Owning a Luxury Pen is a Whole Other Experience! 10 Luxury Brands Pens You Can Buy for Yourself or Gift to Someone Important (2020)

Owning a Luxury Pen is a Whole Other Experience! 10 Luxury Brands Pens You Can Buy for Yourself or Gift to Someone Important (2020)

If you buy branded pens, you are assured that it will stand out with a way higher class as well as an exquisite appearance. These types of pens are both safe and artistic, as they are manufactured utilizing items of a certain quality, and they have a different, a much superior appearance as compared to regular pens. If you love writing or happen to know someone who loves the art of writing, find below the 10 luxury brands pens you can buy for them.

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Why People Still Buy Luxury Pens

  • High Quality: If you buy branded pens, you are assured that it will stand out with a way higher class as well as an exquisite appearance. These type of pens are both safe and artistic, as they are manufactured utilising items of a certain quality, and they have a different, a much superior appearance as compared to regular pens. You will notice that the ink also holds differently in these pens, and they are way smoother to write with.

  • Longevity: A well-made, branded pen will surely be able to resist the weariness caused by continuous usage, making it a much better product as compared to a regular pen. Moreover, if and when you spend on a good and costly pen, you will no longer have to worry about its durability. So rather than paying less for a regular and cheap pen, we recommend that you buy a premium pen from a brand that is recognised for its high-quality pens that meet the international standards.

  • Status: In case you are looking to make an excellent first impression on your employees or possible future clients, these pens will assist you to do just that without putting in a lot of effort. A cherry on top will be that these premium pens will make you want to write more and enjoy writing. After all, the standards of an expensive pen are never trivial.

10 Must-Have Luxury Brand Pens In India

Parker Vector Standard CT Roller Ball Pen

Source firstcry.com

These refined Parker pens were first made in the year 1888. Without any doubt, they hold first place on the list because of their excellent quality. Since the introduction, they always have been on number one on the list. These pens are not only used by the eager students but also executives of top firms of the country. They are for anyone and everyone. Parker pens stand for class and elegance.

The Parker Vector Standard CT Roller Ball Pen inculcates a fashioned plastic barrel and cap in unique shimmer colours with contrasting stainless steel or chrome trim. It comes with standard rollerball refill with navigator technology. It also comes with an ink cartridge. This pen ensures a smooth, smudge-free writing experience. The ABS plastic with which it is constructed ensures that the pen is classy, reliable and durable. Also, the clip material is stainless steel.

It is available for Rs. 228 on First Cry.

Cross Calais Matte Metallic Midnight Blue Ballpoint Pen

The next item will make you fall in love with pens. This exquisite pen comes with a slender structure and unique marble colour. It is made of steel and the imprint of 'Cross' written on the holder states style. It is used widely used all across the globe because of the class that it radiates. Cross is an American manufacturing brand founded in the year 1846 and has been a known brand in India since its establishment. It has also supplied pens to the American White House since the 1970s.

Cross Calais Matte Metallic Midnight Blue Ballpoint Pen is a stylish pen for day to day use. Its sleek exterior is constructed from gold and chrome. The black enamels that adorn the pen make it everyone's go-to pen very easily. The brand name is imprinted on the holder to ensure it catches the attention of everyone around you. Also, it comes with a specially formulated ink.

It is available for Rs. 2,415 on williampenn.net.

Montblanc Meisterstuck Gold Trim Classique Rollerball Pen

This pen brand is considered as the king of the pens. The composition and layout of this brand's pens are compelling and inclusive rather than thin. Relatively, it has a higher price because of its promising quality. People with high class and elegant personality usually opt for these pens. These pens are manufactured by a top-notch German company, i.e., Montblanc, which is known not only for its pens but also for other accessories like watches, perfumes, sunglasses, etc.

These are the most expensive pens in this list; however, the engineering, design, and outlook of the pen compensate for its price. Montblanc Meisterstuck Gold Trim Classique Rollerball Pen inculcates a prompt snap capping mechanism. Its clip is gold plated. The ink, as well as the cap colour, is black. Finally, the black resin is inlaid in the cap metal.

