The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Here Are Best Pen Gift Options that Offer a Great, Smooth Line for All Types of Jobs (2020)

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword: Here Are Best Pen Gift Options that Offer a Great, Smooth Line for All Types of Jobs (2020)

A man of distinction needs the right tool for every job, so why settle for cheap plastic pens that glob ink all over your important papers or dry up at the worst possible moment? Having a pen that works for you when you need it not only shows your professionalism but can make writing by hand all the more comfortable. Keep reading for plenty of reasons why!

Importance of Pen Gift Set

Pen, a royal looking fountain pen which we used to flaunt with pride in front of our friends in the ’90s is becoming more of an artifact and sometimes a showcase of your stature. But, even in this era of digital products like mobiles, digital notebooks and laptops; this weapon of the literary people has not lost its sheen among gift items. Even today, gifting a pen set is considered as a noble gesture among the educated class. Although, we don’t use a pen as frequently as we used to about 20 years before; however, no digital instrument can ever take the feeling of writing with a pen on paper. Writing with a pen gives creative satisfaction as well as that personal touch to your words.

Gifting a pen gift set not only shows your respect and appreciation towards the recipient but also your taste in gifting. A nice pen reflects the persona and style of the user, thus buying a pen for someone needs careful evaluation of their likes, dislikes, stature and lifestyle. Whether to choose a ball pen or fountain pen, modern or classic design, colour choices, metal or some other material are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before picking the pen gift set. Also, the size of pen depending upon whether you will be gifting it to a male or female; as men have comparatively bigger grip and they would love to have a pen with a thick grip and strong feel (strong doesn’t mean heavy here), whereas ladies prefer a sleeker pen with a soft and comfortable grip. After researching a lot of pen gift sets available in the market, we have selected a few of them which are suitable for gifting on different occasions. You can check and carefully pick the one you think is apt for the person you are planning to gift.

Corporate Pen Gift Set

The corporate pen gift set can be for your employees, your boss or maybe your colleagues; but it should reflect a certain level of a formal look and not exhibit a flashy looking impression. Let’s check a few of the pen gift sets which are suitable for gifting in office.

Parker Vector Gold Trim Roller Ball Pen and Ball Pen Luxury Gift Set, Blue Ink


The Luxury gift set by Parker contains a rollerball pen, a ball pen and a leather finish visiting cardholder. The Parker Vector Gold Roller Ball Pen is loaded with Parker Ultra Fine Navigator Refill and has a cap on and cap off the design with a stainless steel barrel. Both the pens are of Golden Champagne and black colour, embellished with the Parker logo and come in a beautiful matte finish gift box. The classic gift pen set is available on for Rs. 839.00.

Sheaffer 9317 Ball Pen with Card Holder


The Ballpoint pen with cardholder by Sheaffer can be an elite corporate gift for your boss or colleague. The pen has a solid brass body, nickel-plated trims and shiny and elegant looking clip with the Sheaffer logo embossed in the middle ring of the pen gives it a suave look. The pen has a matt finish and the business card holder complements the pen and also has a magnetic closure. The Sheaffer ball pen with cardholder set can be purchased from Rs. 1,135.00.

Jaycoknit Black Bachau Metal Top Crystal Corporate Pen Gift Set

This beautiful pen spreads its glitter because of the sparkling crystal mounted on the backside of the pen. The shiny black colour pen looks different and would definitely feel amazing to use. The black and golden colour combination looks great and the pen comes in an attractive box. The Jaycoknit Black Bachau Metal Top Crystal Corporate Pen Gift Set can be purchased from for Rs. 265.00.

Ball Pen Black body with Free Parker Key Chain Pen Gift Set

The gift set by Parker has a Parker vector standard rollerball pen with a cap on / cap off the design and a ball pen black body with push mechanism along with a Key Chain with Parker logo. The black and silver colour pens look classy, the set is packed in a nice box and the can be purchased from for Rs.485.00.

24K Gold Plated Corporate Set (Crystal Pen, Business Card Holder Table Clock)

The 24k Gold plated corporate set can be a beautiful gift for females. The beautiful pen is half golden and half crystal coloured which gives it a very glamorous look, the business card holder is golden coloured with elegant designing on it and also has a small mirror which will be quite useful for the ladies and the apple-shaped table clock would make for an attractive showpiece on the work table. The 24k gold plated set can be purchased from for Rs. 1,178.00.

Personalised Pen Gift Set


You can make your pen gift set extra special by personalizing it with the recipient’s name. We have picked a few options where you can provide the name as per your wish and in your favourite font while ordering the pen gift set. Engraving the name of someone makes them feel special and they would cherish and like to forever keep the gift with them.

Personalized Pierre Cardin Gift Set


The premium looking pen by Pierre Cardin looks premium and the name of the recipient can be embossed on it. The President Fountain Pen comes equipped with ink convertor and three extra-long ink cartridges. The entire blue ink pen set comes packed in a stylish looking Pierre Cardin box. The Pierre Cardin Pen Gift Set can be purchased from for Rs. 695.00.

Golden - Silver Personalized Pen Set


The two pens in a combination of classy silver and golden colours on the metal body look exquisite and would make for a nice gift for a couple as you can get the name of both of them engraved on one pen each. On the pen with cap on / cap off mechanism, the name can be engraved in grey; whereas on the one with push spring system, the name is written in silver colour. This pretty pen gift set can be ordered online on for Rs.650.00.

