colours including their favourite pink and purples.

  • Another thing to look for a pen, is to think of how old the person is. There are pens available for children with ergonomic designs which helps the child to learn to hold it properly. If it is for someone older, you can buy a lightweight pen, some people prefer a large-sized pen as they are easy to hold.

  • Also think about the profession of the person you are buying a pen for. A pen should match a person's job and the working environment. You can buy a smart pen for a person working in a corporate environment, they would love to show it off to their colleagues. You should buy a high-end pen for doctors, lawyers etc as it shows an air of authority and adds style to their personality.

  • Think of the person's style. A pen shows the style of a person therefore you would not want to buy a tacky, colourful pen for a reserved person. Pay close attention to the colour, style and overall design of a pen before buying it for someone.

  • You can also have the pen engraved if it is for someone close or if you are buying it as a company gift for workers. It will add a personal touch to the gift.

  • Keep the occasion in mind before buying a pen. If it is for a wedding you can go for a gold plated nib pen or a feather quill pen. Keep the budget in mind before you start shopping for a pen. Many brands offer great pens in various prices. You may get tempted when you see stunning pens available in the market but always fix a budget before buying one.

  • If you don't know the person too well a still wants to buy a pen, you can buy a gift card instead so that they can choose the best pen for themselves and use it proudly.

  • Think about the material of the pen before you buy one. A durable pen is made of metal like brass, nickel or chrome and budget-friendly pens can be bought in plastic as well.

  • There are different types of pens available in the market like click pens, pens with detachable caps and twist pens. You can choose from these types of a pen as a gift for people with different styles.

  • Grip of a pen plays an important role. If a pen is comfortable to hold it will be used often. Buy a pen with non-slip grip for a comfortable grip. A pen should not be very heavy, especially for a person who uses it all through the day like a teacher or a doctor.
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Pen Dream Symbol

The Pen is a symbol of stability in fate, affairs, troubles and impressions. There are many variations of dreams where you can see a pen as a gift. If you are looking for a pen to write something down and cannot find one, this indicates frustration in communication and fear that you cannot make other people in your life understand the things you are trying to say. If you dream about writing something or drawing something with a pen, on the other hand, this shows you're confident in your ability to make yourself understood.