This pen is available for Rs. 31,300 on williampenn.net.

Waterman Carene Contemporary Blue & Gun Metal St Fountain Pen

Source luxor.in

The brand name Waterman is enough to speak for the quality of this pen brand. The pens manufactured by Waterman stand for excellence as they are hand-assembled, and experts test each pen before releasing them to the markets. Over time Waterman's beautiful writing pen has witnessed a constant progression in technology, structure, and design. You just cannot go wrong with your selection of Waterman pens as each pen radiates perfection and authenticity. These might not be the most expensive pens but are undeniably very reliable and smooth in writing.

Waterman Carene Contemporary Blue & Gun Metal St Fountain Pen inculcates a snap capping mechanism. Its ink filling mechanism is a refill. The exterior's colour is blue. The base is constructed with sleek brass while the pen's finish is gloss. Embark on a voyage of thrill for a lifetime with this splendid pen!

This pen is available for Rs. 20,000 from luxor.in.

Classical Old Fountain Pen Hero 616 Black and Silver Pen

Source desertcart.in

The Chinese found firm created its first fountain pen in the year 1931. It was thought to be the best in their country and is appreciated by many across the globe, including India. From doctors to teachers, all find this pen utterly comfortable to write with as they are smooth, luxurious, and affordable.

Established in 1931 and renamed in 1966, the brand is known for its vast range of various pen kinds like Gentleman, Guanleming, Lucky, Xinhua, Wing Sun, Huafu, Hero and of course Xinming. The best feature of these pens is that they provide a premium experience at an affordable price. The Classical Old Fountain Pen Hero 616 Black and Silver Pen has an 18 K gold plated stainless steel nib. Its cap type is a simple push. Also, the ink cartridge meets international standards.

This pen is available for Rs. 724 on desertcart.in.

Blue Metal Sheaffer Fountain Pen

Source indiamart.com

The pens of Sheaffer have never failed to maintain their authenticity since the very beginning of the brand. The pen was introduced in the business with the term, "fills instantly from any inkwell, with one touch of a finger. Cleans automatically when filling", and it has not disappointed to follow up on its tagline. These are fat-bodied pens that provide additional grip and flexibility in the flow of writing.

Established in 1912, the Sheaffer Pen Company is an American-based corporation, and it has taken on the rich custom of producing some of the most elegant pens in the market.

The Blue Metal Sheaffer Fountain Pen comes in an exquisite box packaging. It's constructed of high-quality metal. The barrel comes in black, golden and silver. The ink colours are both black and blue. This pen is optimal for a day to day use as it radiates class.

This pen is available for Rs. 26,000 on indiamart.com.

Aurora Ipsilon Resin Black Medium Point Fountain Pen

Source desertcart.in

Aurora pens represent the first true Italian pens. The premium brand was established in the year 1919. It is well-known for its style regarding the work of diamonds in simple pens. Apart from vibrant designs in fountain pens, they also produce simple rollerball pens and ballpoints. These pens are a little expensive, but most exceptional quality always comes with a higher price. These pens are simply the epitome of excellence and luxury.

Aurora Ipsilon Resin Black Medium Point Fountain Pen can be an ideal companion for everyday writers. It stands out in the crowd because of its eye-catching versatile design personality defined by the particular Aurora designed Y shaped clip. The fountain pen inculcates a black resin barrel as well as a black lacquer cap ring. It also comes with exquisite gold plated nibs and trims.

You can buy this pen for Rs. 22,695 from desertcart.in.

Cello Pointec Gel Pen

Source raajkart.com

The revolutionary brand was founded in 1995 in India and since has risen to become one of the most loved brands of all times. Cello has been highlighted in this article as it has become not only one of the most beloved pen brands in India, but all across the globe due to the advanced technologies it uses in its products. The pens that the brand manufactures spoil its users with luxury. Even though it started with simple ball pens, the company has expanded into manufacturing a plethora of items ranging from board markers to fountain pens.