Personalized Parker Classic Stainless Steel Ct - Ball Pen

Yet another Marvel from Parker is this sleek and smooth ball pen which is made of shiny stainless steel and has a push-button mechanism. It has the classy arrow clip and the Parker logo embossed in the middle of the pen’s body. You can get the recipient name engraved on it and also choose the font as per your wish. The Parker Classic Stainless Steel Ball Pen is available on for Rs. 599.00.

Presto Personalised Corporate Gift Set Wooden Pen and Key Ring


A unique corporate gift set of a key ring and pen made of hardwood and metal. Both of them can be personalized with the name of your choice and would be etched using a method called fibre-laser etching technology. The benefit of this engraving method is that the writing doesn’t fade away with time and this gift set would be a prized possession for the recipient. The Presto personalized corporate gift set can be ordered from for Rs. 175.00.

Customized Parker Pen

One from the home of Parker, this customized classic Parker pen is worthy of making its place in this section. The metal pen has the old school arrow clip to hang it in your pocket and you can get up to 15 characters engraved on the pen body. They have different varieties of Parker pens and you can order one from for Rs. 599.00.

Pen Gift Set with Diary


Though reminders, notes and diaries are going digital, few people still like to keep a diary for their weekly or monthly schedule. Gifting a Diary along with a pen is like icing on the cake and would make for a great pen gift set. Let’s check out a few of the diary and pen combo sets which are ideal for gifting purposes.

INNOX Gift Set of Pen and Diary

The brown colour diary and brown roller pen make a perfect gifting article. The leatherette brown colour notebook has 80 ruled pages and the metal roller pen has a metal dark brown colour that complements the diary and looks very classy. The gift set of pen and diary by INNOX comes in an attractive packaging box and can be purchased from for Rs.419.00.

Pierre Cardin Elite Set of Exclusive Ball Pen & Diary


The elite set of exclusive ball pens and diary by Pierre Cardin has a brown colour diary and a twist mechanism golden colour ball pen with the Pierre Cardin logo. The diary has a magnetic ring closure and a loop at the top which holds the pen. The entire set has a very professional look and makes for a great pen gift set. The pen and diary set are available on for Rs.730.00.

Personalized Diary with Pen for Professionals


This combo has a black colour sophisticated and designer personalized diary with leather cover and lock and a soft half satin ball pen. The diary has 93 pages, dimensions are 9.25 in X 7 in X 1.1 in and the pen comes in a black wooden pen box. Both the diary and the pen can be personalized and the pen gift set is available for Rs.1,095 at

Personalised Diary & Pen Combo


Another diary and pen combo which can be personalized has one A5 size diary with dimensions of 5.5 x 8 inches and has 50 plain and 4 colored pages along with a black metallic pen. You can get a title text and a tagline text engraved on the diary and a personalized text can be engraved on the pen. The pen and diary combo can be ordered from for Rs.849.00.

Legend Pen Diary Set Pen Gift Set

An executive diary with a pen and a loop to hold the pen at the top of the diary is what makes it a perfect pen gift set. The pen has ‘Legend’ embossed on the pin and the brown colour diary has a beautiful metal and string lock adding to its beauty. The Legend pen and diary gift set is available for Rs. 750 at

Additional Gifts with Pen Gift Set

If you think that gifting a pen set alone is not sufficient for a particular occasion, then you can also explore few additional gifting items. These items add to the style quotient of your gift and complement the pen gift set.

Analog Star Shape Table Clock for Office Desk Clock

While someone is busy taking notes on their diary with the pen gifted by you, the nearby table clock would help them to keep a tab of the time without picking their mobile phones. The Star shape table clock is decent enough for an office table and looks quite elegant. The table clock can be purchased from for Rs.299.00.

Digital Snooze Alarm Clock with Pen Holder Clock

Why not gift a pen holder along with a pen gift set when you have this wonderful option available? The digital clock which is also a pen holder by Tradeaiza has a calendar (date and week), alarm clock, snooze, temperature and 12 / 24-hour display options. This useful pen holder digital alarm clock can be purchased from for Rs.499.00.

4 in 1 Pen Stand Tumbler with USB Hub, Lamp and Mobile Stand (Adjustable Lamp Light)


The multipurpose four in one pen stand tumbler has a USB Hub, a tray at the bottom which acts as a mobile holder and an adjustable lamplight. The pen stand acts as a smart desk organizer and is available on for Rs.350.00.

Personalized Rotating Pen Holder


The rotating pen holder by ferns and petals can be personalized and up to four pictures can be added on the four sides of this rotating pen holder. The personalized rotating pen holder makes for a perfect gift along with a pen gift set and can be purchased from for Rs.649.00.

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Purpose of Gifting

The meanings can be as varied as your mind is creative. When jewellery gift ideas tend to be repetitive or a little stretched out, giving a pen as a gift can be creative. A pen symbolizes intellect.

While selecting the pens for gifting, don't ignore the purpose. You can choose the type of pen-based on the occasion if you are sending a corporate gift then Fountain Pens can be your choice and if you are gifting for a regular user, you always select a nice Rollerball or Ballpoint pen.