Cello Pointec Gel Pen inculcates an opti hold tip for smooth and smudge-free writing. It allows you to have a smart grip at a smart price! The foreign-made German ink refines your handwriting and ensures you have the perfect experience. Relish the joy of writing with 0.5 mm tungsten carbide ball in these pens. These gel pens are available in blue, black, red and green ink colours.

You can buy this pack of 10 pens for Rs. 180 from raajkart.com.

Reynolds Trimax

Source flipkart.com

Another famous brand, Reynolds, started its venture in the pen world in 1945. These extraordinary pens were made when an American entrepreneur Milton Reynolds chose to get into the market of pen production and sales.

Developing into India in the 1980s, the Reynold brand spread out from there to many other parts of the world where it persisted in delivering excellence. A branch of the Newell family tree, Reynolds pens have survived the test of time, particularly in India, where they are extensively used to date.

These pens provide smoothness and high precision in writing. These pens can be classified as one of the most remarkable pens existing in the pens world. Reynolds Trimax Gel Pen is an affordable gen pen that provides a splendid writing experience. Its body is blue. Even though it's constructed from plastic, the solid body type ensures you have a smart grip on the pen for an impeccable writing experience.

The pen comes in a pack of five. You can buy this pack for Rs. 220 from Flipkart.

Paper Mate Normal Ball Pen

Source flipkart.com

The last one of the list is certainly not the least. Papermate has left a lot of its users simply enchanted. The brand is an American-based firm, established in 1940, well known for its ballpoint pens, erasers, flair felt tip pens and mechanical pencils.

These pens provide utterly comfortable writing at a very cost-effective price. These pens neither bleed nor wear off. They don't smudge the paper either. Once you start to use these pens, you'll place them on the top of your favourite pens list in no time. The grip of the pen is so comfortable and stable that it leads to accurate uniform lines. These Papermate pens offer a wide variety of ballpoint, gel, felt tip, and erasable pens.

The best feature about this brand is that it takes a biodegradable approach; it has set a distinct standard in the pen-construction sector by making environmental-friendly stationery.
The Paper Mate Normal Ball Pen has a blue body exterior. It has a solid body type constructed of plastic. The pen comes in a pack of 12.

You can buy this pen in a pack of 12 for Rs 700 from Flipkart.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Most Suitable Pen for Yourself

  • Finish First: These days, there is a variety of pen finishes to choose from - resins, metals, celluloid, wood, and more. But whether your tastes run toward colourful plastics or luxuriously engraved metal—or a combination of both, always check the finish for quality. The cap and barrel should fit snugly when the pen is closed. Check the finish of the pen by running your fingers over it for any rough edges. Ensure the pen looks evenly polished showing off a smooth gloss or matte finish.

  • Bleed Through: A bleed through is something that you'd definitely want to escape. Some pens tend to bleed through the page, rendering the use of the page as redundant. We won't say that the pen world can get as dramatic and varied as the wizarding world, but it's certainly an industry of its own. Therefore, just ensure that the pen you select does not bleed through. It's a must.

  • Appearance: Finally, you will not be able to know the value or the usage of a branded pen until you buy one of them. There is certainly a spectrum of artistic variety to choose from, but the thing that means the most is the ease of use and how well it helps you to write. After this, you'll have to opt for the most optimal appearance. The appearance of the pen, its shape, colour, as well as its size, among other things, will also contribute significantly to assist in making your final choice.
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Weight of the Pen Matters as Well..

Expensive pens are created using items of exceptional quality, making your writing the optimal; a well-known brand ensures that you are delivered a smooth pen that is designed to endure friction as well. Before you buy a pen, you may also want to hold it in your hands and perhaps even write with it to check how comfortable you feel holding it. You should also check if its weight is suitable for you because while some choose pens that are a little on the heavier side, others prefer to have a light pen so that their hand doesn't get tired too fast while writing.